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Babysitting Part 2
(Y/N) once again found herself at the doorstep of her dorm with one of her friends desperately asking her to babysit their dorm leader that had accidentally been turned into a toddler. The offender this time was Jack, so the toddler was Leona Kingscholar himself, who was curled up in the wolf's arms, asleep without a care in the world. The trainer rubbed her temples.
"Some freshman was running from the alchemy lab and bumped into him." Jack explained, whispering as to not wake the lion cub. "They were making a de-aging potion."
"And why do you need me to watch him?"
"Ruggie-senpai needs to take care of the dorm and Ace and Deuce mentioned you took care of Riddle-senpai when his accident happened."
She sighed. "Fine, give him here."
Jack smiled. "Thanks, Professor Crewel should have the cure by the end of the day."
The male passed the de-aged lion to (Y/N)'s arms. Leona stirred and looked up at the girl with a single, grumpy, green eye. She chuckled.
"It's all right, Leona. Just keep sleeping."
He gave a kitten yawn and snuggled into her chest, snoring almost immediately. (Y/N) face went red at the movement as Jack glanced away in embarrassment. She clicked her tongue.
"You're lucky you're cute right now."
Jack left (likely too embarrassed by the scene) and (Y/N) brought the toddler to the living room. Luxray was there, taking a nap with Shinx on the couch. She raised her head and cautiously got up as to not wake her son. She trotted up to her trainer and looked at the toddler in her arms intensely. (Y/N) laughed.
"Leona got turned into a baby, so we'll be watching him today."
Luxray blinked a couple times and immediately snatched Leona from her and carried him back to the couch, settling him down by Shinx before curling around them and purring. The boy didn't even wake up during this. (Y/N) blinked slowly, processing what just happened, before slowly heading to the kitchen.
"Okay then, I'll...just leave this to you, Luxray."
(Y/N) began to prepare lunch since Jack often complained about Leona's picky diet (if you could even call the rejection of anything that wasn't meat a diet) and rather not deal with a hungry, grumpy lion cub. After a little while, she felt a tug on her pants and looked down to see Leona pouting up at her. She smiled down at him and crouched down to his eye level.
"Hi Leona! Are you all done with your nap? Lunch is almost ready."
He didn't say anything and instead jumped into her arms and latched his around her neck, falling asleep once more. She snorted.
"Wow kitty, you are very clingy."
"Shut up, herbivore." He mumbled.
"Oh, so he can speak! Good to know your personality has always been like this. Come on, kitty, you have to eat before napping."
"Don't wanna."
(Y/N) had to yank him off and place him in the chair.
"Well, you have to. I even made a meat cutlet sandwich for you. Just eat a bit, and then you can go back to sleep."
"Fine." He groaned.
He begrudgingly took a bite of the sandwich, but immediately perked up once he actually tasted it. (Y/N) may not have been a prodigy cook, but she could make some pretty good dishes thanks to her experiences during her travels. As little Leona scarfed the dish down, Grim wandered in with Beautifly.
"Nya, what smells so good?"
"Oh, hey Grim. I just made Leona here a sandwich."
"Eh? That furball is Leona?!"
The toddler narrowed his eyes at the cat as Beautifly came closer to get a better look at him. Leona hissed at him, clawing at the air and making the Pokémon step back. (Y/N) nervously laughed and patted the boy's head.
"Guess he remembers a couple things, huh Beautifly?"
The bug type flew off in a huff as Grim took his spot on the counter, grinning mischievously at Leona.
"Ha! He's barely bigger than me! He's not so tough now!"
"Shut up, fleabag!" The boy growled.
Grim instinctively flinched at his menacing tone (which was still pretty menacing despite his new form). (Y/N) clapped her hands.
"Hey, no fighting you two! Leona, Grim's just trying to mess with you, so ignore him. Grim, I'd advise against antagonizing him. Riddle remembered bits when he went through this and Luxray is acting very motherly towards Leona. You wanna pick a fight with her?"
"Gaya!" He hissed.
Pissing off the electric lynx mother was the last thing on Grim's mind. He would've preferred to pick a fight with Swampert than that. At least then, it would've been over in one blow. Leona laughed at the cat's horrified face and inhaled the remainder of the sandwich before pushing the plate to (Y/N).
