Lost in Briar Valley Pt 5

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So just to clarify, this visit is built on the timeline loop theory, which in short terms is the idea that the chimera battle in the prologue happened in an alternate timeline and Crowley went back in time and summoned the player character to prevent it. Also, the events will be told out of order since events kinda have their own sub space in timeline. I own nothing.
Lost In Briar Valley AU Pt 5

Crowley gasped as he felt himself able to breathe without the searing pain of his ribs piercing his lungs. Looking around, he saw his office was in its usual state of messiness rather than outright obliteration and the calendar was set to two days before the entrance ceremony.
The spell had worked, thank heavens. He'd have to thank Sam this time around.
He stormed off to the library, which was mercifully empty. He tore into the books, searching for any information about that...creature, whatever it was, that had broken in and...!
Crowley swallowed back the bile, memories of the gruesome fates of the students and faculty flashing before him. He couldn't let it happen again, but there wasn't enough time. Without any way to know what the creature was, he wouldn't know how to kill it or drive it off, and it wasn't like he could contact a monster control unit without revealing his time jumping, which was a whole set of felonies. Where was he going to find a monster wrangler on such short notice?
As he tore through the books, a heavy one fell from the top shelf, dust scattering as it did so. Looking down, Crowley saw the book laying open, with an illustration of a group of monsters and a human seemingly controlling them.


Lilia was just one of several faces in the crowd of students who watched as the final student, who had been retrieved personally by the Headmaster, stepped in front of the mirror.
"Reveal thy name."
"(Y/N) Stone."
Lilia felt his old heart nearly give out. It couldn't be. Why would she be called back? She then turned and removed her hood, and though the hands of time had moved once more for her, he could never forget that face. His heart pounded in his ears so loudly, he couldn't hear the following exchange and ensuing chaos caused by the talking cat, nor Crowley swiftly dismissing them. Lilia was frozen to the spot as he saw (Y/N) praise Swampert and a Pokémon he had not met before. Lilia reached out to both of them, but the image of (Y/N) lying lifelessly in his arms flashed in his mind, stopping him. She...she didn't belong to this world. Whatever reason she was brought here again would end, and she would return home once more. He couldn't interfere and it would be less painful if neither of them remembered. Still, it was comforting, seeing her one more time at the end of it all.
Time passed, and soon stories about the mysterious beast tamer inhabiting the Ramshackle Dorm alongside her creatures and the monster that had crashed the entrance ceremony began to circulate, especially once she had been officially enrolled as a student. It made the old fae's heart beam. A troublemaker still, through and through. As the routine of school fell back on them, Lilia caught sight of (Y/N) and Swampert sitting with a group of Heartslabyul students, Cater included, going over the various dorms and their traits. He caught the words 'child with them' from the red head with the heart beneath his eye, and Trey explaining. Unable to stay away for much longer, under the guise of a prank, Lilia teleported over and floated upside down to greet them.
"Lilia is my name. Lilia Vanrouge."
They all shrieked as the monster cat leapt into (Y/N)'s arms, screaming. "Th-This guy teleported here!"
Lilia gracefully jumped to the floor, no longer floating, and very amused. "Are you all curious about my age? Kufufu. I have this baby-faced visage, but like that man in glasses has said, I'm not at an age one would call me a child."
Swampert and the unknown Pokemon let out low growls, noticing his fangs, but before their trainer could order them to stand down, the water type stopped and sniffed the air, squinting his eyes at Lilia, who gave nothing away.
"There's no need to look from afar, just come up and speak with us. Are we all not students of the same academy? We at Diasomnia will always welcome you with open arms."
Everyone glanced over at Silver and Sebek who had a less than welcoming expressions. Lilia wanted to introduce them to (Y/N), especially when he caught the girl looking at Silver more closely, but again, he stopped himself.
"Those guys over there don't look like they'd be very welcoming." The blue haired first year remarked.
Lilia glanced over at the boys before turning back to the group. "Kufufu. Apologies for dropping in on your meal. Until we meet again."
On his way out, he glanced over at (Y/N). The blue furred canine fluffed out their fur as a warning, but the human and her partner just stared at him, as if willing themselves to remember something. Before they could, Lilia sauntered away, feeling a bit better after seeing them again.

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