Chapter 12: The Investigation Begins

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Chapter 12: Snooping
Their first stop was the school infirmary.
"I heard the victims are in here. We're coming in!" Grim announced.
just as Crowley said, it was packed. Among the casualties was the Heartslabyul student who hurt his leg the previous day, accompanied by his friend. 
"Who are you guys!" The victim demanded.
She had the far less intimidating Scorbunny with them since she had started getting rowdy and she idolized Typhlosion. The uninjured student recognized the duo.
"Oh, you are from theRamshackle Dorm. Remember? The beast tamer from the Unbirthday Party?"
"Ooh, look at us! We're famous!" Grim said.
"I'd say infamous." (Y/N) corrected.
Scorbunny bounced around like a ball, excited to be out of the dorm. Ignoring the stares of the Heartslabyul students and grabbing the excitable rabbit, the trainer decided to ask about their mission.
"Please tell us about the accident." 
The student frowned. "I don't even know what happened. I was just talking to this guy and all of a sudden, I fell down the stairs." 
" seemed different form normal slipping or tripping." His friend said. 
"It was like my body moved in its own... I can't explain it." He sheepishly admitted, rubbing his neck.
(Y/N) perked a bit. Why did that sound familiar?
Grim nodded and Scorbunny mimicked him. "Hmmm...I see." 
"Thank you for your cooperation." (Y/N) said before they left to talk to the next person on the list of victims. 
They left to a classroom, spotting the next target speaking to someone and approached him. 
"Hey, you were injured the other day, right? Tell us what happened." Grim said bluntly. 
The Pomefiore student scowled at them. "And who the heck are you guys?" 
His friend interceded before Scorbunny could blast him.
"He's emotionally distressed right now. He trained so hard for the tournament and now he can't compete!" 
"How rude of you! You come here and interrogate us without showing any sympathy! I challenge you! Let's fight!" The victim demanded. 
(Y/N) narrowed her eyes and held up her Pokémon. "This rabbit breathes fire. Do not test me. I'm sorry about what happened, but you can't take your anger out on us. Now, calm down and tell us what happened to you."
The student's anger didn't fade, but he reluctantly gave in. "Fine...I don't have a choice. We'll tell you what happened.
His friend jumped in. "It happened in the lab! The cauldron we were using all of a sudden slipped from his hands. And to make matters worse. The potion spilled everywhere! I was so shocked!" 
"Did you get all that?"
"Hm...I see."
"Please take care."
The two headed back to Ramshackle.
"You know...They all kind of just sound clumsy to me." Grim said.
The doorbell then rang and (Y/N) opened it to see Ace standing there.
He waved. "What's up? Oh, Grim, I see you're in a better mood."
"Scor!" Scorbunny leapt from (Y/N)'s arms and jumped into Ace's.
Grim frowned. "Oh, it's just you. I'm busy. I don't have time to play with you right now." 
"Busy? You're not done with your homework yet?" 
(Y/N) cleared her throat and began to explain their mission to him. They were in the lounge by the time she finished. 
" you're investigating all the accidents?"
"But when we were asking them questions, they all just sounded like they were just clumsy or not paying attention." Grim explained. 
Suddenly there loud footsteps and Crobat swooped in as a frantic-looking Deuce raced inside. Gardevior probably let him in.
"Ace! We have a problem! Clover-senpai fell down the stairs! He's injured!" 
Everyone's eyes widened
Grim squeaked. "No way! Even 4 Eyes Trey got injured!?"
"I don't think he would be that clumsy." (Y/N) muttered.
Trey tripping down the stairs just didn't seem right. There was no way he was that careless.
"Yeah...that doesn't sound like Trey-senpai at all." Ace agreed. 
"Let's go ask him what happened!" Grim said. 
They headed to straight to Heartslabyul (joined by Alcremie who was worried about Trey) and headed straight for the vice dorm leader's room.  Ace knocked on the door and opened it.
"Pardon us." 
They walked inside and saw Trey on the bed, Cater beside him. 
"Clover-senpai, are you okay?" Deuce asked as Alcremie immediately shuffled to him and began using healing moves
"Oh, Glasses! We came to check on you!" Grim said. 
"Oh? It the A-Deuce Combo! And you brought those 2 with you!" Cater waved to us.
"Hello." Ace greeted. "Cater-senpai, what does that 'A-Deuce' combo mean?"
