Chapter 10: You Choose

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The pic above is (Y/N) with her original team. So it's probably gonna be a while until we get the full game, so I think I'll do some one shots between the major chapters. Assume these take place in the time frame as the special events. You can leave your suggestions or requests in the comments.
I own nothing
Chapter 10: Overblot
Once again, (Y/N) was experiencing the strange dream. This time, the child seemed to be on trial, with the large Queen looming over her.
"This dream again?"
"Well, I'll show you!" The girl argued. "What kind of Queen are you? You're a selfish, evil old tyrant who thinks she can do whatever she wants."
"This seems familiar" the trainer thought as the Queen had a very familiar reaction.
"What did you just say, little girl?"
A cat suddenly appeared on her head, and again, (Y/N) almost recognized it.
"She said you are a selfish, evil, old tyrant!" The cat repeated.
"CHHAAARRRGGGEEE!" The cards screamed, swarming the girl. "The Queen's Orders! OFF WITH HER HEAD!"
The dream then faded to black.
"I have a bad feeling about this." (Y/N) thought as she opened her eyes to see Grim.
"Oh! You're finally awake."
Ace was also in the room, with Scorbunny, who seemed very pumped.
"Today is the day! Come on now, let's go!"
The group got ready to head out, but as they headed out, (Y/N) heard the dripping again, and her bad feeling only got worse.
The duel was to take place in the rose maze, and as they arrived, a crowd of Heartslabyul students surrounded the field.
"Hey, did you hear? Someone challenged Dorm Leader Rosehearts to a duel!"
"The dorm leader? I can't believe it. This will be over quickly."
"This is the first time someone has challenged him. Let's enjoy the show!"
(Y/N) stood beside the headmaster, the ghost camera in hand. All her Pokémon that had been at the Unbirthday Party, save for Tropius in exchange for Alcremie, stood ready in case something went wrong.
"It is time for the duel for the title of Heartslabyul Dorm Leader to begin." Crowley announced. "The challengers are Ace Trappola and Deuce Spade, and the one accepting the challenge is the current dorm leader, Riddle Rosehearts. Now before we begin the duel, please remove the challenger's collar."
Riddle was forced to remove his magic from the boys, the heart-shaped collars unlatching and vanishing.
Ace rubbed his neck in relief. "Ah, finally that collar's off."
Riddle spoke with a smug look on his face. "It will be back on you shortly, so enjoy it while you can. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard you two were challenging me to a duel." He then frowned. "Are you actually serious?"
"Of course I am," Ace replied instantly.
"We would never challenge you if we weren't serious." Deuce assured.
"Hm. Well whatever then. Let us begin quickly."
"Riddle, what about your afternoon tea?" Cater asked.
"That won't be a problem. Afternoon tea isn't until exactly 4pm. That is the rule." Riddle answered without looking at him.
"Oh, but it's already past 3:30pm." Cater pointed out.
"Do you honestly think I've ever been late for anything in my life? This matter will be resolved shortly." Riddle then spoke to the duo. "As you can see, I don't have much time for this. Taking you each on separately is too time consuming, so both of you come at me at once."
The Heartslabyul residents cheered from the sidelines.
"You can do it, Dorm Leader! Please settle this duel quickly!"
"They sound pretty confident." Deuce hissed.
Grim looked crossed from his place beside (Y/N). "How cruel of them!"
"We don't event have a strategy, you know" Ace harshly whispered to Deuce.
"Headmaster, please begin at once." Riddle signaled.
Crowley nodded. "When the mirror falls from my hands and shatters, the duel will commence. Well then, ready....fight!"
The glass shattered into pieces, and Glaceon was nice enough to use Psychic to keep the shards from hurting anyone.
"Off with your head!" It was over in seconds as the collars snapped back on Ace and Deuce.
"Couldn't even have the curtesy to fight first." (Y/N) growled.
"Ngh! Damn it! Does he not have anything else except for that stupid magic seal?!" Ace cursed.
"We could even do anything!" Deuce sighed.
(Y/N) gritted her teeth. "He was too fast for them. I didn't even see it."
"One's magic strength comes from the strength of one's imagination. The stronger he imagines what the results of his magic will be, the more successful it will turn out." Crowley explained, seemingly pleased.
"Rosehearts has polished his magic to a beautiful shine. Rosehearts has shown just how much he has polished his magical skills."
(Y/N) sighed and Grim whimpered. "They didn't stand a chance. The skill gap is too large."
Riddle looked unsurprised. "Huh. That didn't even take 5 seconds. Im surprised that you challenged me at your skill level. It's embarrassing, isn't it? I knew it. Anyone who breaks the rules will always amount to nothing. Just as my mother said."
Deuce bit his lower lip. "It's true rules should be protected. But enforcing every rule is more like oppression!"
"Huh? There are punishments for rule breaking. And I am this dorm's absolute rule." Riddle placed a hand to his chest. "Those who break the rules have no right to complain!"
(Y/N) growled, pushing forward. "You don't get to do whatever you want because 'it's the rules'! I see you didn't seem to learn anything from Shaymin humiliating you."
"No one should follow lenient rules!" Riddle spat, very annoyed at being reminded of that. "What sort of lessons were you taught that you can't even understand some so simple? You were born from parents that couldn't even use magic. I'm positive that you didn't even receive any proper education before you set foot in this school. You're truly pathetic." He smirked cruelly at her.
