Chapter 34: An Unexpected End

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Sorry this took so long guys. I was dealing with a family tragedy for a while, so I didn't really have a drive to write. You know the pattern by now. Shenanigans and voting which event we're doing. Hopefully we get a full translation for Ignihyde by the time I finish that up. Also, for all of the interesting translations, can we agree Spelldrive is a better name for a sport?
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Chapter 34: Grim?

(Y/N) awoke to the first years and Jamil surrounding her. She yawned, feeling the usual aches but used to them by now.
"Morning, gentlemen. Hope I didn't keep you waiting."
Ace laughed, pulling her to her feet. "That's our Prefect Stone, completely unfazed by lethal situations."
She stretched. "I wouldn't call this lethal by now. I'm more concerned for Gardevoir and Vil."
"He hasn't woken up yet." Deuce said, glancing at the still unconscious blonde who was being watched by Rook and Kalim.
"Gardevoir seems okay though." Epel assured. "Though she looks really tired."
(Y/N) looked over as the Psychic type was being propped up by Swampert as her other Pokémon fussed. She nodded to her trainer, assuring her that she was okay. Jamil then began examining the girl.
"Do you have pain? Exhaustion? Lingering effects of the curse?"
"I'm okay." She assured. "Just tired though. Mega Evolution is pretty draining on both ends."
Flapple then zoomed up to her and began screeching. Applin then popped out, looking completely traumatized.
"Gah! Applin! I'm so sorry! I completely forgot about you!" Flapple hissed at her. "Well it's not my fault my attention was on keeping us alive!"
"Fla Flapple!"
"I'm sorry, who broke the rules about leaving the petting zoo with strangers!?"
Before the two could go at it, Decidueye stepped between them as the boys looked on awkwardly.
"Glad to know there is always complete harmony between her and her Pokémon." Ace joked as Grim shrugged.
"You should hear half the arguments they have."
(Y/N) walked over to Rook and Kalim.
"Vil...ah my beautiful Vil. Please open your eyes." Rook asked.
"...Ugh..." Slowly, the blonde honored the request, regaining consciousness. "Why am I..."
Rook sighed in relief. "Vil! Thank goodness. The usual shine has returned to your eyes."
Kalim was in tears. "I'm so glad you're okay! Vil! We were so worried..."
He immediately latched on to (Y/N), who awkwardly patted the boy's back as he wept. Jamil gave him a look.
"Why are you crying, Kalim?"
"Leave him alone." The girl said.
The first years joined them, Deuce looking the most relieved likely because he struck the finishing blow.
"What a relief...I was starting to worry what would happen if things got worse."
Vil looked down, shame filling his eyes. " seems I have shown you all the most disgusting part of myself. I threw a tantrum and lashed out at others...I'm the worst. The ugliest behavior in the entire world..."
"Yup." Epel snarked, looking quite pleased. "Only 3 year olds throw tantrums, isn't that what you said before?"
"Epel!" (Y/N) scolded as Decidueye smacked his head with a wing.
Vil took it in stride. "That's's as Epel said. I am no longer fit to be your leader."
"Don't say such things, Roi Du Poison." Rook insisted. "Fortunately, none of us are incapacitated."
"Like Rook said, Vil! You haven't hurt anyone!" Kalim assured. "You haven't done anything that can't be fixed!"
Jamil nodded. "Neige LeBlanche and the 7 dwarves are singing and dancing carefree right now."
"After everything you just put us through, don't think you can back down now!" Ace said, smirking.
"It's a bit difficult, but...we can tell everyone that this was nothing more than a fight between members while we were practicing." Jamil suggested.
"We could also say another Ultra Wormhole opened and we had to chase a rogue Pokémon back through it." (Y/N) added.
Vil looked at them. "Are you saying we should act like this never happened?"
"Not entirely." Jamil answered. "I'm just saying we can worry about explaining everything after the competition."
Vil chuckled. "...Fu. Jamil, you really are evil...Ugh!"
"Vil!" Rook ran to catch him, but the dorm leader stopped him.
"I just stumbled a bit. Don't worry about me."
