Chapter 22: Winter Break

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Welcome to Scarabia! Featuring Snek Boi and precious Sunshine Otter
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Chapter 22: A Lonely Holiday
It was a quiet night, still and cool.
A perfect night for another prophetic dream it seems.
(Y/N) saw before her a vast desert blanketed by darkness.
"A dry...desert?"
A man atop a dark horse appeared from the shadows, his frame lanky, yet with an sinister aura about him that made her skin crawl.
"You're late." He hissed.
A pudgy short man also appeared, his form unkempt, covered in rags, and shaking.
"I worked so hard to get it."
"Trust me you little scoundrel." He took something from the short man and a moment later, something gold and shiny shot out and flew off. "Chase after it! Hurry!"
The man's horse followed the shining light which disappeared into the sand. Just then, a mound rose up from the desert floor, taking the form of a massive tiger's head. The man dismounted his horse and grinned at the maw of the sand beast.
"My lifelong dreams are coming true. The Cave of Wonders."
"Cave of Wonders!" His parrot, that (Y/N) only now noticed, repeated.
He then shoved the short man towards the entrance. "Bring me the lamp! The lamp!"
The cave growled in a deep voice. "Who disturbs my slumber?"
Just then, the dream faded away as the trainer wearily opened her eyes and yawned.
"I'm starting to sense a pattern with this."
She glanced around her room, which had now been completely refurbished. The fireplace had been cleaned, the floorboards had finally been replaced, a fresh coat of paint was added to the walls and the furniture was good as new. There were even a few new details added, like a shelf by the window for Roserade's bed, a rail on the ceiling for Crobat to hang from, and a soft carpet for Absol, Luxray, and Shinx to sleep on. (Y/N) got up and stretched, waking Swampert, who followed suit.
"This time I had a dream about a desert." She informed him as he yawned.
Still drowsy, she got up and headed downstairs to make breakfast, almost tripping on Shinx who was almost climbing up her legs to get attention. With the hype electric type under her arm and her starter behind her in case she tumbled, (Y/N) somehow managed to get downstairs without dying, meeting the ghosts at the bottom.
"Oh my." The small one, Gus, noted a bit worried. "Why do you look so drowsy?"
"You look like you just saw something not of this world." Ezra, the chubby ghost, noted as he laughed at his own joke.
"Today is the last day of the fall semester. Make sure to keep working hard to the very end!" Phineas, the lanky ghost, encouraged. He always was on top of her and Grim about their grades, giving he was a professor when he was alive.
"Will do." (Y/N) yawned yet again.
Gus smiled. "Oh lighten up, Phineas. Tomorrow is the first day of winter holiday. Do you have any plans?"
Grim then stumbled in, having also just gotten out of bed. "Hm? What's...winter holiday?"
"It's winter vacation." Gus explained. "Most students usually go back home and celebrate New Years with their family and have a feast!"
"Yeah...celebrate..." (Y/N) mumbled, thinking about home and the party she, Steven, and the rest of the Hoenn League circuit would have to celebrate the holidays.
Grim didn't notice her melancholy and focused entirely on the food as Phineas told him about the roast Turkey, cake, and gingerbread houses that the ghosts would not be able to eat.
"Ghosts usually go back to the other side to see their families too." Gus also mentioned, only adding to (Y/N)'s homesickness.
"But some never return! Hehehe!" Ezra joked.
"Eating a big feast with family..." Grim said, also starting to sound a bit down.
(Y/N) sighed. "I wonder if the crow has found a way to send me home?"
Her cat companion crossed his arms. "This is the Headmaster we're talking about. He probably completely forgot. You need to pester him about it."
"Oh that's right." Gus agreed. "What about your family, Grim?"
"My family?" He said, unsure. "Hm...I don't really remember. I just remember waking up and being alone and hungry. It was so cold and I just remember waiting for someone to come and get me. Then...what happened after that? I can't remember...Well, it's okay! I don't look back on the past! What's more important is the future! Because I'm going to be a rich and famous magician! Haha!"
