Shenanigans 15

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Babysitting the Little Prince

(Y/N) just stared blankly at the small blonde child as all of the male around her collectively began to panic, Epel especially due to having witnessed/causing this current conundrum. To be frank, (Y/N) should have foreseen Vil being transformed into a child due to the clear pattern fate seemed to have set with her, but some part of her hoped being a master of potions would spare him this fate. At the very least, he was a bit older compared to others, probably being around 7 or 8.
"He's gonna kill me when he turns back!" Epel said.
Ace was just as bad. "He may kill all of us!"
Vil looked completely indifferent to the panicking boys and was quite content playing with Vulpix. Kalim smiled down at him.
"Aw, but Vil looks so cute like this!"
The boy immediately pouted. "I am not cute! I am beautiful."
The white haired boy jumped a little at the declaration as (Y/N) smiled nervously.
"Of course, sweetie. Kalim didn't mean to offend you."
Rook looked quite delighted. "Ah, even as a young prince, Roi Du Poison had such an icy beauty! Tre Magnific!"
Vil walked up to (Y/N), tugging politely at her skirt.
"Excuse me, Ms., but where is my father?"
The trainer knelt down with a smile. "He' a shoot today. We'll be watching you for now."
Again, he pouted. "He always tells me when he has to leave."
"It was last minute. How about I get your phone and call him up for you? Then we can have some fun while we wait."
Jamil rubbed his temples. "We should probably figure out why he was making a de-aging potion in his room. (Y/N), I hate to impose on you."
She waved him off. "It's fine. Honestly it's tradition at this point. Rook, I trust you can handle examining the potion?"
"Oui." He said with a nod.
"You know it didn't look like a de-aging potion when I went in there. It was a different color and a lot thicker. I guess I spooked Vil when I barged in and he dropped something in the cauldron that made it explode."
"And this is why you knock before entering rooms!" Jamil scolded as Deuce ushered (Y/N) out with the toddler Vil with Vulpix at their heels.
"Don't worry, we can fix this."
"I trust you, but Jamil and Rook are in charge. Try not to de age anyone else."
Mr. Venue was a little shocked when he heard (Y/N)'s voice on the other end of the call, but fortunately after being caught up to speed and assuring Vil would be fine, he eased his son and convinced him to trust the girl. After that, Vil was a lot more open to (Y/N). He eagerly played with Vulpix in the garden, proclaiming her to be the most beautiful fox in the world, which she appreciated.
"You wanna brush her fur?" (Y/N) asked.
He looked at her eagerly. "May I?"
"Of course! You good with that, Vulpix?"
(Y/N) got the boy a clean brush (admittedly having to search for one for a bit) and Vil diligently began to groom the fox. Even for a child, Vil's hand was gentle but professional, individually brushing each of Vulpix's tails 60 times. If someone told the trainer her Pokémon had been professionally groomed, she'd believe them.
"Wow, Vil! You're great at this. You could be a Pokémon Groomer."
"Father said you should strive to always look your best!" He declared as he finished the fox's brush and tied a lavender bow around her neck. He then turned to the girl. "Your turn!"
"Oh, you wanna do my hair now?"
"Yes. Your hair looks pretty, but it needs to be done so it can be beautiful!"
She laughed. "Is that so? Well, I guess a little styling wouldn't hurt."
After grabbing her brush, (Y/N) sat on the floor while Vil sat on the bed. He was just as diligent with her as he was with Vulpix. The boy even gave her a lace braid going over her left shoulder. He stared at her, pursing his lips.
"It needs something. Do you have another bow or a clip?"
She sighed. "All of mine are for my Pokémon, sweetie."
"Hmm...oh!" He saw Tropius nearby, tending to a freshly bloomed wisteria tree the grass types had planted recently to help liven up the courtyard garden. He walked over and looked up at the peaceful grass type. "May I pick some of the flowers?"
Tropius chirped cheerfully and even hoisted the boy up towards the better flowers. Vil carefully grabbed a strand, thanked Tropius, and walked back to the girl. He then took out a pin from his pocket to set the freshly plucked flowers above where the braid started.
"There, perfect!"
"Wow, I don't think my hair has ever looked this good. Thanks, Vil."
"You should take better care of it." He scolded.
She chuckled. "Hard to. My hair's practically sun bleached thanks to all the traveling I do. Anyways, I have to do some chores around the biomes if you don't mind, Vil."
"Can Vulpix come too?"
"Of course, sweetie."
Vil followed behind her as she led him towards the flower biomes. He was immediately taken by the many Pokémon sunning themselves, especially Roserade, Milotic, and Gardevoir. (Y/N) nudged him towards them.
"You can go play with them. I promise they're nice."
"They're really beautiful." He responded as she chuckled.
"I'm sure they'd appreciate hearing that. Go on, no need to be shy."
With the trainer a few paces back, Vil hesitantly walked up to the Pokémon. They immediately greeted him cheerfully, and in no time, he was made welcome into the group. Satisfied he was well looked after, (Y/N) went about surveying the health of the biomes. Beautifly landed on her shoulder, sniffing at the wisteria flowers in her hair.
"Oh, you like?" She joked as she walked towards the lake. "Well, try not to mess up my hair. I don't think Vil even as a toddler would appreciate his hard work being undone."
Swampert, who had been sunning himself on a stone surrounded by the newly sprouted reeds, immediately got up to greet her.
"Hey, bud." She said while patting him. "We had another child incident."
The three looked over to see Vil dancing with Gardevoir and Roserade as Milotic looked on. He looked quite entertained.
"Well, at least he's having fun. Come on, let's go feed Gyarados while he's distracted."