The vice dorm leader didn't listen. "You suffered so much damage. Please don't overdo it. Lean on my shoulders if need be."
Ace then looked to his dormmate. "Come to think of it...Deuce, that magic you used to defeat Vil, what was that?"
"Yeah!" Grim agreed. "That final blow was incredible! Deuce, when did you learn that magic?"
"Oh no, it wasn't me. It was all because of Schoenheit-senpai that I was able to produce all that magic."
"What do you mean?" Kalim asked.
"That magic gets absorbed into my body when I take damage and allows me to throw that magic back at them. In other words, I was able to use that much magic, because Schoenheit-senpai's attacks were that strong."
"What the hell!" Ace yelled. "So it's a sort of magic that you can fight someone with their own strength!"
"It's like Counter or Mirror Coat really." (Y/N) offhandedly said.
"Don't get it twisted! The only time I was able to use that magic before was when Epel and I were attacked at the beach! It kind of just happened when I was trying to hold off the guys attacking us."
"Hah, don't use magic to attack civilians." Jamil scolded. "That's grounds for expulsion."
"Jamil, you get no say in that conversation." (Y/N) retorted.
Deuce just shook his head. "No matter how hard I tried, I wasn't able to do it again till now."
"Ahahah!" Kalim laughed. "You see? You shouldn't always think so hard! In other words, that's what makes you unique."
"Unique? Ah, that's it...maybe...this is my Unique Magic?!"
(Y/N) blanked face. "Didn't you scream out a spell name. What was it? Bet the Limit?"
"Eh!? I cast some spell!? I was so desperate at the time, I don't remember!"
"Marvelous!" Rook congratulated. "Wonderful! You've finally broken your shell, Monsieur Spade! Look, Vil is still trembling from your final blow!"
"I am not trembling...but, definitely. Your final blow worked to get me back to normal. Not too shabby, Deuce."
"....Yes!" The bluenette cheered.
"I mean, you did confidently tell everyone to get down, even though you haven't mastered your magic yet." Jamil pointed out. "I'm glad it worked, but I can't image what would've happened if it didn't."
Kalim waved him off. "Aww come on, it's fine! It all worked out in the end!"
"...geez, I can never understand what's going on in that head of yours."
"Deuce got his Unique Magic before me?" Ace complained. "Seriously?"
Grim crossed his arms. "I never thought Deuce would be the one to surpass me."
Swampert smacked them both as Epel grinned.
"Fufu, we all have to do our best too!"
"By the way..." Jamil glanced around. "What do we do about the destroyed stage? Fortunately, Vil's poisonous fog encircled the Coliseum, so there were no witnesses. We should probably fix the venue, break the curse, and get out of here before anyone notices, but that's impossible with the little magic we have left. Ugh, I can't think of anything. It might be impossible."
"No way!" Epel said. "That means the VDC will be-,"
"Oh my." A familiar voice chimed. "What is the meaning of this?"
The boys all jerked as Vil blinked in shock.
"You are..."
(Y/N) turned to see her favorite horned, green eyed student standing behind her, surveying the wreck.
"I arrived a little early, but the stage is already destroyed."
"Ah! Tsunotaru!" She greeted happily.
"TSUNOTARU!?" The boys all yelled, in complete shock and wondering if (Y/N) had a death wish.
Dragapult greeted the boy as Grim smiled. "Oh! Tsunotaru, you're the one who's always wandering around the Ramshackle Dorm garden in the middle of the night. I heard about you from (Y/N) and the Pokémon, but wow, you really do have horns growing out of your head! Nyahaha! Ah-!"
Deuce grabbed the cat, covering his mouth. "Hey Grim! You-you don't talk to your upperclassmen that way!"
"(Y/N)!" Ace yelled, freaking out. "I get you have Pokémon, but do you have a death wish calling him that!?"
"Do you not know who you're talking to!?" Epel asked.
She blank faced. "But, he wouldn't tell me his name. He said I could call him whatever I wanted..."
"Roi Du Dragon!" Rook said. "What brings you to the Coliseum?"