"Eh? You both have '-ce' at the end of you names, so I just put them together."
(Y/N) chuckled as Deuce looked mortified.  "Please don't make us names."
"More importantly, what happened to Trey-senpai?" Ace asked. 
"Ah. I just missed a step on the stairs. I was trying to be careful during the fall, but my right leg ended up getting injured. I'll be using crutches for a while." Trey said, the crutches propped by his bed. He patted Alcremie's heads. "It's all right girl, don't waste your energy on me."
"Eh! That's really bad isn't it?" Deuce said as Alcremie kept up her healing.
"And it looks like I can't compete in the Magift tournament this year." Trey said.
(Y/N) gave him a sympathetic smile. "You're only giving Alcremie more reason to heal you." 
"I would have let it go if it was a small injury, have a canned tuna." Grim placed his prized treat next to the male and (Y/N) smiled at his generosity. "Get better soon, okay glasses?"
He smiled. "Haha, thank you."
"Oh come on, give me a break. It's hard enough that we just lost our top player, but now we have to redo player selection." Cater sighed.
This immediately got Deuce and Ace's attention. "Oh! Player selection?" 
Someone then knocked on the door. 
"Why are all you gathered in an injured person's room?" 
Grim shrieked. "Ah! It's irritable Riddle!" 
Riddle's eyes narrowed as (Y/N) smacked the cat. "Irritable, you say? I won't get mad as long as you don't break the rules."
Riddle then walked to Trey. "Trey, how is you condition? Do you want anything to eat or drink?" 
"You all don't have to be so worried. I told you all I'm fine." Trey sheepishly assured.
Riddle frowned sadly. " got hurt because of me." 
"What do you mean?" Ace asked. 
"I was on my way to the third year's classrooms and then,.."  He told them how he had been walking with Trey and suddenly lost control and fell. Trey had gotten hurt saving him.  "He saved me from my fall so he ended up getting hurt."
"I chose to break your fall, on my own. Don't worry about it." Trey assured him.
Ace whispered to (Y/N). "(Y/N)...this is like..."
She nodded. "Yeah, this is too suspicious..." 
"Oh come on Riddle-kun. There's no need to be sad" Cater said cheerfully. "I know you feel guilty about Trey's injury, but all we can do is just be there for him." 
"Ah yea, you're right." 
"Well then, let's give the injured boy a chance to rest. Let's get outta here."
Cater pushed all of them out, though left Alcremie to continue her work. They all sat in the lounge once Cater stopped pushing them.
"So, Cater. There was something you couldn't say in front of Trey?" Riddle asked the ginger. 
"Just as I suspected, you're quite observant Riddle-kun. (N/N), you know something about how Trey-kun got hurt, is that right?"
She nodded then repeated what she had told Ace back at her dorm.
"I see now...Headmaster asked you to investigate this?" Riddle questioned. 
"See? I knew Grim wouldn't come for no reason." Cater stated. 
"Actually, I thought there was something off, so I asked Cater to get some information."
"And then I discovered that most of the victims were top players like Riddle-kun and Trey-kun."
"It's true that it didn't feel like I tripped or someone pushed me from behind. I don't know how to explain it, but it felt like my body just moved on its own." 
"The others said the exact same thing!" Grim said. 
(Y/N) furrowed her brows. There it was again, that undeniable itch that she had heard those words before this.
"I think someone is trying to weed out the competition." Riddle concluded. 
"Are you saying that they're injuring the competition so that there will be fewer opponents in the Magift Tournament?" Ace questioned. 
"It's a competition that will be seen worldwide. The tournament can also guarantee one's future. It's not surprising people would go to any lengths to win." Riddle explained. 
Cater hummed. "Hmm... still it's really strange. You weren't pushed by wind magic, right?" 
"Hm, I didn't feel anything at all."
"It seems like some students were getting injured during class. What's going on?" Cater wondered out loud. 
"If this were back home, I'd say it was a Pokémon with Psychic moves causing mischief, but no one here could order my Pokémon to do anything."
"We will just have to get a statement out of the culprit. We'll help you search for him." Riddle declared, looking at the Ramshackle students. 
(Y/N) blinked in surprise. "Really?"
"You'll help us? What are you scheming? Especially you, Cater!" Grim accused. 
"You're really give me a bad rep. Our dorm mate was injured so of course I'd help."