(Y/N)'s eye twitched as the red headed midget finally snapped her patience. Swampert roared, not growled, roared, which everyone was immediately afraid, including Riddle. (Y/N) held out her arm in front of her partner and rolled up her sleeves. Up until now, (Y/N) had been wearing long sleeves, so no one had actually seen her arms.
And for good reason.
Everyone felt horrified and a little sick. (Y/N)'s arms had plenty of nicks and scars, including a nasty one in the shape of a bite, but the obvious burn marks were what really made it hard to look. They were everywhere, and they looked very serious. (Y/N) stood firm.
"Maybe I didn't have the education you had, but I've lived in the real world. I've experienced it, and I know from my experiences what's right and wrong. This is why mother's aren't always right. My mom did this to me when I apparently broke the rules. So, Rosehearts, was she right to?"
Riddle couldn't answer her challenge. How could he? He hadn't known. How could he? He certainly would've never had said anything if he did, even in the emotional state he was in. Still, it was enough to drive Deuce and Ace over. Riddle had crossed a line.
"YOU BASTARD!!" Deuce screamed.
"DON'T MESS WITH ME!" Ace yelled
In one clean strike, Ace punched Riddle on the cheek. Trey, Cater and Crowley all called out for the dorm leader as he was knocked to the ground. The residents were all baffled.
"He...just punched the dorm leader?!"
Grim seemed satisfied. "That was a pretty clean shot!"
Deuce looked at Ace in astonishment. "A-Ace?!"
(Y/N) also blinked in surprised. She hadn't expected the boys to get so angry.
"Ahh, I'm tired of this. I don't care about you or this duel anymore." Ace hissed.
Riddle nursed his face, completely in shock. "Ow...? Eh? You...punched me...?"
"Kids aren't their parents' trophies. Your parents aren't the ones who decide your worth. Now I understand why you are such a horrible person. It wasn't your parents' fault at all. You've been at this school for a year and have made a friend, and the one to blame is that bastard you call a friend that does nothing and ignore everything! (Y/N) went through bad stuff and she treats her Pokémon way better than you treat everyone else!"
Riddle stared. "What...are you saying?"
"I get your mom raised you the way she did, but is 'mama this' 'mama that' all you can say? Are you not capable of thinking for yourself?! To hell with that 'Crimson Ruler' bs! You're just a baby that's good at magic!"
"A say? Me....?" Riddle's became enraged. "You know nothing! You don't know anything about me!"
"Yeah, I don't. I don't know a damn thing! You think I'd know anything about that attitude of yours? Are you dumb?"
"SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SILENCE!" Riddle screeched. "Mother is right! That's why I am also right!"
"Riddle, calm down. The duel is over already!" Trey yelled, trying to prevent things from escalating.
"Clover is right. Any attacks done outside of the duel is a forfeit! If you continue this any further, you will be violating the rules." Crowley announced.
"I agree with the freshman! I can't take this anymore!" A random student suddenly cried out.
Something then hit Riddle's head, and yolk began to drip down his face.
Trey's eyes widened, whispering, "Was egg? Did someone throw that?"
"Who there that egg at me?!" Riddle demanded
No one admitted to it and and kept silent.
The red-haired boy hung his head before he began to cackle manically. "You've had enough? I'm the one who's had enough!! No matter how many times I warned you, no matter how strict I've become, you all just keep breaking the rules! Every single one of you...You're all just idiots who only think of yourselves! Very well, if no one will admit to it, then I'll have you all take responsibility! Off with all your heads! OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!"
In a second, most of the dorm was in collars, making Riddle laugh.
"How's that? None of you can raise a hand against me!I knew it, I'm the one who's right because I protect the rules!"
"Please stop Rosehearts! Violating the rules isn't like you at all!" Crowley ordered.
"Trey, this is bad... If he uses anymore magic, he'll..." (Y/N) heard Cater point out.
The vice dorm leader gritted his teeth, yelling. "Riddle! Enough!"
"Hey, you! Not everything will go the way you want! You throwing a tantrum like this when things don't only proves you're a baby!" Ace taunted.
Riddle's face became red as he swung to Ace.
"Take that back right now" He screeched. "Do you want to be skewered?!"
Ace stood his ground. "No...never."
Riddle screamed and the air turned cold as the sky became stormy. The rose bushes began to float off the ground.
"What on earth!?" (Y/N) half whispered as she pushed Swampert to back up.
"This is getting really bad! Everyone needs to get outta here!" Cater shouted as the residents scrambled.
Grim scooted back, hugging Swampert's leg. "Wh-what!? All the rose bushes are floating...!"
Deuce's eyes were wide with fright. "What distorted magic! Is he really going to use it on Ace?!"
"Rose bushes!" Riddle chanted. "Tear him to shreds"
The bushes hovered off the ground, facing the two first year boy with their spiny roots ready to strike.
"This isn't good! Get out of the way!" Crowley called out to the pair.
"Beautifly! Alcremie! Protect!" (Y/N) commanded.
The two Pokémon bolted in front of the boys, erecting a green barrier, protecting them from the plants. But the force was too great. (Y/N) could see her Pokémon struggling, and the field was starting to crack under to pressure.
"No good. It's gonna break! Get out of there!"
