Chapter 26: Repressed Anger

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Chapter 26: Bottled Up Resentment

Jamil glared right back at (Y/N) as Grim hissed from his place by Jade.
"You're finally showing your true colors! (Y/N) was right about from the start!"
"Wha-How much did you hear!?" The snake demanded.
"We heard everything, Jamil." (Y/N) informed him.
Jade smirked, amused by the female's uncharacteristic aggression. "The whole conversation you two had right after you left the lounge is currently being live-streamed all over campus from Azul's smartphone."
"And there's currently over 5,000 people watching Azul's Magicam live-stream. 'The Dark Truth about the Infamous Magic Training Camp' is a trending topic. The vice dorm leader director is center stage and all then students are watching the show from the lounge."
"And this is why you don't monologue your evil plans." (Y/N) said while rolling her eyes. "Seriously, you are clearly not as clever as you think you are, Jamil."
There was a rush of footsteps that came racing towards them as a horde of Scarabia students, led by Swampert, Flygon, and Arcanine, began demanding answers.
"Vice Dorm Leader Jamil, please tell us this isn't true!"
"So this whole time, you've been lying to the dorm leader and all of us!?"
Grim jumped on Arcanine's head. "Trying to play all innocent when you were the bad guy! You liar!"
Jamil began to scramble for excuses as he got to his feet. "That', I..."
"You're not weaseling your way out of this Jamil." (Y/N) stated.
Jade nodded. "She is correct. You attempting to brainwash Azul was all the evidence we needed. Jamil, you are the culprit that's been manipulating Kalim with magic and causing mayhem in Scarabia!"
He clicked his tongue, sending an extra nasty glare to (Y/N). "I didn't want it to come down to this...but you leave me no choice. Azul! This is an order! Restrain them!"
"...yes, master..."
"Azul!" Jade called out. "Don't do this! Come back to your senses, please!"
Jamil smirked. "There's no point. What will you do, (Y/N), will you attack someone not in control of themself?"
"Yes, I am Jamil's faithful servant." Azul then dropped the act. "Like that'll ever happen."
The octopus smirked. "Jamil, let me return something you said to me back to you. Did you really let your guard down in front of a 'creepy magician'?"
"I already made that joke!"
"Don't care. How will anyone be able to trust the vice dorm leader of Scarabia now?"
"What's going on!?" Jamil demanded. "You looked right into my eyes! You should be brainwashed!"
"I'm a very attentive magician that takes note of all possibilities before I make a move. Right Floyd?"
"You got a little cocky too quickly, Sea Snake!" Floyd mocked in an unnaturally deep voice.
(Y/N) actually backed away from him in shock. "Floyd, what the heck happened to your voice!?"
"I signed a contract with Azul to get a lower voice. How is it? Pretty gruff, huh?"
"Disturbingly so."
"In exchange, I gave Azul my Unique Magic, Bind the Heart."
(Y/N) snapped her figures. "That's right! Floyd's Unique Magic deflects attacks. Azul used it to interfere with the brainwashing."
"Correct." Azul said. "I ripped it off from Floyd...basically."
"And then you played hypnotized to get Jamil to gloat."
"Azul is so sneaky!" Grim said, irking him.
"Couldn't you just call me smart? Well, thanks to (Y/N)'s suspicions, I knew Jamil was the only one capable of brainwashing Kalim, especially since he was doing the same to her. I was then able to construct this master plan."
"" A very upset voice came from behind.
Everyone turned to see a saddened Kalim walking towards them with an enraged Cufant who looked ready to remind Jamil that she was a steel type.
"What's...going on?" Kalim asked.
Jamil bit back. "K-Kalim..."
He gave his vice leader a sad smile. "They're lying, right?'d never do that to me, right?...I know I've been zoning out a lot lately and losing track of time, but...but it's just me dozing off or anemia, right? I can fall asleep anywhere and you'd even scold me for it. Come on...that's it, right? I've just been dozing off, right?"
"Kalim..." (Y/N) said, pitying the boy. Jamil couldn't even come up with an excuse.
"You wouldn't try to control me? You wouldn't try to kick me out, right? Jamil, you're the only're the only one who'd never betray me, right? Because we're best friends, right!?"
"...haha..." Jamil broke out into crazed laughter. "HAHAHAHAHAHA!"
"H-hey...what's wrong?" Kalim asked as Cufant and Swampert began putting themselves between the two males.
"...this is exactly what I mean. For as long as I can remember, you've always been so friendly hand stupid..." Jamil snapped. "I'VE ALWAYS HATED YOU! You have no idea how much I've struggled my entire life! Every time I see you smile, it makes me sick! I've had enough! There's no point trying to repair anything anymore. I've prayed every single day for you to disappear. But, that ends today! For my family...I'll do whatever it takes!"
"Wait, Jamil!"