"You've had your own share of struggles, huh?" Gus asked.
"Then, why don't you spend this year's holiday around the fireplace with us?" Phineas offered.
"Aw, thanks guys." (Y/N) said, feeling a bit better thanks to their kindness.
Grim cheered. "Nyaha! We'll have a feast! I'm looking forward to the holidays!"
It was the end of the last day, and the group was in Professor Crewel's class. Glaceon was (Y/N)'s chosen companion given the cold.
"Now listen up, puppies." The professor called. "Holiday vacation starts tomorrow. I understand you all just want to go home and have fun. However, every year there are students who get so excited for break, they forget to do their homework. There will be strict punishment for those puppies who don't do their homework. So do be careful. At 1 o'clock, you are permitted to use the Mirror Chamber to travel home. Once you have your luggage, head over to the Hall of Mirrors."
"Okay!" Everyone called out.
At the sound of the bell, everyone began dispersing and discussing their vacation plans.
Ace had a huge smile on his face. "Ah! Finally we are free from our cramped dorm life!"
"Just as expected from Night Raven College." Deuce groaned at the work. "They gave us so much homework."
"Oh yeah, you still haven't found a way back to your world, huh?" Ace asked their female friend and she held Glaceon.
"No. Arceus, that crow is useless..."
"So I guess that means both of you will be staying at school for the holidays." Deuce half asked.
Grim seemed to be the optimistic one for a change. "Yeah! We're gonna have a feast with the ghosts!"
"I see." Ace smiled a bit softer. "With all the ghosts in the school and (Y/N)'s Pokémon, you really won't be alone."
"But...if the school is closed during the holidays, doesn't that mean the cafeterias and stores will be closed?" The blue haired male pointed out.
Grim freaked out at this. "Fgnya! That's right! What are we going to do about our feast!?"
"What are the odds Headmaster thought of this?" (Y/N) asked.
"I would check." Deuce warned.
"I'm sure he'll be at the Mirror Chamber since he needs to be there." Ace said. "Let's get going."
The group walked over to the Mirror Chamber, only to find it crammed and loud. Deuce glanced around.
"There are already so many people."
His dormmate laughed. "Haha! Everyone is so jittery! Okay, so Headmaster is..."
"There." (Y/N) pointed at Crowley, where an affront to fashion vacation outfit.
"Everyone, please hold onto your belongings as you go through the mirror. If you let go of your bags for even a second, they may end up in a different location. If you have items you absolutely cannot lose, please ship them at the school store."
"HE'S READY FOR VACATION!" The boys yelled as the girl clicked her tongue.
"I'm gonna kill him."
"A Hawaiian shirt in the middle of winter!?" Ace jeered. "He's like a bird who's going south!"
Deuce shook his head. "He's not even trying to hide how ready he is for break."
"Hey, Headmaster!" Grim called. "We need to have a word with you!"
That got his attention. "Oh my, what are you all doing here?"
(Y/N) gritted her teeth and crossed her arms as Glaceon arched her back and hissed. "Portal. Home. When?"
"Ah....Aaahhh! How to get you back to your world? Haha! Of course I'm looking into it! For winter break, my plan was to go down south to research and find new leads. I am very serious, after all."
"That doesn't look like someone who is going to do research." Ace snidely remarked.
Grim stamped his paws. "That's right! You look like you're ready to go on vacation!"
Crowley narrowed his eyes. "What are you talking about? This is formal attire in the south. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Escaping the cold of winter and drinking some coconut juice in a hammock while gazing at the calm sea in the tropics, I was definitely not thinking about enjoying such an elegant vacation. Not at all."
"That seems oddly specific for you not to be thinking about." (Y/N) snarked.
"You're not being fair!" Her cat dormmate argued. "Take us with you!"
"Eh? But that would completely ruin my fu-ahem! This will be a very dangerous journey, so I must go alone."
"(Y/N) has dragons! And Swampert alone is worth 10 of you!"