"I was invited." He answered proudly, petting the ghost dragon. "By the child of man beast tamer living in the Ramshackle Dorm..." His smile fell when there was no reaction. "I have a ticket as well."
"No, I didn't mean that. Vil's Unique Magic is covering the venue in a cursed poison. Everyone who touches it becomes paralyzed."
"...ah, now that you mention it, I was able to bypass the curse. Regardless of its power, it would have no effect on me."
(Y/N) chuckled. "Oh my, you're part steel type too, Tsunotaru?"
"Stop saying that!" Deuce warned.
Vil frowned at the horned male. "Hmph, it seems (Y/N)'s naivety is entertaining to you. Based upon the spirit of the Witch of Thorns, the dorm leader of Diasomnia, Malleus Draconia."
"Wait, that Malleus Draconia!?" (Y/N) yelled.
The male nodded. "...Indeed. I am the next King of the Valley of Thorns, Malleus Draconia."
The girl pondered for a moment. "Oh, MD, I get it now. You know, that makes your behavior make so much more sense."
Grim cowered behind her. "Fnya...he's the super strong guy Ace and the other told us about during the Magift tournament. HE WAS TSUNOTARU THE WHOLE TIME!?"
"Didn't I tell you?" Malleus smirked. "It would send shivers down your spine once you knew my name."
"Ha." She said, quite smugly. "Hardly. If you're supposed to be scary, I wish half the scary stuff in my world looked as good as you."
"She just called him hood his face..." Epel looked at her. "(Y/N), you're the bravest person I've ever known."
"By the way, Schoenheit, what were you doing to make yourself so frayed?" Malleus asked. "Such a sight would make the spirit of the Beautiful Queen cry."
Vil grumbled. "That's..."
Malleus turned to his human friend. "What ever is the matter? Tell me, child of man."
"Well..." (Y/N) went on to explain what had happened, Malleus nodding as she did so.
"So that's it. Despite all that magic surrounding the area, no one, not even myself, noticed that overwhelming magical presence..."
"Eh!?" Kalim yelped. "You mean no one's noticed anything?!"
"That's right. All the Royal Sword Academy students are singing near the gym. Everyone is gathered to watch them."
"Jamil, I could kiss you right now." (Y/N) said (he blushed.).
Rook also nodded. "Considering duels, Magift tournaments, and magical defense exams take place in the Coliseum, there is a special barrier erected to prevent damage to the outside."
"So if we didn't get Vil back to normal..."
Ace finished Epel's thought. "Then help probably would never have come, no matter how long we were in here...that's terrifying."
"Hmm..." Malleus hummed, looking around. "Very well then. You owe me one, Schoenheit."
The was a rumble as an enormous amount of magic gathered around Malleus. Corviknight propped Gardevoir up, Flapple, Applin, and Decidueye panicked, and Grim leapt onto Swampert.
"Fnya! What's happening!? The fur on my body is standing up!"
"Guh!" Jami, choked. "What is this pressure!?"
"Fufu...child of man, this is my gift to you."
"Malleus, what are you doing!?" Vil asked.
"This is easier than reweaving unwoven fabric. Now, return to where you belong and return to what you should be."
In a flash of green lightning, the venue was instantly restored.
Epel blinked. "Huh? No way!"
"WOAH!" Kalim yelled. "You did all this with magic, Malleus!? Amazing!"
Ace sweatdropped. "Wow...I saw Malleus's magic at the Magift tournament, but this is crazy."
Rook beamed. "Roi Du Dragon, incredible! Your magic is just as marvelous as always!"
"We get to see your performance if the stage was restored, correct?"  He asked rhetorically. "I'm simply interested in seeing it."
(Y/N) immediately hugged the male. "Thank you, Tsunotaru!"
Everyone froze in sheer bafflement.
Malleus burst out laughing. "Fuhahaha! Do you still intend to call me by that nickname even though you now know my true identity."
She let go and pouted. "You had your chance to correct me. Now you're stuck with Tsunotaru."
He smiled. "No, I don't mind. Well, Schoenheit, I have fixed the stage for you. Will you give me an entertaining performance?"