"If that's the case, we'll help you too." Ace jumped in as Deuce nodded. 
"We will avenge Clover-senpai!"
"You are oddly motivated." Riddle noted about the duo. 
"Oh, I got it. You're trying out for the open player positions, right?" Cater figured. 
Ace sheepishly grinned. "Hehe, wasn't it obvious?" 
"No, no! I wasn't thinking that at all! We want revenge!" Deuce tried to deny. 
Riddle looked at them dubiously. "Geez. Well, I might consider it if you manage to catch the culprit." 
(Y/N) blew hair from her face. Clearly, she was the only one concerned about other people's safety.
"I think we need to divide a plan to catch the culprit." Riddle aimed this as the female. (Ace and Deuce had informed his of her tactical thinking.)
She nodded in agreement . "I think our best bet is to figure out their next target."
"How do we do that?" Grim asked. 
"We put a bodyguard on students who are likely to be targeted. That way, not only will we keep the victim safe, we can also figure out if anyone is acting suspicious. We just need to figure out the targets. Then we strike!" The Pokémon trainer declared.
Cater beamed.  "Well, you're quick to start!"
"Well luckily, I used to help out on stakeouts for poachers so this will be a breeze for me!"
"Actually, we have some ideas on who the next targets will be. I'll share the info in our group chat." 
Everyone with phones checked their group chat. 
"Diamond-senpai, this is a great help." Deuce looked at him in surprise.
"It's nothing." Cater shrugged innocently.
"Are you an info broker?" (Y/N) asked. "And should we be worried?"
He ignored her. "All right, shall we go check on some potential targets?"
"Let's go!" Grim cheered.
The Pomefiore Dorm was the first stop on the list. It was a castle-like building with a blue tiled roofs and gold apple strewn about the glamorous gates. This really would be Wallace's dorm. The lounge was almost blindingly extravagant with royal blues and golds and even a gold peacock throne with the red curtains. 
"First here, the Pomefiore Dorm. Let's check in third year Rook Hunt. The blond bob haircut and hat are his trademarks." Cater informed them. 
"Rook-senpai is a very exceptional player who was one of the best in last year's competition. But, he is a little strange..." Riddle trailed off. 
Deuce then spotted him, " he the one sitting over there?"
Rook was sitting with two other Pomefiore students.... who were sparkling... for some reason.
"Wuah!" Ace cried. "They all look like they're sparkling!"
(Y/N) held back the urge to put on her weather googles as they listened in on them from a distance.
"Non non, Epel-kun. It is not elegant to put all your fingers in the handle of the cup when drinking tea." Rook was lightly scolding the boy Grim and Deuce had mistaken for a girl. 
"Ah...yes....excuse me." Epel softly muttered. 
"I'm so stressed thinking about our makeup for the day of the competition. Aren't you curious about the new foundation from Felicite Cosmetics that's coming out?" The other student stated.
He had shoulder-length platinum blond hair with lilac at the tips. He looked the same age as Rook, but just as feminine as the other boy.
"Hahaha! Oh Vil, our Rois de Poisson!" Rook cried. Good to know the language of Kalos was used here (she was pretty sure he had said something along the lines of poisonous beauty). "But your shine does not depend on the quality of the cosmetics, does it?" 
"I know that's be we can't be neglectful since we are aiming for higher ranks." Vil replied seriously. 
"How nice! That sensibility of yours. Absolutely marvelous!"
Grim squinted at the suspected target. "Hmm....That guy doesn't seem very strong at all. If I was the culprit, I wouldn't aim for this guy." 
"Well then, let's move along then." Cater suggested.
(Y/N) made a mental note to avoid talking to Pomfiore students for fear of getting an "acting more lady-like" lecture. She was a wild child at heart, it wasn't gonna happen.
They went to the courtyard and found their next suspects. They spied from behind the bushes
"Next dorm is Octavinelle. We have to investigate 2nd year brothers Jade and Floyd Leech. Word on the street is these two are very strong, especially when playing together and other dorm opponents are no match against them." Cater reported. 
"Woah! These two have the exact same face." Grim remarked. 
"They're twins, Grim." (Y/N) said in a deadpan.
Both had short teal hair with a long black strand over their faces. Despite being near identical, (Y/N) could easily see they had drastically different personalities from each other: one was loose and carefree, his blazer and shirt not even buttoned up all the way and tie nowhere in sight, and the other seemed neat and composed. They both had heterochromia, each having a dull brown eye and a bright yellow one, though the positions were opposite to each other. Also, why did her mind instinctively go to Huntail when seeing these two?