"Besides, I need you to stay at the school, because I have an important mission for you. The existence of Night Raven College is at stake!"
(Y/N) glared. "How convenient."
"If you accept this task, then I will make sure there is food during the holiday break."
"As opposed to leaving us to starve on your watch?" (Y/N) challenged, making him cough and smile nervously.
"I will also provide a big holiday feast with roast turkey, cakes, and gingerbread houses. Enough for all the Pokémon. I'll even add ribs and French fries! How about it? What do you say?"
"Fgnya!? Ribs and French fries?!" Grim yelped before grinning. "Hm...I guess we could hear you out."
"It's really easy to convince him." Ace whispered to (Y/N), who shrugged.
"It's a double edged sword."
"Ahem." Crowley interrupted to get her attention. "All of the fires throughout the cafeteria and the school are powered by the fire fairies. They've been living in the fireplace of the dinning room for many years now. But if they're not given dried firewood everyday, they'll disappear. Without the fire fairies, the school will be doomed to a freezing winter."
"Now that you mention it," Deuce said. "I noticed the school is always warm, even without a heater. So it was magic."
"Until now, the head kitchen ghost was in charge of this job during long vacations, but...his daughter recently had a child this year, so he returned home to visit his grandchild. So I'd like you to take care of the fire in his place."
"I suppose that isn't too bad." The trainer admitted.
"If you want to be warm during winter break, then it is a must. If you put wood in the fireplace everyday, then you don't need to worry about the cold or food. Isn't it like killing 2 birds with 1 stone? What a great deal!"
"Careful with your metaphors, crow." (Y/N) half threatened, while Grim seemed satisfied.
"That's true! This is a lot more reasonable than the other jobs you had us do."
"I know, right? When you look at it, I am so kind. Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I'll be gone for a while, so I will give you this." He handed (Y/N) a small, black phone. "In case of emergencies, please contact me with this phone. This phone is for emergencies only. Don't let me catch you using Magicam or anything. Well then, I must go supervise and see the students off. I'll leave the rest to you."
And then, he was off, mumbling about tourists pamphlets.
Grim cheered. "Nyaha! This holiday we are going to eat so much food and treats!"
"I feel like he was just trying to get rid of you." Ace mentioned.
(Y/N) blew hair out of her face. "What else is new?"
"In any case, you guys should be okay."
Glaceon suddenly yipped, jumping into her trainer's arms, as a certain hyena came barreling in with a trolly full of luggage.
"Hey! Hey!" Ruggie yelled. "You guys, stop standing in the middle of the road! Out of the way!"
"Bucchi-senpai?" Deuce asked in disbelief. "Why do you have so much luggage? You have a backpack, 3 Boston bags, and a cooler with you!"
"You mean this? Shishishi! I got all the food that's about to expire from the cafeteria and the school shop. Everytime I go on break, I always get this stuff for free."
"Eh?" Ace huffed. "But there's no way you can eat all that stuff!"
"What are you talking about? When I go home, I always give food to the neighborhood hooligans. I have to make sure my grandma eats well during the holidays too. Oops, the frozen food is gonna melt. We'll then, see ya next year! And thanks for the holiday malasada, (Y/N)!"
"Anytime." She said as he rushed past them.
"There he goes..." Deuce said. "I wonder what he meant by 'neighborhood hooligans'."
"There are a lot of families in poverty in Ruggie's hometown." A voice answered as Jack approached them. "That's why every vacation, he brings back a lot of food so that the neighborhood kids can eat."
"Jack." Ace greeted before seeing his luggage packed full of cacti. "Why are you carrying so many plants? Are you going to start gardening?"
"These are the cacti I grow as a hobby." He clarified. "If I don't water them during the holidays, they'll die...don't mind me."
Grim ignored his bashfulness and gazed to where Ruggie had run off to. "That Ruggie, it's surprising to see a guy like him sharing food with others. What a good guy."
"Capture prey and then give to the weak without discriminating. That's the way of the hyenas." Jack recited. "That is how Ruggie-senpai was raised."