"The one that is reflected in your eyes is your master. If I ask, you answer, if I order, now your head to my command! Snake Whisper!"
"Close your eyes!" (Y/N) yelled at her, her friends, and her Pokémon all shielded themselves from the magic. Jamil's magic began to overtake the other Scarabia students who were not as quick to react.
" head!"
"He's trying to brainwash everyone in the dorm!?" Azul yelled.
"Lucario, stop him!" (Y/N) ordered.
The Aura Pokémon dashed at the boy, an Aura Sphere in hand. Jamil stumbled back, ready to hypnotized (Y/N)'s monster, but Lucario's eyes were still somehow shut and the appendages on his head were standing up.
Jamil gritted his teeth. "Get rid of them!"
"Yes, master..." the brainwashed students responded.
As they attacked, (Y/N) opened her eyes to give orders.
"Lucario and Arcanine, Extreme Speed! Gabite, Dig! Cufant, Rollout! Swampert, Aqua Jet! Flygon, protect Kalim!"
The Pokémon all dove in to attack, the fast moves (Y/N) had commanded them to use making it impossible for Jamil to hypnotize them. In mere moments, the students were knocked flat, but Jamil kept brainwashing more and more students. Azul blasted one student away from (Y/N) and growled.
"Impossible! He can't possibly control all these people at once! He isn't just an average student, his magic is so powerful, he might even be able to be at the top of the class in the entire school, never mind Scarabia!"
Floyd punched out another student. "No matter how many times I squeeze them, they keep getting back up! Are they zombies?"
"Jamil!" Kalim called out, being held back by Flygon. "Stop! That's enough! I get it! I'll go home so you can be dorm leader!"
"Huh? What are you saying?" Jamil queried. "The curse I have on me isn't that easy to break. Kalim, as long as you exist in this world!"
Jamil continued to push his magic to the limit, and (Y/N) could tell where this was heading.
"Jamil, don't!" Jade pleaded. "If you keep using your Unique Magic, you'll go into blot!"
"Shut up! Don't order me around! I'm not going to listen to anyone's orders any longer!" He smiled crazily. "I WILL BE FREE!"
"Gabite! Knock him out!" (Y/N) yelled.
Gabite burst from underground right as the ink began to consume Jamil. He tried to strike with a Dragon Claw, but the attack fizzled out as Jamil completed his transformation. Like with the others, Jamil's skin became a lifeless gray color littered with ink splotches. He was garbed in royal black attire with golden beads draped across his chest and a belt of golden disks around his waist. On his back was a ragged crimson cape. On top of his head with a crown turban with a red jewel in the center and a bright red feather. His left eye was engulfed by a red flame, but most concerning was that his hair was now made of living ink snakes. The blot incarnation, a dark genie with a bottle head, rose behind him and swatted Gabite to the side as he grinned manically.
"Gabite!" (Y/N) yelled as Jamil again swung at the now defenseless dragon.
Luckily, Flygon was faster and rammed straight into the two with a mighty Dragon Rush. He pulled back, standing between the Overblotted male and his son, glaring with an icy hatred to dare him to try that again. (Y/N) raced to her Pokémon's side with Cufant as her other Pokémon joined Flygon in the defensive line.
"What is that!?" Kalim yelled as (Y/N) and Cufant got Gabite to his feet. "Is that Jamil!?"
Jade paled as electricity surged through the now red air. "The air around us has changed! This is the same thing that happened with Azul..."
Azul adjusted his glasses. "This is going to be troublesome since we don't have any reinforcements."
"Did he fall into evil berserk mode!?" Grim yelled.
"The negative energy from the blot is rising!" Azul warned. "Everyone, take cover!"
Jamil lashed out at the group, desperate trying to attack Kalim. Azul, Jade, and Grim with their combined magic deflected the blow, barely, giving Arcanine and Swampert time to ram into it with a Flame Charge and an Aqua Jet.
"Get out of my way!" Jamil screamed as he lashed out at the two Pokémon who leapt away safely.
Lucario rushed in, pelting him with Aura Spheres. Cufant tried to charge in with a Rollout, but was easily knocked aside. Kalim raced to help the little elephant, which Jamil predicted.
Once again, Jamil was stopped by Flygon, now mounted by (Y/N) who had returned Gabite to his ball. Flygon landed a double Dragon Claw across the Blot Incarnation's face, giving Cufant and Kalim time to get away.
"Stop this, Jamil!" (Y/N) yelled as Flygon landed. "You're gonna kill yourself!"
"SILENCE!" He yelled back. "Incompetent kings! Scammers! I have no use for any of you! To the ends of the earth and never return! KABBOOOM!"
A force of untold proportions sent the entire group flying into the skies. They all screamed in terror as they flew. For quite some time, they were sent soaring, further and further away. (Y/N) even had time to get her bearings and return her Pokémon to their balls. Eventually, after Night had fallen, the started to plummet towards the desert. (Y/N) then rereleased Flygon, Swampert, and Arcanine. Flygon caught her, Grim, and Kalim and flew them to the ground, Swampert caught the twins, one in each hand, and Arcanine caught Azul.
