Chapter 21: Let Go

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Chapter 21: Everyone is Worth Something

Darkness had engulfed the Octavinelle Dorm as Marshadow continued to drag Leona and Ruggie around to avoid Azul. There were screams of terror as they heard the manic yelling of the octopus.
"Your lightning magic! Your athletic ability! Give it all to me!"
A Scarabia student screamed in pain as his body slumped to the ground.
Ruggie's ears were tucked to his head. "What is Azul-kun doing!? Everyone is collapsing one by one!"
Leona crossed his arms. "It seems Azul doesn't need a contract to use his unique magic to take someone else's magic. I guess the contract is only to keep the magic under control."
"Eh!? Isn't that terrifying!?"
The prince nodded. "Yeah, using excessive magic like that is just asking for instant blot. Pick up the pace, Marshadow!"
The mythical, instead, came to a screeching halt as Jade and Floyd appeared.
"Azul!" Jade yelled. "What on earth are you doing!?"
"Ewww!" Floyd whined. "What's happening!?"
The First Year Squad came barging in after them, riding on Golisopod and Swampert.
Ace starred in bewilderment. "Eh!? What's with this chaos!?"
"Is Azul going on a...rampage?!" Deuce asked as Marshadow dragged the Savanaclaw seniors over to them.
Jack growled. "This guy is taking all of the students' magic!"
"No kidding." (Y/N) said as she tightened her grip on Swampert and glared at the lion. "Leona, what did you do?"
He groaned. "Why is it my fault!? I followed your plan!"
"Marshadow, what did he do?"
"Mar mar Marshadow!"
(Y/N) got off Swampert and began smacking Leona on the side of the head. "You! Taunted! Him!?"
As Ruggie got her away from his leader, Azul finally noticed them and approached with a very unsettling smile.
"Jade, Floyd, ahh! You finally came back to me. Because of these idiots, all of my contracts are gone. So then...please give me your magic too. Come on, please give it to me!"
"Stop this at once!" Jade ordered. "You know your magic is too strong to control without a contract! You know what will happen if you keep this up."
"But, it's because it's all gone..." Azul then began to laugh maniacally. "Ah hahaha ha...AHAHAHAHA!" His face then turned serious. "At this rate, I'll end up going back to my old self."
"Old self?" (Y/N) asked.
Floyd frowned. "You know? You're a lot lamer now than you were before, Azul."
"Floyd, not helping!" The trainer snapped.
The octopus smirked. "Ah, is that so? I'm nothing but a stupid, idiotic octopus who can't do anything by himself, right? That's why, I'm going to take everyone's magic so I can be the best me I can be. The most powerful magic, all of it will belong to me! Gimme! GIVE IT ALL TO ME!"
Azul's magic surged, whipping everyone even more into a frenzy and causing a familiar dark liquid to ooze from him.
The younger Leech looked grossed out. "What's with him? That black muddy stuff coming from Azul...that's not ink...right?"
"He's using too much magic!" Jade said, his cool facade breaking. "He's exceeded his crystal's limit! At this rate he'll...he'll go into Overblot!"
As Azul laughed madly once more, (Y/N) grabbed the three remaining Pokeballs at her belt as Milotic, Golisopos and Swampert formed a defensive ring.
"Marshadow! Go get help! Raichu! Araquanid! Ampharos! Lend us your strength!"
Marshadow ran and the three newcomers joined their friends as the familiar sound of dripping ink filled their ears. Azul was engulfed by the ink and emerged with darkened black and purple skin. His legs had been replaced by eight tentacles. His waist and shoulders were encompassed by sharp shells and barnacles, he had a gold shell necklace on, and an inky crown sat on his head. Like the other Overblots, a flame encompassed his left eye, violet this time, and his eyes were now a piercing icy blue. An incarnation rose behind him as he smiled manically, an octopus mermaid with an ink bottle head, wielding a trident.
"Get ready!" (Y/N) yelled.
"I won't...I'LL NEVER GO BACK!" Azul yelled as the blot swung at them, violently.
Everyone jumped back.
"Raichu, Thunder Wave! Amapharos, Thunderbolt!"