Ace paled. "Also, um... these two are so tall they can make anyone look small just standing next to them." 
"They look slender but their talk stature makes them seem pretty strong." Grim stated as Scorbunny, who had escaped her Pokeball, nodded. 
"Then should we check on those two?" Deuce asked. 
Riddle hummed. "Hmm...if I was the culprit, I would aim for these two last. Those two...but especially Floyd. I don't want to get too close to that guy." 
"Ah! It's little Goldfish-chan!" 
Riddle looked ready to have a heart attack. "He saw me!"
"Little Goldfish-chan, what're you doing here? Playing hide and seek? Looks like fun." One of the two brothers, the carefree looking one, smiled which made (Y/N) feel unnerved. The twins approached and Riddle looked flustered.
"F-Floyd, how many times do you want me to tell you to stop calling me by weird nicknames?" 
"But aren't you small and red like a goldfish?"
"What a weird guy." Grim whispered to (Y/N).
Floyd then noticed him.
"Aaah, a talking cat! How funny. Hey hey, can I squeeze you?" 
It was then the girl saw the Sharpedo like teeth and her mind screamed Huntail louder.
"S-Squeeze me?! Knock it off!" Grim hid behind (Y/N) as Floyd's eyes landed on her and Scorbunny.
His height made him all the more intimidating as he grinned down at the two.
"Aw a bunny and a pretty girl! Can I squeeze you too?"
Scorbunny let out an indignant "Scor!" and (Y/N) had to cover her mouth in case she fire off an Ember. Luckily Jade stepped in.
"Oh my, everyone from Heartslabyul is here together. Are you inspecting your enemies before the Magical Shift Tournament?"
He seemed much more polite but still terrifying.
"Um, we have a lot of reasons for this..." Cater sweated nervously. 
"Well, we can not just simply overlook this espionage, now can we? Can you explain to us more about why you were watching us?" Jade asked. 
"This guy looks gentle, but his eyes aren't laughing at all..." Ace muttered to (Y/N). "Maybe bring out Swampert?" 
"Anyways, sorry for disturbing you!" Cater shoved everyone to make them flee.
Deuce glanced back, only to widen his eyes. "Uwah, they're coming after us!" 
"Hey hey, wait!" Floyd unfortunately had long legs, making the chase easy for him.
"Who would wait for that!?" Riddle yelled back. "Retreat!" 
(Y/N) brought out Swampert, who rushed her, Riddle, and Grim away.
"No fair, (Y/N)!" Ace yelled at her.
Eventually, they wound up on Main Street when the coast was clear.
Grim huffed in fear. "That was scary. What's up with those guys?" 
"Don't ask me. Since day one i have never been able to understand those two." Riddle told the cat. 
"If I were the culprit, I wouldn't think about targeting them." (Y/N) said as Swampert huffed. "If I didn't have this guy."
"I wouldn't go after them, period." Ace said with a shiver.
Cater glanced at the sky. "Well then, the sun's about to set. So this is our last dorm check for today. Jack Howl from Savanaclaw, a first year student. He's has excellent motor skills and gets scouted frequently to join sports club." 
"He might be back at his dorm by now." Deuce said. 
"Ah, it's already 5pm. Queen of Hearts Law number 346: 'One must not play croquet in the garden after 5pm'." Riddle stated. "Ill be back later. Students are bound to break the rules when you take your eyes off them." 
"I thought you'd soft, but you're just the same as ever." Grim pointed out. 
(Y/N) bumped him on the head. "Baby steps Grim."
Riddle looked disappointed. "I'm trying to be more lenient with the rules." 
Cater nodded in agreement. "Yes yes, you've become a lot kinder. But his seriousness is one of Riddle-kun's good points." 
"I think so, too," (Y/N) assured him. "Don't mind Grim." 
Riddle nodded, blushing lightly. "Thank you..." 
"All right then, good luck, Riddle-kun." Cater bid farewell. 
"Okay, let's go to the Savanaclaw dormitory." Ace stated.
They went through the Savanaclaw mirror and arrived at the entrance. It was arid, hot, and very wild like. (Y/N) kept Swampert and Typhlosion out considering her experience with Savanclaw students.
