Chapter 7: Senior Encounters

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Ch 7: The Other Dorms
(Y/N) angrily dragged Grim back inside the building by his tail.
"I don't wanna! I don't wanna!" The cat screamed. "I don't wanna go back to that boring classroom!"
"Then you won't become a great magician!" She argued.
"Damn it! You're being mean to me today, you know!"
"I'm preventing damages before they happen!"
After lugging the dead weight around, it was finally time for lunch. Glaceon was curled up on (Y/N) shoulder as group walked into the cafeteria, Grim running ahead.
"It's finally lunch time!" He ran over to the lunch line, drooling over the selection. "There's a lot of delicious looking meals today!"
(Y/N) had to admit, the impressive spread made her stomach growl. "This looks like a very fancy buffet. What are you interested in, Glaceon?"
The little ice type pointed at an egg tart and some fruit and her trainer obliged.
"Fluffy omelets, grilled chicken, and bacon and egg tarts!" Grim listed.
"Ugh! You're too loud!" Ace complained. "You're way too cheerful during our break time!"
"I want the grilled chicken! It's the last one! And the omelet! And the bread and jam! I want them all!"
In his excitement, Grim bumped into another student, making him drop his meal.
"Ah! Hey! You bastard! You bumped into me! Now my soft-boiled egg pasta is on the floor!"
"Hey, hey! Isn't that the best part of the Carbonara dish?" Another student joined in.
"How are you gonna make it up to me!? Handing over that grilled chicken of yours should balance it out!"
Grim guarded his lunch. "No, I won't! This is mine!"
"Hah? That's no way for a little freshman to talk to their senior." The other student said. "Come here, you little-,"
(Y/N) grabbed his arm, Glaceon growling from her shoulder. "Back off! You put a hand on him, and you'll lose it."
"Why you bitch!" He yanked his arm away.
Deuce jumped in to try and help. "Ah, Senpai, it's prohibited to use magic to fight in school for personal gain."
"Personal gain? This is a lesson from seniors to juniors!"
"Clench your teeth, little girl!"
(Y/N) clicked her tongue. "Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear. I said," She pulled out Swampert's Pokeball and the Mud Fish Pokémon appeared, slamming his fist together. Glaceon jumped on his head and charged an Ice Beam. "Back. Off."
Seeing the imposing Pokémon, the two seniors became less eager to fight.
"Hey, this chick's the beast tamer who took down that monster."
"Eh, w-we'll let you off the hook this time since the pasta is getting cold!"
Grim smirked as they fled with their tails between their legs. "Heh, they're all bark and no bite! What a disappointment!"
"You're welcome." (Y/N) huffed at him, patting Swampert. "Impressive as always, buddy. What do you want?"
Adding a fish to their purchase, the group all took their seats and began eating. Grim was quite happy.
"Delicious! The omelette is so fluffy! And the cheese is all melty on the inside! So this morning, I got see your guys' dorm, what about all the other dorms?"
"Yeah, I'm curious too." (Y/N) admitted.
"Didn't you see the statues of the Great Seven on Main Street?" A familiar voice asked.
They turned to see Carter approaching with an unknown male with glasses, green hair, and a green club under his left eye. Glaceon mewed happily and rubbed up against the orange head. Carter happily picked up the Fresh Snow Pokémon and joined them with the stranger.
"Our school has seven dormitories all based off those seven statues."
"Geh!" Ace gasped. "You're the one from this morning!"
"You're the one who tricked us and made us paint the roses!" Grim growled.
"I wasn't trying to trick you, you know? I didn't want to do it either. But I had to do it because it's dorm rules!"
"Then don't look so eager." The Pokémon trainer shot back as Glaceon curled up in his lap.
"Now, now (Y/N), outside the dorm, I don't have to follow the rules, so Cate-kun us a senior who is very kind to his underclassmen."
"Best be, considering you remember what Glaceon's fur can do."
The other male laughed. "This is just Cater's way of showing you that he likes you."
"Wait, so who are you?" Ace asked.
"Oh, my bad, I'm Trey, Trey Clover. Just like Cater, I'm a third year in Heartslabyul. So you're from the Ramshackle-erm, you're the beast tamer freshman who is residing at that unused dorm, right?"