"Hmph, you don't have to tell me to put on the best performance you'll ever see." Vil waved off. "Be prepared to give us a standing ovation."
"I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm looking forward to the performance."
Malleus then disappeared in a flurry of green fireflies.
"Fufu. I can't believe we received a blessing from Roi Du Dragon! Luck is on our side! Now is the time to show the unity of the NRC tribe."
Vil nodded. "Yes. I take full responsibility in explaining everything to the headmaster. For now, let's win the Vocal & Dance Championship!"
After the crowds returned, the group began to prepare themselves.
"10 minutes until the performance." Jamil announced.
"The production staff should be calling us soon...let's head over backstage...Ugh!" Vil flinched.
"Vil, are you sure you're okay?" Rook asked, worried.
"I took some pain medication and covered my scratches with makeup. Don't worry about me."
"If you say so."
"That doesn't mean you're body's recovered." (Y/N) argued. "At least let Gardevoir use Heal Pulse on you."
Vil ignored her. "Gardevoir was exhausted after the battle, you said so yourself. I won't have her waste anymore energy on me."
"Ugh, you are so stubborn!"
Epel then stood up. "Vil...Um, can I take your place at center stage?"
"EH?!" They all said.
"Epel, what brought this on all of sudden!?" Ace asked.
"What Ace said." Jamil agreed. "Why ask this now, right before the performance?"
"Wouldn't it be hard for you to take Vil's place?" Grim pointed out.
"But Vil, you can barely stand. You say you want to win, but if you're at your physical limit on stage...I just don't want you to show your struggling form on stage!"
"Monsieur Crabapple..." Rook said.
"I kept my promise to you by becoming more lovable and stronger. I'm not just sweet and cute anymore. I've become the poisoned apple you wanted, right? Let me be the one to defeat Neige, please."
Vil smiled. "Hmph, I see you finally understand. But don't worry, as long as the spotlight is on me, no matter what happens, I will stay on the stage until the very end. Keep fighting and believe in our victory. That is the villain's pride. Please, give this villain a chance to stand on stage until the end."
Epel nodded. "I understand. If that's what you want, I'll gladly oblige."
"Hm, first of all, can you even afford to be worrying about me, Epel? You make more mistakes as soon as you get on stage. Have you forgotten the mistakes you made during the auditions?"
"Ah! Do you have to bring that up now?"
"You asked me to give you my place on the center stage. Please, capture the hearts of the audience, my poisoned apple."
"Night Raven College, you're up next!" A stagehand announced. "Please standby."
Vil crossed his arms. "The time has finally come."
"All right, let's go win that trophy!" Ace cheered.
"Yeah!" Deuce agreed. "I'm a lot calmer now than I was before."
"OH YEAH!" Epel yelled. "Let's go steal the audience's hearts!"
"Just do what we did during the rehearsals." Jamil assured them. "Everything will work out."
"Awe, look who's learning optimism." (Y/N) teased.
"Shut up."
"What Jamil said!" Kalim beamed. "Let's enjoy ourselves out there until the end!"
"All right! The future of my canned tuna depends on it!" Grim said.
(Y/N) smiled at the boys. "Good luck, guys. Let's aim for #1!"
"Now, NRC Tribe, let's divide and conquer!" Rook proclaimed. "Onward to the battlefield!"
(Y/N), Swampert, Grim, and Vulpix all took their seats to watch the performance. The guys were amazing, considering everything that had happened, but she did notice a few restrained movements due to their injuries. By the end, they all looked ready to collapse, but the crowd didn't notice and cheered wildly for the performance, giving them a standing ovation. The Ramshackle group cheered loudly for them. Discreetly, they limped off stage.
"Come on." (Y/N) ushered. "We should make sure they don't open up any wounds."
Swampert cleared a path through the screaming fangirls for them, and fortunately, they met the guys half way up, along with the Heartslabyul seniors.
"Ace-chan! Deuce-chan! That was so cool!" Cater congratulated.
Riddle nodded with a smile. "I was going to say 'off with your heads' if you gave a disappointing performance, but you made Night Raven College proud. The performance was wonderful."