As Protect failed, a number of sparkling card suits replaced the shrubbery, leaving them unharmed.
Riddle's eyes dilated. "This is..."
Ace blinked. "...H-huh?! I'm alive...? What are these?"
Deuce was equally as shocked, but made sure to gathered the tired Pokémon in his arms. "Allow the rose bushes are turning into card. This is..?"
"Riddle, stop!" Trey order with a stern look, his magic pen drawn. "That's enough!"
"This is Trey's Doodle Suit?! Eh, but how...?" Cater asked, confused.
Grim then began to check his neck and realized something. "The magic restricting collars disappeared!"
Ace and Deuce were also freed.
"I told you, didn't I? My Doodle Suit can change any given situation for a short period of time. That's why I replaced Riddle's magic with mine." Trey explained.
"No way... is that even possible?! But that's cheating, isn't it?!" Cater exclaimed.
Riddle was furious. "Off with your heads! I said, off with your head! Why are cards appearing?!"
"Riddle, stop it. You're only hurting yourself! Look at everyone around you!"
Trey pointed to the residents, who were now terrified of Riddle. However, Riddle was too fixated on Trey's unique magic to even care.
He stared at his palms, glancing back and forth between them and Trey. "Ah...? Trey's overwritten my magic...? Does that mean his magic is stronger than mine?"
"That's not true! Riddle, you need to calm down and listen to us." Trey tried to approach him, but Riddle reeled back.
"Are you saying I'm wrong, too? Even after everything I did to enforce those strict rules? Even after I've endured so much! I...I...I will never believe it!"
"Rosehearts, you mustn't! If you use any more of your magic, your magic crystal will become tainted with blot!" Crowley cried.
"Blot?" (Y/N) asked.
Riddle was too blinded by rage to listen. "I am... I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO IS RIGHT!"
(Y/N) again heard the dripping, louder this time, as Riddle's pen's crystal turned black as a black liquid erupted from around him and then swallowed him. The shadows then parted to reveal Riddle's transformation. He now wore a black and red dress with white roses dyed black. Black ink stained his arms, his skin was a lifeless gray color, and a red flame burned in his right eye, surrounded by a black tattoo. A shadowy being with an ink bottle for a head also loomed him. It was a familiar form, but (Y/N) didn't have much time to think it over as the air became suffocating likely due to the aura around him. (Y/N) struggled to breathe as she held on to her partner.
Riddle let out a maniacal cackle, his voice distorted. "I do not need anyone who defies me in my world. I am the absolute ruler. My world itself submits to me! I will not tolerate any answers except 'Yes, Lord Riddle'!! For anyone who disobeys me, it off with their heads! AHAHAHAHA!!"
"How did this happen!?" Crowley cried. "How could I let a student Overblot?!"
"What is Overblot?!" Grim asked. "He looks completely evil!"
"Overblot is a situation that all magicians must avoid. Right norm he has been devoured by so much negative energy that he's lost control of his emotions and magic!"
"Um, I don't really get it." Grim said.
"Me neither." Deuce admitted.
"Aah, geez! In other words, it's like evil villain berserker mode!" Cater simplified.
"If this continues his life will be in danger!" Trey said.
"His life?!!" Grim exclaimed.
"I need to protect the other students and help evacuate! Rosehearts must come to his senses before his magic consumes him. Losing his life is the absolute worse case scenario, but worse than that..." Crowley cuts himself off. "In any case, all of you go get the other dorm heads and teachers to assist..."
"TAKE THIS!!!" Ace roared as he casted wind magic at Riddle.
The third years and headmaster were stunned.
"I SUMMON CAULDRON!" Deuce conjured the pot above Riddle. Grim also jumped in, breathing blue flames.
Riddle shrugged off their magic and glared at them. "You little!! What do you think you're doin-?"
He was cut off by an Ice Beam from Glaceon and an Energy Ball from Roserade as they and (Y/N) stepped in to join the boys in battle.
"W-W-Wait! Guys, what are you trying to do?!" Cater exclaimed.
"His life will be in danger if don't do something!" Grim shouted back.
Deuce nodded. "I don't want him to go like that. But also..."
"I still need to hear him say 'It's all my fault! I'm sorry' to me!" Ace finished.
"...You guys." Trey looked at them before nodding. "...Got it! I can overwrite his magic for a little while. Finish this quickly! Headmaster, please escort the others to safety." He held his magic pen up and joined them.
"Swampert! Help the evacuation!" (Y/N) ordered. As much as she wanted him with her, Swampert was strong enough to carry the injured students. Besides, he was 4x weak to grass and she wasn't going to risk it.
"All of you wait! It's too dangerous!" Crowley protested.
"He's right! Trey? There no way you can beat Riddle!" Cater argued.
"It's uncool if we lose to people we challenge!" Ace shot back.
"It's totally not cool at all!" Grim agreed.
"Its the only way to bring him back to his senses." Deuce said.
"That's right, I can't lose him yet." Trey gripped his pen. "I...there's something I need to tell him."
"Help the others and don't worry about us! Just help Swampert get everyone to safety. Besides," (Y/N) smirked at Riddle. "I've taken on guys much scarier than him.
"...Aah, damn it! All right I get it! There's no other way around it!" Cater relented.
Crowley also gave in. "Ugh, all right... I'll come back as soon as I escort the others to safety! Stay safe until then!"
