Chapter 1: Welcome to Twisted Wonderland

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It was calm, warm night in the Hoenn region. The ghost and dark Pokémon were out causing mischief while the rest were all snuggled warmly in their nests. On a farm not too far from Slateport City, the regional champion, (Y/N), was just settling down for the night. It had been a long day filled with champion duties like an exhibition match with Wallace and paperwork...lots and lots of paperwork.
"Geeze, did Steven just let me take the title so he didn't have to do this anymore?" The (H/C) haired girl thought to herself as she slipped into her room, her faithful partner Swampert behind her.
The Mud Fish Pokémon settled behind her on the large mattress on the floor while his trainer clapped for the lights to shut off. Tomorrow would be another long day, this time in preparation for the annual Champions Conference. At least this year it was in the Alola Region, so she could enjoy some R and R with her team. She scratched her starter under his chin.
"Night, bud"
He grunt affectionally back as they both drifted off.
(Y/N) eyes opened in a dark room. She didn't recognize it and was drawn in by the dark mirror floating in the center. Instead of her own reflection, she saw green flames burning from within.
" beloved," a voice greeted. "Beautiful flower of evil. You are the most beautiful in the world. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the best?"
The champion heard the sounds of hooves approach her. She turned, instinctively reaching for her belt for a pokeball, but none of them were there. A carriage pulled by dark equines appeared from the shadows. She thought for a second they were pulled by Spectriers, the legendary Swift Horse Pokémon of Galar, but they lacked the ghostly attributes. They weren't Zebstrikas either. The carriage halted as the voice spoke again.
"Guided by the mirror of darkness, if you ever so desire, take thy hand that lies within the mirror."
A gloved hand appeared in the mirror, outstretched. Usually, (Y/N) was experienced enough in the pranks of ghost Pokémon to not accept strange ethereal gestures, but she felt an undeniable pull towards it. As she reached her hand out, the world went black. The voice spoke once more.
"Come now, show me your power. We only have a little bit of time left. At all cost, do not let go of that hand."

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Villain's World
A sharp rattling sound stirred the seventeen year old girl from her dreams. She opened her eyes wearily, seeing only darkness and assuming either Gengar was causing trouble for Crobat again, or Weavile wanted to be fed.
"Morning already?" She thought.
She moved to sit up, but her head hit something hard. Looking up, she saw something was covering her and Swampert was no longer with her. Before she could start panicking, a high voice spoke from the other side of the barrier.
"Darn it! People are coming soon! I have to get this uniform on fast! Ah! Unn! This lid is so heavy! If this might come down to, nggghhhh...that's it!"
There was a blast of blue flames as the cover was blown open. (Y/N) tried to remain calm as a bipedal, dark gray, feline creature with a pitchfork tail and blue flaming ears appeared over her.
"Alright! Here's what we're looking for..." the creature freaked out as he met her (E/C) eyes. "Gyaa! You! Why are you awake!?"
"Y-you, you can talk?" She said surprised. "What kind of Pokémon are you?"
The creature seemed insulted.
"What's a Pokémon? I am the great Grim, you know?" It then smirked. "Ah, well, you human! Gimme those clothes!"
The Hoenn native looked and noticed she was neither in her pjs nor her usual traveling attire. Instead, she had a long and elegant robe on, as well as a hood covering her face.
"What on Earth is going on?" She thought.
"Hey!" The creature shouted. "Did you hear me? Give em, or I will burn you!"
There was a flare of blues flames as the trainer leapt out of whatever she was in. It turned out to be a coffin, morbidly enough. There were plenty of them floating around in the strange room, which appeared to be the same one from her dream. She kept a cool head as she dodged the fire. She was used to being attacked with elemental abilities, just an occupational hazard, and this was hardly the first time she had to deal with an ornery fire type. She ran out of the room since she had a sinking suspicion there were other people in the coffin and she needed more room to fight back.
"Hey! Get back here!" The monster called, chasing close behind.
The trainer ran through what appeared to be a large school campus. She knew of several institutions in various regions, but she had never come across one like this. The fire Pokémon kept chasing her until eventually, she came to a library with floating books (not too out of the ordinary for her) and got some time to catch her breath.
"Where am I?"
Another fire blast nearly got her as the unknown creature caught up, smug.
"Did you really think you could run away from me? Human! Now, if you don't want to be burnt, gimme those clothes!"
She faced the creature with a determined look.
"I don't know what your problem is, but you really chose the worst person to mess with,"
Her hand went to her belt beneath the robe. Fortunately, her pokeballs were there, including Swampert's, who for some reason was in his usual spot at the right most loop. She could've sworn he went to sleep behind her and was not in his ball. She reached for her partner, when a cord wrapped around the cat.