The two electric types fired off their attacks, but Azul barely seemed to notice. The blot still charged aggressive as everyone kept moving.
(Y/N) gritted her teeth. "He's too resistant! We need to hit him physically!"
"On it!" Jack said as he morphed into his wolf form to distract the incarnation.
Jade nodded to the girl. "We will assist as well. We must make him come to his senses."
"I guess we have no choice either." Leona groaned as he and Ruggie pulled out their pens.
Ruggie tilted his head nervously. "Yeah, or else we'll end up worse than having anemones on our heads."
"(Y/N), you're the strategist, tell us what to do." Ace asked.
(Y/N) hopped back on Swampert. "We need to keep moving and tire him out! Come on, buddy!"
Swampert charged at Azul, barely weaving around him to avoid the trident before grazing him with an Ice Punch.
"Gah!" He cried. "Your monsters' strength! Giv-!"
With his back turned, Golisopod charged with Aqua Jet, holding on to Ace and Deuce who blasted him with wind and cauldrons. When he swerved to face them, Ruggie and Jack attacked his opening, and so on. Everyone weaved in and out, distracting Azul so some else could attack. Azul grew furious as a surge of magic knocked everyone off. The incarnation swung its trident, colliding with Swampert and sending both of the skidding. (Y/N) tumbled, her vision blurred as the blot went for another attack.
"(Y/N)! Get out of there!"
Golisopod jumped in the way, blocking with a dual Razor Shell as Araquanid came up from behind with an X-Scissor. Azul cried in pain as the two bugs wrestled the blot long enough for Floyd to snatch up the still disoriented (Y/N).
"You okay, Shrimpy?"
"Yeah...I'm good."
As he put her down next to Swampert, Azul yelled.
The blot launched the bugs, and Golisopod's ability activated. The blot would've continued the assault on Araquanid, if not for Ampharos using Power Gem to pelt the bottle head. The others regrouped as the electric types ran a diversion.
"He's too strong!" Ace growled.
Grim was crying. "Magic doesn't seem to do anything to him!"
"Then we just hit him!" Leona growled.
"We just need to get past his limit." (Y/N) insisted before turning to Milotic. "Milotic, Dragon Dance, as many as you can manage!"
"Lotic!" The serpent cried as her body glowed.
"Raichu, Electric Terrain!"
The surfing mouse let out a cry as electricity surged around the field, sparking electricity.
"What's going on?" Jade asked.
"Electric Terrain is a field effect. It boosts the power of electric type moves and doubles Raichu's speed thanks to his ability."
"But we can't hurt him with those types of attacks!" Ruggie pointed out.
"Don't worry, I have a plan...hopefully. Araquanid, Soak."
The spider-like Pokémon launched a stream of water at the distracted octopus who was trying to hit the electric types. He was soaked to the bone.
"Why you! HOW DARE YOU!"
Ampharos and Raichu fled as he and the blot began to rampage, destroying anything he could touch. Grim held on tightly to Swampert.
"Great, ya made him angry, herbivore." Leona huffed.
"What was the point of that?" Jade asked. "It didn't do anything."
She smirked. "Sure it did."
"This is a bad time for lying, Shrimpy." Floyd growled.
"Oh my non Pokémon trainer friends, Soak is an affect move, it's not meant to do damage. What it does is give the target the water type."
Ace, Deuce, and Grim suddenly screamed in realization as Jack grinned.
"So that's your plan."
"Care to share with the group?" Ruggie asked.
Grim quickly explained. "Water types are weak to electric types!"
Leona then smirked. "And her monsters' electric moves just became stronger."
"Don't you just love a good plan? Ampharos, Raichu, double Thunderbolt!"
The two electric types grinned as the fired of their blasts of electricity. Azul screamed and staggered at the force.
"That seemed to hurt him this time!" Deuce said.
(Y/N) got back on Swampert.
"We've got him on the ropes! All in!"
They all charged, firing off their attacks. Azul was crying, swiping in every direction with his tentacles, but the now speedy Raichu kept intercepting the attacks.