They then ran with Swampert beside him.
"Every single one of you is way too confident! Off with your heads!" Riddle shouted.
"Riddle's body won't last much longer. We have to stop him now!" Trey said.
"Let's make things a little easier." (Y/N) whistled loudly and Shaymin swooped in. "Absorb as much as you can, but don't go over your limit!"
The mythical nodded before the smog around him seemed to be absorbed into him. The others watched in confusion as Shaymin's red scarf flower began to turn black.
"What's he doing?" Ace asked.
"He's absorbing the pollution. Just buy him time to finish. Glaceon! Roserade! You're on!"
The two ran in. Riddle swiped at them as they jumped apart.
"Our of my way, worms!"
The shadow slammed the tree down, but Glaceon used Dig to escape, emerging to land a clean blow on the back of the monster. Roserade ran alongside Riddle, firing off Energy Balls. They landed, but were seemingly doing little. The crazed Dorm Leader swung at Roserade, but Ace used his wind magic to push her to safety while Deuce, Trey, and Grim hit Riddle while he was distracted. Riddle staggered, but stuck back, the force knocking everyone to the ground and causing Glaceon to skidded. He grinned crazily, raising his weapon into the air.
"This is what happens when you break the rules."
Before he could strike, a line of silk wrapped around the Shadow's hand, followed by Roserade jumping on it, and the now recovered Alcremie firing a Dazzling Gleam off in his face. (Y/N) held Beautifly tightly as its String Shot held the Shadow's arm. Riddle seemed amused as the Shadow violently yanked. She stayed on her feet as Beautifly refused to let the line break. Glaceon used Psychic to hold her trainer as well. Riddle smacked Alcremie who was knocked into (Y/N) as the line snapped. It then violently threw Roserade, who skidded, clutching her shoulder.
"Hahaha! Was that the best you could do! You're clearly not as strong as you think!"
(Y/N) smirked. "Maybe, maybe not, but I'm just as smart."
"Wha-?" Riddle was cut off as he flinched, a purple aura surrounding him and causing him pain.
"Good job on the poison, Roserade." She ran to the boys, getting them to their feet as Glaceon shook her pelt clean. "You guys okay."
"As much as we can be." Deuce assured. "What's wrong with Riddle?"
"Poison Point. It's Roserade's ability. Upon physical contact, it inflicts the status Poison on a target that does damage over time."
"Poison!?" Trey asked wildly.
"Non-lethal, I promise. It'll go away once we knock him out. Besides, we need it on him."
"Why?" Ace asked.
She smirked. "For this. Roserade, Venoshock!"
Roserade also smirked as she fired off a stream of concentrated purple liquid. As soon as it hit him, Riddle screeched in agony, him and the Shadow nearly falling over.
Ace whistled. "That looks like it did some serious damage."
"Venoshock is a move that's power doubles if the opponent is poisoned. It pairs really well with Roserade's ability, and it's gotten me out of some tough spots. Come on, while he's down. All in!"
Everyone charged in, attacking Riddle in his weakened state. The magic power was overwhelming, but Riddle, backed into a corner, lashed out, nearly taking everyone out.
"He's still not gonna give up!" Trey yelled.
Suddenly, the atmosphere felt breathable again as Shaymin swooped down in front of his trainer. He was somewhat in pain, and the flower scarf was completely black, it he was smirking. (Y/N) nodded.
Deuce seemed to notice. "Hey, the air is normal!"
"Did Shaymin do that?" Trey asked.
"Yeah, Shaymin has the ability to purify pollution. But that's not all he can do. Don't worry, he can handle the rest."
The mythical flew at the out of control male, hovering right in front of his face. Everyone, including Riddle was baffled.
"What are you doing!?" Trey yelled at the trainer.
"He's gonna get swatted!" Grim cried as the Shadow raised the bush to strike.
(Y/N) smirked. "Don't underestimate the power of a mythical Pokémon. Shaymin, use Seed Flare!"
Shaymin let out a cry, his body enveloped in a bright light. Beautifly and Alcremie jumped in again to perform their double Protect as he fired off his most powerful move. The strength of the attack was too much for Riddle and he fell.
"Was...I wrong?" Riddle weakly uttered as he fell. "Mo...ther..."
The Shadow dissipated as Riddle laid there, unconscious. The others ran to the Dorm Leader, but Shaymin flew to his trainer, insistently tugging on the camera around her neck.
"The Ghost Camera? You want me to use it?"
(Y/N) hesitantly followed the mythical's advice, snapping a picture of Riddle. At once, she felt dizzy, and was forced to kneel. She blinked, and suddenly she was falling. The world around her became like a projection. Shaymin swooped in to join her as a as a sliding film reel began to play. A background of an interior room was shown, everything in black and white, and a black silhouette appeared.
"Happy eighth birthday, Riddle. Your birthday cake this year is a low-sugar, cake made with soy flour and nuts with lecithin. It will make you smarter." A woman chirped, her voice muffled like an old movie. (Y/N) then realized what she was seeing.
"This is Riddle's past. That's what Crowley meant!"
"Thank you, mama." The child Riddle said. He was visible, unlike the woman, and he was so cute, but he seemed so sad. "But, you know, I... even if just this once, I really want to eat a bright red tart with lots of nuts..."