"Fugya!" It yelped. "That hurts! What's this string!?"
A man appeared from the shadows. He was elegantly dressed in a black and magenta feathered tailcoat with a royal blue and gold collar, a top hat, a dress shirt and black tie, and a black bird mask. His yellow eyes were narrowed angrily.
"That's not a string, it is the whip of love!" He turned to the girl. "Ah, I have finally found you. You are the new student, correct? How did you go through the gate without authority?"
"Gate?" She asked.
He crossed his arms.
"And on top of that, you brought a wild familiar with you, against the school rules."
"Wait, he's not one of-," the creature cut her off.
"Let me go! I'm not their familiar!"
The man elected to ignore them both.
"Yes, yes, that's what all rebellious familiars say. Let's try to be silent now, shall we?"
The cord tightened, shutting the little guy up. The trainer flinched. Usually, she knocked someone in head for treating a Pokémon like that, but this little guy had tried to torch her and the man did save her.
"Honestly, it's unheard of for a new student to go through the school by themselves. Are you that impatient?" He began to shove her through the door. "Well well, come along then. The opening ceremony started long ago."
"Wait, I think there's been a mistake." She tried to argue, but he didn't listen.
"Let's head to the Mirror Chamber. It's the chamber you awoke in. Usually students don't awaken until we open the door with a special key, but-,"
"Maybe the fire opened the lid?" She suggested.
"At the end of it, it seems the culprit was that familiar. You need to take responsibility for him!"
"But he's not-,"
"This isn't the time for a talk. If we don't hurry, we will miss the opening ceremony. Come, come, let's be on our way."
She dug her heels in.
"Wait! Who are you and where are we exactly?"
He looked at the girl, curiously. "Oh? Are you not fully awake yet? Maybe your memory was distorted by the magic transportation. Well, it does happen often. I will explain as we go." He smiled. "I am quite kind after all."
As they walked back the way they came, the mysterious man began to explain.
"This is Night Raven College, a place where magicians with talent come together. It is Twisted Wonderland's most prestigious magicians training academy. I am the headmaster of this academy, the board chairman, Dire Crowley."
"Magicians? Twisted Wonderland?" (Y/N) repeated. She was starting to think she was way further from home than she original thought.
"The only ones who can enroll in this school are those with exceptional qualities of a magician, those who are accepted by the Mirror of Darkness. Those chosen are called to the academy through the 'door' from all over the world. I believe a black carriage came to pick you up as well."
"I do remember that from my dream." She thought. "Arceus, what is going on?"
The headmaster pushed her on.
"Now then, on to the opening ceremony."
Crowley led her back to the chamber where a number of people, also in robes like (Y/N)'s, were conversing amongst themselves.
"I wonder where the headmaster went." A male that could give Wallace a run for his money in the fabulous department asked the others. "He suddenly left in the middle of the ceremony."
"Abandoning his duties." She heard someone else say, but couldn't find the face to match it.
"Maybe he had a stomachache?" A red eyed boy suggested.
Crowley charged in, completely offended.
"No, that's not it!"
"Ah, he's here," a short red headed boy noted as Crowley scolded them.
"Honestly, there was a new student missing, so I went to go look for him!"
"Him? I get the robes makes it hard to tell, but they really think I'm a guy?" (Y/N) questioned as she looked around the room and it dawned on her. "Wait. Is this an all-boy school?!"
Crowley pushed the disguised girl towards the mirror as she freaked out at prospect of being surrounded by men. She could only imagine how hostile her Pokémon would be.
"Now then, you're the only one who hasn't been sorted into their dorm. I will take care of the raccoon for now, so please quickly go to the mirror."
With little choice, (Y/N) stepped before the mirror. A mask appeared in glowing green flames and spoke to her.
"Reveal thy name."
"(Y/N) Stone," she said.
"The shape of thy soul...I do not know."
"What did you say?" Crowley exclaimed.
"I do not sense any magic coming from this one," the mirror stated. "No color, no shape, nothing. Therefore, she is not worthy for any dormitory."
The mirror turned black, and (Y/N) felt her face heat up at the number of people staring at her.
"It is not possible for the black carriage to pick up a human who cannot use magic. Never is a hundred years has there ever been a mistake in selecting a student."
"Hey!" One student shouted. "Did the mirror say she?"
Crowley turned to her in surprise.
"What? That's not possible either!"
Sheepishly, (Y/N) removed her hood, letting her (H/L) (H/C) locks fall and revealing her clearly female face.
"Yeah, I'm a girl."
The headmaster looked like he was having a heart attack while several of the students sounded a little too enthusiastic.