"Ah... So this is the Savanaclaw dormitory?" Deuce looked up at the dorm. 
"The dorm building looks like rocks! Hey where did these bones come from?" Grim wondered out loud.
"Well I know where to not bring Cufant." (Y/N) said as she looked at a skull that looked like a Copperrajah or a Donphan.
"The atmosphere here is completely different from our dorm." Ace remarked.
"Right. It feels really intimidating, but the space already looks incredibly wild." Cater replied.
"So...this Jack person? What kind of person is he?"
"He is tan and has silver hair. His unique ears and fluffy tail are his trademarks." The ginger reported. 
"Fluffy tail huh? Ah, is it that guy over there? The one jogging alone by the grass." Grim pointed at a tall, muscular young man in his PE uniform by the yard. 
"Bingo! Good work Grim-chan! He's got all the features we're looking for." Cater confirmed. 
"Okay, first the tall twins, and now this guy?!" Ace exclaimed
"That's why he got scouted by all the sports clubs." Cater said. 
"That muscular build must be good for hand to hand combat." Deuce noted.
"Let's go talk to him right now." (Y/N) said, flanked by her buff Pokémon.
"Aren't you nervous, (Y/N)?" Cater teased. "Okay, everything will be fine! Relax! I'll protect you if he tries to bite us!" He winked, but backed down as he was growled at.
"I think I'm well protected, Cater."
"Hey you! Spiky head!" Grim called out.  The wolf-human stopped and glared at them. He was tall like the twins, but bulky much more bulky. This guy was a freshman?
"You might be targeted by some bad guys, but I'm gonna protect you! How does that sound? You're happy aren't you?"
(Y/N) face palmed as Jack glared at them. "Who the hell are you? I don't need you in my way." 
Ace sighed as Cater butted in "Ah, Grim-chan, that's not how you talk to people!" Swampert covered Grim's mouth as the senior took over, smiling nervously. "Sorry about that, but please listen to what we have to say."
"Who the hell are you guys?" Jack asked, "You're saying you're going to protect me?" 
"Actually, there has been a lot of cases recently where candidates for the Magical Shift Tournament are being injured." Deuce explained. 
"So we're looking for the culprit." Ace told him. 
"And what's that got to do with me?" 
"Basically, we're checking on students who are most likely to be targeted so we can catch the culprit." Cater answered. "So how about it? Will you cooperate with us for a little bit?" 
Jack was silent for a moment before answering "I refuse. I can take care of myself. I don't need you to protect me." 
"Being on your own is an unnecessary risk." (Y/N) argued.
He growled at her, but Typhlosion pushed into his face and snarled right back. "... I said I don't need it. Plus..." He spoke softly, but the aliens had pretty sharp ears. "I might not even be targeted....See ya." 
"Ah...he left..." Cater sighed as he jogged away. 
(Y/N) watch him suspiciously. What Jack had said. He seemed pretty confident that he wasn't a target. Why? Did he know something?
"This was awkward and puts a bad taste in my mouth." Grim frowned. 
"Anyone would get annoyed by the way you just talked to him." Ace shot back. 
"Kyaa! Humans are so annoying and get bothered by anything!"
"Hey! What are you guys doing over there?" A gruff voice called out.
A small group of Savanaclaw students approached, seeming to be sizing them up. They clearly did not see Swampert or Typhlosion, coming from behind the group.
"Ah, they're from Heartslabyul aren't they." One pointed out. 
"Hehehe! It's that little red brat's minions!" 
"You think you can just go back to your dorm after stepping into our territory?" 
Deuce's eyes widened. "Hng! This pattern is..."
"Ah, we were just about to leave! Sorry for disturbing you!" Ace tried to smooth over, but they surrounded the group. 
"Aw, don't say that. Come play with us!" 
"Hehehe! Let's play a hunting game! And of course the prey is you!"
(Y/N) rolled her eyes and moved forward, pushing her face into the male's who seemed to be leading them.
"Move." It was a simple command.
He again failed to notice the two Pokémon. "Oh, look! The little beast tamer girl!" 
"She's pretty." 
"Hey girly, if you like beasts, you should be with us and not those herbivores!"
"Maybe you didn't hear me. I said," She snapped her fingers and suddenly, Swampert and Typhlosion were looming behind her, the water type cracking his knuckles and the fire type igniting. "Move."