"That's basically all sugar! It's not good for you, it's poison! Just one slice will exceed your daily carbohydrate intake. Now then, today we're having a healthy tuna sauce with docosahexaenoic and eicosapentaeonic acid. Oh, but the recommended caloric intake for an 8 year old is 600 calories per meal. Understand?"
(Y/N) growled. How could she do that to him? He was just a kid! He was allowed to enjoy a little treat, especially on his birthday! They way she talked made it seem like she saw more as a puppet than a child.
Riddle was despondent. "...Yes, mama."
The clip faded into a transition as the voice of the present day Riddle spoke, narrating.
[I've always wanted to eat a bright red tart. Just like that jewel-like one in the display window of the cake shop.]
The film faded back into a new room in the house.
"That's all for today's lesson on classical magic. Study through 50 of your language philosophy text in magic ethics by tomorrow. Then, do an hour of self studying until it's time for potions lesson."
"Yes, mother."
"Your mother will be back in an hour, I have to do some errands."
[Every subject to study was pack into minute increments. Every study time was extended if possible. But, this was my normal.]
"Doesn't make it right!" (Y/N) said desperately. Shaymin curled up on her neck, sensing her emotions beginning to flare. "Just because she's your mother, doesn't make what she's doing right!"
Young Riddle was working on his desk, all alone, when a noise when a noise came from outside, luring him away.
"...Is someone is knocking on the window?"
Two small boys stood behind the window and though they were also dark silhouettes, (Y/N) could also recognize them.
"Wah, he came!" It was a younger Trey.
"Hey, hey! Play with us!" It was Chenya, she could make his cat ears.
"Who are you two?"
"I'm Che'nya! This is Trey. Let's play croquet together."
"Eh...I can't. Right now it's self-study time. I have to study."
"Grand-paw told me I could study for myself and decide what I want to study on my own."
"Isn't it all right to play for a little bit?" Little Trey asked.
"Okay, just for a little bit then..."
"What's p your name?"
"R-Riddle. Riddle Rosehearts."
(Y/N) felt better, seeing the boys play. This is what Riddle should have been doing from the start.
[Playing with Trey and Che'nya was so much fun. There were things I didn't know, like how to play. I learned a lot from those two. From that day on, everyday, I would spend my self-study time playing outside, without telling mother.]
"Eh! Riddle, you've never had a strawberry tart before?" Little Che'nya exclaimed.
"Yeah. Mother said it's like poison so I never ate one."
"Well, overeating isn't good, but I don't think it's poisonous... My family owns a cake shop. Let's go eat one right now." Little Trey suggested.
"If it's only a slice, I should be fine."
"I wanna eat the entire hall of cake." Little Che'nya gleefully chirped.
[That tart I ate was so sweet and delicious, unlike anything I've ever eaten before... I admit, I was going crazy while eating it, that I lost track of time.]
"Not only did you skip self-studying, but you also ate sugar when you were out!" Riddle's mother screeched. "Those two tempted you. I will not allow you to play with those bad children ever again!"
"I'm sorry, mother! Forgive me, I'll never do it again...!"
"Silence! You cannot break the rules. Aah, I knew that I shouldn't have given you so much free time. I need to manage and create more and more complete walls..."
[I broke the rules, so my free time was taken away. That's why my mother made the rules I must always follow. Since my mother was the best in town, she must always be right. But...hey, mama. Why? Why does my chest always hurt like this? All I wanted was to eat a lot of tarts on my birthday. I wanted to play outside. I wanted to make more friends. Tell me, mama, what rule will make this pain disappear?]
The memory stopped, and (Y/N) was left there, speechless. She understood now how Riddle ended up like this. He hadn't asked for much, but his mother couldn't even allow him that. She was a control freak who had basically traumatized her son, and led him to this point. The cinema vanished, and (Y/N) and Shaymin stood in a void, Overblot Riddle looming over them.
(Y/N) stood firm. "Riddle, stop this. You're just hurting yourself."
"SILENCE!" The world started to warp into a distorted version of Heartslabyul.
"No! You need to learn. Rules exist for a reason, but breaking one isn't the end of the world. You can't blow up at every little mistake! Mistakes are part of being human!"
"Fool! I cannot allow someone the chance to break a rule!"
"Reacting violently doesn't solve the problem, it only drives people away! Riddle, you don't have to be alone!"
"SHUT UP!" He screamed.
"Riddle, your mother wasn't right to treat the way she did! It was cruel! You have to accept that! You don't have to live under her control! You have a choice."
The world stop distorting and began to white out as Riddle shrank to her height. He backed away, gripping his head and shaking violently. (Y/N) stepped towards him and he yelled, his child voice heard among the distortion.
A flurry of thorny vines gripped (Y/N)'s arm, but she didn't flinch and didn't stop. Riddle backed away, the vines covering him.
"Leave me alone! Leave me alone!"
Shaymin sliced through the vines, but before Riddle could retreat again, (Y/N) grabbed his arm and pulled him into a hug. He fought violently to get away, vines striking the girl, but she held tighter.
"Riddle, you have a choice. You've always had a choice. It's your life, you can choose how you want to live it. You don't have to be like her. I know what it feels like, believe me, I know."
Riddle slowly stopped fighting and the flame in his eye extinguished as he began to cry. He then hugged her back tightly, and the ink vanished, revealing his child form. The white world then became a clear sky, a mirror of water beneath their feet. (Y/N) held him as he wailed, and Shaymin wiped his tears.
