Shenanigans 2

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(Y/N)'s School for Beginner Pokémon Trainers
(Y/N) and Swampert walked in front of the line of her Heartslabyul friends who stood attentive. The trainer stopped and turned to them.
"Okay, since everyone has been asking, today I will be giving you guys a crash course on Pokémon trainer. I'll be going over the basics and we will have mock battles at the end so you guys get an understanding of it. Got it?"
"Yes ma'am!" They all chimed, all pretty excited.
She chuckled. "The first thing we'll be going over is type effectiveness. This is one of the most basic elements of a Pokémon battle."
(Y/N) whistled and Gardevior appeared with a chart showcasing several type relationships, including pictures of the three Hoenn starters.
"First, we'll go over one of the first type match ups trainers are exposed to: the grass, water, and fire triangle."
Riddle raised his hand. "Why those three?"
"Typically, beginner trainers are given the choice between three starter Pokémon with one of these types, for example, Swampert in his base form is the water starter of my home region."
"So what is type effectiveness exactly?" Deuce asked.
She smiled. "Good question. Type effectiveness is just like it sound: depending on the typing of a Pokémon and the moves used on them, it could do more, less, or no damage, which is why it is important to learn what types are strong or weak against other types. For this triangle, water is strong against fire, fire is strong against grass, and grass beats waters. In addition, fire does less damage to water, water does less damage to grass, and grass does less to fire. Got it?"
"Seems simple enough." Cater said as both Riddle and Trey scribbled down some notes.
Gardevior then turned the page to show a list of weakness and strengths of the three starter types.
"Now, these type don't just have a relationship to each other. In addition to fire, water is also good against rock and ground types, resistant to ice, while also being weak to electric types. Fire is also strong against steel, bug, and ice types, resistant to fairy types, and also weak to rock and ground type. Grass types are strong against ground and rock types, resistant to electric types, and also weak to bug, flying, poison, and ice types. Got it?"
"Think so." Ace said.
"So if I wanted to fight Swampert, I'd use Roserade or Luxray, right?" Grim asked.
(Y/N) shook her head. "You're half right. Roserade is an excellent choice, but Luxray isn't."
"But you just said electric beats water!"
"Yes, but Swampert isn't just a water type. Lesson two, Pokémon can have up to two types which effect their matchups." Gardevior turned the page to a picture of a Mudkip, a Marshtomp, and Swampert all being attacked by a Luxray. Mudkip had the swirled eyes of a knocked out Pokémon while the other two were completely unaffected. "While Mudkip is a pure water type, upon evolving, it gets the ground typing, which is completely immune to electric types, and is the only thing that will do super effective damage against them."
"But that means grass will do even more, right?" Trey asked.
"Good catch. In exchange for only having one weakness, it's a weakness that will do 4x the damage of a regular move. Luckily, to counter type weaknesses, Pokémon can typically learn moves out side their types to get an upper hand on Pokémon strong against them. Going back to Swampert, most water types are able to ice type moves to counter grass types. Everyone understand?"
The boys nodded and (Y/N) went on to explain the entire type chart. She had to go through it several times with Ace and Deuce, while Cater cheated off Trey and Riddle's note. She also made sure to assure the boys that while it was a lot to keep up, it would be second nature in no time. She also took the time to explain Stab, effect, and support moves. When she thought they understood well enough, she brought out the baby Pokémon, helped by Crobat.
"All right, Trey, I want you to pick a Pokémon."
"Ugh okay." He glanced at the little ones for a moment before pointing. "Applin."
The little apple Pokémon hopped to him and cried happily at being chosen.
"Okay, Applin is a grass/dragon type. Deuce," she turned to the blue haired male who stiffened. "Which Pokémon would you have battle it?"
He glanced at the remaining Pokémon nervously.
"Scorbunny?" He said unsure.
(Y/N) shook her head. "Will Scorbunny would be good if Applin was pure grass type, it's also part dragon type, so that balances out the weakness."
Deuce deflated. "Oh right, I forgot about dragon. Um, then how about Cufant?"
The little Pokémon sounded off at the sound of its name as (Y/N) nodded slightly.
"Okay, more of a defensive advantage. You may not do super effective damage, but you will be resistant to both of Applin's stab types. Not bad." She then turned to the Heartslabyul Dorm Leader. "Riddle, what's your counter?"
He smirked. "Easy, Vulpix."
(Y/N) smiled. "Well done, Riddle. Vulpix is an ice/fairy type, so not only is it immune to dragon moves, its ice moves are 4x super effective against Applin."
Ace gave Riddle a stink eye as he gave a smug smile.
After a few more rounds of that, (Y/N) decided they were ready for the mock battles.
"All right, I want all of you to pick a Pokémon you feel a connection to and then we're going to battle. They won't fight at full power, but it will be enough that you get the gist of it"
The boys nodded and spread out, while Grim took a nap on Swampert, who would not take orders from anyone else (Ace tried, but was rejected). Unsurprisingly, Riddle, Trey, and Cater came back with Shaymin (Sky Form), Alcremie, and Glaceon respectively, while Ace and Deuce chose Scorbunny (who refused to take no as an answer from Ace) and Noivern. (Y/N) scratched her head.
"I do wish we had an even number so everyone could participate."
"Ho, can I joi-nya then?" A voice asked.
(Y/N) yelped as Che'nya appeared with his usual cat grin. While the bigger Pokémon had to restrain Swampert, Riddle gave Che'nya a hard look.
"Che'nya, what are you doing here?"
He grinned happily. "I thought it would be fun. I wanna play the meow-nsters."
"Geeze, the cat puns." Ace groaned.
Cater waved it off. "Aw just let him. We need an extra person anyways."
"I suppose it's fine." (Y/N) said. "Though, I should run through everything with you."
"Don't worry, I was here the whole time!"
"You were what?" Trey asked a little worried.
(Y/N) elected to ignore it and pushed Che'nya towards the Pokémon.
"Whatever, just choose a Pokémon and I'll pair everyone up."
He grinned at here. "But I already have a new friend!"
Gengar suddenly appeared, scaring Ace, Deuce, and Grim. (Y/N) blank faced.
"Why am I not surprised you two bonded?"
Both cackled and (Y/N) paired everyone up.
To the annoyance of everyone, Che'nya excelled at battling with Gengar and mopped the floor with everyone, before running away after stealing another cheek peek from (Y/N).