"Yup, (Y/N) Stone, that's Grim, that's Swampert, and that's Glaceon."
"I heard about you from Cater. I also heard how much of an inconvenience our dorm was."
"I'm sitting right next to you." Ace mumbled.
"Come on, we are in the same dorm, so let's get along." Cater teased. "Let's exchange contact info."
"I would, but I don't have a phone." (Y/N) admitted. "My Pokegear is back home."
Cater looked mortified, leaping back, making Glaceon leap into her trainer's lap. "Eh?! You don't have a smart phone? Seriously? You're like an endangered animal! I'll show you some place to get the latest model cheaper. It could be like a date."
Swampert growled and would've bitten the male if Trey hadn't stepped in.
"Cater, you're making her uncomfortable. Keep it to a minimum."
"Haha, sorry, sorry! So you were asking about the other dorms? Big brother here will tell you everything you need to know."
"Well, tell us about your dorm first." (Y/N) asked.
"Yeah, like what's with the weird Law of the Queen of Hearts." Ace added in.
Trey answered. "You've probably heard about the legendary Queen of Hearts. To adhere to discipline, she created the strictest of rules to keep the citizens of her kingdom in line."
"And out of respect for the Queen of Hearts, our dorm wears red and black to represent her dress." Cater explained. "It's tradition to obey the laws created by the Queen of Hearts."
"That's a pretty strict dorm." Grim pointed out.
"Well, how strictly the tradition is held depends on the dorm leader. Our former dorm leader was a lot more lenient."
"Riddle, however, is the serious among serious of all dorm leaders" Trey continued. "So he follows the rules to the max."
"Geh," Ace groaned. "How annoying."
"Hey, hey." Grim interceded. "What are the other dorms like?"
Trey ran down the list of the dorms, (Y/N) recognizing the names from when they had first met Ace. Grim looked overwhelmed.
"It's okay." Carter assured him. "You will remember their names even if you don't want to."
"Which dorm you enter is based on the judgement of the Mirror of Darkness when it looks at your soul during the entrance ceremony." Trey continued to explain. "So each dorm has their own quirks about them."
"What do you mean?" Deuce asked.
"For example, look over there."
He motioned to a tall, muscular, tan male with white hair and large canine ears.
"Those ear, they look like my Lycanroc's."
Trey chuckled. "That rugged look definitely means Savanaclaw."
"Totally! That dorm has a lot of people good at sports and martial arts. They're pretty brawny? Or I guess you could say, they're all pretty buff? Either way, Savanaclaw's colors are yellow and black." Cater said.
"Then what about that guy with the gray and uh...light purple arm band on his arm?" Grim asked, pointing to a student.
This one had silver hair swept to one side and glasses. He also has mole below his left lip.
"He's from Octavinelle. At the table in front of us, the guys with the dark red and yellow are from Scarabia." Trey answered.
(Y/N) glanced at the other two and actually recognized one of them, the boy with red eyes and the white and gold turban. He was the one Swampert had to put out at the entrance ceremony. The boy he was with had a red hoodie and long dark hair.
"They say they are really smart. When it comes to written tests, nothing can beat Scarabia. Though, Scarabia's dorm leader isn't that great at studying." Cater said.
"That sounds like a red flag." Ace interjected.
Trey broke into a laugh as he spoke. "You're quick. Back to what we were saying, those bright and sparkling students over there are from Pomefiore. They have a purple and red armband."
He pointed at a blonde student with a brown musketeer hat, who was sitting with a small, feminine looking boy with purple hair.
"Whoa! There's a super cute girl over there!" Grim said, pointing at the boy.
"Wha?! A girl at a boys school?!" Deuce exclaimed.
Glaceon hissed and smacked him with her tail as her trainer clicked her tongue
"I'm right here." Deuce and Grim flinched at her annoyed tone, specifically when Swampert seemingly began cracking his knuckles. "I'm the only girl here guys. That is a dude."
She smacked them both for staring, but unfortunately, the boy seemed to notice them.
