Shenanigans 1

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I own nothing and I'm calling these chapters that because that's what they are. Also they are two in ones given how short they are.
Extreme Equestrian Club
"Equestrian Club?" (Y/N) asked as she put her tea cup down.
It had been a little bit since the Revenge Unbirthday Party (and having to hunt down Swampert before her could skin a cat boy) and (Y/N) had received an invitation from Riddle to have some tea every once in a while. Mostly these little get togethers were so Riddle could ask her for advice, but the Pokémon trainer didn't mind. Today, Land Form Shaymin (who was quite fond of Riddle) and Alcremie had accompanied her and the conversation had moved over to after class activities.
"Yes." Riddle answered her as he offered Shaymin a bit of pastry. "I quite enjoy it, and since you work with animals, I thought perhaps you might like to join us sometime."
"It does sound nice."
"I could even teach you to put on a saddle and ride." The red head offered with a smile.
(Y/N) shook her head. "Oh, I already know how to do those things. I have an Equine Pokémon myself."
"Yeah, she a real sweetie, but she's pretty competitive." She nervously chuckled. "One time, I had to chase her through an entire town because she thought some other Pokémon was challenging her to a race. She's well behaved when I'm riding her though."
"Well, why don't you bring her along? I'm sure you'd feel more comfortable riding her."
"Are you sure?" She asked genuinely worried. "I wouldn't want to scare the other horses."
Riddle chuckled. "I wouldn't worry, the horses are well behaved. And you said your Pokémon is female?"
"Then there will definitely be no problem."
(Y/N) nervously sipped her tea. "Oh, you haven't met Rapidash."
"So you invited her?" Silver asked as he got a horse ready.
"Yes," Riddle admitted. "This seemed to align with her work and she even knows how to ride already."
"Well I don't see the point in inviting that girl here." Sebek argued.
"If she already knows how to ride and proper horse care, it should be fine." Silver shot back.
Riddle felt a little embarrassed. He probably should have discussed this with the club before hand, but (Y/N) had seemed excited for it. As he finished saddling his horse, he heard a commotion outside.
"Is that real?"
"Even for a Beast Tamer that's incredible."
"How is she even riding that!?"
The males rushed out to see (Y/N) surrounded by the other members of the club (at a safe distance), atop a tall, pale, unicorn....with a flaming mane and tail....that was somehow not burning through the bridle or the saddle, or her. Riddle's eyes bulged at the sight, though thinking he really shouldn't have been surprised by this turn of events given the nature of her other Pokémon. He handed his horse off to Silver and hesitantly approached.
She smiled at her fellow dorm leader. "Afternoon Riddle!"
"Good afternoon (Y/N)."
"I brought Rapidash like I said. Don't worry, she's probably one of my better behaved Pokémon."
"I see. You are aware she is a unicorn....that is on fire?"
The trainer grinned. "Don't worry about me. Rapidash's mane won't burn a rider they trust and she won't be breathing fire today."
Riddle sweat dropped. "I would hope not."
The red head pulled out the Pokédex which he had asked Deuce for in preparation.
"Rapidash, the Fire Horse Pokémon. Kantonian variant. The evolved form of Ponyta. Rapidash usually can be seen casually cantering in the fields and plains. However, when this Pokémon turns serious, its fiery manes flare and blaze as it gallops its way up to 150 mph. Very competitive, this Pokémon will chase anything that moves fast in the hopes of racing it."
"You are sure she isn't going to cause problems?" Riddle asked.
Rapidash snorted, steam bellowing from her nostrils and her left, front hoof stomping angrily.
"Don't worry, I've kept her under control in worse conditions than this." (Y/N) assured.
The ride with Riddle went fairly well. Despite his initial worries, Rapidash was clearly well trained and had a great temperament (save for one burnt tree that got hit due to Rapidash blasting a Flamethrower at a snake that scared her new horse friends). The students eventually returned to the barn and unsaddled their horses and did some grooming. Silver admired (Y/N) as she soothed her Pokémon, who would be unsaddled later.
"She is very pretty."
Rapidash whinnied at the compliment.
"Thanks, the species is just so majestic."
"It's also clear you take excellent care of her." Riddle added.
"Oh stop. She's pretty independent so I don't need to do much." (Y/N) noticed Riddle's hand fidgeting and smiled. "Do you want to pet her?"
He eyes widened. "Oh, um, if it isn't too much."
Riddle allowed Rapidash to get his scent and began to pet her as he would any other horse. She seemed to enjoy it. The Dorm Leader was quite pleased.
"Riddle wait!" Silver tried to say.
The red head quickly realized in the split second he had closed his eyes, he had instinctively gone for the mane, which was pure fire. It would've been a nightmare if Riddle didn't find Rapidash's mane cool to the touch. His eyes bulged as he did not get burnt. (Y/N) chuckled.
"I told you, Rapidash's mane doesn't hurt people they trust."
Riddle blushed. "Oh, I'm glad you think highly of me, Rapidash."
The horse whinnied and nudge Riddle towards her back.
"I think she wants you to ride her."
"Um, all right."
Riddle mounted the Pokémon and led her outside. Despite Rapidash being a fire unicorn, it didn't feel too far off from a normal horse ride.
"See, Riddle? Get pass all the fire, and it's just a normal horse ride."
"I suppose." He agreed.
Sebek of course had to be annoying at that moment, riding his own horse.
"I suppose that means it's no better than a regular horse. Are you sure it could outrace any of our horses?"
True to the Pokédex, Sebek's comment enraged the fire type, whose mane flared as she charged at blazing speeds. Riddle yelled, hanging on for dear life. (Y/N) yelped, running after her Pokémon.
"Rapidash no!"
The speed of Rapidash created enough force to knock Sebek off his horse and the entire club spent the better part of an hour trying to save Riddle from the wild ride.
Needless to say, Sebek was not allowed near Rapidash.

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