Grim moaned as they landed. "Ow...why does this keep happening to us...?"
(Y/N) ignored his complaints and tried to see how far they went. "He really launched us far."
"Thanks for the catch Swampert." Floyd said with his unnerving voice. "Uh, it's so cold. It's like we're under ice."
"Desert temperatures can reach below freezing at night." (Y/N) explained as Azul got off Arcanine and scratched his chin.
"Indeed. I am appreciative of the soft landing though."
Jade ran over to Flygon and began nudging Kalim, who seemed to be unconscious.
"Kalim! Kalim! Are you all right? Please wake up!"
He moaned and blinked his eyes open. "Uh...uh...where are we?"
"Oh thank goodness. You're awake. It looks like we landed at the ends of the Scarabia desert."
Azul began to assess the situation. "Grim's fur can keep him warm and we can tolerate the cold, but (Y/N) and Kalim could develop hypothermia if we stay here too long."
"Luckily, Arcanine can keep us warm." (Y/N) informed them.
"What shall we do then?" Jade asked. "(Y/N), can your Pokémon get us back?"
"Flygon can only carry me, Grim, and one other person. The others would have to be carried on foot."
"Then we should get moving, I'm tired." Floyd complained.
"Who knows how long that could take." Azul sighed. "Nevertheless, Floyd's voice is creeping me out. I'm going to destroy your contract and return your voice back to normal."
"Please do." (Y/N) agreed.
The eel frowned. "Eh, but I really like it..."
Azul ignored him and tore up the contract. Floyd coughed as his voice returned to normal and Jade scolded him for being so reckless as to give his Unique Magic to Azul, once again proving the Octavinelle "friends" had absolutely no faith in one another. Before (Y/N) could break them up, Kalim began to cry behind her.
"Jamil...I trusted you..."
"Huh?" Floyd hummed. "Sea Otter, are you crying? Your tears are gonna freeze."
Swampert shoved him as (Y/N) gave him a stink eye while putting a hand to Kalim's back.
"Geez Floyd, not the time."
Flygon nuzzled Kalim's cheek to comfort him and the white haired boy hugged the dragon's neck.
"It's all my fault. I was hurting Jamil without even realizing it. Jamil...isn't that type of guy! He'd never do anything like this! He's a good guy who always helps me and is so reliable and..."
(Y/N) sighed. "Kalim, I know that your feeling guilty, and maybe you should've have picked up a few things, but the fact of the matter is, Jamil is the one who bottled up his frustrations and then took it out on everyone around him, that includes the Scarabia students he ordered you to abuse. Frankly, good guys don't launch people to the ends of the earth."
Grim coughed. "There she goes being blunt again."
Floyd scratched his head. "Ah, but I agree with Shrimpy. Sea Otter is too nice's kinda...annoying..."
Flygon, who was still comforting the now shocked male, whacked the eel with his tail and glared.
"Hey! Shrimpy!"
"What did you think would happen?"
Jade still nodded. "In some ways, I must agree with Floyd. If someone betrayed me like that...I would do everything in my power to emotionally and mentally break them, tie them up, and drown them in the sea. But hearing you say it's your fault is past being a good person and almost comes off as a bit creepy and uncomfortable."
"Jade, you are the last person who gets to call something creepy." The trainer snarked as Kalim shot up.
", but...Jamil would betray me!"
"No, he betrayed you." The younger Leech shot down. "More importantly, he tried to get rid of you and then blamed everything on you. He is the worst."
"He makes Azul look nice by comparison." His brother added. "You need to be confident and go up to him and call him a traitor to his face."
"While I agree he needs a good smacking." (Y/N) interceded. "I think we should deal with his Overblot first."
Azul shook his head with a rather condescending smile on his face. "People like Kalim who blindly have faith in others are different compared to people like Jamil and I, maybe even (Y/N). No, from people who are very calculating, it almost sounds like sarcasm. You've been pushing Jamil since you were little in acting like this. However, you didn't do anything wrong, you were just born into a higher status than others. You were born with loving parents and loved by everyone around you, so you grew up to be a good person. Therefore, you became an unknowingly cavalier person."
Jade crossed his arms. "In Kalim's case, he seems like a naturally naive person."
"And I'm the blunt one?" (Y/N) asked Grim.
"...I see..." Kalim finally said. "Jamil is a bad person...isn't he?"
"Pretty much." The girl answered. "At the very least, he has a dangerous amount of resentment he's letting out all at once."
Kalim became more determined at her words. "Then we have to go back! I have to punch him and call him a traitor!"
"One punch isn't enough!" Grim argued. "He made us march to the oasis 10 times!"
