Chapter 19: Plan B

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Chapter 19: Failed Mission, New Approach

The anemone trio met with (Y/N) and Jack the next morning in the hall to discuss their next plan.
"Find a way to destroy the contracts?" Ace repeated. "Sounds like a plan, but we're gonna have to play dirty."
Deuce nodded. "Even though it's cowardly, we may be able to get what we want."
"Shut up!" Grim snapped. "We don't have time to worry about if we are following the rules!"
"Even if it's cheating, Azul is just as guilty." Jack pointed out. "Sending us to steal a photo in the ocean and planning to get in our way from the beginning. Leona-senpai may be a coward at times, but he is very smart. I think we should give it a try"
"I think we are saying the word 'coward' too much..." Deuce noted.
Grim started crying. "Heh, just thinking about when the twins were chasing us underwater sends chills down my spine. And then getting zapped by Raichu!"
"A challenge of speed...we could have beaten them if I could use my magic wheel underwater."
"It's not just that, Deuce. We can't hit them thanks to Floyd besides my Pokémon's never miss moves." The girl reminded him.
Ace sighed sadly. "Yeah, yeah, we know...even so...mermaids huh? The Leech brothers are eels, so does Azul have a different form while underwater too?"
"Now that you mention it..." Jack thought out loud. "Leona-senpai always calls him an octopus."
"No way!" Deuce exclaimed. "So his true form is an octopus mermaid!?"
"Fngya!" Cried Grim. "So if he has more legs underwater, he might even be stronger than the eels!?"
"Not necessarily." (Y/N) answered.
Jack put his hands on his hips. "Even still, we should find a way to fight them without going underwater."
"First, we find those contracts."
The wolf nodded. "I have a feeling it might be in that safe in the VIP room."
"If that's it, then let's go infiltrate Octavinelle!" Grim declared with a smirk.
"There shouldn't be anyone there since it's lunch break right now." Deuce pointed out. "Let's go check it out."
"Luckily, I have two Pokémon perfect for this stealth mission. Let's go!"
Marshadow and Weavile crept silently through the room, glancing around from the shadows, before giving the all clear.
"Good work you two." (Y/N) praised as they all filled in.
Deuce walked over to the safe and began examining it. "The safe requires a passcode and a key. This is going to be difficult."
"Weavile could probably pick the lock with her claws."
Marshadow gave a sharp cry as Jack's ears went up. "Someone's coming!"
"Oh crap! Hide!" Ace yelped as everyone dove into a hiding spot.
The boys all crammed together in a closet as (Y/N) and Weavile hid elsewhere.
Azul walked in as Marshadow in a flash hid within his shadow.
"Now, let me see..." Silver haired male walked over to the safe and unlocked it, taking out the golden contracts and counting them. "Fufufu...Ah, it's about time I head back."
He closed the safe and left, Marshadow lingering behind his desk as he went. Everyone sighed in relief, emerging from their hiding spots.
Grim was sweating. "I thought we were going to get caught."
Marshadow then jumped up onto the desk, grunting and waving his arms. Jack noticed what had him so excited.
"Wait...look, he left the contracts on the table."
"No way!" Ace cheered. "Lucky! Now let's hurry and get out of here so we can try and destroy it."
Grim smirked. "I didn't think Azul would be so careless."
"Neither did I." (Y/N) said skeptically as Grim reached for the contract. "Wait, Grim. This might be-."
She was cut off as the cat grabbed the contract and was electrocuted, setting off an alarm. The boys all screamed, getting shocked, while (Y/N) and the Pokémon jumped back.
"BAHAHAHA!" Grim yelped. "My body is numb!"
A familiar laugh sounded from behind them and (Y/N) jumped towards Jack, turning to see the Octavinelle trio in the door.
"Oh my." Azul taunted. "You're all shaking like you've just been electrocuted. How unsightly everyone."
Jack growled. "You knew we were here!"
"Obviously. Your fluffy tail was on full display from under the table. And it looks like you were about to try and steal the contracts...these contracts will electrocute anyone who touches them, except for me. Too bad, isn't it? Didn't I tell you? These contracts can never be destroyed."
"Hahaha!" Floyd laughed. "These guys are so stupid! Why did you come back here when you knew what was going to happen?"
Jade chuckled. "Heh, Floyd. Try not to laugh at these poor souls too much. They're doing the best they can with those little brains of theirs."
Azul adjusted his glasses. "Naughty children who steal things that don't belong to them need to be punished."
"Weavile! Marshadow!" (Y/N) called as the two Pokemon jumped between the twins and the group.
"We must teach them properly so they never attempt such a thing again."
"I'll make sure to squeeze each and everyone of you."
"Here they come guys!" Jack yelled.
"Weavile, Hone Claws! Marshadow, Shadow Sneak!"
