Chapter 17: Kicked Out

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Chapter 17: Evicted

The Leech brothers escorted the Ramshackle residents back to their dorm, all the while, Swampert giving them dirty looks. When they got there, the babies ran up to greet them, only to scurry away when they saw Jade and Floyd. Jade glanced around the area.
"Oh, so this is the Ramshackle Dorm. This is my first time ever coming inside. A nice place, indeed. It's very close to the school as well. This is the perfect place for the Monstro Lounge's 2nd location. The biomes in the back will make for a wonderful view as well."
"There are ghosts here too, right?" Floyd asked with a smile. "How fun is that?"
"Why did you guys escort us all the way here anyways?" Grim asked as (Y/N) calmed the babies down.
"You signed this place away as a collateral for the contract with Azul, didn't you?" Floyd asked the trainer.
"Fnya!?" Grim squeaked.
"Since Azul couldn't ask for the Pokémon, this was all (Y/N) had to offer." Jade explained. "This dorm will be impounded during the 3 day period."
"What!?" They both yelled.
"Until you are able to fulfill your part of the contract, this dorm belongs to Azul. It's in your best interest to not fight over this matter."
"We'll give you some time to get what you need and get the monsters out." Floyd stated.
"If Azul becomes the permanent owner of this dorm, everything in here will be surrendered to him. Please keep that in mind."
"Hehehe, it's okay. As long as you bring us the photo in 3 days, we will give everything back to you."
The twins laughed maniacally as (Y/N) gritted her teeth.
"Wah! I have to hurry and get all my canned tuna!" Grim yelped as he ran to the kitchen.
(Y/N) whistled. "Gengar, I need the Pokeballs of everyone in the dorm!"
As they scrambled to get everything together, (Y/N) heard the dripping noise again, because of course. Eventually, (Y/N) had everyone besides Swampert in their Pokeballs and she and Grim gathered their few belongings.
"Are you both ready?" Jade asked.
"See you later, shrimpy and earless seal! Have a safe trip! Don't forget the monsters out back!" Floyd taunted.
(Y/N) smirked. "Oh, why would I do that?"
"Eh? Don't you want to take your monsters?"
"Oh no, they're comfortable where they are, and I can call them if I need them. I think I'll leave them there. After all, you said the problem was everything IN the dorm."
Jade sweated a bit. "Eh, Azul did want the monsters moved for the time being."
"Was that in the contract?"
"Well no..."
"Then I'm under no obligation to move them."
"But then we'll have to do it!" Floyd complained.
She smirked. "Oh, you're more than welcome to try. Be careful of Tyrantrum, he will take limbs."
"Ms Stone-,"
(Y/N) cut Jade off. "If you won't play nice, I won't be nice. This is your problem, you deal with it. Good luck, gentlemen."
She slammed the door in their faces and quickly scurried off before Floyd decided to chase them. They stopped after passing the gate.
"He called me an earless seal!" Grim growled as the wind blew harshly. "It looks like we're going to have to sleep outside tonight...this is so unfair..."
"Need I remind you why we're in this situation in the first place!" (Y/N) yelled at him before sighing. "I'm used to sleeping outdoors, but we should probably find a place to sleep for the night."
As if Arceus answered her plea, they heard footsteps approaching them and turned to see their first year friends coming towards them.
"Hey!" Deuce yelled. "(Y/N)! Grim!"
"Wah!" Grim greeted. "You guys! Did you come here to save us?"
Ace rubbed his head. "We aren't worried about you, Grim, but it's kinda," Swampert growled at him. "It IS all our faults (Y/N) is in this mess. It would be bad if she got sick or caught a cold."
"Stop trying to act tough." Grim told him.
"We already talked to Rosehearts about what happened." Deuce assured them. "If you don't mind sleeping in a 4 person dorm, then everything should be okay."
"Wouldn't it be too crowded for them to sleep in a 4 person room?" Jack asked. "Especially since (Y/N) has her Pokémon? Doesn't the Heartslabyul Dorm have any free rooms available?"
Deuce shook his head. "Our dorm hasn't had any students that have been expelled so we don't have any vacant rooms."
"Then..." Jack rubbed his head bashfully. "Why don't you stay at the Savanaclaw Dorm?"
"I picked a fight with Azul, but I wasn't able to do anything to help. I'm sure Leona-senpai wouldn't object after everything you did for us at the Magical Shift Tournament."
"Ohh." Deuce teased.
Ace jumped in as well. "Heh, Jack really is a nice guy on the inside, isn't he?"
"How unexpected." Grim added with a smirk.
"Don't get the wrong idea!" Jack snapped. "It'd just be bad for me if (Y/N) doesn't beat Azul before the next test!"