"Yes." Azul agreed as he adjusted his glasses. "Besides, if we don't get Jamil back to normal, his own life will be at stake. We have to get back before the magic completely takes over."
"And how are we gonna do that?" Floyd asked. "Fast walk?"
"We'll freeze to death first!" Grim argued.
(Y/N) glanced at her Pokémon. "Arcanine, Swampert, and Flygon could get us back, but the trip could really tire them out. Plus, Swampert's much faster swimming, but the rivers are all dried up."
"River?" Kalim repeated. "Do you want water?"
Azul nodded. "Yes. If Floyd and Jade were in their original forms, they could swim faster than any broom. However, it'd be impossible for us to fill up this river."
"I can do it!" Kalim stated confidently.
(Y/N) snapped her fingers. "Oh yeah, your Unique Magic!"
"My Unique Magic can produce all the water I want using only a little magic. If I can fill up the river, we can get back to the dorm, right?"
Azul's eyes widened. "That's marvelous!"
"Ahahaha! The magic is pretty useless since we usually have water."
"Don't 'ahahaha' me! This magic could be a hero to so many countries that don't have water! That, that' profitable!"
(Y/N) clapped in the octopus's face. "Azul! Focus! Kalim, do your thing."
"I just have to make a river! All right! Leave it to me!"
Rain began to pour down, filling the river in mere moments. Jade, Floyd, and Swampert hopped into the water and (Y/N) returned her other two Pokémon.
"Now, Floyd, Swampert. Let's start swimming before the water freezes. Azul, Grim, hop on."
"Shrimpy and Sea Otter, you two hop on my back."
"I'll stick to my usual water transport, Floyd." (Y/N) stated as she jumped on her partner.
Grim tilted his head at the octopus. "Huh? But isn't Azul a mermaid too? Can't he swim fast on his own?"
"Even as a mermaid, Azul isn't a very fast swimmer." Jade informed them with a mean smile.
Azul glared at him. "That's because my tentacles are different from your tails! Let's get moving to Scarabia!"
The group made it back in record time and snuck back into the dorm, careful to avoid all the students, who by now were all under Jamil's control. (Y/N) led the group towards the common room and skillfully spied from behind the door, signally when to sneak into the crowd of enslaved students.
"Bring me all of the food and drinks!" Jamil ordered. "Today we feast! To celebrate the disappearance of that stupid king and the real power of your new king! Ah, this is so refreshing. I now have a limitless amount of magic power."
"As you wish, master..." the zombified students groaned.
"Master Jamil is the true king of Scarabia..."
"Cheers for Master Jamil..."
He laughed. "Hahaha! That's right! Give me more! Shower me with more praise!"
"You are so incredibly handsome..." Azul mocked as (Y/N) had her Pokémon spread out for the attack.
Grim joined in. "And so tall and dark..."
"And you look so intelligent with those eyes of yours." Jade added.
"And then."
(Y/N) had to step on Floyd's shoe to keep him from laughing. "And you have such broad shoulder....
"And you look so strong!" Kalim jumped in.
"You're so mesmerizing." (Y/N) finally jumped in.
"Hmm...those are very nice compliments..." His eyes widened as he locked gazes with the very pissed leader of Ramshackle. "Hm!? It's you! I thought I sent you all flying to the ends of the earth! How'd you get here so fast!?"
"We filled up the dry river and swam back here!" Kalim answered.
Floyd gave Jamil a sour look. "It was farther than I expected, I'm so tired."
"You did what?!" Jamil yelled. "...Tch, I see. So it was Kalim's Unique Magic, huh? Hm, well at least you found some use of that magic of yours. I thought it was just some crappy magic that was only good for water plants."
Azul chuckled. "Hm, it seems like you underestimated Kalim's magic powers."
"Jamil..." Kalim said seriously. "I finally understand what you truly think of me. You are a coward and a traitor!"
"You're a fool!" Jamil shot back. "You were the one who believed in me without even a shred of doubt."
"I challenge you to a duel! So I can take back my place as the dorm leader! The place you stole from me!"
"Stole? Hmph! Stole what!? You're the one who stole everything from me! Now it's time I show you my true power! Hahahaha!"
(Y/N) stepped between the two. "If you're half as smart as you think you are, Jamil, then you know for a fact that isn't true!"
"Shut up! Get out of the way!"
"It's your fault I'm here in the first place! I'll do your job and protect Scarabia! This is for your own good, Jamil. Everyone! Knock him flat!"
Swampert roared, launching an Earthquake. Jamil staggered, surprised by the attack. Flygon then swooped down, dropping Cufant who used Heavy Slam on the Incarnation's head. Jamil growled.
"You meddling pachyderm!"
"That's Copperderm to you!"
He fired off a blast at the elephant, but Azul, Grim, and Arcanine held it of as Lucario retrieved her. Floyd, Flygon, and Gabite all struck from different sides. Gabite attempted to use Dragon Claw, but again it failed, causing the Incarnation to send him skidding.
