Dustin's Two Favorite People pt 2

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You woke up the next day, you could hear Dustin yelling your name. You walked towards your door and yelled at him to shut up. He continued to yell your name. You walked to the kitchen, and saw Dustin with the phone in his hands.

"What the hell do you want?"

"Steve Harrington is on the phone for you" You turned around and started walking to your room. You faintly hear Dustin telling Steve that you were in the shower. You then heard Dustin walking towards your room.

"Why is Steve Harrington calling for you?"

"I don't know"

"He said he called the house like 5 times" You rolled your eyes

"If he calls again, tell him I said to shove a can of hairspray up his ass."

"Okay, I'm just gonna leave you alone, the party is coming over today."

"Okay I'll order some food when they get here, did mom leave us money before she left for Aunt Shondra's house?"

"Yeah, it's on the counter."

Dustin left your room, you got up and actually got in the shower, when you got out you could hear Dustin talking to someone.

"Y/N said that you can shove a can of hairspray up your ass." Oh my God, did Steve really call again?

"Buddy, just let me in." No, he came over to your house, you stayed in the hallway trying to be as still as you possibly could so that the floor wouldn't creak.

"I'm not gonna let you in, Buddy" you could imagine Dustin folding his arms sternly.

"Fine, you know what, just tell her I'll see her at school on Monday." You heard Dustin shut the door and you stepped into your room and layed on your bed.

"Y/N, Steve came over." Dustin said as he stood outside of your door but, he was still yelling.

"I know"

"What does he want?"

"Nancy broke up with him, at least I think she did, so he probably wants me to try and talk to her or something." That was the worst lie you had ever told. You knew Steve wanted to try and mend your friendship but, you weren't feeling it.

Monday came, and Steve found you at school, he spent Monday filling you in on everything that you had missed out on. He told you about how he started dating Nancy when she was a sophomore and how he cut ties with Tommy and that they were no longer friends.

He did this everyday, even after all of the stuff with Will happened, you were thankful that he still wanted to talk to you. Because after Jonathan and Nancy got together, Jonathan quit talking to you as much. Which made you feel like shit, you had been in a bad place but, Steve was always there to pick you up when you were feeling down.

It took some time for you to forgive Steve but, you were glad that you did. Dustin was probably the most happy, he wanted you guys to get married and have a bunch of kids for him to play D&D with. You weren't sure of what you were feeling, you were glad to have Steve back as a friend but, feelings from when you were 13 were starting to resurface. You knew Steve probably didn't feel the same way, so you buried those feelings deep inside.

One night while you were hanging out with Steve, you were laying on your bed and as you were explaining a story to him you grazed his hand ever so slightly, you could feel the warmth grazing your cheeks and you hoped that Steve wouldn't noticed, but Steve was also hoping that you wouldn't turn your head to look at him either because he was blushing too.

You felt like you were starting to let your feelings for Steve become out of control, so you buried them some more, you tried to think of the negative things about Steve and the only thing that came to mind was that he didn't like the movie Gremlins. You tried to think of more things but, only the positive stuff was coming to mind, like your mom liked him, Dustin loved him, he forgave you for popping his tire, he apologized to and owned up to his shitty past, he didn't mind if you guys had to babysit the party almost every night and on top of all of that he was good looking.There was so much good about Steve it was ridiculous.

You didn't know that Steve was also fighting the same internal battle. He didn't think you would ever like him back, but according to Dustin you did. Apparently everyone could tell that you liked him except for Steve himself. He felt so stupid for not just telling you how he feels but he would convince himself that it wasn't the right time or place and he wouldn't tell you.

You tried to think back on all of the times you both hung out with just the two of you. You thought of the one time when you were studying in your room, you kept feeling like he was staring at you but whenever you looked at him, he looked so focused on his homework. There was the one time where you guys were at the diner and he kept touching your arm, and you kept having to try and make the blush on your face disappear as fast as you could. One time someone at school asked if you guys were a couple and both of you stuttered through the word 'no'.

It drove everyone crazy that you two obviously liked each other but, neither of you were were willing to admit it. It bothered Dustin the most, he wanted you and Steve together so bad. He couldn't force you two into a situation that would make either of you confess your feelings to each other, he heard you tell your mom that if something were to happen you would want it to happen naturally. And he knew that Steve wasn't the best at expressing his feelings so, it might not even work. So, he decided to talk to you about it. You guys were having your sibling bonding time, you were both laying on your bed, talking about school, friends, and anything else that came to mind.

"Y/N, do you like Steve?" his question caught you off guard.

"Yeah, Steve is my friend, of course I like him"

"You know what I meant, do you like-like Steve?"

"I don't know Dustin. I think I do but, he used to be a real asshole to Jonathan, and Tommy H would give me so much shit and he wouldn't do anything about, I would be close to tears sometimes and Steve would just stare at me." Dustin didn't know any of that, you never told him. He didn't say anything he kind of just stared at you. There was an uncomfortable silence hanging in the air.

"Look, I know I kinda just dropped a bomb on you and I know I should've told you or mom but, I didn't and I'm sorry."

"I knew Steve was an ass, or he used to be one but, I always thought he was like that to just Jonathan I didn't think he would let Tommy do that to you. I thought you guys were friends, what happened?"

"Once Steve started to hang out with Tommy H, he became an asshole. Tommy gave me shit all the time, and I would try to get him to stop but, I couldn't and Steve wouldn't help me either. I can only take so much, ya know? I got to a point where I realized that I couldn't take it anymore. I distanced myself from them. I made excuses for not hanging out with them. I always said I was grounded, I never was but, they believed it every time. That's what happened, Steve stopped caring about me so, I stopped being his friend."

Dustin didn't ask anymore questions for the rest of the night, he hung out with you for another hour and then he went off to bed.

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