"Hmph, just thinking about giving food to a bunch of little runts makes me sick." The third member of the beastman trio said as he broke into their conversation. "One kid is annoying enough."
(Y/N) sighed. "Aw, is kitty grumpy he has to go visit his family?"
Leona growled. "Don't remind me. If I don't go home, they're not going to let me hear the end of it. annoying..."
Jack glanced around, looking for his luggage. " don't have anything with you?"
"Huh? All I need is my wallet and phone. I have enough clothes at home."
Grim crossed his arms. "This guy is on the other side of the extreme."
"He's not even taking his homework with him." Ace noted.
"You can do your homework when break is almost over." Leona argued. "Isn't your job during holiday is to relax? Well then, see ya herbivores."
"Say hi to Cheka for me, kitty."
"And please finish your homework."
He disappeared into the crowd and (Y/N) sighed.
"Well, I tried."
Jack shook his head. "He can do anything as long as he puts his mind to why doesn't he just do it? Well I'm going to finish mine properly. You guys don't slack off. See you."
"Bye Jack." (Y/N) said as Glaceon cooed.
Ace joined her. "Yeah, yeah, see you next year."
"Kingscholar-senpai is...a lot more interesting than I thought." Deuce said.
Next to approach them was Cater and Trey.
"Listen here, freshies." Cater said in a teasing manner. "That's not the type of upperclassman you should look up to."
Trey also grinned. "If any of you don't do your homework, Riddle will have your head."
"Trey-senpai! Cater-senpai!" Ace greeted cheerily.
Cater sighed. "Ha, I'm really dreading going home. I'm positive both my sisters will be home. Which means I'm going to be worked to death. I want to stay at Trey's house."
"I don't mind." Trey said. "But I'm going to put you to work, winter is the busiest time of the year for cake shops."
"Oh that's right." The orange head deflated. "Trey's family runs a cake shop. I guess there's no escape. Boohoo."
"Oh, that reminds me." (Y/N) said as she set Glaceon down and pulled out a Pokeball. "Trey, our agreement?"
He smiled at her. "I'm really grateful for this, (Y/N)."
"No problem. Alcremie's been super excited for this. Come on out, Alcremie!"
The sweet fairy type appeared with a happy cry before waddling up to Trey, who happily picked her up as (Y/N) handed him her Pokeball.
"Now, feed her plenty of fruits, but just be careful because it will effect the taste of the crime depending on what you feed her. And be sure not to let her have too many sweets."
"I got it. Don't worry, I'll take care of her."
Ace's eyes widened. "Eh!? You're letting Trey-senpai take Alcremie!?"
She nodded. "Yeah. Trey asked me if Alcremie could help out over the winter break and she really wanted to. I also trust Trey to be responsible for her."
"Don't worry, I'll take good care of her. My folks have been dying to meet her too."
"You be good for Trey, okay Alcremie?"
She gave her Pokémon and sweet nuzzle as she heard another set of footsteps approaching. She turned to see a dead eyed looking Riddle walking towards the mirror.
Deuce jumped. "Ah! Dorm Leader Rosehearts! I'm so sorry for being in the way!"
The redhead barely seemed to notice. "Hm?'s you guys, if you are going to talk, please do so by the walls."
"He doesn't look so good." Grim whispered to Ace, who rubbed his head.
"Ah, that's right...the Dorm Leader has a very strict mom waiting for him at home. I get why he isn't all that happy about going home."
"Riddle..." Trey said, a little guilty. "Since I'm not allowed at your house, I can't bring a cake over to you. Feel free to come to the shop anytime. Chenya's for sure going to come around."
"I see...I think I'm going to try and talk to my mother a little bit...I don't know if she'll listen to me though..."
Trey frowned. "I see...Good luck."
"Riddle, wait." (Y/N) said as he began to leave. He turned in time to see her push something into his hands. "Here. A little something to help."