"Ha! Weakling!"
Once again, Flygon rushed in to protect Gabite, but Jamil saw it coming, blasting the dragon with powerful magic.
"Flygon!" (Y/N) yelled as he crashed to the ground.
She raced over to him as the others rushed to keep Jamil's attention off the two. The Overblotted male was too focused though and plowed through them, raising and arm to crush them both. (Y/N) stood up in a pathetic attempt to protect Flygon.
"(Y/N)!" Grim cried out.
"Get out of the way, Shrimpy!"
(Y/N) closed her eyes waiting for the blow, but it never came. Opening her eyes, she saw Gabite, blocking Jamil with a dual Dragon Claw struggling with everything he had to protect his father and trainer.
"Ha! You think you can stop me, you pathetic reptile!?" Jamil taunted as the Incarnation pushed forward.
Gabite gritted his teeth as his feet began to slip. He roared back, refusing to give in. Flygon began to wake up and through blurry vision, saw his son fighting back with all his might.
"YOU CAN DO, GABITE!" (Y/N) cried out as Flygon roared.
A furious noise burst from Gabite's mouth as his body was engulfed in light. Jamil's face morphed to horror as Gabite grew in size and began to push back the Incarnation. His tail and the fins on his arms grew longer and spikes appeared on his arms. The transformation finished as a now terrifyingly imposing dragon stood before Jamil, now comfortably holding the Incarnation at bay.
With a might push, the former Gabite sent the Incarnation flying and crashing into the wall. Jamil looked back at his beast and then the dragon that menacingly glared him down.
"Wait, what happened to Gabite!?" Kalim asked.
"Yahoo!" Grim cheered. "Gabite just evolved!"
"Evolved?" Jade repeated. "Oh, like what happened at the Magift Tournament?"
"He is rather impressive now." Azul noted.
Even Floyd seemed to agree. "Oh, little Shark is now a big Shark! And he looks mad."
After making sure Flygon was okay, (Y/N) raced forward to hug her newly evolved monster.
"Garchomp, you evolved to protect us! I'm so proud of you!"
Garchomp smiled and nuzzled the girl, the first instance of affection Grim had ever seen the dragon give. Flygon limped up to his son, pride in his eyes. The two hugged.
"How!?" Jamil screamed. "Why did that weakling change!?"
"He did it to save us!" (Y/N) yelled back. "Garchomp was always ready to protect his friends, no matter how distant he was! You've got a lot of nerve to call my Pokémon weak, Jamil, when you're one on your knees!"
"Shut up!" He got up as the Incarnation returned to him. "I WON'T LOSE! I WILL BE FREE!"
"I'll free you right now from your blot! Garchomp, Flygon! Finish this!"
The two roared charged forward to meet the Incarnation. With a double Dragon Rush, the plowed through the Incarnation and rammed into Jamil, sending him to the floor.
"I..will be..." Jamil passed out, the ink and the Incarnation fading.
"Jamil!" Kalim rushed to his side as Garchomp returned to (Y/N) and pointed at the camera.
"Don't worry, I know the drill."
She snapped a photo and entered Jamil's memories. The black and white world formed into the hall of the luxurious looking home, the windows casting ominous shadows. Two familiar young boys came into view, one pulling the other's arm.
"Jamil!" Little Kalim pleaded. "Let's go play! Today, I'm gonna beat you at our board game!"
"Again, Kalim?" Jamil asked, sounding exhausted. "No matter how many times we play, I'm gonna win. I wanna play another game."
A shadowy woman then appeared.
"Jamil! How dare you speak to Kalim like that!"
She smacked the boy on the head as a man then bowed to Kalim.
"Master Kalim, thank you so much for playing and putting up with my foolish son."
"We are so honored to have such a kind master who treats their servants without discrimination."
[My very first memories were watching my parents bow their heads to Kalim and his parents. I hated seeing them like that.]
Jamil's father pulled him to the side.
"...listen, Jamil. When you are playing against Kalim, try to keep it at 2 wins and 3 loses. Don't try to beat Master Kalim."
His mother nodded. "We know you are a very smart boy. Do you know what position we're in? You understand, don't you?"
The boy hung his head. "...I know."
"That explains things." (Y/N) thought.
[Kalim's family was always above my parents. Which means...Kalim was always above me. Which means, in academics, athletics, even playing, I could never surpass Kalim. So every time I was with Kalim, I had to pretend I was incapable of everything.]
A slightly older Kalim raced into the memory.
"Jamil, look! I got first place in the dance competition!"
Again, time passed.
"Ahaha! I did it! I beat you 3 to in Mancala! I won!"
The scene then changed to the Scarabia common room.
"I got a 75 on the magic history test thanks to all your help! Eh? You got a 70? It's okay, cheer up!"
