Chapter 3: Don't Anger Dark Types

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Chapter 3: Ace
(Y/N) woke up at dawn the next morning as she usually did. She, Grim, and Swampert had all bunker down the room they cleaned the previous night. As she stretched out, yawned and nudged her good morning. He had slept on the floor since neither of them thought he would fit without it break. She smiled at him and scratched his head.
"Morning buddy. Let's see if we can get breakfast started for everyone."
He grunted in agreement as they both left Grim sleeping. On their way down stairs, the ghost intercepted them. Swampert growled, ready to fight back.
"You're up early." The biggest one said. "Not even the teachers are awake yet."
"Well, I have over 50 creatures I'm gonna have to figure out how to feed, plus I'm used to waking up early."
"So you'll be living here from now on?" The lanky ghost cackled. "You and the cat are very prank-worth! Kekekeke!"
She smirked. "I'd watch it, gentlemen. Remember I have ghosts in my corner as well, and you haven't even met my strongest one. Tell me, ever seen a ghost dragon?"
They all shrieked and vanished. Both trainer and starter laughed as they entered the kitchen where they were met with a surprising sight: 18 large, colorful containers, containing specialized food that matched the color of the container. (Y/N) knew this because she made the food inside to specialize for a specific type and painted the containers. Somehow and thankful, they had been transported along with them, yet for some reason, ended up in the Ramshackle dorm. She dragged her hand across the water type container.
"This place just keeps getting stranger and stranger." Swampert nodded in agreement before she smiled. "Well, guess it's chow time."
She walked out of the building, opening her bag.
"Breakfast time, gang!"
All at once, every Pokémon she owned appeared with a cry of their name. She gave them a quick explanation of what had happened and that she was trusting the older Pokémon to create shelters and habitats for themselves while she worked around the school. Everyone seemed to accept this, and she headed back inside to get everyone fed, alongside a few select Pokémon to assist: Lucario, Gardevoir, Zoraork, and Rotom. Considering there were no bowls, (Y/N) had to settle for paper towels. The three bipedal Pokémon began to get everyone's food in order (mono types would get a full serving from their respective container, while dual types had half from both of their type specific food) while (Y/N) checked on the electronics with Rotom. They actually weren't in too bad a state. She looked at the small Plasma Pokémon.
"What do think, Rotom?"
It squeaked, saluted, and immediately possessed the stove to try and discern what repairs were needed. She nodded gratefully to him and went back to assist the others. After every one of her Pokémon were given their meals, (Y/N) returned to kitchen, this time followed by the younger Pokémon, Weavile, Absol, and of course Swampert. Her stomach then growled.
"Now what am I gonna do?"
Just then, Grim dragged himself downstairs grumpily.
"Uh, so hungry."
"Morning, Grim." She greeted.
The cat was immediately assaulted by Vulpix, Cufant, Falinks, Jangmo-oh, Scorbunny, and Applin, who were very curious of the newcomer. He shrieked in surprised. Swampert growled and the younger ones scattered, eager to explore.
"Sorry about them, Grim. They're little, so they're curious."
The cat hopped onto the counter, but was very cautious of the two dark types watching him intensely.
"Those were little? How many more of these things do you have?!"
"They're all outback eating if you want to meet them. I suppose I should introduce you at some point."
He shook his head violently. "No way! I bet you have a monster that would love to eat me!"
"Don't worry, they won't."
Grim would've continued to complain if it wasn't for his stomach growling.
"Ugh, so hungry." He hopped off the counter and reached for the fridge.
"Wait Grim, no! My-," she was cut off as Grim was frozen solid by an ice beam. "Rotom. Sorry, he was checking how well it was working."
Noises came from the cat-sicle as Rotom emerged from the fridge, giggling before flying off. (Y/N) sighed as Absol stepped up and cut Grim free with Psycho Cut. He then slumped to the ground.
"Thanks, Absol." The trainer praised with loving scratches.
"I'm never gonna survive this." Grim wept quietly.
Just then, Crowley walked in a very concerned look on his face.
"You are aware they are many, very intimidating creatures outside, including a T-Rex, a Kaiju looking creature, and a number of dragons?"
"They're all mine, they're all...relatively harmless." (Y/N) assured. "Though, they will be doing some terraforming to make the area more to their liking."
He gave her a hard look. "You're responsible for any damages they make."
"They won't. It's not their first time renovating."
The headmaster the nodded with a smile. "Very well. Did you two sleep well?"
"When we laid down, the bottom of the bed fell out!" Grim complained. "How long have you been neglecting this place? And the ghosts woke me up this morning. It's the worst!"
"Honestly, this wasn't the first time I've slept in a rundown, haunted building and I have much scarier ghosts. We were fine."