Azul launched another wave of magic, which knocked everyone off balance. This time, instead of striking Swampert, he snatched (Y/N) off him. Swampert roared angrily.
"(Y/N)!" Jack yelled as Azul squeezed her.
"Why did you have to show up!? You ruined everything!"
"I played your game and I beat you!" The trainer struggled to say as she was slowly being crushed.
The boys rushed in to help, only to be knocked away. Swampert and Araquanid began wrestling with the blot to get to their trainer as Azul clutched his head.
"You don't get it! You could never understand what it's like to be one looked down on! TO BE THE ONE THAT'S ALWAYS TO BLAME! TO BE WORTHLESS!"
"You don't think I don't know that!?" (Y/N) yelled defiantly. "That loneliness? Being picked on? That was everyday of my life until I met Swampert! I spent everyday thinking no one care about me! But I found those who do, and I survived and I made something of myself! And so did you Azul, but I didn't take advantage of others! Building yourself off that makes it meaningless!"
"JUST SHUT UP!" The octopus screeched, his grip tightening.
"Milotic! Now!"
The Tender Pokémon leapt into the air and slammed a Dragon Tail directly on Azul's head. He staggered back, completely dazed. (Y/N) slipped from his grip and Raichu quickly caught her with a Psychic, bring her back. She was heaving for breath as everyone gathered around her in fear.
"Are you okay?" Jack asked.
"I'm fine. Let's just finish this."
She staggered to her feet, propped up by Swampert.
"Milotic! Wipe him out!"
Milotic cried out as she struck speedy blows against the still dazed Azul and the blot. The others watched in awe at the sheer speed and grace of the elegant Pokémon.
"How is Milotic so strong and fast?" Deuce asked.
"Dragon Dance boosts attack and speed. Azul may have us edged out in magic, but he doesn't stand a chance against a fully boosted Milotic. Milotic, end it with Aqua Tail!"
Milotic's tail glowed blue as she flipped into the air and slammed it down on the blot's head, shattering the bottle as the incarnation faded. Azul staggered and fell.
"Why...why does everyone bully me? I really just a stupid, clumsy octopus?"
Azul collapsed as the Overblot faded. While the twins raced to his side, Milotic slithered to her trainer who had the camera out. With a snap, she was in the memory realm once more as the reel began to play. They were underwater in what looked like a restaurant.
[The only place I fit in was inside an octopus pot.]
Two mermaid children began jeering at a small, chubby, octopus mermaid. (Y/N) recognized him as Azul.
"Hey look! It's Azul the ink spitter!"
"Hurry, let's get out of here! He has so many legs!"
Azul began to cry. "S-stop it...why would you say that to me..."
"Run away! Before he inks us!"
"Kyahahaha! He'll never catch up to us!"
As the two other mermaids continued their taunts, Azul cried bitterly, spitting ink. (Y/N) sighed.
"Kids are cruel. They go after anyone who they don't think fits in."
[I was different from other mermaids. My legs had a bunch of suction cups. I was introverted and could never speak up for myself. I wasn't good at school or sports. I was always alone. A stupid, idiotic octopus.]
"This guy keeps dirtying up the water." One of the kids groaned. "Whenever he cried, he spreads ink!"
"And he gets out so easily when we play tag. It's so boring playing with him!"
[ that so? Then why don't you just leave alone and go back to playing your worthless games! I was not a fast swimmer, but I had 10 arms and legs that I could move at will. Compared to those with 2 arms, I was 5 times more able to write down spells. I can spit out ink and write magic spells at any time. Just you wait! Someday, I will triumph over all you worthless mermaids!]
Little Azul was then approached by a pair of familiar eel children.
"Hey little octopus." Floyd greeted. "Why are you hiding in a little octopus pot?"
"Shut up!" Child Azul snapped. "Just leave me alone!"
Child Jade was more interested in the various magical items lying around. "Amazing, there's shells with magic spells in them. How to shapeshift, to steal someone's voice. Have you been writing spells with your 8 legs this whole time?"
Azul slapped Jade's curious hands away from the shells. "Don't touch them! Do you want to get inked? I'm going to keep studying so I can be strong just like the Sea Witch. So don't get in my way! Get out of here!"