"If you wanna see girls, the portrait in the west building, Miss Rosalia is pretty high level. I can introduce you if you're interested. Should I set up a blind date?" Cater teased.
"I'm good! No matter how cute Rosalia is, she's just a painting." Ace declined.
"Well, in any case, Pomefiore's full of pretty faces who take their beauty routines very seriously. Their dorm leader is a Magicam with over five million followers." Cater explained.
"I think we found Wallace's dorm." (Y/N) teased as Swampert nodded.
"Don't focus entirely on their looks." Trey warned. "Pomefiore has many members skilled at alchemy and charms."
"Oh yeah, didn't you mention the Beauty Queen was good with poisons, Ace?" (Y/N) asked. "Oh well, I doubt I'd get along with them. I'm not much for getting dressed up." Swampert and Glaceon snorted, knowing she was lying just a bit. "Quiet you."
Cater laughed. "Next would be Ignihyde but... I don't see any of them around. They've got blue and black arm bands. Everyone in that dorm is pretty introverted. I don't even have any friends there. I guess you could call them the complete opposites of Heartslabyul?"
"You mean, they're pretty gloomy?" Grim said.
"Grim!" (Y/N) scolded.
Trey chuckled, rubbing his head. "They do have a very quiet image. Many of them are good at building equipment that uses magic energy or digital things."
"They'd probably love your Metagross or Rotom." Ace whispered to (Y/N).
"Then there's...Diasomething dorm." Deuce muttered.
"You can't fool me with that straight face. It's Diasomnia." Ace stated, seeing through his facade.
"I bit my tongue, okay!" Deuce lied.
Cater glanced around, before his eyes fell on a few students. "Diasomnia is...there. The guys who are sitting by the cafeteria's exclusive tables. Their colors are light-green and black. They're kinda— How do I put it? Super popular? They've all got this aura that makes it hard for us regulars to approach them. The dorm leader has max 'don't come near me' vibes..."
The students sat apart from the other dorms. One of them appears to be fairly young. His blazer was draped over his shoulders, probably because he was small and his cropped black hair had magenta pink streaks. He also had pointed ears and blood red eyes.
Ace noticed him. "Huh? There's a kid with them."
"Grade-skipping is allowed here, so that's possible. But he's not a child, he's a third year like us..." Trey was cut off as the mentioned student was suddenly hanging upside down in front of them. Now this guy reminded (Y/N) of her Crobat.
"Lilia is my name. Lilia Vanrouge."
"Th-This guy teleported here!" Grim yelped.
Lilia gracefully jumped to the floor, no longer floating, and very amused. "Are you all curious about my age? Kufufu. I have this baby-faced visage but like that man in glasses has said, I'm not at an age one would call me a child."
Swampert and Glaceon let out low growls, noticing his fangs, but it seemed to amuse him even more.
"There's no need to look from afar, just come up and speak with us. Are we all not students of the same academy? We at Diasomnia will always welcome you with open arms."
His dorm mates, a silver haired young man and a taller boy with slick mint green hair, seemingly spoke to the contrary.
"Those guys over there don't look like they'd be very welcoming." Deuce remarked.
Lilia glanced to them before turning back to the group. "Kufufu. Apologies for dropping in on your meal. Until we meet again."
On his way out, he grinned at (Y/N) in particular. Glaceon fluffed out her fur, daring him to try something, but he went on his merry way.
"Our table is easily over 20 meters away from them but you're telling me that he heard us talking? Freaky!" Ace whispered to Trey.
Trey readjusted his glasses. "Well... Let's just say that Diasomnia has many peculiar members. Many of their members excel at magic in general. Their dorm leader, Malleus Draconia, is counted among the top five wizards in the world."
"Sounds like the honors dorm." (Y/N) stated, patting down her Pokémon's fur.
Trey sheepishly smiled. "When you boil down to it, I suppose so."
"But if someone like him is so strong, why is he studying here?" She asked.
Cater hummed. "We're not sure the reason but honestly, Malleus is like super super super crazy. Our dorm leader is his own brand of crazy, though."
"So true! All I did was eat a single piece of tart and he collared me. His narrow-mindedness is super crazy." Ace exclaimed.