Pokémon Garden Party
After an hour of the boys and Swampert chasing after Che'nya, everyone settled down for a picnic for all their hard work. They settled down into the newly terraformed yard.
"How did they do this!?" Ace yelled as he saw the completely redone yard.
The yard had been separated into five biome, each with their own leafy or muddy dens, tree hollows, or holes. The first biome was a field with plenty of tall grass, flowers, a few willow trees, a few small hills to dig into, and even a tiny babbling brook. Beside it was a forest area that gave off a sinister aura. Twisted Oak, Rowan, and Birch trees created a shadowy place which gave off a cold wind (ghost, dark, and bug types can do some pretty freaky things), next was a desert biome filled with sand, dried out logs, shrubs, and rocks. There were also plenty of flat stones for sunning or setting on fire. Beside that was an icy biome somehow covered in snow and looked like something you'd find on a Christmas card. The last biome was a marsh with plenty of water, mud, logs, perch stones, and tall grass. All five of the biomes surrounded a giant lake that seemed to be the center piece of the yard since it looked like it came out of a storybook. There were lily pads, water lilies, stones for sunning, beautifully clear water, and an island dedicated to a giant tree.
It was incredible, especially considering they shouldn't have been here long enough for the plants to grow. The boys turned to (Y/N) with jaws dropped.
"So, what do you think? I think turned out quite nice."
"How?" Was all Deuce could managed.
"You saw how quickly Shaymin restored the rose garden. This was the same thing on a bigger scale."
"This is really impressive, (Y/N)." Trey complimented.
"It's even evenly separated." Riddle pointed out.
"Nya! It's so fun!" Grim said. "I can choose to sun myself, sit in the flowers, or have a snowball fight!"
"How do you even keep the temperatures correct? Especially for the snow?" Cater asked.
"My Pokémon can regulate temperature pretty easily, so it's not that difficult."
"Hey, let's have a picnic on the island! I'll be able to get great pics for Magigram!"
She looked around. "Anyone have any objections?"
No one seemed to mind, so Swampert, Milotic, and Flygon carried them all to the island, were the unreal scenery. Cater took plenty of pictures and everyone was happy to interact with the various water and flying types that came to visit them. All in all, it was a very nice day out and Riddle even got some gardening tips from (Y/N).

Short on that last one, but I wanted to describe the finished yard.

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