Chapter 6: First Day

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Chapter 6: Off with Your Head
The night was calm and quiet. Half of the Pokémon sleep outside in their still developing huts, while the other half took up residency in the dorm. After being rescued by (Y/N)'s more intimidating Pokémon, Grim had seeming gotten past his initial fear of them, though he still fled the younger ones for fear of being used as a chew toy. Currently, five of (Y/N)'s original six (poor Flygon was a bit big) were all curled up in some part of the room. Swampert was in usual spot by his trainer, Crobat hung from the ceiling, Absol and Luxray were cuddling together, and Roserade dozed in a spot by the window. (Y/N) tossed a bit as she experienced a very strange dream. It was foggy, but in a way it reminded her of an old memory. She was in a hedge maze and their was a young girl in a dress with blonde hair, and she was watching living playing cards that were painting a rose bush.
"Quickly we must paint the roses red!" The Ace of Hearts card said. "Hurry, there are still roses that are unpainted."
"Painting...the roses?" (Y/N) thought.
She had seen some pretty strange things in her own world, but she was pretty sure any painting of plants would get you a butt kicking by some ornery grass types.
The young girl approached them.
"Why are you painting the white roses red?"
"Eh?" The Two of Clubs responded. "Well, we accidentally planted white roses by mistake, and the Queen likes them red. If they're white, then it's off with our heads!"
"Is that so?"
"It is," the Three of Clubs answered. "That's why we're painting the roses red."
The dream faded away as (Y/N) eyes twitched. Had something fallen? There was a thump. No, it was knocking. Was someone at the door? She opened her eyes and sat up.
"Who is that?" She said with a yawn.
Grim was also woken up. "Mnya...hey, who could be bothering us at this hour? Is it a ghost? Can Gengar get ride of it?"
"It's from the door." (Y/N) answered, getting off the bed. "Come on, we should see who it is."
She patted Swampert and told him to stay and sleep. Roserade and Crobat followed after her, while Luxray growled at being disturbed and Absol slept like the dead. She patted the Gleam Eyes Pokémon on her way out to calm her down as she, Grim, and their companions headed downstairs to the front door, picking up Ampharos for some lighting on their way down. All the while, the knocking became more intense.
"Yes, who is it?" The female moaned.
A familiar voice answered. "It's me, Ace. Just let me in for a bit."
"Ace?" Grim muttered as (Y/N) opened the door. "Why's he here at this hour? Geh! What's with that collar?"
The red head stormed in. He was in his uniform still but now he had a large, bulky, and familiar looking, heart shaped collar around his neck. It really didn't look comfortable, probably why he was in such a bad mood.
"Enough! I'm never returning to Heartslabyul! Starting right now, I'm a member of this dorm!"
"What?" (Y/N) squeaked, her shock knocking away the rest of her sleepiness. "Okay, why don't we just go to the living and you can tell us what happened."
Roserade and Crobat ran back to bed as (Y/N) led Ace to the living room, which was still a little messy and where all of the little Pokémon were sleeping. Ampharos curled up on a few cushions nearby, the light of her tail still going. As the three sat on the couch, the younger ones all woke up and surrounded the newcomer, sniffing him curiously.
"So, why are you wearing that collar?" Grim asked.
Ace crossed his arms. "Cause I ate a tart."
"A tart?" (Y/N) repeated as Vulpix jumped into her lap. "Care to elaborate?"
"Yeah. I was hungry, so I went into the dorm kitchen and there was a chilled tart in the refrigerator."
Ace dragged his feet into the kitchen, sighing tiredly.
"Ha, I, so tired after the first day. I haven't eaten. I'm so hungry." He began to rummage around in the fridge. "What's in the fridge? Ah, there's a tart! Look delicious! There are so many. Shouldn't hurt if I have a slice." He quickly snatched up one and brought it to the table. "Let's eat!" He saw stars at the flavor, not noticing a certain short, red headed, gray eyed dorm leader approaching him. "What is it! It's so delicious!"