Considering her problem child was not much of a problem anymore, she didn't feel the need to have her electric types accompany her every time she fed him. The Atrocious Pokémon had calmed considerably, and seemed to have adjusted to his new environment. As the blue serpentine Pokémon fed, (Y/N) glanced around at his lake.
"You know, we can start considering putting you in the main lake, Gyarados. You'll have to share, but it is much bigger even with that."
He grunted, neither agreeing nor protesting.
"Think about it. You'll probably appreciate having more swimming space and if you do need to burn off some energy, there's plenty of Pokémon nearby ready for a good fight. Of course, that means not going overboard."
He snorted.
"I know it's a huge adjustment, but I really think you're ready for it. It won't be all at once. I'll bring you over for an hour or two for you to get a feel of it, and then, when you're ready, we could make the full move. Who knows, you might actually enjoy it."
Gyarados just sunk back into the lake, being his usually grumpy self.
(Y/N) sighed. "I'm not gonna push you, but just consider it."
Beautifly huffed, not exactly liking the idea, earning a reassuring head pat.
"I know it seems risky, but we can't keep him isolated forever. If he's gonna be part of this family, we have to start integrating him, and that means putting some trust in him."
Swampert grunted, looking down at the lake suspiciously.
"I really think he's ready for this, buddy, but you'll still be in charge. If he does overstep, there's plenty of you ready to put him in his place. But please, give him a chance, I really think he's turning a corner."
The two sighed, but nodded. Swampert quickly brought them back to the flower biome and (Y/N) saw Vil seemingly playing pretend with her Pokémon. Roserade, Milotic, and Gardevoir all had flower crowns and Vil was wielding a stick like a sword. His opponent was Lucario, who was also wielding a stick.
"En garde, Knight of Blue! I, the great Knight of Flowers shall best you and your allies to protect the princesses!"
For a small child, Vil was pretty dexterous with his branch sword. (Y/N) did remember him mentioning taking fencing from a young age. Of course, it helped that Lucario was putting very little effort into his counterattack. Vil landed a thrust against the Aura Pokémon, who dramatically fell back dead as the other Pokémon cheered. Vil took a bow before Gengar cheerfully jumped in, laughing. The boy turned and pointed his 'sword' at the Ghost type.
"Do you dare challenge me as well, ghost? I shall defend the princesses with my life!" Gengar took a step back, a little surprised, before frowning sadly. Vil dropped the act immediately. "What's wrong?"
"Gengar doesn't really like being the bad guy, Vil." (Y/N) informed. "He prefers being a trickster, but a lot of people assume the worst of him."
Vil looked horrified, looking down shamefully. "Oh, I'm sorry, Gengar. I should've asked."
"It's okay, Vil, you didn't know."
"No it isn't!" He yelled, much to the shock of everyone. "No one likes always being the villain. I should've known better."
(Y/N) frowned. So even at this age, the problems which led Vil to Overblot had already begun to sprout.
"Gar!" Gengar said firmly.
Vil looked up to see the ghost type juggling three Shadow Balls, trying to cheer him up. He tossed them into the air as they shattered into a dark mist. Vil looked on in amazement before clapping.
"That was amazing, Gengar!"
Gengar took a bow and all was forgiven. Deciding to move past the situation, (Y/N) climb on Swampert.
"Hark, Knight of Flowers! You and your jester dare encroach upon the territory of the Knight of the Swamp? Prepare to be vanquished!"
Vil perked up, picking up his stick and Gengar stood at his side.
"I accept your challenge, Knight of the Swamp! I shall defeat you!"
After a few jousting sessions, with Vil riding Arcanine and (Y/N) getting knocked into the dirt, she carried the sleeping boy back inside, exhausted herself.
"Wow, never expected you to be the one to tire me out, Vil."
Upon entering the dorm, Rook was there to greet her.
"Ah, Madame Dompteur de Bêtes, I have concocted the cure for Roi Du Poison."
"Thank you so much, Rook. Do you know what happened with the de aging potion?"
He smirked. "It was not a potion he was brewing."
"What was it then?"
"Roi Du Poison should speak of it tomorrow. Shall I administer the cure then?"
"All right." She handed Vil over to the Vice Dorm Leader. "Good night then boys."
The next morning, there was a knock on (Y/N)'s door.
"Come in." She said, reading on the bed.
Vil stepped in. "Good morning, (Y/N)."
"Morning, Vil. Feeling better?"
He sighed. "Immensely. I apologize for the inconvenience I posed on you yesterday, it was completely avoidable."
She waved it off. "It's fine. Honestly, given the pattern, I was expecting it. Though I will say, you did give me a run for my money."
"Again, my apologies. Needless to say, my father is dead set on repaying you for your services."
She laughed. "Your dad does seem like that kind of man. Vil, what were you brewing that turned into a kid? Rook said it wasn't a de-aging potion."
He smiled. "Ah that. Please roll back your sleeves and hold out your arm."
(Y/N) quirked her brow, but obliged the male anyways. He approached her and pulled out a crystal container with a rose colored cream. He delicately scooped a dollop onto his finger and began to dab into her burn marks. Gradually, the burns faded away. (Y/N)'s eyes widened as she looked at her arm. She couldn't remember a time when the burns weren't there.
"It took me a bit longer than expected to find the right balance of ingredients, but this cream should keep the burns away. You'll have to reapply it every morning. Unfortunately, it seems in high dosages, it mimics the effects of de-aging potion. Be sure to only use a small amount every morning."
"You brewed me a cream just to get rid of my burn scars?"
He smiled. "I made a promise, and I always keep my promises."
She stood up and hugged him. "Thank you, Vil."
He was caught off guard, but eventually returned it. "You're welcome."

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