Weavile began to sharpen her claws against each other as Marshadow dissolved, reappearing behind Jade and punching him right in the head. Jade stumbled forward in surprise as Weavile bounced off his head at Floyd.
"Faint Attack!"
Weavile faked out Floyd, jump off his shoulder and pivoting to strike his leg. Floyd yelled in anger, but when he turned to strike the Sharp Claw Pokémon, Marshadow hit him from behind. Thanks to their superior speed, the Pokémon were able to tag team the twins while the boys covered Azul.
Or tried to anyway.
"Damn it..." Jack panted. "Their dorm leader is so strong."
"If you can't even handle this, then there's no way you can steal the contract." Azul said smugly.
"I don't know." (Y/N) shot back as Weavile had her claws pretty much embedded into Floyd's scalp while Marshadow danced circles around Jade. "I think my Pokémon are doing just fine."
Azul growled but kept his composure. "Are you sure you have time to dawdle on this? Your time is up tomorrow, (Y/N). Wouldn't want your precious monster under my control."
She hissed, deciding to take a page out of Leona's book. "Like they'd ever listen to you, you stupid octopus!"
Azul's eyes went wide for a moment and (Y/N) saw something flash within them. He went pale and looked unwell. What had she said? It didn't last long as Floyd was finally able to dislodge Weavile and threw her. She landed safely on the turn wheel of the safe and taunted the younger brother evilly. Floyd, throughly pissed, launched an attack that Weavile easily dodged, allowing the attack to scratch the safe.
"Floyd!" Azul yelled, snapping out of his trance. "Where do you think you're aiming!? Can you be careful to not hit the safe!?"
"Ah? Sorry!" He said.
"Ah! There's a scratch on the door! I need to make sure the dials still work!" Azul rushed to the safe and tested it. "Thank goodness." He then turned to the eel. "I keep telling you to stop using your magic so carelessly! How many times do I have to tell you!?"
"I said I was sorry!" Floyd argued, getting more frustrated. "You don't need to get so mad over a little scratch!"
"It's too late if it's broken!"
Jade pushed between them as the first years crept closer to the door. "Both of you, calm down or else...they've escaped."
"See ya!" Grim teased as they all bolted.
"You follow us and you'll be Thunderbolted into oblivion!"
"Stop right there!" Azul yelled. "Jade, Floyd, after them!"
"Why?" Floyd huffed. "You got mad at me. Now I'm not in the mood. And I don't want to get shocked by that dumb, electric rat again."
"Now is not the time for this! Why are you so moody!?"
"Why are you so grumpy? It's fine if the safe breaks, isn't it? Your contracts are invincible, aren't they?"
"Are you implying I need to carry my contracts everywhere I go?! Ha...this won't do, this won't do...I got all worked up with Floyd again. Good grief. Jade, please keep your eyes on them and please watch over Floyd."
"Ah, so boring." Floyd moaned. "I'm going to skip afternoon classes and go take a nap somewhere."
"My goodness..." his brother sighed. "And're shaking."
The silver haired male blinked and realized he was.
"Is it because of what she called you?"
" doesn't matter."
The group kept running until they made it back to the Hall of Mirrors. Deuce, still out of breath, spoke.
"Well, that was scary."
"Because Jack is so big." Ace stated.
"What!? That's just because I train more than you guys! Besides, wolves always tend to be big."
"We could even touch those contracts." Deuce despaired. "How are we even supposed to destroy them?"
"This is all we can do for today." Jack said.
Grim looked down. "We wasted a whole day."
"Is there really a way to destroy them?"
"I could have Typhlosion try to burn the place down." (Y/N) offered.
"....we'll call that plan D." Jack said.
Suddenly, (Y/N) heard the telltale sound of ink dripping and she gritted her teeth.
"I've got a bad feeling about this."
(Y/N) was taking a nightly stroll with Absol and looked over at Ramshackle sadly.
"One more day until we lose our dorm..."
Suddenly, the air was filled with small green orbs of light.
"Fireflies?" She thought.
A familiar face then came into view.
" are..."
"Tsunotaru!" She greeted.
His eyes widened. "Tsunotaru? you mean me?"
She bashfully rubbed her neck. "Well, you did say I could call you whatever I'd like."
His face grew into a smile as he began to laugh. "Fufufu...Hahaha! So now I am called Tsunotaru? You really seem to know no fear."
"To be fair, if I'm supposed to be afraid of you, then I wish half the scary things in my world looked like you."
He grinned at her, crossing his arms. "Very well. I did say you could call me whatever you'd like. I will only allow you to call me by such a strange name. By the way...this dorm has been a lot more lively than usual, are there more residents?"
(Y/N) then explained the entire situation as the male pet Absol.
"What? You made a deal with Ashengrotto? I that so? By sunset tomorrow, this place will belong to him and will be more lively and filled with students. look unhappy about that. You do not like to discuss the situation as if you have already lost."
