Shenanigans 7

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Dimensional Disaster
It was supposed to be a normal day: no tests, no deals, no school destroying emergencies. That was all (Y/N) was asking for. Of course, this world she was dragged into could not give her a little leeway for once. It began with frantic banging from her front door early one morning.
"Coming..." (Y/N) moaned.
Gengar had to drag her downstairs, half asleep with Grim hanging off her shoulder. She patted the ghost/poison type as they reached their destination.
"Thanks Gengar."
As the purple specter disappeared, (Y/N) opened the door with a yawn to see the Leech brothers on the other side.
"Shrimpy!" Floyd yelled, grabbing her arm.
(Y/N) was woken up a bit by this, but wearily looked at Jade.
Grim yawned. "It's way too early for you to be bothering us."
"Is something wrong?"
He sighed and nodded. "Unfortunately, yes. Earlier this morning, a giant sea serpent somehow broke into the Octavinelle Dorm and is reeking havoc."
Floyd then scooped up (Y/N), causing Grim to shriek and nearly fall off her shoulder. He grinned manically.
"Since Shrimpy has monsters of her own, we figured you could take care of it."
She narrowed her eyes. "You got me out of bed the one day I decide to sleep in to take care of a sea monster?"
Jade smiled. "We assure you that your services will be rewarded with a complimentary meal from the Monstro Lounge."
She groaned. "Throw in a strong coffee and we have a deal."
Grim leapt off. "No way! I'm going back to sleep!"
(Y/N) rolled her eyes. "Fine. Just let me get a line up and we'll head out."
Jade bowed. "We thank you for your services."
"It'll be fun watching Shrimpy take on a sea monster!" Floyd cheered.
She yawned. "Yeah, yeah. Floyd, you do need to let me down."
"No I don't."
"You do if you don't want to be pummeled by my Pokémon."
(Y/N) was a bit more awake by the time they got to the undersea dorm and then was jolted up even more so when a roar rang out through the halls.
She glanced down at Swampert (because Floyd insisted on carrying her) with a nervous look. "Did that sound like-?"
"(Y/N)!" Azul greeted, stepping into view. "Thank goodness you're here. The monster is going crazy! I've managed to isolate it on the east side of the dorm, but I don't know how long it'll last."
"Not a problem." She assured him as she made Floyd put her down. "I brought plenty of electric types and my water types for maneuverability."
The octopus nodded with a smile. "Excellent. I'll get you a water breathing potion."
"No need." She said while pulling out a mask. "I brought my diving mask. No offense, but it's way too early to drink those horrible tasting potions."
"No offense taken. Follow me, I'll show you where the creature is."
Azul, flanked by the twins, led the trainer and starter to the east part of the dorm. Several chairs, tables, and other various furniture had been stacked up and students coware behind the barricade. Azul approached one.
"Has it tried anything yet?"
The student nodded fervently. "We tried chasing it further from the dorm, but it started firing beams from its mouth! We can't get close!"
The dorm leader nodded and looked at the girl. "I guess the ball is in your court, Dorm Leader Stone."
She nodded back. "Right. Come on, Swampert. Let's get a look at this see monster."
The water starter pounded his fists together and the two scaled the barricade to get a look at their enemy. It was darting around in the water, roaring furiously with a look of pure bloodlust. It was a sleek blue with beady red eyes. It looked like an oriental dragon with its serpentine form and whiskers. What's more, (Y/N) actually recognized the creature.
"That's a Gyarados!"
"A what?!" Azul yelled back.
"It's a type of Pokémon! It's one of the most aggressive species you could find!"
"I see." Jade jumped in. "So one of your beasts broke loose and decided to reek havoc?"
She tossed a nasty look over her shoulder. "It's not one of mine. I don't own a Gyarados. This is bad."
Floyd pulled out the Dex (that he had stolen from Deuce) to get a better idea of what they were dealing with.
"Gyarados, the Atrocious Pokémon. The evolved form of Magikarp. Once Gyarados goes on a rampage, its ferociously violent blood doesn't calm until it has burned everything down. There are records of this Pokémon's rampages lasting a whole month. A tale is told of a town that angered Gyarados. Before the sun rose the next day, flames utterly consumed the town, leaving not a trace behind."
The mermaid trio blank faced at the description and Azul immediately began to think of the untold destruction (and large repair costs) this creature was about to inflict on them.
"(Y/N), do something!"
The trainer pulled down the mask and got on Swampert.
"On it! Looks like I'll have to catch it. Ready buddy?"
Swampert grunted and dove into the water. The wild Pokémon roared and charged them. Swampert spun around its large body, dodging the attack. The Gyarados roared and fired a Hyper Beam at them, which Swampert avoided narrowly. While it was distracted, (Y/N) released three of her Pokémon. Normally, she'd fight a Pokémon she intended to catch one on one for the sake of fairness, but a rampaging Gyarados was too much of a risk with civilians nearby. Milotic darted out of her ball while Raichu and Amapharos were released at the edge dorm outside the water.
