Shenanigans 5

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Surging Attention
(Y/N) was the champion of the Hoenn Region. She was used to attention, to crowds, and other enthusiastic fans...but solely males with magical abilities was a new beast all together.
"Look! The beast tamer!"
"Dorm Leader Stone! Show us your monster's again!"
"Make one of the change! Like the rabbit!"
It wasn't just students causing trouble for the girl. Just like during Halloween, Magicam users became a rampant problem around the Ramshackle Dorm, to the point where the Pokémon had to take patrols in shifts in order to drive solicitors away. Unfortunately, Grim did not seem to have a problem with the attention.
"Nya! Make way for us! Next year, we'll be the Magift Champions, wait and see!"
Swampert rolled his eyes and let out a growl to scatter the crowd. (Y/N) sighed.
"It's been nothing but crazy since the tournament."
"Isn't it great! The world can now recognize my greatness!"
(Y/N) dragged herself to first period and the one brain cell duo and Jack greeted her.
"Hey (Y/N)! Hey Grim" Ace called out. "Wow, you look awful."
She gave him a sharp look. "Gee, thanks Ace."
Deuce smacked his head. "He meant you look tired."
"Have you been sleeping at all?" Jack asked.
"She been chasing off all our adoring fans!" Grim answered as the wolf quirked a brow.
"Ever since the Magift Tournament, people have been trespassing and heckling my Pokémon. It's been a nightmare!"
Ace whistled. "That sounds pretty rough."
"Have you told the headmaster yet?" Deuce asked.
"His answer boiled down to deal with it on your own and don't murder someone."
"Well, it doesn't surprise me. Cater's Magicam blog with all your Pokémon was already pretty popular, but it just blew up after the tournament."
"Cater's what now?"
Ace held up his phone and showed the girl the page. It was titled The One of a Kind Monsters of NRC! Meet Pokémon and their Trainer!
Cater had an entire blog dedicated to her Pokémon. It was full of pictures, like the Unbirthday Party, their Beginner Trainer Class, Halloween, etc. He gave individual Pokémon, like Swampert, Glaceon, and those who participated in the tournament, their own bios via the Pokédex and his interactions with them. He even had a separate part dedicated to her bio, listing her profession, what it meant to be a Pokémon trainer, and several of her accomplishments. He also had several news updates like "Halloween! Pokémon Style!", "Meet the All Monster Magift Team!", and the latest "The First Pokémon to Hatch in Twisted Wonderland! Welcome to the World, Shinx!". The blog was super well designed and Cater had obviously put a lot of work into it, (Y/N) was just a little annoyed he hadn't told her.
"Well that explains a lot."
"Look on the bright side, you're famous now!" Ace tried to cheer her up.
(Y/N) huffed. "Like I don't already know what that entails."
"Yeah yeah, Ms Important Champion of her country."
"Will you be okay?" Jack asked genuinely.
"Yeah, I've handled fanatics before. Shouldn't be too hard."
It was.
Break ins, heckling, several chase related injuries, and even less sleep. (Y/N) was about ready to have a mental breakdown. (Y/N) had to ask Cater to put up a disclaimer about how invading a Pokémon's territory could easily become lethal. It stopped a portion of the trespassers, but there were still a ridiculous number of them. Grim had already become bored with the attention, but he was not the target. (Y/N) had to start taking her riding Pokémon everywhere to avoid being heckled by people tracking her down. She was starting to hallucinate from the amount of stress and the lack of privacy. Eventually, she had to sleep, and she knew exactly who to go to for help. With the assistance of Lucario, she dragged herself into the botanical garden and collapsed wordlessly by Leona with Lucario going off to stand guard.
"Oi, herbivore."
"Shhh!" She slurred. "Kitty, you appreciate the importance of sleep, correct?"
"Then give me some sympathy and let me sleep. I've been harassed non stop with no help from that useless crow and I just want to sleep!"
She groaned loudly as Leona's pulled back in surprise. He hadn't expected this from the usually spunky herbivore. Still, he was in his jerk default mode.
"Any reason you have to invade my nap for your own?"
"The trespassers keep getting into the dorm despite being set on fire, electrocuted, or mauled! I just want some sleep and you and Lucario should be enough to scare anyone off for a few minutes!"
Suddenly, she was out like a light, now leaning against the male. Leona sighed, but readjusted her so she'd be more comfortable, his tail slightly swishing.
"Poor little tired herbivore. So tired she seeks the protection of a lion." He laughed to himself. "You're lucky I know what the jackal would do to me if I tried anything."
"Oi! Leona-san!" Ruggie called out, approaching with lunch.
The lion hissed softly before motioning to girl asleep right next to him.
"Oh." Ruggie said much softer. "Didn't know. What's wrong with her."
"Apparently fans keep breaking into her dorm despite being injured by her monsters and she hasn't slept."
Ruggie cackled as she nuzzled into Leona (whose cheeks turned pink). "Shishishi! She must be desperate if she's all over you."
Leona growled. "Shut it, hyena." He then looked down at the girl. "Oi, Ruggie. Didn't any of the dorm say they wanted to get better cardio training?"
Leona smirked at him. "What about a live hunt?"
The blonde grinned right back. "Yes sir."
A week after (Y/N) fell asleep in the botanical garden, she skipped merrily back to it with Raichu. Along with Leona and Ruggie, Jack was also there, likely because Ruggie needed help moving Leona.
"Afternoon boys."
Leona lazily opened one of his eyes to look at her. "You're looking better herbivore. You finally fed the trespassers to the beasts?"
"Pushed feigned innocence. "Didn't need to. They were all chased off by a crowd did they put it? 'Wild animals?'"
"Lucky you." Ruggie said.
Jack nodded, not looking her in the eye.
She smiled knowingly. "But it's the darnest thing. Crowley suddenly changed his mind about keeping them out of my dorm, especially when rumors about a giant wolf guarding the entrance and people loosing control of their bodies started popping up. Wonder where they came from."
Jack ears flattened. "No idea."
She shrugged. "Oh well, I guess I'll never know. I was going to give my heroes this pack of specially prepared brisket, but you guys can have it instead I suppose."
Raichu handed the bag over to Ruggie, who immediately began drooling over it.
"Oh! Meat! Thanks (Y/N)!"
She laughed and Leona gave her a look. "Something amusing, herbivore?"
"You know, for such supposedly being big and tough, you boys are actually very sweet."
She gave each of them a kiss on the cheek and went on her merry way, all three of them blushing hard.
Ruggie coughed awkwardly before taking his share of the meat. "You know, Leona-san, I was pretty surprised you bribed the headmaster to help her. It's not like you to just do something for nothing."
The older male leaned back with a smirk. "I wouldn't say it was for nothing."