"It's delicious obviously, because the tart was made by Trey. Everything Trey makes is excellent."
"No, it's really delicious! Better than getting one from the store-," Ace began to choke as he realized it was his dorm leader he was talking to. "Eh! Dorm Leader!?"
Riddle was obviously annoyed. "You have a lot of nerve to put your hands on things that belong to me. Rule 89 of the Queen of Hearts: never eat my tarts without my permission. Tart theft is an unforgivable felony! OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!"
"Gya!" Ace screamed as the collar locked around his neck.
(Flashback end)
"That's why. Just because I stole the tart and now I have this collar that has a magic seal. And there were more than three! No one can eat all that alone! He has such a small heart!"
"While I agree the collar is overkill."
"Right!?" (Y/N) cut him off.
"You are definitely in the wrong."
"If there were so many, maybe they were for a party?" Grim suggested. "Like maybe someone's birthday."
"Birthday?" Ace repeated.
"Did you at least apologize?" (Y/N) asked.
"Um...I thought you were going to going to take my side." He admitted.
(Y/N) groaned, face palming. "It doesn't matter how many there were, they weren't yours to eat."
"Ugh, seriously?"
"Apologize to him tomorrow."
"Speaking of which, I never got my can of tuna from the headmaster." Grim realized.
Ace sighed, shaking his head. "Yeah, I know, I should just go apologize. But since it was you idea, can you come with me?"
She smiled and nodded. "Sure."
"So then, where should I sleep for the time being?"
"You do really wanna stay here?"Grim asked. "Most of the rooms are pretty cluttered except for ours, and you'll be stuck sleeping with her Pokémon."
Ace grinned. "Hey, let me stay in your room! I'm small, so I won't take up that much space."
(Y/N) grinned back. "You wanna ask Swampert to share our room?" He gulped loudly before she laughed. "You can sleep down here. You'll have Ampharos for light, and you'll have plenty of company."
Just then, Scorbunny leapt into his lap, hopping around happily as the babies all cheered at having a new playmate. Ace yelped, overwhelmed as (Y/N) and Grim promptly abandoned him.
"Don't stay up late, little ones!"
(Next Morning)
When the sun rose the next morning, everyone was yet again awoken by the sound of knocking at the door. Ace, who was cuddled on all sides by the babies and had Scorbunny on his chest, groaned and got up, unconsciously holding the fire rabbit.
"Uh, who's knocking on the door so early in the morning?" He woke up when he felt the place shake a bit. "Uh! The banging is making this rundown house fall apart! I'm coming, I'm coming! Just stop banging the door!"
(Y/N) met Ace at the door (she had gotten up to make her Pokémon breakfast). She opened the door and in came Deuce.
"I thought you would be here."
"Geh, Deuce." Ace muttered.
"I heard from the others that you stole the dorm leader's tart and he put the collar on you. You are pretty stupid."
"Shut up!" Scorbunny woke up at the feeling of being shaken and (Y/N) quickly snatched the little rabbit and let him loose. "I don't need to hear it from you! he still angry?"
"Not really, he just seems a little frustrated and keeps snapping at other students."
"That's not true at all! He is still angry!"
"You really need to apologize." (Y/N) told the red head. "Anyways, while you guys are here, why don't you help me feed my Pokémon?"
"Eh? Why do I have to help."
"I let you sleep here last night."
"On the couch!"
"My dorm, my rules. Look I'll make breakfast for all of us after, so pitch in."
Deuce and Ace were immediately put to work helping (Y/N) prep the meal. Luckily, she had a list of the type combinations needed. By now, Grim and the rest of the house Pokémon were downstairs waiting for breakfast.
"Just how do you keep track of all you Pokémon, (Y/N)?" Deuce asked as he admired Beautifly.