He looked down to see a Pokeball in his hand which then sprung open as a familiar grassy hedgehog appeared on his shoulder, nuzzling his cheek.
The trainer was smiling at them both. "He was worried about you going home by yourself, so he wanted to go with you to make sure you were okay. I figure it might be a little more bearable if you had some company with you."
Riddle glanced at the two before smiling gratefully, hugging Shaymin, who immediately bloomed. "Thank you both."
"Anytime. Shaymin's pretty low maintenance, so just plenty of veggies, water, and sunlight, and he'll be all taken care of. I hope he can make the break a little less painful for you." 
"What, little goldfish?" Floyd came in out of nowhere. "You don't want to go home? Then don't. We aren't going home, so let's all stay at school together. Aha!"
"Where did you come from, Floyd!?" Riddle yelled. "Could you please not butt into matter you know nothing about? It's troublesome."
Just then, the more responsible twin appeared. "Indeed. You shouldn't stick your nose in other people's business."
Floyd frowned. "Eh? But Jade, I'm so bored with around the same people every holiday. I don't think Azul would mind if we kept a little goldfish cause he's so tiny."
"How dare you speak about the Heartslabyul Dorm Leader in such a manner." Riddle's face went red. "I'll have you head!"
"Riddle, we'll get in trouble if you fight here!" Cater urged him to remember as Shaymin began head butting him to get his attention off Floyd.
"Calm down, Riddle." Trey ordered. "Don't let him get to you."
Riddle growled and as Shaymin struggled to calm him down, Carter desperately tried to change the subject.
"Um, Floyd, your home is in the Coral Sea, right? Why aren't you going home?"
"Azul and our hometown is in the Coral Sea, however it's actually pretty far up north." Jade explained. "At this time, the sea's surface is covered with glaciers."
"That's right." His twin agreed. "It's hard to get home due to the glaciers. Besides, it's boring at home. That's why the 3 of us decide to go back home during spring break when all the ice melts."
Trey adjusted his glasses as Riddle finally simmered down. "It must be hard having parents that live under the sea."
Riddle huffed. "I'm absolutely not spending the New Year with Octavinelle. Allow me to excuse myself. Everyone, happy holidays. Come on, Shaymin."
"Be good for Riddle, Shaymin!" (Y/N) called as he marched off.
Trey nervously smiled. "Oh my, it seems like he's back to his old self. Don't relax too much during vacation. See ya!"
Trey ran off after Riddle as Cater pulled out his phone. "I should get going too. Let's take a picture before I go." He snapped the photo and immediately posted it before waving goodbye. "Okay then, everyone, happy holidays!"
As the seniors walked off, Floyd turned his attention to Ramshackle students. "Shrimpy and seal, are you two staying here? Then come play at Octavinelle. I'll play with you!"
"That is a good idea." Jade said unnervingly. "We can all have fun over break, so please come at any time. Excuse us."
The twins then disappeared into the crowd with laughter as Grim clutch Glaceon in fear.
"Ugh...seeing their faces just reminds me of all the torture I went through at the Monstro Lounge."
Deuce sighed. "I was rough."
"Don't remind me." Ace whined.
"...most of the students are gone now." Deuce noted. "Let's start heading on our way."
"Yeah." Ace agreed. "(Y/N), let's trade Magicam IDs since you have a phone now. We can message each other during break."
"That's right!" Deuce said, excited. "Let's exchange!"
The trio exchange numbers with a ping.
"All right, got it." Ace announced. "If you feel lonely during break, hit me up."
"Don't worry, I will."
"You don't need to be so serious, it was just a joke."
"His jokes might be lame, but you can always message me if you need anything." Deuce assured her. "Well then, my mom is probably waiting for me, so I should get going. (Y/N), Grim, Glaceon, happy holidays."
"Then I'll get going too." His dormmate followed. "See you next year guys."
"Happy holidays, boys." The Ramshackle residents waved their friends off, leaving them alone.
Grim frowned. "It's usually noisy, but now it's so quiet with everyone gone. Now I see how noisy it really was everyday."