Malasada Mania
Jack had his fingers to his temples, rubbing them slightly as he tried to comprehend the events Ruggie just relayed to him. They were currently in the nurse's office, but neither of them were injured, (Y/N) was. She had a bandage wrapped around her wrist and Houndoom was sitting next to her, shooting dirty looks at Ruggie. Jack sighed.
"You bit her."
Ruggie rubbed his neck in embarrassment. "It was an accident?"
"You bit her over a piece of pastry."
"It was a doughnut!"
"Actually, it was malasada." (Y/N) corrected. "There's a difference."
It had happened at lunch. One minute, she was about to snack on her favorite food, and the next, Ruggie was latched on to her wrist. He immediately let go, apologized, and took her to the nurse. It wasn't like it hurt all that much, she barely even felt it, but to the two males in front of her, it was a grave matter.
"How do you not realize you're about to bite into someone!?" Jack inquired from the senior.
Ruggie shrugged. "I was going for the dessert and I miscalculated I guess."
"I feel like you aren't taking this as seriously at you should!"
"It's not like she was hurt that bad!"
(Y/N) held up her injured wrist. "Yeah Jack, I'd hardly call this an injury. If anything, we should be more concern what Houndoom is gonna do to Ruggie."
"He would deserve it!"
(Y/N) rolled her eyes. "All right, that's enough out of you two. Ruggie didn't mean it, it was just an accident. Still Ruggie, if you're gonna bite me every time I pull out a malasada, I should just save us both the trouble and teach you how to make them."
"Really?!" He said excited.
Jack raised an eyebrow. "You're gonna reward him for bitting you?"
"I need to make a new batch anyways. Might as well make sure this doesn't happen again."
Ruggie and (Y/N) were both in baking aprons as they prepped the kitchen for use. Swampert was laying in the corner, keeping a close eye on the hyena after the accident.
"All right, so it shouldn't be too difficult to learn, but it will be messy, so keep that in mind."
Ruggie sighed. "I pick up after Leona, I can handle anything you throw at me."
(Y/N) began to demonstrate to the senior the proper technique to making the perfect malasada. He was a quick learn and caught on very quickly.
"So, where did you learn to make these? They big where you're from?"
"Hmm? No, actually they only recently arrived in my native region. I actually picked this up during my training in the Alola region."
"It's a region made up of several islands. It's actually very unique because it doesn't utilize a traditional gym system."
"So, tropical vacation spot?"
She laughed. "Yeah, but there's more to it. Jungles, deserts, there's even a snowy mountain top. Back in Hoenn, the only place you can find snow or ice is in a cave that's underwater most of the time."
"So, why were you training there? Thought Ms Champion had a lot of responsibilities to take care of, or where you just acting like Leona and ditching?"
"Well you see, I earned the rank of champion when I was 11, but I wasn't old enough to take on the responsibilities of the job, so my guardian Steven, who was the champion before me, sent me to other regions to train to take over the job. I apprenticed under a number of champions to prepare and I gathered new members of my team in preparation."
"So you got to travel the world in preparation of a cushy job back home?"
"Pretty much."
He pouted. "Lucky."
She chuckled. "Yeah, but being champion isn't so easy. It's a lot of responsibility and work. I have to keep the gym circuit in check, take on challengers, oversee the Elite Four..."
"Elite Four?"
"They're a group of the strongest trainers in their particular region. They serve as a final test. Any trainers who want to challenge me have to go through them first. They're actually the same group of people I battled before I challenged Steven."
"So, when did you become champion?"
"I was sixteen when I finally took over. It was rough at first, getting used to all the work that comes with it, but I manage. And I still get to travel to different regions for Champion Conferences. Those are fun because it almost always devolves into a televised battle between someone. Last time, I duked it out with my first mentor Cynthia."
Ruggie smirked. "Got your butt handed to you?"
"No! Swampert and I won, but it was close. She's scary powerful."
"Must be nice, traveling the world by yourself."
"I'm never by myself." She pat Crobat who was flying by. "I always have my Pokémon. What about you Ruggie?"
"What's your family like?"
He sighed. "I grew up in the slums, so there wasn't much to go around. I pretty much take care of my grandma and all the street kids back home."
"Oh." She rubbed her neck. "Sorry."
He shrugged. "It's fine, not like you knew."
"By any chance is that why you were so quick to bite for the malasada."
"Yeah...guess I have to work on my self-control around food."
She smiled. "How about before winter break, we make a big batch of malasada for you take back home."
He grinned kindly at her. "Thanks, (Y/N)."
After the process was complete, Ruggie gorged himself on the treats as (Y/N) had to quickly snatch some for later. He then sent a few back home for his grandmother.
Ruggie got a letter from his grandmother that simply read:
Marry that girl.

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