"Hey Jade, that octopus is interesting, huh?"
"Yes, Floyd, he's very interesting."
[So I kept studying rigorously for the past several years.]
The setting remained the same as the kids looked older now.
"I heard that a mermaid from another class lost weight and got himself a girlfriend." Floyd mentioned, as he, his brother, and Azul were at a table.
Jade nodded. "In exchange his proud tenor singing voice turned into a hideous crouching voice."
"Eh?" Azul said innocently. "Is that so?"
"Someone from another class who was unhappy with their unruly hair now has silky blond hair." Jade also brought up.
"In exchange, they lost their big tail and now they aren't a fast swimmer anymore." Floyd finished.
"Hmm." Azul hummed. "I see."
"Hey Azul, this is your doing, right?" Jade asked up front.
"Those mindless fish would never be capable of such advanced magic spells."
Floyd grinned. "And the little octopus has been studying for so long."
Azul began to laugh. "...fufufufu! Hahahaha! Is that so? I can't believe I've been found out so quickly."
"Then we were right?" Floyd asked.
"Yes, you are. I have finally perfected it. As long as someone signs this magic contract, I can take any magic skill or ability I want from them. I call it 'It's a Deal'. Now, I can make them all bow before me. All of your most precious abilities will be mine! Ahahaha! HAHAHAHA!"
[I haven't slacked off for a single second. Those who made fun of me, the looks on the faces of those who bullied me, I've been observing them over time. All their weaknesses, their worries...I know it all. If I just grasp at their weakness, I can take away the tail of one who swims well. If I know their worries, I can take their beautiful singing voice. With this golden contract, I am invincible! I am no longe a dumb, idiotic, lonely octopus. With this power, I can control everything. All those who have ever made fun of me will now bow down to me.]
"At what cost?" She asked him as his Overblot appeared before them in the void.
He smiled manically. "With this power, I can finally be free! I'm not the worthless, crybaby I was!"
"No." She agreed. "You've become something much worse."
"Shut up!" He snapped. "I'm stronger now! I'm-!"
She cut him off. "You've become the very people you hate! You target others' insecurities, you manipulate their feelings to do what you want and then you cheat them! You've become bullies that tormented you!"
(Y/N) stood her ground as a twisted version of the Octavinelle Dorm materialized around them.
"No Azul, you don't get to take advantage of others just because other people bullied you in the past. It's not fair, and it only hurts you more!"
"Hurt me?"
(Y/N) stepped forward. "Every scheme, every time you play this game, in the back of your head, you'll always remember what drove you there. That voice telling you 'you're doing this to get back at others for your own worthlessness'! The way you're going, you'll never be free of your pain, Azul!"
"S-SHUT UP! YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!" He began to cry. "I AM NOT THE WORTHLESS OCTOPUS ANYMORE! I'M STRONG!" She stepped closer, only for Azul to fire off an icy blast. "GET AWAY FROM ME!"
Milotic slapped it away with her tail as (Y/N) got closer.
"You have to let it go, Azul. The pain will only end if you let your hate go."
He clawed at head, his tentacles lashing out, crying in a voice that was both the Overblot and his child self's. "No! I can't! I'm not-I won't go back!"
(Y/N) and Milotic forced themselves through and hugged him. Azul froze as (Y/N) held him.
"You know this isn't right. We all have things we don't like about ourselves, things we wish we could change. But we can't let those insecurities consume us. We can only focus on being the best we can be. Azul, you have the power to change, but you'll never be able to accept who you are if you keep letting your pain dictate your actions. You have to move on. Not just for you, but for the twins. They care about you, in their own way, and they don't want to see you like this. Just...let it go."
Azul was still motionless for a moment, before breaking down and crying loudly. The world became clear as the ink dissolved, leaving a small, adorable octopus in her arms. He sobbed.
"I'm sorry!"
She smiled. "It's okay. I wish we could have met when we were kids. We could've been friends."
She kissed his head. "Really. Go back, Azul. Everyone's worried."
Blinking her eyes open, (Y/N) found herself propped up by Swampert with her first year friends surrounding her.