"Well it's not like I have any clue how to beat him! The best thing I could do is brute force him, but that would make me just as bad as Floyd."
" the way, there is this beautiful gargoyle statue that is by the walls of this dorm." Tsunotaru supposedly changed the subject.
"You mean the monster guardian statues?"
"Indeed. Gargoyles may look as fearsome as your own creatures at first glance, but in actuality they're a type of gutter that was made so rainwater doesn't damage the walls. They may look scary, but like your creatures," he scratched Absol's chin as he said this. "They are beings that care about the homes they protect."
"So, what you're saying is that there's a difference between their appearance and their use?"
"There are many time when we observe the opposite of what is reality.... I would like to see this place not become loud and lively...Prove to me that you will do whatever it takes to protect your dorm."
He then vanished in a flash, leaving the girl dumbfounded.
"I feel like he was trying to tell us something. Still, Tsunotaru's a pretty strange guy."
Back at Savanaclaw, (Y/N) was trying to figure out what Tsunotaru's crypt message meant as Ruggie spoke to her.
"Today I'm going to have you help me clean Leona's room."
"You better pay your rent, herbivores." Leona teased.
Grim's ear flattened. "I'm being used by Azul and now by Leona...I'm so exhausted..."
"First we are going to pick up the dirty clothes and put it in the basket, then clean the desk." Ruggie listed off. "Accessories go in the dresser. The books go back on the shelf. Then start dusting."
"We aren't little kids, we know how to clean..."
"Ah?" Leona challenged. "Did you say something?"
"Eh!" Grim yelped. "Nothing! Okay, I'll start cleaning the table...oh! He just leaves his expensive  jewelry on the table and his wallet is just sitting here! I don't think he'd notice if I took a little money right? It's his fault for being careless! Hehe!"
Ruggie smacked him. "Hey, stop that! I was going after- no, he'll notice right away if it's gone. I keep telling Leona-san to stop leaving his expensive stuff out in the open. It will be too late if someone steals it!"
"Shut up." The prince groaned. "What are you, my mom or something? None of this stuff is important to me, so it's not a big deal if someone steals it. I'd like to see someone try to steal from me."
"I'm telling you it is a big deal!" The hyena argued back. "It's those who treat money like nothing and then cry over one madol. The least you could do is put it somewhere safe."
"THAT'S IT!?" (Y/N) yelled.
Grim stumbled back. "What's wrong?!"
"Don't just start screaming out of nowhere!" Leona growled.
"I just figured it out!" She responded. "Why would Azul put the contracts in a safe if they were invincible?"
"Ha?" Ruggie asked with a smile.
Leona chuckled. "Ha! Haha! That's it! I see now. You say some interesting stuff, herbivore."
"Eh? What's interesting?" Grim asked.
"In other words..." Leona then explained to Grim what (Y/N) was going on about.
The cat smiled. "I see now! Now that we know their weakness, let's hurry and sneak into Octavinelle!"
"There's one problem." Ruggie pointed out.
"If what (Y/N) said is true, then the Leech brothers will be right there waiting for your guys. Honestly, I think there is more to this than just a safe."
"Damn it!" Grim cursed. "We're so close!"
(Y/N) pondered things over. "We need to get the twins out of the way."
She suddenly perked up and smiled at Leona who narrowed his eyes back at her.
"Hey, I think I know what you're thinking, but let me tell you right now, I'm not going to help. I'm not going to get myself involved in something so troublesome, especially if it's against that rotten octopus."
"It's impossible." Ruggie stated. "You might as well give up."
(Y/N) clicked her tongue and stood up. "Oh, you are going to help us, kitty. Because if you don't, I'm gonna take away what's most important to you."
He glared at her. "And what would that be?"
She grinned evilly. "You either help us, or I'll make sure you'll never get a moment of sleep again."
Leona's ears shot back and Ruggie stared at her in sheer disbelief of the nerves of steel this girl had to say that to Leona's face.
The prince responded by pushing his face into hers and growling.
"You wouldn't dare."
She would.
At 3 in the morning, Leona was wide awake with twitching eyes as right outside his door, the herbivore and her monsters were creating a ruckus so loud, all of Savanclaw was awake. Didn't help that she had the Sound Wave Pokémon backing her up. Ruggie stumbled into Leona's room, his eyes bloodshot.
"Just give her what she wants." He begged.
Leona bared his teeth. "She'll drop eventually."
"I still have plenty of Pokémon to take over in my place! My Ghost types don't need sleep!"
Leona could hear the pleading of his dorm mates.
"Please just do what she wants!"
"She's crazy! She'll start setting the place on fire at this rate!"
Defeated and with his tail tucked, Leona dragged himself to the door and opened it to find a smug (Y/N) waiting for him.
"I hate you."
"Join the club, kitty. Now you gonna do what I say?"
"...yes ma'am."

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