"Hah...oh my." Trey exhaled. "I was nervous just watching. My palms were sweating."
"Trey, you sound like a worried father watching your kids perform." Cater teased as Riddle smirked.
"It seems that our problem children have fulfilled their duties. When you return to the dorms, let's have some tea together."
(Y/N) made her way over to her friends.
"You guys did great out there."
Ace beamed. "Thanks (Y/N), but I have to say, everything hurts."
Epel flinched. "Yeah, I thought I was gonna collapse."
"All right, everyone grab hold of the Service Swampert."
The water starter walked up to them and allowed them all to lean against him. Jamil let out a sigh of relief.
"That feels so much better."
"Thank you, Swampert!" Kalim said happily.
"How's Vil doing?"
"Rook's keep him standing." Deuce said as the girl facepalmed.
"Oh for Arceus' sake!"
As (Y/N) once more tried to coerce the blonde to let Gardevoir heal him, he still refused. Eventually, Vil had to compromise by holding Vulpix, who was basically an ice pack, all throughout the day. Eventually, the performances ended and all the competitors were called up on stage.
"All team performances for the Vocal & Dance Championship have been completed!" The host announced. "Now, all representatives from each school, please come on to the stage!"
The crowd cheered as (Y/N) and Swampert helped the boys on stage.
"The winners of the championship will be chosen by the votes of our audience! Which team had the most amazing singing, dancing, and performing abilities? Every team performed well, so please vote for the team that you think shined the most! Now, please use your smartphones and scan the QR code to vote for your team!" There was a symphony of chimes as everyone casted their votes. "The real time voting results services are provided by the company Olympus, which is a great supporter of our schools."
"Choose Night Raven College." Epel pleaded. "I feel like my heart is gonna pop out of my chest."
"Just as Vil said, it certainly takes courage to vote for yourself." Deuce pointed out. "There were so many great performances from the other schools..."
"That's right." Kalim agreed. "Everyone performed great. But I'm gonna vote for the NRC Tribe!"
"Of course!" Ace said. "We've endured so much hard training, so we have to take the victory! Even Swampert agrees!"
The Mud Fish Pokémon shifted his weight, nearly causing Ace to face plant.
(Y/N) shook her head. "Don't put words in his mouth."
"Seriously." Jamil agreed, before smiling. "But, in terms of both skill and popularity, we are definitely a winning candidate. Vote with confidence."
Vil nodded. "That's right. We've done all we can." He then glared over at Neige. "This time, I will show you who's the best in the world."
"Oi!" (Y/N) clapped in face to get his attention. "None of that, we talked about this!"
He grumbled as she tapped her foot like a disappointed parent.
"I could topple you easily right now. Don't tempt me."
"Voting will be closing in 3, 2, 1!...That's all folks!" The host announced as a bell rang. "The votes are being counted...the tally has been completed! T-this is, is this even possible!? The difference between first and second place IS ONLY ONE VOTE!"
"JUST ONE VOTE!?" Grim yelled from the stands.
(Y/N) just whistled. "Talk about coming down to the wire."
"All the students who have come here today from all over the world, the winners have shown vocal and dance skills that shine like a diamond. I would like to present the winning trophy to all the teams out here today, but I must announce the winners of the Vocal & Dance Championship, the winning team that will be crowned the best in the world..."
"GET ON WITH, MAN!" (Y/N) yelled, channeling everyone's frustrations.
"ROYAL SWORD ACADEMY!" The crowd cheered and confetti flew. "Your performance, 'Heigh-Ho', wrapped the entire audience in a warm, wholesome atmosphere. Such a peaceful performance that took the audience on a trip to fairyland instantly! And second place is Night Raven College! They missed first place by one vote, but they showed a masterpiece on stage today with such high-level skills of singing and dancing. Another round of applause to all the representatives from each school who put on such incredible performances! Now, to the winning school, please come forward!"
The applause was deafening as Neige and the dwarves accepted the award. The boys were greatly disappointed, of course, Epel groaning into Swampert, who took it.
"You're...joking..." Deuce choked.
" just one vote..." Ace added.
