Keys and Pokemon List

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So this is entirely self indulgent and meant to be my book meant for cooling off. I absolutely adore this game and it's characters, and I couldn't resist. This whole book chu1luc's Pokémon Trainer in Wonderland! so look up that one if you want a good time. The translation I will be utilizing were thanks to YouTuber AmiYoshiko, so go give her a watch, she has really funny stuff. Anyways, this story will have the MC be the Hoenn champion, because it was the first region I ever played. Though this will be ORAS because I prefer mega evolution. Also, I will be drawing on game and anime logic.

Pokémon List
Swampert (M, starter)
Crobat (M, retired from battling)
Flygon (M, Shiny)
Luxray (F)
Absol (M)
Roserade (F)
Gardevoir (F)
Milotic (F)
Beautifly (M)
Tropius (F, not a battler)
Starraptor (M)
Lucario (M)
Weavile (F)
Gabite (M)
Glaceon (F, shiny)
Gengar (M)
Arcanine (M)
Rapidash (F)
Scizor (M)
Typhlosion (M)
Ampharos (F)
Houndoom (M)
Heracross (M)
Tyranitar (F)
Zoroark (F)
Archeops (M)
Galvantula (M)
Hydreigon (M)
Tyrantrum (M)
Aurorus (F)
Noivern (M)
Decidueye (M)
Alolan Vulpix (F)
Alolan Raichu (M)
Lycanroc (M, Dusk)
Araquanid (F)
Golisopod (M)
Jangmo-oh (M)
Scorbunny (F)
Corviknight (M)
Applin (M)
Flapple (M)
Appletun (F)
Alcremie (F)
Falinks (M)
Cufant (F)
Dragapult (M)

Obviously not all these Pokémon will be named, but this let me have a list to choose from. Certain Pokémon will get more screen time to match up with certain chapters of the game (I'll let you guess). Also, since the game is not currently completed at the time of this release, I will be doing side chapters to explore relationships or just to see how the characters would interact with certain Pokémon (Feel bad for Jamil). Anyways guys, I hope you enjoy and leave comments on what you want to see below.

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