The students seemed less eager to fight as the Pokémon glared at them, but they didn't seem like they were going to move. Before a brawl could break out, a voice lazily broke the silence.
"Knock it off you guys." 
Everyone turned to see a face familiar to (Y/N). It was the guy whose tail (Y/N) had stepped on in the botanical garden and put back to sleep with Beautifly.
The students stood up straight. "Dorm Leader Leona!" 
"These guys were trespassing in our territory." One of the residents said. 
"Let's give 'em a little pain! Hehehe!" One of the students cackled. 
Another familiar face was with Leona and recognized them, particularly Grim.
"Oh, aren't you the ones I met in the cafeteria?" 
Grim recognized him in turn. "Ah! You! Deluxe minced cutlet sandwich!" 
"Hey now, don't make my name sound so delicious. I have a manly name, Ruggie Bucchi."
Leona then looked at (Y/N). "...You're the girl who stepped on my tail at the garden." 
"What?! Stepped on Dorm Leader Leona's tail?!" 
"I already apologized!" She yelled back. "And you shouldn't have left your tail on the path!"
"We don't need your sorry!" A resident retorted. 
"Leona-san, Ruggie-san, let's beat them up!" 
(Y/N) growled into the senior's face, not unlike the fire type getting ready behind her. "I handed you your tail with the butterfly. You really think you can take on my strongest fire type and my signature Pokémon?"
He bared his teeth at her, but noted the large Pokémon behind more than ready to fight.
"Stop hollering, you idiots. If we engage in violence with other players, we'll be disqualified from the Magift tournament? Do you want that to happen?"
"So you want us to just let the prey go? Even after invading our territory." 
Swampert snarled.
"The badger would fry you and the swamp creature would curb stomp you. But no said anything about letting them off. Let's treat them to a game of Magical Shift." Leona suggested with a lazy smirk. 
(Y/N) smirked right back. Her face screamed "the butterfly scared you that bad, huh?". It irked him to say the least that she showed no signs of fear.
"With Magift?" A student repeated. 
"No matter how much magic we use during practice, it isn't against the rules." Leona explained. 
Ruggie snickered. "Shishishi! Leona, you're so mean. These weaklings wont last one game!" 
Grim gritted teeth. "Well we aren't backing out after hearing that!" 
Deuce sighed. "Even if we refuse, we can't leave anyway."
"Typhlosion would be more than happy to blast us free."
Ace didn't seem to want this, not because he wanted to avoid arson charges, but because it was a golden opportunity.
"All right, let's settle this. Cater-senpai, make sure to watch us."
"Eeh! Seriously? You leave me with no choice!"  The third year sighed. "(N/N), make sure to watch from somewhere safe. Let me know if the other team does any funny business." 
She nodded. "Fine, but take Typhlosion." 
They moved to the Magift stadium, situated on top of a cliff in front of the dorm. (Y/N) stood by the spectator seats with Swampert and watched as both sides met in the center. Typhlosion seemed to be the only one the beasts feared. The disk flew across the field as both sides made attempts to score. Elemental magic would occasionally stop it and it would start again. The Heartslabyul boys and Grim had difficulty flinging the disk, Typhlosion tried to pick up the slack (pretty easy when you naturally breathe fire and know Flame Charge), and Savanaclaw barely broke a sweat (when they weren't being set upon by the badger). Obviously, they were toying with them. Any points on their side came from Typhlosion, who either covered himself with fire to prevent anyone from getting close or threw a Thunderpunch anyone brave enough to try (one of the Savanaclaw student may have contacted Paralysis). Still, Savanclaw took every opportunity attack the boys when they managed to separate them from Typhlosion. It was pretty one sided as the boys were now caked in mud as the beasts looked on in amusement. (Y/N) eventually had enough and marched onto the field with Swampert.
"Enough! You've proven you point." 
Leona glared at her and the two butted heads once more.
"There's no way..." Ace panted. "We couldn't even score with Typhlosion."
"What an impenetrable formation..." Deuce noted.
"Leona-kun...has always been a daunting player..." Cater admitted. "Seriously, we needed a creature on fire to save us."
The two dorm leaders stood face to face, lock in a battle of wills (even if Leona towered over the girl). Fortunately, before hands could be thrown, another voice spoke up. 
"What are you all doing?"
It was Jack, and he did not look pleased. 
"Hah? We're just playing with the herbivores who were trespassing on our territory." Leona replied nonchalantly, breaking away from the female's glare. 