A day passed and a fresh blanket of snow had coated most of the school (the biomes we temperature controlled). Early that morning, Grim, (Y/N), and Swampert all headed out to complete their daily chore of feeding the fire fairies. Grim happily hopped on the white lawn.
"Wow! Look at all the snow!"
"It's also pretty cold." (Y/N) said with a shiver, being more used to tropical weather.
Swampert huddled closer to her to help as the cat nodded. "The fire fairies are probably freezing. We should go bring them the firewood. Then we can see if there is anything to eat in the kitchen! La, la, la!"
(Y/N) chuckled as the three of them headed into the cafeteria, wood in hand. By now, Grim was huddling to keep himself warm.
"Brr! It's so cold. My paws are gonna turn into pawsicles! Let's hurry and get the firewood in the fireplace."
"Agreed." (Y/N) said as she tossed the wood in.
Immediately, it erupted into flames as the fairies appeared, looking quite pleased. Grim sighed in relief as Swampert laid next to the fire.
" these are the fire fairies that live in the fireplace? Just being next to it warms my fur."
(Y/N) also took a moment to enjoy the heat before something caught her ear: the sound of chopping something and sizzling meat.
"Is someone cooking?" She asked, sniffing the air. "I smell spices."
Getting up, the trio headed to the kitchen and saw a hooded male with long, dark locks ordering around a few students as they cooked. (Y/N) recognized the uniform as Scarabia.
"When you are finished cooking the vegetables, add the thawed meat to the mixture. Don't forget to add the nuts when the oil is hot enough."
"Yes!" One student answered.
"Ah, Vice Dorm Leader?" One student asked. "About the spices, is one tablespoon enough?"
"The Dorm Leader does prefer it on the spicier side...add one more teaspoon."
"What?" Grim said in confusion. "There are so many students here even though it is winter vacation?"
The Vice Dorm Leader seemed to hear him and turned towards the door they were spying from.
"Hm? You are..."
(Y/N) stepped, seeing as there was no reason to hide anymore. Getting a better look at his face, she recognized him.
"Oh, you're from the Magift Tournament. Jamil, wasn't it?"
He smiled. "Oh yeah, we talked previously when I got injured before the tournament. You two are...the Ramshackle Dorm Leader and Grim, right?"
"You have a pretty good memory!" Grim praised.
He focused on the girl. "You as well. My full name is Jamil Viper. I'm the Scarabia Vice Dorm Leader."
He stretched out his hand and (Y/N) shook it. "(Y/N) Stone and this is my partner, Swampert."
"Pert." The water type said unenthusiastically.
"Believe me, I know. I've always been good at remembering names and faces, but since the very first day, you stood out. I don't think there's anyone at this school that doesn't know your names."
This was a major ego boost for Grim. "Huh? Is that so? Nyahahaha! We've made big names for ourselves."
"There's a difference between fame and infamy, Grim." (Y/N) warned.
"By the way...why are you still here during winter vacation?" Jamil asked.
"Because we don't really have homes to go back to." Grim admitted. "And the Headmaster gave us this important job to manage the fireplace while he's gone. I'm so serious and responsible that the Headmaster couldn't help but rely on us!"
"We were bought with food." (Y/N) clarified jokingly.
Jamil nodded. "He? Is that so? The Headmaster, huh? This might be useful..."
"What was that?" (Y/N) asked.
"I was just thinking how amazing you must be to be entrusted by the Headmaster, that's all."
(Y/N) cocked a brow. Jamil's words sounded a bit too honeyed to be natural (and she had instinctual distrust initially for everyone thanks to Ace).
"Excuse me, Vice Dorm Leader." A student interrupted. "But the vegetables are ready."
"All right, I'll be right there."
Grim sniffed the air, almost drooling. "This soup...looks so delicious! I've never smelled anything like it before!"
"It's actually a traditional dish from the Land of Hot Sands." He informed them before taking the spoonful and holding it up for the girl. "Try some."
