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A/n: this isn't super reader x steve heavy but I like this one so I hope you guys do too. Also sorry for the late upload I thought today was Sunday lol.

Steve x Hopper!Reader

Your dad never came out of that mall. It broke you and El. You ran to her as you saw that she wasn't with him. It took sometime to adjust to having him not there, hell, you still hadn't adjusted fully.

Joyce had called you one morning to let you know that her and the boys were moving. She offered to take El in, you told her that you would think about it. You honestly didn't know what to do, if El stayed, that meant you were going to have to parent a teenager and you were still a teenager! But, if she left, that meant your best friend would be gone, she could have a new start which would be good for her but, you needed to know how she felt.

You talked to her about it, you let her know that she couldn't just stay for Mike. She let out a soft laugh. Ultimately she decided to stay with you. You called Joyce to let her know, she seemed worried but, she knew you could handle it.

You helped the Byers' pack up their stuff and damn that was hard. Joyce had been like a mother to you since yours left. To see her and the boys leave hurt. It really did, they treated you and El like family, all of the memories that were held in that house all came rushing to you. It was like a movie was playing inside of your head. Your movie was interrupted by Mike asking you if you were okay, you had felt some tears on your face, you nodded and wiped them away.

The time to say your goodbyes came, you hugged the boys first and saved Joyce for last. When you walked up to her, your tears became uncontrollable. She pulled you into a tight hug.

"I'm gonna miss you mom." You had always called her mom as a joke but, she really was like your mom.

"I'm gonna miss you too sweetie. If you need anything, I'm a phone call away." She was rubbing your back as you continued to cry into her shoulder.

Everyone waved goodbye and it was time for you and El to go back home. As you were walking to your car, Mike pulled onto your wrist.

"I just wanna say thanks. I don't know what I would do if I had to say goodbye to El too." He pulled you into a hug. You told him that he could come over anytime.

As months went by you and Steve started to get more serious. He was always at your cabin, he slept over a lot, which confused El.

"Why is he here?" She pointed towards Steve who was walking towards the kitchen to join you guys for breakfast.



"We had a sleepover" you thought answer would be good enough for her but, you also should've known better.

"Can Mike sleepover?" You choked on your cereal and Steve choked on his coffee.

"Hell no."

"But, you had a sleepover with Steve."

"Steve and I are adults."

"When I'm an adult, can Mike sleepover?"

"Sure. Now get dressed we have shit to do today."

Steve started spending more and more time at your cabin than his own house. He even had a key and a few of his clothes in your closet.

"Do you wanna move in?" You had been wanting to ask him for awhile and it just came out. Steve looked at you with wide eyes.

"Are you sure? How would El react?"

"She loves having you here, and if you're here it'll be easier for me to make sure that her damn door stays open 3 inches." Steve thought about your offer for a minute.

"Yeah sure"

Him moving in led to a lot more fun. If El's door didn't look like it was open 3 inches, he would get a ruler to check. It embarrassed the hell out of El but, it was hysterical to you. There was one time where she slammed the door shut and he waited 5 minutes before opening the door again only to sit on her bed to talk them. It wasn't like a heart to heart kind of thing, he was more so talking to them about his day.

Everything became easier when he fully moved in. El was happier, and you were definitely happier. The party hung out at your house more. Max came over more, and so did Dustin. Dustin always came over when Mike was making out with El in her room. He had barged in on them multiple times, each one funnier than the last.

For the first time in awhile, you felt like you had everything figured out. You had less breakdowns, you called Joyce to actually talk instead of asking her how to make a girl with weird but cool powers listen to you. You were happier. You had a little family again, you just hoped that nothing would dare take away your family.

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