"What's a girl doing here?"
"She's really cute! I wouldn't mind seeing her around here."
"Why would the carriage pick her up?"
"Night Raven College is an all boy school," Crowley pondered out loud. "Why in the world..."
He was cut off as the cat suddenly broke free.
"Then give me that seat!" He demanded. Crowley was displeased.
"Ah! Wait! That raccoon!"
"Unlike her, I can use magic! You should put me in the academy instead! If you want to see magic, then I will show you!"
The cat began to inhale and (Y/N) widened her eyes as she realized what was about to happen. She wasn't the only one as the red headed boy called out.
"Everyone, take cover!"
Flames exploded yet again from the cat. One poor boy's robe caught on fire.
"Uwa! Hot! Hot! Hot! My butt's on fire!"
"If this continues, the academy will go up in flames! Someone! Seize that raccoon dog!" Crowley demanded.
"Maybe deal with the fire first!" (Y/N) suggested as she pulled out a pokeball. "Swampert! Go! Waterfall!"
She threw the red and white orb as the Mud Fish Pokémon, with a band with a stone around his right arm, emerged in a flash of white light, before quickly being consumed by water and charging the flames. As soon as he made contact, they were put out in a flash of steam. He also made sure to gently tap the boy who's butt was still alight, putting him out.
"Ah," he said in relief. "Thanks."
He then got a look at Swampert and immediately freaked out, jumping into someone else's arm.
"Good job, buddy!" (Y/N) called to her partner, who grunted in satisfaction.
He then turned to the cat, who looked petrified. After all, Swampert was a 4 almost 5 foot tall, 180 lbs, water monster that had just effortlessly put out a fire. He also had a very intimidating look on his face. The cat screamed, firing off more blue flames. Swampert didn't even blink, being double resistant to fire, but part of the room caught fire again. (Y/N) gritted her teeth and ran at the troublemaker.
"Swampert, put out the fire! I'll catch the cat!"
"Wait, don't leave us alone with that monster!" Someone called.
"Relax, he's trained." She assured.
Crowley watched her go as most of the students began to huddle as far away from the strange beast as possible as he put out the fire yet again. The headmaster called out again.
"Someone assist her."
"Tch, how troublesome," a older looking male with bright green eyes and a scar complained. Unlike the others, he wasn't frightened by the water monster.
"Ah?" The blonde from before teased. "Isn't one of your specialties hunting? Isn't it plump enough for you?"
"Why do I have to do it? You do it."
"Crowley-sensei! Please leave it to me!" A glasses wearing, silver haired student said. "I will capture this creature. Everyone else doesn't want to, so I will take over the task."
"As expected of Azul." A voice over a phone said.
"Are anyone of you listening to me!?" Crowley demanded.
"If you want the raccoon captured, then why don't you just do it, sensei?" The boy who was un afraid stated.
"I said I am not a raccoon! How many times do I have to say it? I am Grim, the one who will become a magician!"
(Y/N) rolled her eyes and pulled out another Pokeball.
"You're up, Glaceon."
To everyone's relief, this time, a small, white, dog like creature emerged. It had a sender form, large ears, a long tail, dark blue markings, and a head crest with two dangling ribbons. It also looked ready to fight.
"Water pulse!" Her trainer ordered.
Grim was about to insult the canine, when he was smacked in the face with a condensed orb of water, which left him dizzy. Glaceon was then ordered to follow up with Psychic to pin him down. He snapped out of it and began to struggle, when Azul turned to the small red head.
"A small animal with such a strong will. Riddle, if you please?"
"I cannot let an enemy pass." Riddle stated. "Let's get this over with. Off with your head!"
A  black and red, heart shaped collar suddenly appeared on Grim, stopping his struggles as Glaceon let him go.
"Rule number 23 of the Queen of Hearts: We must not bring cats to ceremonies." Riddle explained. "As you are a cat, you are trespassing and violating the rules. Leave this place immediately."
"I am not a cat!" Grim protested. "I'll burn off this collar! Huh? My flames aren't working!"
Riddle smirked. "You can't use magic with that collar. You are no different than a cat."
"Gah!? I'm no pet!"
"Don't worry. I don't want a pet like you anyhow. When you leave the school I will remove the collar."
"How amazing of you Riddle." Azul complimented. "Your unique magic can also seal magic. I want it...I mean I do not want it used on me."
Glaceon hissed lightly at the glasses wearing male and Riddle nodded to her.
"You have good instincts."
Crowley matched up (Y/N), who called over the Fresh Snow Pokémon.
"Do something. He's your familiar, isn't he? Take responsibility!"
(Y/N) slammed her foot down.