It was then that (Y/N) noticed a short male approaching them, hearing Ace complain. She recognized him as the one who had collared Grim at the entrance ceremony, meaning this was Riddle and Ace was digging a deeper grave.
"Hmmm? I'm super crazy?"
Everyone gulped loudly, with wide eyes, but Ace remained ignorant to Riddle's presence. (Y/N) tried to signal him to shut up, but he just kept talking.
"Yeah. He blew right past 'strict' and is just a tyrant."
"Ace! Behind you!" Deuce harshly whispered.
The boy finally turned around. "Geh! Dorm leader?!"
Heartslabyul's dorm leader, Riddle Rosehearts, was obviously not amused. He had a heart-shaped face and two flat cowlicks that form a heart. He was pretty slim and small, the same size as (Y/N), and that was not counting the heels, but his imposing atmosphere definitely made up for it.
"Oh my, Riddle. You're super crazy cute today." Cater complimented, trying to cover for Ace. It failed as steel gray eyes stared harshly at the third year.
"Hmph. Cater. If you talk too much, it's going to cost you your head."
"Hey now, gimme a break!"
Grim finally seemed to recognize him, jumping onto Swampert for protection. "This is the guy who put that weird collar on me during the entrance ceremony!"
Riddle glanced at the Pokémon trainer for a moment (holding back a blush) before clearing his throat. "You're the freshmen that caused all that fuss of explosion yesterday. Will you knock it off, calling someone's unique magic a 'weird collar'? For goodness sake. The headmaster is soft. If you forgive rule breakers the whole system would collapse. All you have to do is cut the head off of those who don't follow the rules."
"You and I have very different view points about discipline, clearly." (Y/N) murmured.
"The things coming out his mouth don't suit his looks..." Ace muttered to himself.
The short red head continued. "The headmaster appears to have forgiven you but make no mistake. The next time it happens, I will not." He then frowned, glancing at Glaceon. "The same can be said for the beasts under your control."
Glaceon's back arched as she hissed, but (Y/N) patted her down. "They're well behaved if you show them and me respect. I can assure, they aren't a threat if you don't bother them."
"By the way, dorm leader, is there any way, you could, say, remove this collar?" Ace asked politely as the two dorm leaders locked eyes in a battle of wills.
"I was going to if you had learned your lesson, but the way you were just talking shows that you haven't at all. Keep it on for a while longer. Don't worry, as first years you'll only be learning fundamentals, not actually using magic." The redhead stated. "You also won't be able to cause a scene like yesterday, isn't that great? Now don't just sit around chatting away, finish lunch and head to your next class. Rule 271 of the Queen of Hearts: 'One should eat lunch and leave their seat within 15 minutes'. If you break the rules... I'm sure you understand?"
Ace sighed. "Another weird rule..."
"Answer with, 'Yes, dorm leader!'" Riddle warned.
"Yes, dorm leader!" Deuce and Ace answered, sitting up straighter.
Riddle crossed his arms. "Very good."
"Now, now, I'll look after them for you." Trey assured.
(Y/N)'s eyebrow cocked as she saw a look of familiarity in Riddle's eyes. Did he and Trey know each other well?
"...Hm. You're the vice dorm leader so I'd expect you to not act foolishly. Rule 339 of the Queen of Hearts: 'After a meal one must always drink lemon tea with two sugars'. I must go buy sugar cubes from the school store, so I'll be on my way." Riddle excused himself.
As he left he glanced back quickly at the girl. She was still calming Glaceon, but her bigger monster seemed unfazed by him. Riddle felt slightly angry, thinking this meant Swampert didn't see him as a threat.
On (Y/N) end, she stiffened as she heard the sound of something dripping. She glanced around, not seeing anything leaking, but she had definitely something. Swampert had also heard the noise, but his eyes followed Riddle.
When the Dorm Leader was out of sight, Cater released a sigh of relief. "That was close."
"That guy is so obnoxious." Grim shouted, jumping back to the table.
"Hey! That's rude!" Deuce scolded Grim.
(Y/N) usually would handle Grim's bad behavior, but she was focused on a pair of Heartslabyul students nearby, whispering.
"Did the dorm leader leave?"