" really okay for me to choose?"
(Y/N) held him at arm's length and nodded with a smile. "Yes, Riddle. It's all right. Come on, everyone is worried about you."
"What...what if they don't forgive me?"
"I know at least one person who will."
The child nodded and gave her a sad smile as the world went white. (Y/N) opened her eyes and found Ace, Deuce, Grim, and her other Pokémon, besides Alcremie, worriedly standing over her. Roserade was using Life Dew on her and Beautifly was using Morning Sun on Shaymin. When they noticed she was waking up, the Pokémon swarmed her, crying in relief. Ace and Deuce helped her sit up.
"Hey, you okay?" Deuce asked.
"You just passed out." Ace informed her.
She nodded. "I'm fine."
Shaymin jumped into her lap, showing he was fine to. Grim was crying.
"Don't do that again, stupid minions!"
She smiled. "I'm sorry Grim, but I think I was able to get through to Riddle."
"Get through?"
They turned and saw Crowley, Cater, and Swampert running towards them. Cater joined Trey by the still unconscious Riddle while the water starter and headmaster joined the first years.
"Is everyone safe?"
"We're fine." (Y/N) assured as Swampert got her to her feet. "It's Riddle I'm worried about. I may have had Shaymin blast him point blank with his strongest move."
They all ran to the still downed Riddle. He was twitching, but his eyes hadn't opened. Alcremie was holding his hand, radiating a green energy that spread over Riddle. Shaymin landed on his stomach and began to do the same.
"What are they doing?" Trey asked.
"Aromatherapy. It's a healing move (picture Shaymin's movie). Don't worry, he'll be fine."
Eventually, Riddle came to, groaning as he opened his eyes.
"Riddle!" Trey said relieved.
"Ah, you're awake!" Ace said.
Cater sighed in relief. "Ah, we were so worried, we didn't even know what we'd do if you didn't wake up..."
Riddle breathed shakily as he sat up and Shaymin flew into (Y/N)'s arms. "What...have I done?"
"What a relief. You've regained consciousness." Crowley smiled.
"You don't have to think about it anything right now. Just rest." Trey urged.
"You spoiling him like this is the reason he throws tantrums when he gets scolded! I almost died there!" Ace retorted.
"Indeed." Deuce agreed.
"Seriously. You can't go crazy just because you need to release stress" Grim added, along with (Y/N) and the Pokémon nodding.
Riddle was silent before turning to Ace.
"... I...really wanted to eat that marron tart."
"I like white roses and pink flamingos are fine. And I prefer honey over sugar in my tea and I actually like milk tea more than lemon tea. I want to talk to everyone after we eat..."
Trey blinked in surprise. "Riddle...?"
"I've always.... I've always wanted to play more with you Trey..." Tears flooded Riddle's eyes as his lips quivered, until finally he wailed loudly.
(Y/N) nodded knowingly. Riddle needed to let this all out now.
"No way... Riddle is crying..." Cater whispered to himself in disbelief.
"Hey! Come on, don't think I'll forgive you just because you're crying!" Ace announced.
Swampert put him in a headlock and began smacking him as Deuce shook his head in disappointment.
"You really need to read the room..."
"I'm sorry too. I always knew you were suffering, but I just kept quiet." Trey admitted. "That's why I'll say this now. Riddle, you were wrong. You should apologize to everyone."
Riddle sniffled, trying to speak through his hiccups. "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry!"
Ace was released by Swampert and spoke again. "I actually wanted you to say sorry for everything you've done, but..."He took a deep breath. "As if I'll be satisfied with just one apology! I'll NEVER forgive you!!!"
"Eeeh?! You're saying that at a time like this?!" Cater gasped.
"Of course I am! I've experienced a lot of trauma! And he threw away the tart I work so hard on! I'm not gonna forgive you so easily."
"He's more unforgiving than I am." Grim remarked as Glaceon murmured in agreement.
Riddle looked at him. "Then... what should I do to make it up to you?"
"...My birthday isn't coming up soon."
Deuce eyebrow raised. "Huh? What are you trying to do?"
"Thats why I demand a Revenge Unbirthday Party. We got kicked out of the last one. Also, bring a tart you made, and you're not allowed to as Trey for help! Do it yourself! If you do that, I may or may not forgive you..."
"You're not honest in the slightest." (Y/N) commented.
"Hey, be quiet! You got that?"
The redhead nodded with puffy red eyes. "...yes, I understand..."
Crowley grinned. "Indeed, what a beautiful turn out this is. Let's say that everything is settled now."
"Well then, we should probably clean up. The garden I work so hard on is destroyed... Boohoo." Cater wept.
"I'll help you." Trey offered.
"No need." (Y/N) assured before looking down at Shaymin. "You up for one last trick, boy?"
The little mythical flew up and began to focus. Again, a green light radiated from him and in a flash, the garden was restored. The furniture was still wrecked, but that at least could be replaced.
"That was amazing!" Deuce yelled in awe.
"For a little guy, he sure is strong." Ace commented as Shaymin tiredly floated back to his trainer.
(Y/N) smiled proudly at him. "Shaymin is a special kind of Pokémon. One that has a lot more power than most."