"What do you do in your world?" Grim questioned.
Crowley smiled. "For someone who was thrown here from another world, you're tough. Very good."
She smirked. "Of course. I have to be handle powerful Pokémon like mine. CUFANT! NO HUGS!"
The little orange elephant Pokémon didn't listen and instead tackled her to the ground, giving the younger Pokémon the opportunity to get in their daily cuddles. Once again, a snarl from Swampert sent them squealing. While Swampert put his trainer back on her feet, Lucario opened a window for Crobat to fly through and herd the younger Pokémon to another part of the dorm.
"Well then." The headmaster said. "Now that that's taken care of, I would like to talk about your job for the day. For today's work, you will clean the inside of the academy. However, cleaning the entire academy will be impossible."
"Depends, do mind people getting washed away by a tidal wave?" The trainer joked as Weavile and Swampert snickered.
"For toady, please clean Main Street." Crowley ordered. "Start from the main gate and end at the library. Please do not drown anyone." He was eyeing Swampert when he said this. "And please look after Grim properly, so he doesn't cause a ruckus like yesterday."
"Yes sir."
"I'm relying on you. You and a few of your be-Pokémon, can eat lunch in the cafeteria. Well then, work hard!"
The headmaster headed out as Grim grumpily crossed his arms.
"Tch! I can't stand cleaning. I wanna go to magic classes and do cool magic tricks! BO-BO-BOOM!"
"Can't be helped. We can study after we're finished with work."
He grumbled as (Y/N) grabbed six Pokémon to take with her.
"Let's see...Swampert's a given, Flygon for some range, Weavile for precision, and Gardevoir, Absol, and Typhlosion just in case. Zoroark, Lucario, can you clean up here?"
The two saluted as (Y/N) called back Swampert, Absol, and Gardevoir, let Weavile climb onto her shoulder, and grabbed Typhlosion and Flygon's pokeballs. She then grabbed Grim and headed out.
"Crobat and Luxray are in charge!"
The duo, accompanied by the ice/dark type, found themselves at the path leading to the main building. Along it were seven different statues of various characters.
"Wow, amazing!" Grim admired. "So this is Main Street. I didn't get to see them yesterday. What's with all these statues? There are seven, and they all have scary faces."
"I wonder how Grim is gonna react when he meets the rest of my team." (Y/N) thought to herself as Weavile seemed to have the same thought.
"And this auntie right here," he walked up to the statue at the end of the line on the right. It was of a large woman, wearing a dress and a crown, and holding a heart scepter. "Looks very self-righteous, see?"
"You don't know? That's the Queen of Hearts." A voice joined in.
The three looked behind them and saw a boy standing behind them. He was obviously a student given his uniform. His hair was an orange-red color, he had ruby colored eyes, and there was a red heart over his left eye. In (Y/N)'s opinion, he was actually pretty cute.
"The Queen of Hearts?" Grim asked. "Is she important?"
"In the olden days, she was the queen who lived inside the Rose Labyrinth." The boy explained. "She' a strict person who respects discipline. She won't forgive any disorder among the Trump Soldiers' advance, or in the roses' color. Even though it's a country full of insane people, they're all completely obedient to the queen. And why, you may ask? It's because disobedience to the law will get you instantly beheaded!"
"T-That's scary!" Grim whimpered.
"And horrifying." (Y/N) added.
To someone who's whole life revolved around the unexpected and chaos, and gladly enjoyed that life, she didn't think she'd get along well with this woman.
The boy didn't notice. "Isn't it so cool!? I like it. Cause nobody will obey a queen that's only kindhearted, right?"
"That is true. It's better to have a strong leader. By the way, who are?" Grim finally decided to ask.
The stranger smiled. "I'm Ace. A new first year student starting today. Please take care of me."
(Y/N) chuckled as Grim introduce them. "I am Grim! I'm a genius who will become a great magician! And this dull one over here, (Y/N), is my minion, and that weird thing on her shoulder is one of her minions."
Weavile didn't appreciate this little comment, and fired off an Ice Shard that sent the cat running. (Y/N) pat her head to calm her down before smiling nervously at Ace.
"Sorry, Weavile doesn't like having her pride hurt. It's nice to meet you, Ace."
She didn't notice the small blush appearing on the first year's face, but Weavile did and narrowed her eyes warningly. On Ace end, he actually had never talked to a girl this cute before. Instead, he decided to focus on her monster, currently glaring at him.
"I've never seen a creature that cool before."
Weavile's glaring stopped as she raised her head up with prideful smile. (Y/N) laughed.
"I think you two just became friends."
"Hey, hey, Ace." Grim called. "Then is that lion with the scar on his eye also famous?"