"Yeah, yeah, whatever you say." Ace said.
Deuce over to the Ramshackle residents. "You'll probably be more comfortable with Jack's suggestion."
"Unless you would rather sleep with us?" Ace teased.
(Y/N) chuckled. "I think we'll head to Savanaclaw."
"Let's go then, it's almost midnight..." Jack yawned.
"Okay, see you tomorrow." Ace yelled.
Deuce smiled. "Good night."
"Absolutely not." Leona said firmly.
The residents of Ramshackle stood in front of the prince, asking for a place to sleep. Well, some of them. Most of the Pokémon had already fallen asleep by the waterfall.
Jack scratched his head. "He didn't even need to think about it."
"Our dorm has a strict no-pets policy, take your beasts somewhere else."
(Y/N) pouted. "Oh come on, I saved your tail back during your tournament, you owe me." She then picked up Shinx and held him to the lion's face. "Pwease Leona? Do it for your baby brother."
"That furball is no brother of mine."
"Oh please, Luxray has adopted you twice over. Please?"
Both Shinx and (Y/N) put on puppy eyes and Shinx went the extra mile to lick Leona. He groaned, defeated.
Ruggie smirked. "Hey Leona-san, why don't you let these two sleep in your room?"
'Ha?!" Everyone said.
The 20 year old growled at the hyena. "Hey Ruggie, you better shut that mouth of yours unless you want me to shut it for you?"
"But aren't you used to having servants in your room? If you give these two all of your chores in exchange for letting them sleep in your room, it's a win-win situation, isn't it."
"Ruggie, you bastard..."
"You know, I'm still in so much pain from what happened at the Magical Shift Tournament. I don't know if it's because of that magic amplifier I had to drink, but all this hard work is exhausting. After all, I risked my life for Leona-san. I'd recover much faster if I had these two help me take care of you."
Leona clicked his tongue. "You're a sneaky little bastard, you know that?"
"Aw come on, you know I'm not lying! Shishishi!"
"Well, I'm not gonna let them just stay in my room that easily."
(Y/N) groaned. "Just tell Swampert who to punch."
"Oi! Runts!" Leona called.
Three burly students ran up to him.
"Yes, Dorm Leader?"
Leona simply turned to Swampert and motioned to him. "Go nuts."
One massacre later, Leona begrudgingly allowed (Y/N), Grim, and Shinx into his room, drawing the line at her larger Pokémon.
"I still don't get why you need that yellow furball." He growled at the female.
She held Shinx tightly. "Oh I'm sorry I can't fall asleep without one of my Pokémon with me. You wanna deal with my terrors?"
The lion smirked. "That an invitation, herbivore?"
"Don't even think about it, kitty."
"This room has such a wild man atmosphere, doesn't it?" Grim noted.
"Stop goofing around." The senior ordered. "We'll, I'm going to sleep. If I hear just one little peep, I'm kicking you out..."
He almost immediately began snoring as soon as he got into bed. (Y/N) was almost impressed.
"Forget lion, this guy was Slakoth in his previous life."
"Yeah, he knocked out in 3 seconds." Grim agreed.
"Let's just try to keep it down."
The cat zipped his lip as (Y/N) got into the extra bed Ruggie was nice enough to provide. Shinx curled up on the pillow while Grim took the foot of the bed. Exhausted from the day, (Y/N) drifted off pretty quickly, only to find a familiar dream waiting for her. She opened her eyes to a void.
"It's dark..."
Light began to peer in through the mouth of a tunnel. The walls were covered in kelp and, terrifyingly, shriveled anemones with miserable faces. The mermaid from the previous dreams appeared, coming through the entrance.
"Enter, cute little princess." A voice beckoned. "So you've fallen in love with a human, now have you?"
The room became dark once more as a very familiar phrase rang out.
"It's a deal." Suddenly, she saw a familiar looking mermaid with the bottom half of an octopus and the eels from before. "I'll give you a potion that will turn you human for 3 days, and the prince must fall madly in love with you. And one more thing, we must discuss your payment. What I want is...that lovely voice of yours."
"This seems all too familiar." (Y/N) thought as a golden contract came into view.
"Now, sign your name on this contract, and I will save your poor unfortunate soul."
The dream faded as the younger mermaid began to sign. (Y/N) opened her eyes.
"Someone made a deal in my dream."
Shinx pawed at her, noticing she was awake, while Grim was still snoozing. Ruggie suddenly barged in.
"Morning! Leona-san, wake up please!" He looked at the freshmen. "It's time for you both to wake up too."
"I'm up already." (Y/N) yawned.