(Y/N) patted her friends' backs as Epel screamed into her partner.
"Epel, don't cry, because if you do..." Kalim of course started to tear up. "Then I'm gonna cry too!"
He hugged Swampert, who just had to take it as the two wept together. Jamil tried to help the poor creature by pulling Kalim off him.
"Kalim, pull yourself together. You need to show honor to the Asim family. What are you going to do if they catch your shameless crying on camera!?"
"But! I'm so upset! Aren't you upset too, Jamil?"
"Of course I'm upset, but I can't find the words or means to cry. My head is just blank right now."
"Come on, everyone." Vil rallied. "You are still on stage. Stop looking so pitiful! Straighten your backs, stand tall, and don't forget to congratulate your rival's victory."
"Being graceful in defeat is just as important as being so in victory." (Y/N) added.
"As expected, Vil and (Y/N) are calm and collected." Jamil said. "Are you two used to this kind of outcome?"
The trainer gave a nervous smile. "I won't lie and say I haven't had my fair share of humiliating defeats. It's all about learning and growing from them."
Vil was in contrast to this mindset. "Calm? Used to it?...Fu. ABSOLUTELY NOT! I want to kick all of the Royal Sword Academy brats off the stage right now! SOMEONE HOLD ME BACK BEFORE I CUSS ALL OF THEM OUT!"
Swampert grabbed the back of his uniform, completely done with this.
"Truly, a student of Night Raven College, through and through." (Y/N) snarked at the scene.
"...I want to curse every single person who voted for Neige..."
Rook shook his head. "Ah! Oh beautiful Vil! Our Roi Du Poison. I'm sorry that my choice has made you suffer so much, however I could not betray my heart!"
Vil glared at him. "Hah? What are you talking about?"
"Rook, tell me you didn't." (Y/N) pleaded. "Or least have the decency to lie about it."
"The only person you should curse, Vil, is me."
The boys all looked at him in disbelief.
He held up his phone, showing his casted vote for Royal Sword Academy.
(Y/N) facepalmed. "Rook, I don't condone lying, but you couldn't have kept this to yourself?"
Vil nearly fainted, causing Swampert to catch him.
"Ah! Vil!" Kalim yelped. "Come on, hang in there!"
Deuce pushed him up. "Be strong, Senpai! Hang onto my shoulder!"
Ace looked ready to kill Rook. "Hold on a sec, Rook! Why did you vote for Royal Sword Academy!?"
Epel looked just as betrayed. "What? I can't believe it! Why would you do that to us!?"
"I told you, didn't I? I couldn't betray my heart. Neige and his team sang and danced happily, fully believing in the power of each other and trusting one another as friends. When I saw their performance, I thought it was so powerful...the most beautiful in the world...Vil, you need to believe in your own beauty more than anyone else. Your stoic dedication to hone yourself against your rivals is beautiful, but unless you truly believe in yourself, even if you were praised by everyone all over the world, you will never be satisfied. But, even if one day you find yourself lying on the ground, covered in sludge and become old and thin, as long as you can look in the mirror and say I am the most beautiful in the world, that alone can overrule any legendary magic mirror. The strength and power in believing in yourself is the most beautiful thing in the world. Roi Du Poison, beautiful Vil, please, believe in yourself more than anyone else, beauty has always been inside of you, the entire time. Right now you are the most beautiful."
Vil teared up a little as (Y/N) walked over to give him some extra support. He looked at her in surprise as she smiled, assuring him it was okay. He nodded back.
"VIL-KUUUUNNNN!" Neige yelled excitedly, running over to them.
"Neige?" Vil said.
"Vil!" The boy said, shocked. "This is the first time I've seen you cry outside of a play."
Vil composed himself. "I've shown you an ugly side of myself...Fu, I can never win against you, huh?"
"Winning?" Neige repeated. "That's just based on numbers, but you had an amazing performance, an amazing performance only you can do. Sure, we won, but you are the best in the world to so many people."
(Y/N) elbowed him lightly. "Perspective's funny that way."
Neige nodded in agreement. "Please Vil, don't cry anymore."