[You never beat me. I just let you win. You're always such an airhead. Get a clue, you idiot!]
Crowley then appeared before Kalim, who looked baffled.
"You're making me the dorm leader of Scarabia? I don't really get it...but just leave it to me! Right, Jamil?"
They were then in the Headmaster's office, Jamil talking frustrated to him.
"Headmaster, why did you choose Kalim to be dorm leader? He's not even skilled in magic, he's still only a 2nd year and we're the ones always covering up his screwups!"
"It's not unheard of for a 2nd year to become dorm leader at Night Raven College."
"Viper, it takes more than just grades to become a dorm leader. The Asim family has made a very large and generous donation to the school. In my position, I could refuse. You're smart enough to know what's going on. You understand, don't you?"
(Y/N) took a deep breath and clenched her fists.
"I'm gonna kill him, I'm going to actually kill him this time."
[Adults all say the same thing. 'You understand, don't you?'. Then who will understand me?]
"Let's keep on helping each other, Jamil!" Kalim said happily.
[Stop it.]
"Jamil is the only one who would never betray me!"
[I can't take it anymore! Stop! Kalim, as long as you're with me, I...I...I will have to surrender my entire life to you! I, even I, want to be number one, too.]
The memory disappeared, and (Y/N) took another deep breath before turning to face Jamil.
"Have you ever told him this?"
He growled. "How could I? I must always put him first!"
"You've been away from your families for more than a year. You have had plenty of time to air out your grievances to Kalim before this mess started!"
"SHUT UP!" He roared. "What would you know? In your world, you're free to travel it wherever you want with powerful creatures obeying your every command! You're no different than him!"
"I told you, my Pokémon take my orders of their own free will. Anyone of them could have  run while we were fighting, but they stayed and fought. Garchomp risked his life to protect us. We're a family."
"Hmph, family. My family has served Kalim's for generations, it's a chain that has forever wrapped around our necks. The only way for me to be free is to get rid of him."
"Have you told Kalim any of this?" She repeated.
He glared. "Stop saying that!"
She put her foot down. "No! You were dealt a bad hand, Jamil. I'm not saying it was fair, I'm not saying you don't have every right to be angry, but you are lashing out at the wrong person! Kalim genuinely trusted you, say you as his closest confidant, but instead of trusting him back, you bottled up your hate and let it fester. Even your memories betray that you know this isn't right!"
"STOP IT!" He yelled.
The dark snakes lashed at her, but Garchomp easily knocked them aside. (Y/N) marched up to Jamil, unflinchingly, grabbing his cheeks and forcing him to meet her gaze.
"Keeping it all locked up only makes it hurt worse, Jamil. You've allowed yourself to become a slave to your own anger. Be honest with him and yourself, don't just swallow it back, because you'll just end up hurting more people in the end. You have to let it out."
Jamil tried to pull back, (Y/N)'s grip was firm. Her eyes never left his. Slowly, the blot faded as Jamil took a deep breath. (Y/N) stepped back as he returned to normal, his gaze lowered in shame and embarrassment.
"What...what do I do now?"
"Go back and tell him what you really feel, Jamil." She told him. "Then apologize to your dormmates for what you put them through and beg for their forgiveness. For what you did, don't expect them to trust you again so soon."
"Right..." He smiled shyly. "It's funny. I tried to use you as a pawn in my plan, but you saw right through from the start. I guess I underestimated you."
"Don't be embarrassed, a lot of people here have done so. Go back, Jamil." She then smiled at him. "I expect an actual game of Mancala when we wake up."
(Y/N) woke up and was helped to her feet by Azul and Swampert.
"Are you all right?"
"Can we assume you got through to him?"
She nodded as they walked over to the still sleeping Jamil. "Yup."
"Jamil...Jamil!" Kalim yelled at the still unconscious boy, who was being prodded at by Cufant.
Slowly, he began to come to. "Ugh...where am I..."
"Thank goodness." Azul smiled. "It seems like he is back to normal."
"Fnya..." Grim moaned. "That monster is gonna haunt me in my dreams..."
"J-Jamil..." Kalim whimpered. "UWAAAAHH!"
"Sea Otter, you can't talk if you're crying." Floyd joked.
Jade sighed. "I think he's completely forgotten about that 'punch' he was going to give him."
Kalim ignored them. "I'm so glad you're alive...I'm so glad..."
"...why are you crying..." He flinched as he tried to sit up.
"I...I didn't realize how you felt this entire time. You've always...put up with so much your entire life! I have no idea..."
"Which resulted in a horrible betrayal." Azul recalled.
Floyd grinned. "That's right. Sea Snake has been living his whole life wondering about what a fool you are, Sea Otter."
Garchomp smacked both of their heads.
Grim shook his head. "You really need to read the room."
"You may have done some bad things...but you're the one who's been there for me my entire life." Kalim said.
