Shenanigans 10

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Jamil's Bug Woes (this one was a given)
In the aftermath of the Scarabia mess, Jamil and Kalim both agreed to help (Y/N) around her dorm as both thanks for what she did and an apology for what she had to experience. Really, Kalim had made the suggestion first, but Jamil was surprisingly receptive, knowing he owed the female a huge apology for what happened.
Currently, the three were outside, giving all of the Pokémon their breakfast.
"WOW!" Kalim beamed as he stared up at Aurorus and Tyrantrum. "(Y/N), your monsters are so cool!"
"They are very impressive." Jamil agreed as he pet Archeops, who was eating happily on the food he and (Y/N) had prepared. "Though I'm more impressed by how easily they can control the environment."
"Oh you haven't seen anything yet!" (Y/N) bragged while scratching Tyrannitar. "If they wanted, my Pokémon could level the school in an hour."
"They're that strong?!" Kalim yelled, excited.
"You bet. Hey, Jamil? Can you take my Galvantula his bowl? I need to go feed Gyarados, and Arceus knows I'm the only one who can handle it."
He nodded. "No problem."
"Thanks." She grabbed the food for the water type and began walking towards the isolated lake. "He's usually still sleeping in the dark woods. Just leave by the roots and he'll get it."
"Got it."
Kalim followed after the girl and (Y/N) had to gently tell him to keep quiet as to not aggravate the Atrocious Pokémon. When the food had been set out, (Y/N) quickly pushed Kalim back towards the main biomes, sighing in relief.
"Well that went well, and with Jamil handling Galvantula, we should be finished up out here."
Kalim smiled. "Yeah, I just hope Jamil doesn't run into any insects in that forest."
"Oh, he's terrified of bugs! They send him into a panic!"
"Galvantula is a bug type Pokémon. He's a giant electric tarantula."
"...oh no."
A loud, piercing scream shot into the air, sending the two dorm leaders running towards the source. When they got there, they found Jamil curled up in the fetal position as Galvantula cheerfully nudged him, demanding pets and hugs. Unfortunately for the vice dorm leader, the electric type was a notorious snuggle bug.
"Oi! Galvantula! Down!"
The bug type immediately went running to his trainer as Kalim went to his frozen companion's side, trying desperately to keep his soul from leaving his body. (Y/N) sighed, hugging the jovial bug type, who still didn't realize how much he had scared the poor boy.
"Note for the future, you two: if someone has several large monsters, it's probably in your best interest to assume a few of them are insect based."
After the Galvantula incident, the three students agreed it was probably for the best that Jamil not help with feeding time. Jamil shivered when (Y/N) mentioned that Galvantula wasn't even close to being her most intimidating bug type, and he made a solemn vow to never encounter any of them.
A vow which lasted all of 2 days.
Jamil was in the botanical garden, looking for the spicy berries (Y/N) had offered to him as an apology for Galvantula. Unfortunately, neither of them realized Heracross wanted to try the sap from trees in the garden.
Jamil entered in the afternoon, glancing around.
"(Y/N) said they're near the entrance...Ah, that must be them."
He walked over to the cluster of berry bushes, which were still roped off. As he prepped to harvest, he heard a strange sound behind him, almost a sucking noise. Then there was a loud thud as a shadow was casted over him. Hesitantly, he turned around to find a near 5 foot, blue, rhinoceros beetle looking at him curiously. Heracross was licking his claws, likely getting the sap off them, but Jamil took it as a sign it was going to gut him.
Heracross raised his arm in a friendly greeting.
Jamil shrieked and bolted out of there like Zeraora on caffeine, leaving the Single Horn Pokémon confused.
In the aftermath of the botanical garden incident, Jamil decided to have Kalim check ahead of time whether or not (Y/N)'s bug Pokémon were in there. After that, they finally manage to get some Tamato berries. Kalim was just happy to be included.
"I bet these will taste great! (Y/N) said that we need to be careful when preparing. These berries are super hot!"
"What's with the we?" Jamil asked. "Like I'm gonna let you prepare a spicy alien berry."
Before Kalim could argue, they heard loud growling and the thumping of metal. They rushed towards the courtyard and saw Lucario fighting with a giant red insect that shone unnaturally in the sun. The two were locked in ferocious combat, neither yielding.
Kalim's eyes sparkled. "Look! That's so cool! (Y/N)'s creatures are amazing!"
"Y-yeah, amazing..." Jamil squealed.
Scizor pushed Lucario back and leapt at him with a Brick Break. Lucario dodged to the side, as Scizor left a crater in front of the two boys. The Pincer Pokémon looked up with a sharp gaze, and Jamil immediately collapsed to the floor, twitching lightly.
Lucario had to carry him back to the dorm.
Golisopod and Araquanid
Jamil had obviously taken notice of his poor luck with (Y/N)'s bug type Pokémon and concluded it was karma reaping its sweet vengeance. For a time, he had gotten Kalim to restrain himself to the Scarabia Dorm, meaning he had avoided any unnecessary run-ins with Ramshackle's monstrous residents. However, that only lasted for so long before Kalim got bored and decided to go visit (Y/N). Carefully, he avoided the dark woods so as to not run into the hug happy Galvantula and found Kalim playing with Cufant and a few more little Pokémon by the water. (Y/N) was also there, lounging on Swampert's back.
"Kalim." Jamil called, a little annoyed.
Kalim of course ignored it as some of the smaller Pokémon ran up to greet Jamil. "Oh, hi Jamil! Decided to join us?"
"You can't just go running off on your own. It's dangerous."
"Relax, Jamil." (Y/N) assured. "He's completely safe here. An assassin would get torn apart if they tried anything."
"You can't be sure of that."
"Do you not remember what my Pokémon are capable of?"
"I'm just....asking..."
His voice drifted off as eyes peered out from the water beside (Y/N), insect eyes. Golisopod and Araquanid surfaced, drawn up by the commotion. (Y/N) noted the two tropical bug types and realized exactly what was about to happen.
"Oh no."
Jamil screeched before passing out, yet again, this time being poked and prodded by the confused babies and Golisopod and Araquanid being entirely ignorant of what the heck just happened.
"Okay, this is starting to get ridiculous, Jamil!"
(Y/N) was doing some work on the berry bushes and had Beautifly with her to help out. Unfortunately, Jamil had also been there and was now cowering in a tree.
"He's a butterfly, Jamil!"
"He's a butterfly the size of my head!"
"How many times do I have to insist they are not going to hurt you!?"
Needless to say, the bug issue with Jamil has continued to be an ongoing struggle.