"All right guys. This is a dangerous situation. No matter what, protect the Octavinelle students!"
As Gyarados recovered from the recharge, the two native Hoenn Pokémon charged it. Swampert bashed its head with an Ice Punch while Milotic smacked it with a Dragon Tail. The beast roared and swung at them with Aqua Tail. While the two Pokémon dodged, the force was enough to send them back. (Y/N) held on tightly to Swampert as the Gyarados began to fire Hyper Beams indiscriminately. She gritted her teeth, then noticed the Gyarados had blue whiskers. A male.
"Okay, let's slow you down a bit. Milotic! Attract!"
The graceful water type swam to face the Gyarados. Before the creature could fire at her, Milotic winked at it, sending translucent pink hearts at it. As they made contact, the Gyarados immediately stopped firing and seemed infatuated with the Tender Pokémon.
"Nice work, girl! Now, lead that thing towards Raichu and Ampharos!"
Milotic dart towards the dorm, the Atrocious Pokémon hot on her tail. The students all screamed in fear as they approached.
"What is she thinking!?" Azul yelled.
Floyd cracked his knuckles. "I did want to try and squeeze it."
"Floyd, please leave this to the professionals." Jade insisted.
Milotic burst through the water and on to land as the electric type charged their attacks. As soon as Gyarados peeked his head out of the water, (Y/N) called out.
"Raichu, Ampharos, Thunderbolt!"
The two blasted the rampaging Pokémon head on. The now fried sea monster was half conscious as Swampert and (Y/N) surfaced. The trainer then dug into her bag and pulled out a small Pokémon ball. This one had a black top with a yellow U on it. Clicking the button and enlarging the sphere, (Y/N) pitched the device at Gyarados.
"Go Ultra Ball!"
The device hit the rampaging Pokémon and it was sucked in red light. It then plopped into the water and began to shake.
(Y/N) sighed in relief as Swampert swam over to the ball. She scooped it up then the two headed to dry land, where the rest of the students were now waiting. She greeted her other three Pokémon with scratches and pets.
"Good work, you three. Looks like we have a new teammate."
They all cheered as she sent them back to their Pokeballs. Azul then approached her.
"That was quite impressive. So that's how you capture Pokemon."
She grinned. "Yeah, it takes a bit of practice and certain balls are more effective than others. Good thing I had a couple of spares in my bag."
Floyd then charged up to her and squeezed her tightly.
"Shrimpy! That was so cool!"
"Floyd! Can't breathe!"
Jade patted his brother's shoulder. "Floyd, it's rude to asphyxiate someone who just did you a favor."
The younger twin pouted, but released the girl who gasped for breath. Azul then adjusted his glasses.
"So, that creature was wild?"
(Y/N) nodded. "Yeah, Gyarados that have trainers are somewhat more manageable, but wild ones are menaces. Actually, it's a mark of an experienced trainer to tame a wild Gyarados. I've never done it myself, but now I can check it off my bucket list. Still." She glanced at the Ultra Ball. "What I want to know is how on Earth did a wild Gyarados get here in the first place!?"
"Honestly, I was hoping you would know the answer." Azul admitted. "Do you have any idea?"
"Hmm...does anyone know what happened right before he appeared?"
Azul sighed. "It was so early, most people were asleep."
Jade raised his hand. "I was actually awake and working on one of my terrariums. I remember hearing a loud crash and vaguely seeing colorful lights before it appeared."
"Crash and lights?" (Y/N) thought aloud. "An Ultra Wormhole?"
"A what?" Floyd asked.
"They're openings between dimensions. Sometimes they're big enough for creatures to go through. They're somewhat common in the Alola Region, but I also heard they've been appearing in the Galar Region lately. I guess one opened up and Gyarados ended up here. No wonder it was so agitated."
"Wait!" Azul said, pretty frazzled. "So these random breaks in space have the ability to send creatures from different worlds to our world!?"
"Relax, Azul. It's pretty uncommon for beings to travel through them. They usually have to pretty strong to go through them and even find a route to another world. I'm guessing this time was a one in million chance."
"Still, perhaps these Wormholes are your path home." Jade suggested.
(Y/N) shook her head. "No, that's a bad idea. For one, I'd have to predict when an Ultra Wormhole would open up. Even if I could, there are literally countless worlds connected to Ultra Space. Without a tether to my world, I'd probably just end up lost in Ultra Space."
"Ah! All this science talk is making my head hurt!" Floyd complained.
(Y/N) chuckled. "I guess there isn't much of a need to discuss it. For now, the dorm is safe."
Azul smiled at her. "Thank you for the assistance."
"Of course! I am the resident beast tamer! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go socialize this Gyarados with the rest of my Pokémon." She sighed nervously. "Wish me luck."

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