Shenanigans 4

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Egg-cellent Adventure
Grim blinked at Luxray, unsure of what he was seeing. (Y/N) by contrast, was squealing in delight as Absol stood next to his partner proudly while the rest of the original six cried in congratulations.
"Is...this really happening?" Grim asked.
"Yes it is! Oh I'm so happy for you two! Luxray, you could've told me!"
"No it was not obvious! But forget that. Oh I'm so happy! It's been so long!"
Grim sighed. "And you call me weird."
The first year team (now with Jack added to their party) were supposed to enjoying lunch together, but the elephant in the room made it completely impossible to talk about anything else.
"(Y/N)?" Ace prompted. "Why do you have a giant egg with you?"
A very large egg was in (Y/N)'s lap. The egg was mostly a cool blue color with a black bottom and a bright yellow star on it. The trainer was too gleeful to notice their confusions.
"It's Luxray's! I'm watching for her so it'll hatch faster."
"Eh!?" They all screeched.
"Luxray laid an egg!?" Jack yelled.
"How does a cat lay an egg!?" Ace asked genuinely.
"Don't look at me!" Grim said. "I have no clue either!"
"All Pokémon lay eggs." (Y/N) explained. "It's just how it work."
"That's an affront to biology." Jack murmured.
"Maybe here, but not where I'm from."
"Do you know who the father is?"
"Absol of course!"
During their entire conversation, Absol had been sitting beside (Y/N), watching the egg like a hawk. She pat him on the head and assured him this wasn't the first egg she was taking care of.
Ace looked at the Disaster Pokémon skeptically. "Absol? How does that work!?"
"Pokémon have designated breeding groups, and like types, they can have up to two. If two Pokémon share at least one breeding group, they can have an egg together. In Absol and Luxray's care, they're both in the Field Egg Group, so viola! Egg!"
Both Ace and Jack were still a little put off, but Deuce seemed over it, getting a closer look at it.
"When will it hatch?"
"It shouldn't take too long. Walking around with it actually encourages it to hatch faster, so it should be soon. And before you ask, no we do not know why that's the case."
"So, we'll have another Luxray or Absol in the dorm?" Grim asked.
"We'll have a Shinx." She corrected. "The baby usually is the mother's species. Everyone is super excited, the babies especially. Ever since Raboot evolved, she's been spending more time with the older Pokémon and the little ones miss having a playmate."
"You seem completely confident with all this." Jack pointed out.
"Well it's not the first I'm getting a new baby Pokémon or even taking care of an egg! And it'll be way easier since I have both parents to look out for them."
"Oh yeah, I thought you mentioned some of your other Pokémon had kids." Grim recalled.
She nodded. "Yeah, Flapple and Appletun are Applin's parents, duh, and Flygon is Gabite's dad."
"Gabite?" Ace had met the younger dragon before and his snappy attitude did not reflect the cheerful Flygon in the slightest.
"Yep. His mom belongs to a friend of mine (yes it is exactly who you think it is)."
"You're really excited for this." Grim huffed. He didn't like the idea of a new baby chasing his around the dorm.
(Y/N) ignored him. "Who wouldn't be excited for a new cute baby Pokémon! Hey, when the egg starts to hatch, why don't you guys come watch?"
"Us?" Deuce asked.
"Yeah, it's a great experience, and I'm sure Luxray and Absol wouldn't mind. Right boy?"
"See? All fine."
Ace rubbed his head. "Sure, why not?"
"I guess there isn't anything better to do." Jack said in his tsundere way.
Deuce seemed a bit more excited. "It could be fun!"
(Y/N), Luxray, and egg were enjoying a nap in the botanical garden with Leona. For some reason, Luxray had bonded with Leona in her time spying on the Savanaclaw Dorm, probably because he reminded her of a bad tempered Luxio, and Leona was quite fond of her, though he refused to admit it. Luxray was curled around both of them and Leona was asleep while (Y/N) held the egg. The egg suddenly shook and there was a faint glow. Her eyes widened in delight as she shook both of them.
"Luxray! Kitty! Wake up!"
Luxray raised her head and stared intensely at the egg while Leona groaned.
"What do you want, herbivore?"
Leona blinked as he saw the egg moving slightly and glowing faintly. He gave her a lazy, suspicious glance.
"Is that normal?"
"It means it's gonna hatch soon! Is it just exciting?"
He shrugged. "You wouldn't get this excited for a bird hatching would you?"
She pouted at him. "Aren't you excited to have another cat to play with?"
"If it's anything like this overbearing feline, no thank you."
Luxray purred and licked him. Leona blushed but didn't push her away. (Y/N) giggled.
"Aw, kitty, you can be honest with us!"