A Very Angry Kitty (thank you CosmosPhoenix for the excuse to write this one)
Leona and (Y/N) had a very...interesting relationship built on respect, rivalry, and teasing which everyone (correctly) read as flirty. The girl was the only person on campus with the guts to give the lazy lion a verbal lashing and take whatever he gave back. It was a confusing sight to see for anyone who didn't understand their relationship. Regardless of his taunting of the female, Leona had a single understanding of their relationship:
He was the only one allowed to mess with the Herbivore.
So when the rumors about what had happened during winter break in Scarabia got back to him, he immediately verified the information with Luxray. Now he was a very, very angry kitty.
"Oi, Viper."
Jamil looked up to see the Savanclaw Dorm Leader glaring down at him with predatory intent. The Vice Dorm Leader tensed under the green gaze. He was familiar with Leona's lazy attitude, but this murderous aura made him very uncomfortable. He was just grateful Kalim was still in the bathroom.
"Um, yes Kingscholar?"
Leona slammed his fist on the table.
"I heard what you did to Stone over the break. Hypnotized, locked her up, then nearly killed her. That true?"
Jamil gulped. He had heard about the two dorm leader's unique relationship, but he hadn't expected Leona to be so volatile upon hearing the news.
"I-yes...I was in a bad place and she helped me. Also, isn't it a little hypocritical of you to judge me considering what happened during the Magift Tournament."
Leona chuckled. "Maybe, but you see, I don't really care. I'm the only one who gets to mess with the Herbivore. And what you did? Well, that crossed a line I'm not prepared to forgive."
Jamil tensed up, preparing to run. "You're really gonna punch me out in the cafeteria?"
"I'll give you a 10 second head start. I'm in the mood for a chase today."
Elsewhere, (Y/N) was heading to the cafeteria. Grim had of course ditched her when she had to stay behind to help Professor Crewel put away ingredients, so she was stuck walking alone with Swampert to lunch.
"Remind me to hide Grim's tuna when we get back to the dorm."
She chuckled at his complete agreement before stopping as she heard frantic footfalls heading straight towards them. Swampert growled, tensing up, before a terrified Jamil burst out of nowhere, crashing to the girl. (Y/N) instinctively grabbed his arms, trying to get him to calm down.
"Jamil?! What's wrong?"
"Who? WOAH!"
(Y/N) saw Leona barreling towards them with a bloodthirsty look. Jamil swung the girl around, using her as a human shield as Leona growled.
"Quit hiding behind her!"
(Y/N) pushed the two apart, Swampert also pulling Leona back.
"All right, calm down. What is this all about?"
"He's trying to kill me for what happened over winter break!" Jamil answered frantically. "He said he was the only one who gets to mess with you!"
(Y/N) blinked before snorting with a smile and turned back to the older male.
"Aw, Kitty, are you that protective of me?"
He huffed. "Don't read into it, Herbivore."
"Well I think it's very sweet you feel the need to beat someone to a pulp when they attack me." She scratched his ears, making him involuntarily purr and blush, while also motioning to Jamil to bolt, which he did. "It makes me feel protected knowing I've got a big Kitty ready to gut my enemies."
"You already have the swamp monster to do that." Leona tried to play off. "I just wanted to teach the snake a lesson. Scare him a little."
"Well, I'm still flattered." She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, before taking him hand.
"Come on, why don't I make you some lunch at my dorm. I'm sure it tastes better than snake any day."
"Whatever, Herbivore."
Jamil sent (Y/N) a plethora of meals in the coming weeks for getting the angry lion to not kill him.

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