"Hey dream walker." Ace greeted with a smile. "How did things go?"
She smiled back. "I'd say well."
A groan caught their attention as they all circled Azul as he came to. As he blinked his eyes open, Jade sighed in relief.
"Ah, he's awake." He then held up his hand. "Azul, how many fingers am I holding up?"
"...8?" The dorm leader groan. Jade was holding up 4.
"All right, you still seem a little shaken up, but I'm relieved. It seems your blot has been contained."
"Geez, you're a pain." Leona complained, only to get elbowed by (Y/N).
"You're one to talk, kitty."
"What...did I do?" Azul asked weakly.
"You used too much magic and went into Overblot." Jade answered. "Do you not remember?"
Floyd began to mimic him. "'Give me all your power!'. You were running around crying and trying to take everyone's magic. It was so lame, it almost didn't seem real."
Milotic slapped the younger Leech with her tail as Azul processed this.
"I...lost control? Unbelievable."
Ruggie shrugged. "I mean, anyone would go mad if they just lost everything they worked so long to collect (Cue (Y/N) smacking Leona again.). If someone broke open my piggy bank and stole all my savings, I'd never forgive them."
"But, even so, it's no good to scam people." Grim scolded. "You better do some self reflection."
Jack gave him and the Heartslabyul duo the stink eye. "You guys need to do self reflection too and stop relying in other people's notes to study...and having (Y/N) bail you out of trouble."
She sighed. "Oh, give them a break. No one else could've made notes like that."
"Eh?" Azul said.
"It's true." Ace agreed. "With Azul's notes, I was able to get a 90 just by reading them the night before."
Deuce nodded. "Yeah, it was a helpful study guide."
"Headmaster told us you made the notes by going through exams from the past 100 years." Jack explained. "Even though I don't approve of cheating, your dedication is incredible."
"...Hmph." Azul shrugged. "Consoling me isn't going to make me happy."
"What?" Floyd teased. "Azul, are we getting a little teary eyed?"
Jade joined in. "Oh my, oh my. Are you going back to your old little crybaby self?"
"You two!" He snapped. "I believe we had an agreement to never talk about that!"
"Oh, pardon me." Jade said, completely unapologetic.
"Now, on to business." (Y/N) returned Ampharos, Araquanid, and Raichu to their Pokeballs, and then released Golisopod to take back the photo. "Here's the photo, just like you asked. Even if Leona hadn't destroy the contracts, we still won."
The lion took a look at the picture. "What's with the photo? A bunch of little mermaids? Isn't this just a picture?"
"It's an elementary school photo." Ruggie recognized. "What do you want this for?"
"Ah!" Floyd smiled. "How nostalgic. This is a photo we took when we went on a field trip in elementary school. Right here is me and Jade. And here...the one hiding in the corner Azul!"
Azul screeched. "WUUAHHH! STOP IT! Don't look! Please don't look!"
"Oh my, oh my Azul." Jade teased. "You seem to be feeling a lot better. Why don't you rest a little more? It would be best to just give up at this point."
Everyone crowded around the photo, trying to see.
"Which one?" Ace asked.
"In the corner." Leona said
"Let me guess, the shy little one with octopus legs that is bigger than the other kids..." Ruggie said.
Grim was shocked. "Azul, you were chubby when you were younger!?"
"I don't know why you were trying to hide this." (Y/N) said, not even looking as she had seen his child form in the memory realm. "You were so cute back then!"
Deuce nodded. "I completely understand how you feel! Everyone has a past they want to disappear! I didn't see anything! Everyone, forget what you just saw!"
Jack was a bit phased by Deuce's enthusiasm. "You're pretty passionate, huh?"
"Damn it..." Azul groaned. "I thought I'd be able to expand the Monstro Lounge, get control of (Y/N)'s monsters, and destroy my dark past all at once...My plan was perfect..."
(Y/N) bonked him on the head. "Let that be a lesson to you: the Bolthund that chases two Buneary gets none. Now no more schemes for you!"
The silver haired male sighed. "From school yearbooks to photography films...I thought I'd finally gotten rid of all photos of me from back then, but...that one photo from the museum was the only one I wasn't able to get my hands on."