Grim groaned and looked at the clock. "It's morning already? Ah! It's only 6 am!"
"Savanaclaw has morning training for Magical Shift. Since you're staying here, you're going to be training too."
"Eh? Morning training?" Grim repeated.
"We started training right after the tournament."
"Shut up..." Leona growled through a yawn.
Ruggie grabbed him by the arm. "Leona-san, come on! Don't go back to sleep!"
The Ramshackle watched as the hyena tried to drag the senior out of bed. When that failed, (Y/N) held up Shinx.
"Electric type?"
Ruggie grin and gently took the baby Pokémon. "Thank you, ma'am!"
The second year slipped the Flash Pokémon under the covers, and a moment later, Leona shot up with a yelp. He held Shinx, who was smiling innocently and wagging his tail, by his scruff and glared at him.
"You're lucky your mom would gut me if I did anything to you."
"Too true." (Y/N) said as she collected her Pokémon. "Now get your lazy butt up so we can all suffer."
The group met up with the rest of Savanaclaw at the Magift Coliseum. Jack greeted them.
"Oh, you guys are joining morning training?"
"I wanted to get some more sleep, but Ruggie made us come." Grim complained.
The hyena shrugged. "Hey, let's make this a little game, shall we? Let's make the freshmen break a sweat!"
Leona yawned. "I'm gonna fall asleep just standing here. Let's get started."
Grim and Swampert trained with Jack, outmuscling most of the seniors. As the training progressed, Grim seemed a bit more chipper.
"It kind of feels good to get my body moving so early in the morning."
"Right?" Jack agreed. "I wake up an extra hour earlier every day to go jogging by myself."
"That's a bit extreme." Grim then glanced around. "So the Savanaclaw Dorm is training for next year's Magical Shift Tournament? You all look like some formidable opponents."
" don't know, huh?" Ruggie asked.
"Know what?" (Y/N) asked.
"Every year I'm May, there's an even bigger tournament that our regular dorm tournament."
"What!?" Grim shrieked. "An even bigger tournament?"
"The Inter-school tournament." Leona stated as Ruggie began to explain.
"The name says it all, it's like the Magical Shift Tournament, but this time against other schools."
"Every year our school competes against the Royal Sword Academy." Leona growled at that last part.
"Oh, I think I've heard that name before." Grim pondered.
(Y/N) nodded. "That's Chenya's school." (Cue Swampert growling at the cat's name).
"There are a bunch of magic schools here in Twisted Wonderland," Ruggie said. "But Night Raven College and Royal Sword Academy are known as the big 'powerhouses'."
Grim tilted his head. "What kind of school is Royal Sword Academy?"
"It's full of pampered, little, rich princes." Leona snarked.
(Y/N) crossed her arms. "Leona, you're a prince."
Ruggie cackled. "Shishishi! Yeah, yeah, their entire school building is all sparkly and shiny. Their white uniforms easily show the littlest speck of dirt. But I don't care how prestigious that school is, I wouldn't go there even if they paid me."
"But, hasn't Night Raven College lost against them at every inter-school competition for the last 100 years?" Jack asked.
Ruggie's ears flattened. "What!? That's...we've only lost 99 times! This year is our 100th. And this time, we're going to win!"
The wolf looked unconvinced. "When I was watching the Inter-school competition on TV, the plays from Royal Sword Academy players were amazing, but what set them apart was all their team plays were perfect."
"Ah, so they can actually function as a team." (Y/N) noted. "No wonder they beat us."
"Wait, an inter-school competition?" Grim pondered. "Other dorms besides Savanaclaw will be competing against Royal Sword Academy?"
"Yeah." Leona answered. "Each dorm will have tryouts to pick a representative for the respective teams."
"I bet it's gonna be a brawl." (Y/N) groaned.
The senior seemed to agree with her, rubbing his forehead. "Last year, everyone was fighting over the positions and it caused a huge scene."
"That's how you do it!" Grim cheered. "You gotta fight for the position you want!"
(Y/N) leaned against Swampert. "What does it say about us that we ended up in the villain school?"
"I'm definitely going to get picked for our team!" Grim boasted.
"Well that means you better start training so you can show them what you got." Jack challenged with a smile.
"There's a bigger chance of getting seen on TV this time." Ruggie mentioned. "It's a great time to show your skills!"
Leona rolled his eyes. "If we're gonna take a cat, it's gonna be the one that controls lightning, either one. Besides, if I had to pick a monster, I'll take the swamp beast here anytime. I'd love to see the looks on those prissy boys faces when they get slapped with mud."
Swampert flexed as (Y/N) laughed.
"Royal Sword Academy, huh?"

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