Rook chuckled. "Fufu, it's as Snow White said. A smile is more beautiful on your face, Vil. Here, take my handkerchief."
"...thank you." He took it reluctantly.
Neige then turned to the vice dorm leader. "Oh! You are Rook, right? You called me earlier, before the VDC started."
"Oui, I'm terribly sorry for rushing you earlier."
"Rook, you are Mr R, right? You always come to my handshake events and send me letters."
"WHAT!?" The boys yelled as (Y/N) gave the senior a look.
"I knew it. Total fanboy."
"Eh?" He tried to play it off. "...what are you talking about!?"
"There's only one fan that always sends me lovely letters addressing me as Snow White. When you called me that, I remembered. R always buys my photo cards, sends me poems, and attends all my fan events. I had no idea I would meet you here! What a surprise!"
"Eh?!" Deuce squeaked. "Hunt-senpai is a Neige fan?!"
"And he even buys photo cards!?" Ace added. "That's a crazy super fan!"
Jamil's eyes widened. "So that thick photo album Room brought to training camp way, so everything in that big photo album was filled with Neige LeBlanche photo cards!?"
(Y/N) gripped her nose. "Rook, there are so many names I want to call you right now."
Kalim was the only one okay with this, of course. "Hey, since you're such a big fan, I'm glad you got to meet him, Rook. Go give him a congratulatory handshake!"
And for once, the blonde did not know how to proceed. "Oh...oh...sure..."
"Do you need me to push you?" (Y/N) asked.
"Please, Madame Dompteur de Bêtes."
She shoved him hard towards Neige and he began to whimper.
Vil's eyes widened. "He's crying....
"Snow White...this is the first time I get to introduce myself to you like this..." Rook declared. "I'm member number 0000002, Rook Hunt of the Neige LeBlanche Fan Club, Eternal Snow."
"He's even in a fan club!?" Deuce yelled.
"On top of that, he's the second member!" Ace added.
"I was able to illuminate my life through your beauty and live life with hope in my heart. I am so honored to be able to speak with you today. Thank you so much for your time."
Neige smiled. "It's so different meeting you more personally than at the fan events. I'm sorry I didn't realize it was you until now. Thank you so much for always supporting me!"
"I'll make sure to send you another letter after today."
"Fufu, make sure to write Rook on the letter this time."
"Neige this is what it is." Jamil analyzed. "Now, I see why he is loved by everybody. He is a world famous talent, but shows his support and gratitude to his fans. That is definitely a strength."
"Well, Rook did show a lot of support." Ace snuck in.
Vil shook his head. "Hah, you're horrible. At the very end, you were the one who betrayed me."
Rook sniffled. "I did vote for Royal Sword Academy, but...I didn't vote for them just because I am a fan of Neige. I-,"
"Stop. You don't need to tell me. I already know you aren't that type of person. Don't try to fool yourself. I've been your friend for 2 years, but I had no idea you were a fan of Neige. How deceptive of you. Hurry up and wipe your tears. Here's your handkerchief."
He handed back the cloth, which Rook took gratefully.
"Merci, Roi Du Poison."
Neige giggled. "Fufu! Vil, your usual smile is back! Hey, let's sing together! If we all sing together, we can put a smile on everyone's faces!"
"Come on, let's go!" Neige grabbed his arm and pulled him center stage.
"Good luck, Vil." (Y/N) wished before being grabbed herself.
"You too, (Y/N)! I'd love to hear you sing!"
"Wait, what!?"
The crowd went wild at the three holding hands.
"Look! Neige and Vil are holding hands!"
"Two world famous stars praising each other! What a beautiful sight!"
"Who's that girl with them?"
"That (Y/N) Stone! The famous beast tamer on Magicam!"
"Look at them standing together! Is she dating one of them?"
"Obviously she's dating Vil. They go to the same school!"
"No way! She looks way better with Neige!"
(Y/N) face exploded with red. "Kill me..."
"Let's sing together with Night Raven College!" Neige encouraged as (Y/N) pulled out the rest of her Pokeballs and was joined by Swampert.
"Oh I am not doing this by myself."