"More please."
She smiled and raised a brow at him. "Oh? I thought you were too sleepy to eat. And now you want more?"
He pouted. "More, herbivore!"
"Hey, what do we say?"
She picked up the plate. "That's better. Just give me a minute."
"Hey, I want one too!" Grim shouted.
Leona hissed at him, his tail lashing angrily, before wrapping his little arms around (Y/N)'s waist.
"My herbivore!"
She sighed. "Kitty, no need to be jealous."
He didn't let go so (Y/N) had to hold him in one arm as she cooked up the meat. Grim bolted without a thank you to eat somewhere in peace while Leona inhaled the sandwich as quickly as he had the first. He yawned loudly, his belly now full, and demanded a nap. (Y/N) obliged him and they settled down on the couch next to Luxray and Shinx. Leona refused to let go of her, so he was content with napping in her lap. He was a jealous little cub. Vulpix tried to join them and he hissed at her until she went away. (Y/N) didn't understand why he had gotten so attached to her, but she could guess why he was being so clingy. She had remembered the memories she had seen when he had Overbloted. Constantly being looked down upon for being the second born, always being compared to his older brother, oftentimes being overlooked, it didn't surprise her that he, in his toddler form, would cling to the first person who gave him genuine attention. She frowned at him as his grip on her shirt tightened.
"Leona, I'm not going anywhere."
"Yes you will." He grumbled. "They always leave."
"I'm not. I live here."
"Everyone always has important things to do. They never stay with me long. They always end up going to Farena."
She smiled. "Well, your brother is nowhere near here. It's just you, me, and my Pokémon."
He looked at her. "Promise?"
He snuggled into her chest as Shinx trotted up to him and curled up beside him. Luxray purred and began to groom around Leona's ears. He grumbled, but didn't stop her. (Y/N) laughed.
"Some things never change."
Most of the day was spent lazing about with the felines (making her a bit lethargic) and occasionally playing with the baby Pokémon. The sun was beginning to set when there was a knock at the door. (Y/N), Leona on her back, opened it to see Ruggie.
"Yo (Y/N)."
"Hey Ruggie. Is Professor Crewel done with the antidote?"
"Yup. I just need to take Leona to the lab to fix him up. Thanks for watching him."
"Eh, no problem. He was pretty mellow."
(Y/N) began to hand off the toddler to the hyena, but Leona immediately grabbed her.
She blinked. "Leona, Ruggie has to take you to Professor Crewel so he can fix you up."
"Don't wanna! Wanna stay with the herbivore!"
Ruggie cackled. "Shishishi! He's really attached to you, Stone. I should take a picture to show him when he's big again!"
"Ruggie, you're not helping."
She set the cub down and smiled.
"Leona, you need to go with Ruggie now. I promise we'll play again later."
He pouted. "But I wanna stay."
"I know, but if you want to be big and strong again, you need to get fixed up."
"Atta boy." She gave him a hug before handing him off. "I'll see you tomorrow Leona."
"Thanks again, (Y/N)!" Ruggie said as he turned to leave.
Leona looked over the male's shoulder and waved to her.
"Bye herbivore."
"Bye Leona."
The next day at lunch time, (Y/N) walked into the botanical garden, finding Leona in his usual napping spot. He growled at the sight of her, but the blush on his cheek and the wave of his tail gave away that he was happy to see her.
"What do you want, herbivore?"
She chuckled. "Good to see you're back to normal, kitty."
He groaned. "Uh, don't remind me. Anything you saw yesterday, you better forget!"
"Oh, you mean how you were latched to me pretty much the whole time?"
She sat next to him. "There's nothing to be ashamed of. You were actually very cute."
"Please stop, herbivore."
"Anyways, I didn't come here just to tease you." She pulled out a small package. "You seemed to really like these, so I thought I'd bring you one. Don't think this will be a regular thing."
He took the package and unwrapped it, revealing a meat cutlet sandwich. He grinned teasingly at her.
"Oh, making me lunch now? What are you, my wife?"
She laughed and got up. "In your dreams, kitty."
She began to leave before Leona called out. "Oi, Stone. Thanks."
She smiled back. "You're welcome, Leona."

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