"Of course! He's the King of Beasts who ruled over the Savanna. However, he's not a born-king. He's a hard worker who took over the throne with a scrupulous plan he made by himself. After he became king, he proposed living together with the hyenas, who were hated by everyone, without discriminating them."
"Ooh, people who don't get swayed by social status? Rocks!"
"Kinda reminds me of Luxray (I know Luxray is a lynx, but I don't like male Pyroar)."
"Who's the auntie with the octopus legs with him?"
She's the Witch of the Sea who lives in a cave in the depths of the sea. Her raison d'etre was to save unfortunate mermaids. If you pay the price, she'd help you find solutions to any of your worries, ranging from desires to change one's self to love trouble! It seems there isn't any wish she can't grant. Well, I heard the cost is a bit expensive. If it's to grant any wish, then it's natural, don't you think?"
"Nyaha! In other words, if I become a great magician, I'd get rich!? Then, then, what about this uncle in the big hat?"
"He's the Great Sage of the Desert Kingdom. He's the cabinet minister who works under the kingdom's useless king. He's a clever person who managed to see through a swindler who tried to deceive the princess by faking his status as a prince! And after that, he managed to get the magic lamp and rose to become the world's number one Great Sage! Furthermore, it's said that he also took the king's throne by using that power!"
"That sounded like two usurpers in a row." (Y/N) whispered to Weavile with a sweat drop. Weavile seemed to agree with her.
"Oh-ho!" Grim said enthusiastically. "As I thought, it's also important for a magician to have a discerning eye! Ooh, and this beautiful person?"
"This person's said to be the world's number one most beautiful queen! Everyday, she checks the world's beautiful person ranking in the mirror! It's said that if she's about to fall from the number one spot, she will spare no effort to keep being the number one beauty in the world. Impressive, right? And, it seems that she was an expert at making poisons."
"S-she's beautiful but scary..."
(Y/N) blank faced. "That, that is just straight up vanity, and I don't exactly like you mentioned she was good at poison making."
"Really? But isn't it cool to have a fixation you won't ever yield?"
"Indeed." Grim hesitantly agreed. "To have one's own beliefs is cool! What about that man with a burning head? He looks scary!"
"He's the King of the Land of the Dead! They said he ruled over the land of evil spirits by himself. He must be a super powerful person. He has a scary face, but he's a sincere guy who does unpleasant work without rest. Cerberus, Hydra, and the Titan family all follow his orders and fight for him."
"To not become haughty even though you have strength is an important thing."
(Y/N) gave the cat a side glance. "Yes, maybe we could learn that from him."
"Lastly, what about this person with the horns?"
"The Witch of Thorns who lives in the mountain of demons. Noble, elegant, and compared to the other seven, her magic and curse skills are number one! She manipulates thunderclouds to bring about the storms, fully covering a whole kingdom with thorns. Her magic is on a super huge scale. They say she transforms into an enormous dragon."
"A dragon? Really?" (Y/N) was now very interested. Dragon Pokémon were some of the most powerful, so she could only imagine what this person could do.
"Ooh, a dragon!" Grim admired. "The admiration of every monster!"
"They're so cool, right?" Ace's smile suddenly turned malicious. "Unlike a certain raccoon."
"Funa!?" Grim was caught off guard by the insult, while (Y/N) and Weavile got on the defensive. She had met people who loved to put on a friendly face before stabbing someone in the back, and they infuriated her to no end."
Ace began laughing meanly. "Pu...Hahahaha! I can't hold it in anymore! Ahahahaha!" He smirked at them. "Hey, you guys are the ones who caused a ruckus at the opening ceremony, right? A girl who got called out in front of the mirror but can't actually use magic and the monster barging in even though he didn't even get invited! Man, it was so hard to stop myself from laughing during the opening ceremony!"
Grim growled. "What!? What a rude guy!"
"And, in the end neither of you got into the school so you became handymen? Haha, lame. That thing on your shoulder doesn't even look half as scary as that other monster you. I bet that's your only strong one."
The Hoenn champ sucked a breath in as she felt Weavile's muscles tense. "Ooooh, bad move insulting a dark type's pride. I'm not responsible for what she does next."
"What are you-?" The next thing Ace knew, he was on the ground, clutching his gut in pain as Weavile was now right in front of him, her arms faintly glowing light blue.
The dark/ice type had a very evil grin on her face and she sharpened her claws for another attack. Grim cheered her on.
"Go Weavile! Shut him up! That was so fast I couldn't even see it!"
(Y/N) sighed and whistled, calling her Pokémon off.
"Now, now Weavile, what are our rules about picking on people weaker than us?" She glared at Ace. "Even if they are jackasses."
"Wea!" Weavile cried back.