"That's why...this all ends today. We don't need to listen to our parents and keep this master-servant relationship any longer."
"Starting today, let's become rivals and strive to be the best! Let's start over as equals and become friends, Jamil!"
"Starting over as equals?...becoming friends?..." Jamil repeated. "Hm...that seems like a solution you'd come up with, Kalim. Then, since we are starting over as equals...I COMPLETELY REFUSE!"
"You are careless, you do things without thinking, you're stupid, clumsy, overly carefree, don't understand the value of delicacies! Who would want to be friends with the likes of you!"
"CUFANT!" Cufant shouted.
Lucario picked up the angry little one as she tried to attack the rude boy. (Y/N) sighed and patted her head.
"Just...let him get it all off his chest. Honestly, it's healthier for everyone."
Jamil went on. "If it wasn't for my circumstances, I would never even have been involved with someone like you!"
"Eh? EHHHH?!" Kalim yelled. "BUT WHY!?"
"How can he say something like that after everything we've been through!?" Grim yelled as (Y/N) nervously scratched her neck.
"I did tell him to be honest."
"Isn't it fine?" Azul asked. "I like Jamil a lot more like this."
"Why are you smiling like that?" Jamil asked. "It's creepy."
"Actually, I've been curious about you since we were freshmen. You were a student that never tried to stand out, I thought you were an inconspicuous student. Your grades in the classroom and practical tests were always average...but at the same time, you never let your grades fall to failing marks. You've always managed to score right in the middle. So I assumed you were doing it purposely. There's no way things like that happen naturally. I always thought something was holding you back. Then when (Y/N) came to me, everything made sense."
"He did manage to play us for a while." (Y/N) admitted.
Kalim beamed. "Right? Right? I always knew Jamil was amazing!"
Azul smiled. "I think you would be more suited with someone like me rather than Kalim."
"That's it, I'm getting Milotic."
"No, wait (Y/N)!"
Jamil narrowed his eyes. "Shady octopus. There's no way I'd ever become friends with you, Azul. Starting today, I'm not holding back. Not to Kalim, not to you, not to anyone. I'm not gonna give you my victory ever again!"
"...ah! I'm not gonna lose either!" Kalim declared.
"Ah, a happy ending."
After Grim was caught eating another black stone by (Y/N) in the night, the next morning, everyone headed to the oasis for a proper pool party.
"Now that the party is ready, let's eat, sing, dance and forget about all the bad things from this year!" Kalim declared. "Come, Jamil! Come over and dance with me!"
"I-I'm fine!"
(Y/N) grabbed his arm. "Sorry, Kalim. He owes me a couple rounds of Mancala!"
"Aw, well have fun!"
Kalim ran off to dance, and Jamil sighed in relief as they sat down and set up the game.
"That was a freebie." (Y/N) stated. "You get one. On another note..."
She slapped him across the face, to his surprise.
"Ow! What was that for!?"
"For hypnotizing me and holding me and Grim captive for several days!"
"Oh..." He blushed. "Right..."
She laid back, leaning against Swampert and Arcanine let Jamil lean against him.
"You can make it up to me by never pulling something like this again. From now on, talk things out like a sensible person, because next time, I won't save you."
He smiled slyly. "Doubt that. You may not be as annoying, but you're just as unbearably empathetic as Kalim. You can't resist helping people."
She sighed with a smile. "Maybe. Well, then I guess I'll kick your but harder next time."
He chuckled. "Now that I believe."
As everyone happily played and danced, the two enjoyed their game. Eventually they finished the five rounds.
Jamil blinked awkwardly. "3 win."
She looked at him accusingly. "I thought you said you weren't going to give up victories anymore."
"I didn't! You're just...freakishly good at this! Again! This had to be a fluke."
She laughed and began to help reset the board, when Arcanine's ears perked up. He stood up and ran over a dune, disappearing.
"What's wrong with him?" Jamil asked.
"No clue."
"Hey..." a familiar voice called. "Hey! HEY!"
Grim walked over to them. "Is someone calling out from the desert?"
Arcanine reappeared, now with Ace and Deuce on his back.
"Hey!" Ace called out. "(Y/N)! Grim!"
"Are you both all right!?" Deuce asked as Arcanine came to a halt.
"Ace and Deuce?" Grim said, shocked.
Ace collapsed the minute he got off Arcanine. "Ha...ha...why's hot here? It's not even summer!"
"What are you two doing here?" (Y/N) asked, helping both boys to the oasis.
"We came back in a hurry, because we got your SOS message." Deuce explained.
"Oh yeah." Grim remembered. "Didn't think you guys would actually come. Everything already happened."
"WHHAAAT!?" Ace yelled. "The door was shut, so we couldn't travel through it! We had to use public transport to get all the way back here!"
"I'm not sure what happened." Deuce said while looking around. "But judging by the cheerful atmosphere, I think it's safe to say everything is back to normal."