"Shut up, herbivore."
"Oi!" Ruggie called out, waving some food. "Lunch time!"
"Hey Ruggie." (Y/N) greeted as the lion snatched the food thanklessly from the hyena.
Ruggie seemed annoyed but focused on the egg.
"So, how's the cat to be coming?"
(Y/N) shifted the egg away from Ruggie, who definitely had a hungry look in his eyes from the size of the egg.
"Won't be long now."
"Good, I think he's close to snapping and eating it."
"I'm not stupid enough to try, Leona-san!"
"Do you guys want to come see it hatch?" (Y/N) asked.
Leona raised a brow. "Why would I want to see a slimy newborn hatch?"
"Because you love Luxray!" She teased.
He growled at her as Ruggie snickered.
"Shishishi! Don't let him fool you. We'll come see."
It was a few days later, in the middle of the night, when Leona was slapped awake by Typhlosion. He growled at the fire type, who had an unamused Ruggie under his arm.
"I think it's time and we're being kidnapped."
Leona huffed and turned to go back to sleep, only for the Volcano Pokémon to grab the collar of his shirt and drag his rear through the dorm. Jack met up with them, being led by Lycanroc.
"I see you were asked nicely." Leona hissed, not likely being dragged.
Jack rubbed his neck. "I figured it would be easier."
"Wise decision." Ruggie stated.
The Savanclaw boys were dragged back to the dorm. (Y/N), Ace, Deuce, Grim, and most of the Pokémon were all hovering around the dorm.
"You made it!" (Y/N) greeted.
"Not like we had a choice, herbivore." Leona snarled at her.
She stuck tongue out, unapologetically, as Jack walked up to his friends.
"Why are we standing out here?"
"(Y/N) say we can confuse the baby when it hatches." Grim explained.
"Apparently, Absol and Luxray need to be the first things it sees so it knows those are it's parents." Ace finished up.
After the seniors got all their complaining, they all gathered around the door and peaking inside. Luxray had her tail curled around the egg and Absol was hovering close behind. The egg was now glowing so brightly, the patterns could hardly be seen. Suddenly, it began to shake violently. (Y/N) started bouncing.
"Here we go!"
Cracks began to appear on the shell as the egg rattled. With one loud crack, the shell split open. A small cat with large ears and star tipped tail was curled up within the remains of the egg. Surprisingly, the baby was yellow.
"A shiny!" (Y/N) said. "Well that will make things easier later."
"S-so cute." Deuce whispered.
Ruggie chuckled. "Yeah, I guess it is pretty cute."
Luxray purred and licked her new baby. The Shinx let out a squeak of protest before looking towards the parents, who beamed happily. It let out a happy yip, before stumbling to Luxray and purring into her belly. Luxray nodded to (Y/N) who motioned to the rest of her original team and the guys.
"All right, she says we can come in, but be quiet."
Silently, they all entered the room and gathered at a safe distance. The Shinx was little intimidated at first, but an encouraging nudged from Absol kept them calm. Gently, Luxray began to nudge the newborn towards the trainer. The little one was hesitant, but eventually stumbled towards the trainer, who scooped them up and cradled them.
"Hey little guy." She said softly and mother like. "I know you don't understand this yet, but I'm your trainer. I'm gonna be here to help you grow. And not just me. You have a huge family now, and every is super happy you're here! I know this world might be strange, and maybe different from where we come from, but no matter what, we're all gonna be here to protect you."
Shinx cooed sweetly, seemingly understanding how much love the trainer had to give. She smiled at the parents as Swampert and Crobat entertained the baby.
"Congrats you two. A healthy boy."
"How can it's a boy?" Jack asked curiously.
"It's actually easiest to tell when they're Shinx. See his black hindpaws? If he were a girl, his paws back here would be the same color as his front paws, and this little tuff of mane on his head would be smaller."
Oh course, the keeper of the Pokédex immediately pulled out the device.
"Shinx, the Flash Pokémon. This Pokémon generates electricity by contracting its muscles. Excited trembling is a sign that Shinx is generating a tremendous amount of electricity. All of its fur dazzles if danger is sensed. It flees while the foe is momentarily blinded."
"Why's it yellow though?" Ruggie asked suspiciously.
"A rare color variation. He'll be fine."
Leona grunted with a smile. "Not bad, cat."
Luxray purred at him and Shinx began to paw for him. Leona crouched down and Shinx immediately began to paw at his ears.
(Y/N) laughed. "I think he thinks you're a weird look Luxray, kitty!"
Leona groaned. "Great, another Cheka."
Everyone laughed at Leona's miserable realization and spent a little time getting to know the new member before being ushered out.

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