"I know, but we can't get in trouble." The Sharp Claw Pokémon crossed her arms angrily. "I'll you dice up dinner tonight, and you can pretend it's him. That fair?"
"....vile." The Pokémon begrudgingly said before returning to her spot on her trainer's shoulder.
(Y/N) scratched behind her head feathers. "That's my girl. Come on Grim."
"What?" The cat argued. "Weavile got to hit him!"
"Weavile can move faster than a normal eye can track and focuses on physical attacks that won't sent Main Street. He's learned his lesson, so let's just do our job."
Grim growled as Ace stood up. "Whatever, unlike you guys, I have classes to attend, so bye! Work hard cleaning!"
Unsurprisingly, Grim exploded. "This guy! He just crossed the line! I'm mad now! Funa!!"
Ace found his way blocked by blue flames and was taken aback. "Uwah! Hey that's dangerous! What the hell are you doing!?"
Grim smirked. "Because you made fun of me, I'll make your explosive hair even worse!"
"Explosive hair?" Ace said, now very irritated. "Heeh. You got guts to pick a fight with me. I'll turn you into a frizzy toy poodle!"
"Hey, knock it off! Both of you!" (Y/N) warned.
Neither of them listened as Grim launched another fireball, only for Ace to deflect it with wind magic, nearly hitting the girl in the process. Luckily, she was light enough on her feet to get out of the way. It only made Grim angrier and started attracting a crowd.
"Oh, a fight?"
"Yeah! Get em!"
"Don't encourage them!" (Y/N) snapped. "Weavile?"
Weavile hopped from her shoulder's again, ready to knock some sense into the males, when Ace again thought it was a good idea to taunt Grim.
"You think that little flame can hit me?"
"What did you say!?" Grim growled. "Prepare yourself!"
The cat launched another fire ball, to which Ace continued to look smug.
"I'll just change the direction of the wind... like this!"
As he did this, the flames were redirected at the Queen of Hearts' statue, which caught fire.
"Watch where you aim that thing, moron!" (Y/N) scolded as Ace finally looked worried.
"Ahh! Oh no! The Queen of Hearts' statue is burnt black!"
"It's because you changed the flame's direction with the wind!" Grim yelled.
"Weavile! Use Surf!"
The males' argument was cut short by Weavile summoning a tidal wave of water and gliding on top of it, guiding it towards the statue. Unfortunately for them, they were in the direct path of the water and were immediately washed away. As the flames were douses, Weavile flipped back to admire a job well done while the boys were on the ground, dizzy and soaked. (Y/N) then glared at the students gathering.
"You guys can either leave, or end up like them. Move on!"
They all quickly scattered as Crowley appeared.
Ace seemed to snap out of it. "It's the headmaster."
Grim was already trying to run away. "That guy, he'll bind you with his whip of love! Run!"
Neither one escaped the lashing as (Y/N) stood their, palm to her forehead, shaking her head slowly. Crowley glared at them.
"It's the whip of love! It's a 100 years too fast for you to run from me!" He turned to (Y/N). "I thought I said earlier to not make a ruckus!? Furthermore, to burn black one of the Great Seven statues! And why are they wet and why is his shirt partially frozen!?"
(Y/N) crossed her arms with a plain face.
"Had to put out the fire, and they were in the way. As for the ice, he decided to insult Weavile to her face, and she can more inside half a second. He was stupid to pick a fight with us."
Crowley nodded slightly, still mad though. "All right, that I will forgive. Still, it seems like you want be expelled so much."
"Wait!" Ace pleaded. "Not that!"
Crowley looked at (Y/N). "You too, you can't call this taking care of Grim."
(Y/N) glared at Ace. "He picked a fight with us and I tried to stop them."
The headmaster sighed before looking at the student. "Honestly...your what's your name and year?"
"Ace Trappola...I am a first year," he answered despondently.
"Well, you three. As a punishment, I order you to clean 100 windows!"
"Nya! It's his fault!" Grim argued. "He made fun of us!"
Ace looked just as shocked. "Eeh?! Me too!?"
(Y/N) punched him in the head, hard. "Yes you too! You started it! If you didn't want to get into trouble, maybe you should've thought about picking fights with people. Oh wait, I forgot, that requires actual brain cells!"
Ace shrunk under (Y/N) fierce glare. Her (E/C) glowed eerily, and her (H/C) kinda looked like snakes right now. Didn't help Weavile was gleaming evilly from her shoulders, ecstatic at the chance to hit Ace again. Crowley remained firm.
"After school, come to the cafeteria. Understood?
"Yes." The two humans agreed.
Grim mumbled. "Ever since yesterday, nothing's gone right."
"Tell me about it." (Y/N) agreed.

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