Cater than looked to Trey "Trey, you should take Riddle to the infirmary, Trey since he went into Overblot. I think the nurse should see him."
"Just as Diamond said. I will accompany you there." Crowley offered.
"...Okay, thank you very much." Trey nodded.
"Take Swampert. He can get you there faster."
"Thanks, (Y/N)."
Swampert gathered them up and took off.
As they left, Grim drooped, rubbing his belly. "Hmm, I'm so hungry after using all that magic....Hm? This is..." He walked over to pick up a familiar gem. "This is the same as the black magic crystal we found at Dwarfs' Mine!"
(Y/N) immediately snatched it. "Nope! Not making that mistake again!"
"Nice save." Ace complimented as Grim reached for the stone.
"I guess he really is a monster when it comes to this stuff." Deuce commented.
"Eh, Grim has that type of palette?" Cater asked as (Y/N) nodded.
"Yup, but I'm not risking him getting sick off these things."
Grim puffed his cheeks before looking at the grass and pulled a patch to chew on it. "The lawn has a refreshing and soft kind of taste."
"Hey!! That's not for eating!" Deuce scolded and scooped him up.
(Y/N) shook her head.
"Really now..." Cater mumbled. "Thank you, guys."
Several days had passed since the Overblit incident. During that time, the preparations for the "Revenge Unbirthday Party" were made.As before, trumpets blared in the tea garden, following the beating of a drum.
"Make way for our leader, The Red Ruler: Dorm Leader Riddle!" A student spoke.
"Cheers for Dorm Leader Riddle!"
The response was noticeably more genuine as Riddle nodded, pleased. "The roses are red and the table clothes are white. Truly a perfect Unbirthday Party. And the dormouse is inside the teapot like planned...ah. I guess it doesn't really matter now."
"You don't have to change so suddenly." Trey assured. "And we can just use jam on the the scones if you'd like. We don't have to stop all at once. We can take things slow."
Riddle smiled. "Yeah, you're right."
Near the head table, the crew of freshmen, plus the Pokémon from the incident (save for Shaymin who was wandering), sat together with Cater. The Ramshackle residents were in their Heartslabyul attire.
Ace sighed. "In the end, we still had do all the cleaning and party preparations."
"There, there. It couldn't be helped since the dorm leader had to recover." Deuce said.
"Besides, you should be glad Shaymin fixed up the plants." (Y/N) noted.
"The garden looks photogenic again, I'm so satisfied." Cater chirped, quite pleased.
"Ah! Let's hurry up and eat!" Grim noted.
Cater winked. "Okay! Without further..."
"Wait a second!" Riddle interrupted, startling them."
"That white rose..."
The gang swerved their heads, and sure enough, there was a single rose in the bush.
"We forgot one?!"
Cater panicked. "Ace, Deuce, (N/N), you said you painted them all red!"
Deuce was astonished. "You're blaming us?!"
Trey awaited an outburst. "R-Riddle, this is..."
An amused smile appeared on Riddle's face as he giggled. "...I'm kidding. I won't get mad over every little thing anymore."
Everyone gasped in relief.
"R-really?! Cheers for Riddle!" Cater cheered.
"It'll go faster if we all paint together." Riddle noted.
"Are you sure you've changed?!" Ace exclaimed.
"Now now... even so...yes. You've changed, Riddle." Trey smiled.
"I can't wait any long! Let's hurry and start the party!" Grim said.
"All right everyone, are you ready?"
Riddle turned out to be the superior rose painter as the remaining white rose became red. The party continued as Riddle sat down, still a little drained from the incident. He then felt something tug on his pants. Looking down, he saw a tiny creature smiling at him. At first he though one of the hedgehogs had broken out, but on second glance, he realized it wasn't one of theirs. This one had a white underbelly, and bright green quills that looked like grass and had yellow spots. On either side of its head were pink flowers. He realized it had to be one of (Y/N)'s Pokémon.
"Um, hello?"
The creature chirped and jumped into his lap, curling up quite satisfied. Riddle awkwardly stiffened, not sure what to do. Luckily, (Y/N) approached him.
"He just wanted to make sure you were okay."
"Oh, um, I'm fine. Though I am confused why i-he would be so worried."
The trainer tapped her head. "Of course, you wouldn't recognize him in this form."
"Recognize him?"
"That's Shaymin. This is just his land form."
Riddle looked down in surprise. He could see it now that (Y/N) had pointed it out, but it was still hard to believe this was the same creature who had fought him. He looked at her worriedly.
"Is he still mad at me?"
(Y/N) chuckled. "I think taking a point blank Seed Flare was enough for him. Shaymin doesn't really hold grudges."
"I see." He looked at her. "(Y/N), thank you, for what you said when we were asleep."
"So you remember that."
"Bits, but I do remember what you told me."
"Don't mention it. I...I know how hard it is, but you have people looking out for you, to get you through this, and if you need to talk, my door's always opened."
She smiled at him, and Riddle felt his face burn. He unconsciously held Shaymin closer and the little Pokémon bloomed into a bundle of pink flowers. He moved back in astonishment.
"W-what's going on!? What did I do!?"
"Aw, Riddle, that's so sweet."
"What? What does this mean?"
The first years and Cater were already heading over to join them. Deuce's eyes widened
"Wow, what's happening to Shaymin?"
He pulled out the Pokédex.