"So guys came all that way to save us?" (Y/N) asked, touched.
Deuce smiled. "Of course. You would've done it for us."
Ace smirked. "What? You gonna cry, Dorm Leader?"
She hugged them, making their faces burn up. "You know, I don't say this as much as I should, but I'm glad you morons are my friends."
"Oi! Who are you calling a moron?!"
Kalim and Floyd walked over to them.
"Oh, who are they? Friends?"
Floyd beamed. "Oh hey there Crab! Did you come to play?"
"Crab?" Deuce repeated.
Ace rubbed his head. "Ah, I'm on the basketball team with Floyd. Jamil from Scarabia is on it too."
"Oh! I see, I see!" Kalim said. "Any friend of Jamil's is a friend of mine!"
"Hey! I already told you, I'm not your friend! (Y/N) get back here and face me!"
"Give me a minute! Play with Lucario while you wait!"
"I'm not playing with a creature that can read thoughts!"
"Well, welcome to our holiday party!" Kalim cheered as Azul joined.
"There's plenty of food to enjoy."
Ace looked at (Y/N) in shock. "Why are you hanging out with them?"
"It's a long story."
After the festivities, (Y/N) and Grim returned to Ramshackle. Luckily, the trainer had the foresight to ask her Pokémon to feed the fire fairies and their reward from Crowley arrived. As Grim raced inside with the ghosts, a small figure upside down in front of the girl.
"Oh, you're back." He greeted.
(Y/N) stumbled back. "Wait, you're from Diasomnia."
He jumped down. "That's right, I am the Vice Dorm Leader of Diasomnia. Lilia Vanrouge. I've come today to deliver to you a holiday card from a certain someone."
He gave her an envelope with a card saying Happy Holidays. It was signed MD
"He's been sad lately because no one invited him to any holiday parties again this year. If you plan to host a holiday party with your friends, please consider inviting him. Now then, I'll be on my way. Happy Holidays!"
"Wait, who's-!"
He vanished before she could ask who the sender was. She sighed but smiled at the card.
"Hey (Y/N)!" Grim called. "Come on, hurry up! If you don't, I'm gonna eat all this food!"
Later that night, (Y/N), Grim, and her Pokémon were all sleeping off the turkey when the mirror in her room began to glow.
"It's glowing again?" (Y/N) thought as she snuck past her friends.
Within the mirror, a small hand began tapping as the shadow from before appeared.
"Is...someone there? Who are you?" It asked.
"That sounds like a strange name, but it's also nice."
"Who are you?"
"I'm Mickey. Mickey Mouse. Am I dreaming again? But I've had the same dream 3 times in a row. In my dreams, there are always the same living card and dancing music boxes,'s only your voice I can hear clearly. Maybe you aren't a dream after all? Where are you right now?"
(Y/N) tilted her head. "I'm in..."
The shadow faded.
"...Twisted Wonderland."

Bonus scenes
January came once more and the students returned from break, rumors of Scarabia's troubles already circulating. As the halls filled with returning students, they were forced to part as Absol ran through them, something clutched in his mouth. (Y/N) had given him clear instructions:
Find the person who sent her the holiday card, and give them the letter.
It was easy for him, since he recognized scent that smells kinda like Hydreigon. He ran into the Hall of Mirrors and ran into one, appearing at a very gothic style dorm. He ran on, rushing past a green haired male and a silver haired one.
"Gah! What is that beast! What's it doing here!?"
Absol ignored their yelling at him and ran inside, following the scent. He eventually came upon a familiar face. (Y/N) called him Tsunotaru. He was sitting and reading, not noticing the Disaster Pokémon's presence. Absol walked up to him and pawed his leg.
Malleus peered down in surprise. "Oh my, one of the child of man's beasts. Absol, was it?"
Absol placed the letter in the tall male's lap before running out, dodging Silver and Sebek on the way out. Malleus blinked at the letter before opening it.
Thanks for the card! Sorry I didn't have a party to invite you to, but I appreciate the thought. Happy Holidays! From all of us!
Under was a small doodle of (Y/N) and Grim saying happy holidays. It was particularly great, but it still made Malleus feel fuzzy inside.

Elsewhere, Crowley returned to his office after a wonderful vacation. He opened the door to see an unamused (Y/N) with all her fighting types glaring at him.
He gulped, knowing he did something wrong just not knowing what it was.
"Oh, Ms. Stone! How was your vacation."
"Scarabia, crow. You took a bribe and made Kalim the dorm leader."
"Well...I wouldn't call it a bribe, per say."
"Once again, your bankrupt morality CAUSES PROBLEMS I HAVE TO DEAL WITH!!"

All right guys, you know the drill! Also, which Special Event should I do this time? I'm having trouble picking, but I'm leaning towards the Fireworks Festival.

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