(Y/N) accepted the gesture (Swampert growling lowly at Jamil). Her eyes sparkled.
"Wow! That's amazing! I considered myself to be a pretty good cook but that blows anything I can make out of the water."
"Oh don't say that." Jamil said, again a bit too sweetly. "I'm sure you're a wonderful cook. I don't suppose you would mind helping us finish in exchange for some servings?"
"Sure." (Y/N) said. "Lucario, why don't you give us a hand?"
The blue jackal-like Pokémon appeared and the group got to work lending a hand. Jamil schemed as he watched (Y/N) skillfully command the two monsters. This could work. If he could just get her on his side, she'd be a perfect pawn in his game. However, as he thought this, an unpleasant shiver crawled up his spine and he glanced back to see Swampert staring at him, unblinkingly and without an ounce of trust. Jamil almost thought the Pokémon could see right through him and even caught a few wandering glances from Lucario. Despite this, he decided to go through with this little plot of his.
"All right, we're done." Jamil announced. "Everyone, take all the food to the dorm."
The students gathered up the food and Grim crossed his arms.
"By the way, why are you all still here during winter vacation?"
Everyone looked a little uncomfortable.
"That's..." Jamil trailed off. "It's a bit of a long story."
"Oh dear." (Y/N) sighed. "Sounds like trouble."
"All of Scarabia was ordered to stay by the Dorm Leader." One student explained.
The other nodded. "We can't go home even if we wanted to."
"Shh!" Jamil shot at them. "That's enough, you two. It's our fault in the first place. We'll then, the food's getting cold. Let's head back to the Scarabia dorm. Scarabia is always as warm as summer. I think you'll enjoy a little tropical weather."
"Yahoo!" Grim cheered. "Sounds like paradise! Hurry, let's go!"
Swampert stood up and urgently nudged his trainer's arm. She looked down and he was shaking his head.
"Wait, Grim!" She urged.
"I'm sure the Dorm Leader would be happy to see you and your monsters." Jamil insisted as he riled her chin up. "You'll come, won't you?"
A fog swiftly settled over (Y/N)'s mind as she thought over the proposal. Despite her usually trusting her Pokemon's judgement, she didn't see the harm in it.
"Of course." She agreed, much to the shock of her Pokémon.
Jamil's smile became a bit more sinister to the Pokémon. "I'm very happy to invite you, Dorm Leader. Now then, off to Scarabia."
"Hold it." She interceded. "If we're going somewhere warm, I'd like to invite some of my desert dwelling Pokémon to come. They can't wander on the grounds due to the cold."
"Of course." Jamil agreed. "But please hurry."
"I'll meet you in the Mirror Chamber."
She quickly hurried out and headed for the dorm with her two Pokémon next to her.
"Swa!" Her partner said angrily.
"I don't know why I said yes! I was gonna tell him no!"
"I don't know what happened, Lucario. I just felt a fog and before I knew it, I was agreeing to it."
"Yeah, I agree he's shady, but for whatever reason, I said yes, so we're obligated to go. Plus, something is going down in Scarabia. Regardless of Jamil, I wanna know what."
"Yes, yes, I'm too nosy for my own good. But you love me anyways."
After picking up some of her more heat fond Pokémon, (Y/N) met up with the other students in the Hall of Mirrors. They nodded in greetings and they all traveled through the Scarabia mirror. Arriving at the dorm, they were greeted by a great desert palace with a grand fountain in the center.
"So this is the Scarabia Dorm?" Grim said. "It's so hot here, it feels like the middle of summer."
"It warms you up from the cold, huh?" Jamil asked. "Come along, this way."
The group followed his lead, but (Y/N) trailed a bit behind, just enough to give a hidden order to Lucario.
Keep an eye on him.

So, which Pokémon do you think fit Scarabia cause I've been cycling through one or two of them. Also, which Pokémon do you think should bond with Jamil (Do I even need to explain which one I chose for Kalim?)? I live for your guys ideas. Comment below.

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