Shenanigans 14

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Walking on the Wild Side

All things considered, (Y/N) could imagine worse punishments from Vil than accompanying him to a photo session and music video shoot. Considering just how popular the video of her and Neige singing together had gotten, the blonde could've been far more merciless. Though part of that could've been because Rook turned out to be the one who recorded and posted the video (it wasn't difficult to figure out considering the Dreepy easily cracked under pressure and blabbed to their trainer). Needless to say, most of Vil's rage was redirected at his Vice Dorm Leader, so she was mostly in the clear.
(Y/N) walked behind Vil as they entered the building. She had done photo shoots in the past, so she wasn't going into this blind, but those shoots had been more showcases of her Pokémon rather than herself, and Wallace had always been on the sidelines to coach her. Vil seemed to notice her hesitation and nudged her with a shoulder.
"Compose yourself. You need to show confidence for this."
"I know." She moaned. "But I'm not used to being the center of it. Usually my Pokémon take center stage, not me."
Vil rolled his eyes. "You're the reason they can hold so much attention. You raised them and brought out that potential. If you had as much confidence in yourself as you do, you'd be unstoppable, truly."
"Aw, was that a compliment?"
Vil ignored her and led her through the building. (Y/N) could hear the excited whispering tones of the people around them, which only made the girl more nervous. Vil eventually led her through the back door where a detailed set was waiting. It was a town square, a nice fountain and a quaint bench in the center, encircled by street lights. The alleyways surrounding them were ominously shaded. A photographer was nearby, setting up a camera, while others were bustling setting up film cameras.
(Y/N) whistled. "Wow. Don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this."
The blonde chuckled. "As if I would be involved in any sort of half effort project."
"Good point."
The photographer, a spritely woman with bleached hair, with dark dress pants and a jacket, a white button up, and a purple barrette, heard them and swiveled, a big grin on her face.
She ran up and the two greeted each other with a professional hug. The blonde looked equally as glad to see her.
"Rachel, I always looked forward to working with you."
"Of course, dear. Someone has to do you justice! It sickens me that so many people fail to bring out your true potential. Can't tell cute from beautiful, if you ask me. Your father had the same problem unfortunately."
He sighed. "It can't be helped I suppose."
(Y/N) was starting to understand why Vil was eager for this photo shoot. This woman could give Rook a run for his money in admiration for Vil. Rachel eventually caught sight of the girl and her face bloomed in excited.
"Oh, this must be her! Oh I've seen her face all over Magicam! You must get me in contact with her photographer, truly." She ran up to (Y/N) and began examining her. "Yes, yes! A beautiful canvas to work with! Rachel Chavaunt, darling girl."
(Y/N) nervously smiled. "(Y/N) Stone. Pleasure to meet you, ma'am."
"Please, please, just Rachel, dear. I must admit, when I saw your Magicam page, I was struck by infinite possibilities for shooting, and when Vil told me you were acquainted, well I took it as a sign of God!"
"I...suppose you can view like that."
"Excellent! Now, if you don't mind, before we begin, I would like to select the monsters I would like you two to pair with. I hope Vil informed you of my suggestions."
She reached into her bag, pulling out the six balls. "Yes, he did. Come on out, everyone!"
Vulpix, Cufant, Lycanroc, Absol, Houndoom, and Alcremie all appeared, lining up for inspection. Rachel nodded, studying each one carefully.
"Yes, yes, a beautiful menagerie. I must commend you, their pelts are gorgeous."
"Thank you. I try to keep everyone well groomed."
"Well you do a wonderful job. But which two will fit my vision!?"
"Um, perhaps if you could explain your 'vision' to me, I maybe could tell you who'd fit best."
"Here's the song for the video." Vil said, handing her sheet music. "It's become quite popular recently."
"Yes!" Rachel said enthusiastically. "It's all about primal urges in a world that forces us to repress them, until eventually we must express them in some form! Dance in this case. The two sides represented by gentleman, clad in black and a slave to the shadows, and the young woman of the light, who feels drawn to an exciting temptations of the dark!"
(Y/N) nodded, reading along to the music, trying to picture it in her head. "Okay, well, if I'm reading Vil's part right, Houndoom would probably fit the best. He's regal, and graceful, but he's intimidating and demands respect."
Rachel looked at the Dark Pokémon and nodded. "You're right, he's the perfect partner for Vil! And with that decided, I can eagerly say that Vulpix would be the best to pair up with you, (Y/N)."
"Because they're well contrasted?"
"Ah, so she isn't completely ignorant of this field." Vil teased, which (Y/N) did not appreciate.
"Very funny."
Rachel immediately began shoving the two towards teams of makeup artists and designers.
"Now that we've decided that, I need you both in costume! Off with you!"
"W-wait, shouldn't I-,"
"Just let the artists do their work, dear."
After a few hours of hair, makeup, and dress fittings (Vulpix only needed a brushing and a white bow), (Y/N) stepped back onto the set, now garbed in a white, long sleeved, schoolgirl's dress.

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