"I've been trying to tell you, he's not one of mine!"
The headmaster's eyes widened.
"No!" She yelled as she let Glaceon climb onto her shoulder. "Mine are better behaved than that. Most of the time."
The man coughed in embarrassment. 'Well, then in that case, let's throw him out of the school, immediately. I won't even use the pot since I am so kind! Please, someone?"
The student were still too petrified by Swampert, who was now walking back to his trainer, to move. Grim shot up.
"Let me go! I will! I will become a great magician!"
With that declaration, he dashed out.
"Poor little guy," (Y/N) mumbled to herself as Swampert nudged her arm. She smiled and scratched his head. "Good work on the fire, bud." She also gave Glaceon some love. "You did good too, girl"
Crowley studied both the creatures carefully.
"I must say, for a magic less person, your beasts are quite impressive. And I've never seen a summoning method like that before.
"Really?" She asked. Maybe she was in the Unova region? Alder had told her certain parts of the region only had native Pokémon in it, so the people weren't used to foreign ones. "The big guy is Swampert, my starter Pokémon, and this pretty girl is Glaceon."
"Pokémon? I've never heard that term used to describe summoned monsters." Crowley stated.
"Wait, you don't know what a Pokémon is?"
Well scratch that idea out. The headmaster cleared his throat.
"Moving on, despite some trouble, the opening ceremony is now complete. Dorm leaders, please take your new students and go back to your dorms. I haven't seen Diasomnia's dorm leader, Draconia,"
"Isn't him not being here normal?" The scarred boy asked.
"Huh? Don't tell me no one told him about the ceremony." The boy who's butt was on fire asked.
"Well, then why didn't you tell him?" The pretty blonde challenged.
"Hmmm, I'm not really close to him."
As several students muttered fearfully, a small, pale, magenta and black haired male stepped forward.
"Oh, just as I suspected. I came here thinking he might show up. But it seems he didn't get the ceremony announcement again."
Azul and Riddle tried to apologize, but even (Y/N) could tell it was forced.
"It's fine. Diasomnia dorm students, follow me. I hope he isn't sulking."
The students began to file out with their respective dorm, leaving (Y/N) and her Pokémon alone with the headmaster.
"Well then," he said. "I am sorry to say, but I must ask you to leave this academy. It's not possible for a student here to not have magic powers."
"That's fair," She agreed. "I really just want to go home."
"Of course. The Mirror of Darkness will send you back home. Now, step inside the door and visualize your home clearly."
(Y/N) returned both her Pokémon back to their pokeballs and followed the headmaster's instructions. She thought of the farm with the many environments for her many Pokémon. She thought of Steven nearly burning down her kitchen because he forgot to turn off the stove during researching. She thought of playing video games with Tate and Liza in the living room, and she thought of the porch swing where she could relax with the smaller Pokémon.
"Mirror of Darkness, guide this child back to where they belong!"
The mirror was silent. Crowley coughed.
"Let me say that again. Mirror of Darkness, guide this child..."
The spirit cut him off.
"Nowhere. The place where this one nowhere in this world. Nothing."
"What did you say? That's impossible! Today is a true festival for miracles!"
"If I may make a suggestion?" The trainer interrupted. "I think I might be from a different world than this one."
Crowley stared at her in shock.
"I kinda started suspecting it when you told you didn't know what a Pokémon was. The world I come from is teaming with them and people like me who train and do battle alongside them. I must've ended up here somehow and maybe the mirror confused the power of my Pokémon with magic?"
"You seem awfully accepting of that answer."
She smiled.
"Oh, the existence of other worlds is common knowledge where I come from. There are even professors who study different realities and Pokémon who travel between different worlds."
"Ah, I see. Well regardless, there doesn't seem to be any way to send you home. Do you have any sort of identification on you?"
She only then realized she had her small travel bag on her shoulder. Unfortunately, she only found her trainer card, her photo album, the pokeballs of her other Pokémon, her Mega Ring and Dynamax Band, and her Pokédex inside. Crowley sighed.
"I cannot let someone who doesn't have magic into the academy. However, to throw a child lacking any sort of contact with their guardian is heartless. I am kind after all. Hmmm." He thought for a moment. "Ah! That's it. There is an unused building at this academy. It used to be used as a dorm, so if you clean it, you can stay there for now. I shall lend it to you as a temporary lodging. In the meantime, I will find a way to return you home. Ahh, how kind of me! I am such an exceptional professor. Let's strike while the iron is hot! Let's go to the dorm. It's a bit old, but a tasteful building,"
(Y/N) sighed to herself as she followed the headmaster towards the dorm.
Just what exactly had she gotten herself thrown into?

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