Jack frowned deeply. "What's fun about bullying innocent people?" 
"What? Jack, is trying to play the cool hero? Shishishi!" Ruggie mocked only to be punched by Typhlosion (he had the knock out eyes for a little while).
"I'm just saying I can't stand by watching this any longer." Jack shot back, though a little unnerved at the senior being knocked flat. 
Leona glared at him before clicking his tongue. "Hah, just listen to yourself." 
"Hey, Jack! Stop back talking you bratty little freshman!" A resident jeered. 
"Look who's talking. That's not something an upperclassman would say, huh?"
"What did you say! You wanna end up like them?!" 
Leona smirked. "Hah, freshman. You sure have guts talking like that." His smirk then disappeared. "Whatever, I'm bored already. There's no point in fighting against you guys. Let's go, Ruggie."
"Yes sir..." The hyena drawled, still dizzy from the punch, and the other residents followed Leona off the field (two had to support Ruggie and the guy who was Paralyzed). The lion glared at the trainer one more time, who met his gaze with one even more fiery.
"Hey! We won't go easy on you next time!" A student threatened, only to Yelp as Swampert and Typhlosion snarled. When they were gone, (Y/N) patted Typhlosion's head.
"Good boy."
She then turned to her friend. "You guys okay?" 
Cater chuckled sheepishly. "Hahaha, well we sure looked uncool, huh." 
"Jack, was it?...thank you for saving us." Deuce said to the first year. 
(Y/N) nodded. "Yeah, thanks. I thought I was gonna have to get my whole team out here."
Jack rubbed the back of his neck and glanced away from the girl, blushing. "It was nothing. I didn't come here just to save you guys." 
(Y/N) chuckled. Aw, he was acting like Typhlosion after his rebellious phase.
Ace groaned. "Ah! I'm covered in dirt. Let's go back to the dorm now." 
"And I'm so hungry..." Grim uttered weakly. 
"All right thenJack-kun, we're going back now. Make sure to take care of yourself." Cater said. 
Jack glanced over the boys as they stalked towards the staircase. "I told you I don't need your concern. Hurry up and go." 
They nodded and left.
That night, Grim slept-talk again, this time mumbling about his super play, but the Pokémon let it slide after Swampert told them about his day and the bath that followed. He'd suffered enough.  (Y/N) decided to go for a walk around the dorm to escape the noise and was accompanied by Absol, Crobat, and Hydreigon, who had spotted them as they left the dorm. She stared at the sky sadly.
"Think we'll ever get home guys? I wonder if Steven even knows we're gone yet. He must be freaking out."
They nuzzled against her to comfort her, but the sound of rustling put them on alert. They growled as (Y/N) held up her hand to motion them to hold off. A tall figure stepped into the light. A very tall, very pale, very attractive male with pointed ears, black horns on top of his head, and hair the color of darkness that draped down to his chest. His green eyes glowed like fire, and they were very reptilian. The air he gave off reminded (Y/N) of a noble or something. 
"Hm? Who's there?" His voice was deep and enticing (just because Leona's my favorite doesn't mean I can admire Malleus). "This is a surprise. A child of man in the company of strange monsters. Do you live here? This house suppose to have been abandoned a long time ago. I enjoyed this place, where I could spend my time in a place that was vacant and quiet."
(Y/N) wondered when the last he had been here was since surely he would've noticed the Pokémon by now.
She cleared her throat "I'm (Y/N) Stone, the prefect of this dorm. These are Crobat, Absol, and Hydreigon, my companions." 
"Oh? That's an unusual name. I am..." He stopped himself. "No, let me stop myself there. It might be better if you don't know my name." He smiled mirthfully. "Once you know my name, you might get a chill down your spine, but feel free to call me whatever you like. Even though, you may regret that decision."
He attempted to sound ominous, but (Y/N) was too amused by Hydreigon being so curious of the male. He was caught off guard as the dragon type roared and cooed at him, almost like he wanted to play. (Y/N) giggled and the mysterious man reluctantly pat the dragon.
"Nevertheless, now that there are people residing in this house, it is no longer abandoned. How disappointing. I must search for another place for my nightly walks, I'll be off then."  He disappeared, leaving sparkles from where he once stood.
(Y/N) just sighed and scratched Absol's head.
"Does this place ever get normal?"

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