They all appeared in a happy cry, Vulpix jumping straight into Vil's arms and the Dreepy cuddling on Neige's shoulders.
"Let's do it!" He encouraged. "Now, here we go!"
Everyone joined in singing Heigh Ho, some more enthusiastic than others, but everyone seemed to have a good time. Even the Pokémon joined in. (Y/N), Neige, and Vil sang together really well and the crowd adored it.
"Thank you, everyone!" Neige cheered. "You too, Vil and (Y/N)!"
"Fufu." Vil chuckled. "Everyone, see you again soon!"
(Y/N) beamed. "Thanks for coming out folks!"
Of course, this cute moment was broken as Vil gripped (Y/N)'s arm.
"You mean to tell me this whole time you could sing!?"
After a long day, everyone pretty much crashed in their rooms. That night, a knocking woke (Y/N) up.
"Is someone at the door?"
Wearily, she got up, only for the mirror to shine.
"H-hey...(Y/N). Are you there?" A familiar voice asked.
"Mickey!" She greeted as he appeared.
"Hi, good evening. How've you been? It's been a while, hasn't it? I wonder how long it's been since the last time we've seen each other. I only ever see you in my dream. It's so strange because I've seen you before. After that, I've tried things like wearing the same pajamas to try and enter the dream world to see you. I even tried reading the same book and a bunch of different things before I went to bed, but nothing worked. But, why am I able to see you today?"
"Maybe it's something on my end then?" (Y/N) thought aloud.
"Before we said goodbye last time, you mentioned a mysterious camera. I've been curious since you've mentioned it."
"That's right!" She remembered. "Can I take your picture?"
"Yes, of course!"
(Y/N) plucked the camera and leveled it. "Say cheese!"
Mickey posed happily as the camera flashed and gave a photo. "How is it? Was that a good shot?"
She held it up for him to see. "Now I can prove to everyone you're real!"
"Haha! What a good picture! I want a copy. Wait, could you even do that in a dream? But I feel like I'm getting closer and closer to you. I can hear your voice and see you very well now. It seems only glass is separating us now." He knocked on the glass to prove a point. "And we've been speaking for much longer too. Someday, let's watch a movie together."
"Sounds good."
"I wish Donald and Goofy were here. They'd be so surprised if they knew I have a friend that lives in my dreams."
"Oh, let me wake up my Pokémon and Grim!" She said.
(Y/N) scurried getting her team awake and gathered around the mirror. As she walked over to Swampert, she noticed Grim was missing. Perplexed, she tapped Swampert on the head.
"Buddy, where did Grim go?"
He shrugged and (Y/N) ran downstairs, checking the rooms for the cat. When her search came up fruitless, she ran back upstairs.
"Grim's gone."
Just then, the static returned and she saw flashes in her mind. She saw the dark carriage and a monstrous creature with a collar of blue flames wrecking havoc. She staggered a bit, causing her Pokémon to rush over to her.
"What's wrong?" Mickey asked. "You look pale..."
"I have a bad feeling about roommate's gone. " She answered.
"I hope nothing happened to them! I can't go there to help. I'm so sorry I can't help you."
"It's okay, Mickey. We can find him."
He nodded. "Right. We'll see each other soon then!"
The two bid farewell as the original team(because it was past Shinx's bedtime) set out to find the cat. Absol quickly tracked Grim down to the Coliseum, so in the freezing cold, they rushed in.
"Grim!" (Y/N) yelled as she heard rustling.
Grim was on stage, his back to them.
"There...there it is...kehe, got buried when they fixed the stage. D-delicious..."
(Y/N)'s eye twitched. "I swear to Arceus. You came back for that stupid black rock!? Grim I keep telling you, you can't keep-,"
She stopped in her tracks as she approached him, noting the wild look on his face.
"Who's there!?" He growled. "GRRRRR! THIS...IS MINE!"
Before any of them could react, the cat launched at her with slashing claws. (Y/N) stumbled back in shock as her Pokémon raced to her side. She felt searing pain in her arm as she landed on her back, hitting her head. In her fading consciousness, she saw the small monster take off, Crobat in angry pursuit.

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