"Shaymin, the Gratitude Pokémon. Land Form. A Mythical Pokémon. The blooming of Gracidea flowers confers the power of flight upon it and can dissolve toxins in the air to instantly transform ruined land into a lush field of flowers. The flowers all over its body burst into bloom if it is lovingly hugged and senses gratitude."
Riddle's face became even redder as Shaymin cooed happily.
Everyone laughed before Ace turned to the Dorm Leader "so what happened to the tart you made Dorm Leader?"
"I-I made some. Here. I made a strawberry tart." Shaymin hopped back to his trainer as he brought a strawberry tart to the table.
Trey examined it before smiling. "The shape is a little off but you did well coating the strawberries in nappage to bring out their shine."
"There you go spoiling him again." Ace huffed. "Let's take a bite."
Cater butted in "Ah, don't cut it yet! Let me take a pic first!" His phone flashed. "...Okay, done!"
Ace shook his head. "Senpai is still the same as every... all right! Let's eat!"
Everyone was give a piece and took a bit. Trey and Cater's eyes dilated in shock.
"T-This is..."
"SALTY!!!" Everyone gagged.
Riddle looked at their reactions in surprise.
"What is this?!" Ace spat. "It's so salty! What did you put in this?!"
(Y/N) innocently put the plate down while they were distracted. She may have chosen to wait for everyone's reactions before taking a bite.
"I bought all the ingredients and followed the recipe exactly, I don't know how it... Ah! It can't be...could it be because of the Oyster sauce?"
Deuce coughed. "...could it be the secret ingredient Clover-senpai's told us about before"
"But, Trey told me before that even if it isn't in the recipe, all good tarts have it..." Riddle trailed off in embarrassment.
"Blegh, how did you not realize he was lying to you?!" Ace said, hypocritically.
(Y/N) smacked him. "You fell for it too."
"Still, it's too salty even for a secret ingredient. How much did you add?" Cater asked in terror.
"I didn't know since it wasn't in the recipe, I just put in a bunch..." Riddle mumbled.
Trey found this hilarious. "I can't believe you took that joke so seriously! HAHAHAHA!"
He was wheezing and Riddle seem to catch it as well.
"You're right. It was foolish of me."
"Haha, we'll now we can laugh about it." Deuce said.
Ace nodded. "Well we don't have another choice!"
The party went on as usual, though Alcremie did attempt to kill Riddle's tart, and as it turned out, Cater didn't like sweet things. Shocking really. Trey brought out the good tarts and as (Y/N) happily shared with her Pokémon, she heard a person humming beside them.
"All of Trey's sweets are so delicious no matter how much I eat the! Nom nom." Che'nya appeared, snatching one of the pastries.
Riddle's gray eyes widened. "Che'nya! What're you doing here?!"
"Hm? I came to celebrate your Unbirthday Party. Congratulations , Riddle." Che'nya answered as he leaned against (Y/N), purring happily as he perched his chin atop her head. No one liked this, and Swampert growled, but the cat boy did not care.
Trey crossed his arms. "Che'nya, give her some space.
He grinned and hugged her. "No! She smells like the forest and sea!"
(Y/N) smiled nervously and he nuzzled her neck. "Sounds about right. Ash would also be acceptable."
Riddle gave him a stern look. "Che'nya, The Unbirthday Party is a tradition exclusive for the Heartslabyul dorm. This doesn't concern you, does it?"
Che'nya grinned, gesturing to the Ramshackle residents. "The same goes for these 2."
Grim perked up as he finally recognized him. "Ah, it's you! The guy with the cat puns! O speaking of that, what dorm are you in anyway?"
"Che'nya's is actually not a student from our school at all. He's from Night Raven College's long standing rival, Royal Sword Academy."
"Eh?! He's not even from our school?!" Deuce yelled.
"And from Royal Sword Academy at that?!" Ace exclaimed.
"There's another school?" (Y/N) thought.
The rest of the students heard the commotion.
"Did he just say Royal Sword Academy?!"
"Someone from that school is here?!"
"What did you say?! Where is he?! I'll chase him out!"
"Woops." Che'nya said. "I already had my tart, so I'm outta here!" Che'nya vanished for a second to grab another dessert, before reappearing to peck (Y/N)'s cheek and vanishing again. Swampert roared angrily and ran after him with the other students behind him.
"Ah, he's running away!"
"After him!"
Ace and Deuce were at (Y/N) side as she was completely stiff before falling over, her face red, her eyes in the knockout state.
"(Y/N)!?" Ace exclaimed, shaking her by the shoulders.
"Eh!? Roserade, Shaymin, Beautifly! Do something!" Deuce pleaded.
As the Pokémon used their healing moves on the incapacitated girl, Cater glanced at Trey and Riddle.
Trey pushed his glasses upwards. " Che'nya is unpredictable as always."
Grim was quite entertained by hostility Heartslabyul students and especially the furious Swampert. "They got murderous all of the sudden."
"Students from Night Raven College turn hostile towards Royal Sword Academy with high probability." Riddle explained. "After losing for 100 years, you can't blame them."
Trey shrugged."Now, now. No more gloomy talk! We're celebrating! Let's enjoy our Unbirthday Party today! As soon as the Pokémon revive (Y/N)."
"Nyaha! I'm gonna eat as much as I can! Happy Unbirthday Party!" Grim cheered.

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