"Then stop making other people do your dirty work!" Grim yelled.
"I don't mind." Floyd stated. "I like the old Azul. He looked so delicious!"
Everyone looked wearily at Floyd and took a step away from him as Azul looked panicked.
"That's not the problem!"
(Y/N) and Milotic gave him reassuring pats on the back.
"You don't have to hide anymore, Azul."
"Ugh...I'm done. I want to go back inside my octopus pot."
Jack crossed his arms. "Anyway, we held up our end of the contract and brought you the photo. We met all your conditions."
"I mean, we already destroyed all the contracts." Grim pointed out.
"But, you know I don't like stealing. Azul, I know you're a man of your word. Do what's right and undo all the damage you've caused."
"We'll all do it together." (Y/N) assured.
He sighed. "...understood. But please, just give me the photo back so I can get rid of it."
"Ha." Leona laughed. "How horrible of you."
"He's right." Jade agreed. Memories are special."
"Hey hey, when are we going?" Floyd asked, excited. "We're all going, right? I'm looking forward to going to the Atlantic Museum. We haven't been there since elementary school."
Grim's nose began to twitch.
"Hm? Grim, what are you sniffing for?" Ace asked.
"My gourmet hunter senses are tingling..."
After failing to stop Grim from eating another suspicious black rock, the Ramshackle residents reestablished themselves in their dorm. (Y/N) took a calming walk by herself after dark.
"This is my home in another world."
Familiar green lights began to swarm as a familiar figure appeared.
"...oh, I see you have returned." Tsunotaru greeted.
She smiled at him. "Hi Tsunotaru."
"I'm surprised you were able to defeat Ashengrotto." He smiled. "You may look like your head is in the clouds, but you've proven to be very clever."
"I have to thank you for the advice. It helped."
He looked surprised. "Me?...I didn't really provide much help. Fufu. In that case, I am glad that this garden has returned to being as peaceful as before."
(Y/N) laughed. "I wouldn't call this place peaceful."
"Still, I would have loved to see Ashengrotto's face in that grieving moment." He smirked. "It must have been quite a sight. seems it is time for me to return back to my dorm. Until next time. Good night."
He vanished, and suddenly two more males, a silver headed one and green haired one appeared.
" he here?" The silver one asked.
"No, looks like he isn't here." The other stated.
"He might be at the west building."
"Ah...young master...why do you always run off by yourself? It's because your took your eyes off him, Silver!"
"He's not a baby. I think you worry about him too much."
"It would be too late if something happens to him! Do not let your guard down, not even for a second! Do you not realize we serve a very important role as young master's bodyguards? Don't forget that you are in great debt to Lilia and young master for raising you, a human."
Silver sighed. "That doesn't have anything to do with this..."
They both took off, without noticing the girl, who tilted her head.
"Young master?"
Later that night, while everyone was asleep, (Y/N) was awoken by the sight of the mirror glowing.
"Hm? Am I dreaming again?"
Careful not to wake the others, she made her way to the mirror and saw a strange shadowy figure with large ears.
" there?" It asked.
They vanished and (Y/N) jumped back.
"Just what was that?"
A few days later, the two were drawn to the door by the sound of knocking. Opening it, they saw the Leech brothers walk in and all of the baby Pokémon scattered at the sight of them and Crobat hissed.
"Little Shrimpy and seal! Good morning!" Floyd greeted. "We came to pick you up, let's go!"
"Ugh." Grim groaned. "Whenever I see you two, I get scared you're here to steal something from me."
"Oh, not at all." Jade assured. "We would never come to harm those who didn't break the contract."
"Unless you're interfering with it." (Y/N) jabbed, but was ignored.
"Now then, it's a beautiful sunny day today. Perfect weather for a field trip."
"Let's get going to the Atlantica Memorial Museum!" Floyd pushed.
Jade smiled. "As arranged by Azul, the whole museum is reserved for us today. Azul left earlier and will be waiting there for us."
"He didn't edit the photo, right?" (Y/N) asked.
"Yes, I kept the photo safe."