"I broke Rule 186 of the Queen of Hearts: 'One must never eat a hamburger steak on Tuesday'. I was so terrified of what would happen if he found out I ate one."
"Ugh... At least let us eat whatever we want..."
Trey and Cater also heard them.
"...In his first week at school, Riddle took the seat of dorm leader. He speaks harshly but he's trying to make the dorm better. He doesn't have bad intentions." Trey tried to defend him.
"Someone with good intentions doesn't randomly collar people!" Grim argued, remembering the collar.
"I have to agree with Grim." (Y/N) said. "Discipline is fine, but if he pushes them too hard, he'll find himself surrounded by enemies. If you're going to lead, you need to balance punishment with care and respect." She scratched Swampert's head as she spoke.
The third years sheepishly chuckle as she then shot back at Grim.
"However, you're also at fault for going crazy during the ceremony."
Grim gritted his teeth. "Wasn't Glaceon hitting me with water bad enough!? And that collar cuts off your magic. It's horrible and it sucks!"
"Hm? You mean Riddle's unique magic?" Cater asked.
"Unique...means that it's magic only he can use?" Deuce said.
"It's magic that's strictly limited to one person... Simply put, it's magic that reflects the character of the user that only they can use, so 'unique magic'. You'll learn about it in class eventually." Trey assured.
Cater took over then. "Riddle's unique magic let's him seal another person's magic for a fixed amount of time. It's called...""Off With Your Head!"
Grim squeaked. "Just the name is terrifying!"
"I think I remember him yelling that when he put the collar on you, Grim."
"As a wizard, having your magic sealed hurts like losing your head. Therefore, you shouldn't break Riddle's rules inside the dorm." Cater warned.
Trey nodded. "It also means he isn't scary if you follow the rules."
"So what you're saying is I have to go buy a tart or Cater won't let me in?" Ace asked.
"That's right. In accordance with Rule 53 of the Queen of Hearts. Riddle also really looks forward to eating the first piece of a whole tart, so he won't forgive you unless it's whole." Cater added.
"You said you want to be friends so can't you overlook that!?" Ace retorted.
"That is that, this is this."
"But aren't whole tarts pretty expensive?" Deuce asked.
Ace groaned. "Blegh. I don't have that kind of money."
"Then how about making one? The other tarts were all made by Trey." Cater suggested.
"That's sounds nice. I make most of my meals, so I'm decent in the kitchen myself." (Y/N) thought out loud.
"Trey, you made that tart? Amazing! It was as good as a pro's." Ace praised the vice dorm leader.
Trey chuckled. "Thank you. It's true I have all the tools and seasonings...but I won't help you for free."
"Eeeh?! I have to pay for it?!"
"Haha, I'm not gonna squeeze money out of underclassmen. If we're going to make the tart Riddle wants to eat next, we need a lot of chestnuts. Could you gather them for me?" Trey requested.
"Either way is a pain. Well, how many do you need?"
"To make it for the Unbirthday party we'll need...about 2-300, I think."
"That many?!" Deuce and Grim exclaimed.
"Then I'll have you roast them and remove the outer shell to take out the nut." Trey explained.
Both Deuce and Grim immediately backed out
"Traitors!" Ace cried.
"We're helping." (Y/N) said firmly. "Besides, I even have the perfect Pokémon to help us out."
"You know, tarts that everyone makes together are always the best. To make memories? You might even debut as a good blogger." Cater tried to encouraged.
"Keep it a secret from Riddle, but freshly baked marron tart is the most delicious. Only those who help make it get to try some." Trey said with a knowing smile.
That got Grim to stop complaining. "Ooh ooh ooh! Let's get a move on! We're gonna pick chestnut after chestnut after chestnut!"
(Y/N) laughed, impressed by Trey's manipulation skills. "Every thought of going into beast taming, Trey?" The third year laughed, but he was also blushing. "Where do we get the chestnuts?"
"There should be plenty of chestnut trees in the forest behind the campus botanical garden." Trey answered.
"All right. Then we meet after class in front of the botanical garden." Ace confirmed.
"Go! Go! Chestnut picking!" Grim cheered.

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