"Come on, come on! Let's hurry and go!" Floyd insisted.
(Y/N) selected Golisopod and Milotic to accompany them and they gathered the rest of the first year squad before heading out.
Ace glanced around. "Wow! This is amazing! It looks incredible from the inside!"
Deuce was looking at the statues. "Isn't this the statue of the King of the Sea? There are many nobles other than the Sea Witch."
Jack smiled. "I see the king is very well trained."
"Everyone's welcome to the Atlantica Memorial Museum." Azul greeted. "Today is the Monstro Lounge's study trip. On behalf of the reservation made today, please enjoy yourselves."
"Fnya!" Grim growled. "There you are, you octopus...wait...why are you in your human form?"
"Yeah octopus mermaids are very rare in this area." He explained. "I would like to avoid unwanted attention after I put the photo back."
Jade smiled sadly. "There is no need to worry, I'm positive no one would notice that the octopus in the photo was you."
"We haven't been down here in a long time, so wouldn't it be easier to be in your real form?" The younger twin asked.
"Hm...please let me do as I please. Well then, I will be returning the photo. Please feel free to look around the museum."
"There is an exhibit of the mermaid princess's silver hair brush over there." Floyd pointed out to Ace.
"The pamphlet I saw said that, but isn't that a fork? I didn't see anything else."
(Y/N) left them to mingle and followed Azul, who noticed.
"Are you not going to follow them?"
"I'm just a little worried about you."
He sighed. "You have no faith in me. I will make sure to return it properly. I thought if I could erase all the photos, I thought my past of being a stupid, idiotic octopus would also be erased. The Sea Witch never hid her past, instead she confronted it and grew from it. I said I wanted to be like her, the end, I couldn't accept my past self and kept denying it was a part of who I am."
(Y/N) crossed her arms over her head. "Everyone has something they wish they could erase from their past. I mean, look at Milotic and Golisopod here. They didn't always look like this."
"What do you mean?"
She pulled out the Dex and opened it to the entries about Feebas and Wimpod. The first showed a picture of a very ugly fish.
"Feebas, the Fish Pokémon. While Feebas's body is in tatters, it has a hardy and tenacious life force that enables it to live anywhere. However, this Pokémon is also slow and dimwitted, making it an easy catch. It is a shabby and ugly Pokémon. However, it is very hardy and can survive on little water."
The picture then changed to a meek looking horseshoe crab looking creature.
"Wimpod, the Turn Tail Pokémon. An astonishingly cowardly Pokémon, Wimpod will whirl its legs at high speeds to run away if anything comes near it. It's nature's cleaner—it eats anything and everything, including garbage and rotten things. The ground near its nest is always clean."
Azul blinked in astonishment as he saw the pre evolutions of the two regale and imposing Pokémon.
"They used to look like that!?"
(Y/N) laughed. "Yup. It took time and a lot of work to get them to where they are, but it was worth it." She then put a hand on his shoulder. "We all have had our awkward phases, but we grow out of them. And for what it's worth, I think your magic is great on its own."
"It's harder to be a hard worker than it is to just have magic. Trust me, I know."
"A hard worker? Me?" He smiled. "...fu...there's no need to flatter me. All I wanted to do was get back at those who made fun of me."
"You just need a little more confidence in yourself, Azul."
"...thank you, (Y/N)."
"Hey (Y/N)!" Grim called. "Look at this huge dinosaur bone over here!"
"That's not a dinosaur, it's a monster called a sea dragon." Jade corrected. "Legend says that the Sea Witch had sea dragon bones at the entrance to her cave..."
"Over there is a replica of the Sea Witch's cauldron." Floyd pointed.
"What? They have cauldrons underwater too!?" Deuce said.
"How would you heat it up down here?" Ace asked genuinely.
"Eh, I don't know. Azul, explain!"
The silvernette seemed to regain his confident persona. "Very well, but let me warn you my tour guide fees are very high."
"Good, cause my bills for memory diving therapy are gonna cost you." (Y/N) shot back.

All right, you all know the drill by now. Leave your suggestions for shenanigans in the comments and which special event I should do this time. See ya guys!

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