"Well, when your only traveling companions are your Pokémon, you tend to not forget them. But, this should help you guys out." She handed the two boys a small, red device. "It's my Pokédex. It has information about every Pokémon. All you have to do is point at a Pokémon, and it'll give you the information."
To demonstrate, she pointed the device at Swampert, and the screen lit up with a picture of the Pokémon as a robotic voice began speaking.
"Swampert, the Mud Fish Pokémon. A water/ground type. The evolved form of Marshtomp and the final evolutionary form of the Hoenn water starter, Mudkip. Swampert is very strong. It has enough power to easily drag a boulder weighing more than a ton. This Pokémon also has powerful vision that lets it see even in murky water. Swampert predicts storms by sensing subtle differences in the sounds of waves and tidal winds with its fins. If a storm is approaching, it piles up boulders to protect itself."
"That's so cool!" Deuce said.
Ace winced. "No wonder he's so scary."
"Can I try?" The blue haired boy asked.
(Y/N) handed him the device. "Go ahead. Don't worry, it won't break easily."
Deuce glanced around the room, wondering what he should check first. He wanted to try it on Tyranitar, but she was outside. Eventually, he settled on Crobat, who was, as usual, with the baby Pokémon.
"Crobat, the Bat Pokémon. A flying/poison type. The evolved form of Golbat and the final evolutionary form of Zubat. If this Pokémon is flying by fluttering only a pair of wings on either the forelegs or hind legs, it's proof that Crobat has been flying a long distance. It switches the wings it uses if it is tired. Crobat sneaks up on its intended prey using wings that barely make a sound. This Pokémon rests by hanging on a tree branch with its rear legs that serve as wings."
"Hey, let me try!" Ace yelled, snatching the device.
He pointed it at the familiar form of Weavile.
"Weavile, the Sharp Claw Pokémon. A dark/ice type. The evolved form of Sneasle. Weavile live in cold regions, forming groups of four or five that hunt prey with impressive coordination. Thanks to its increased intelligence, scrapping over food is a thing of the past. A scratch from its claws will give you a case of frostbite!"
"My turn!" Grim yelled as he grabbed the Dex and pointed it at Glaceon, who was grooming herself on the counter.
"Glaceon, the Fresh Snow Pokémon. A possible evolutionary form of Eevee. Glaceon lowers its body heat to freeze its fur. The hairs then become like needles it can fire. It can control its body temperature at will. This enables it to freeze the moisture in the atmosphere, creating flurries of diamond dust."
"Hey, the picture looks different!" Grim shouted.
(Y/N) smiled. "That's because Glaceon here has a special color variation. All Pokémon have a rare alternative color gene. We call them shinies. Flygon's one too."
"And what was that whole 'evolutionary form' thing?" Ace asked.
"Pokémon can change form when get older. We call it evolution. They become stronger and their appearance can change drastically. Here, these are Swampert's forms"
She took the Dex and showed them pictures of a Mudkip and a Marshtomp.
"Wow! He used to look like that!?" Ace asked bewildered. "He was actually kinda cute."
Swampert growled at him as his trainer hugged his neck.
"Aw, I think you're still cute buddy."
After meal prep had been done, all the Pokémon were served their meal. As (Y/N) made pancakes for them, the boys ran around, looking at the Dex entries for the indoor Pokémon. There was a knock on the window, and (Y/N) opened it to see Tropius peek her head in with a package in her mouth. Taking the package, she patted the grass type.
"Thanks, girl. Can I take some fruit for the pancakes?"
The Pokémon nodded, leaning over so her trainer could take the fruit. Deuce noticed and his eyes widened.
"Doesn't that hurt?!"
"Not at all." The trainer assured as Deuce held the Dex up to look up Tropius.
"Tropius, the Fruit Pokémon. A grass/flying type. The bunches of fruit around Tropius's neck are very popular with children. This Pokémon loves fruit, and eats it continuously. Apparently, its love for fruit resulted in its own outgrowth of fruit. It flies by flapping its broad leaves and gives the sweet, delicious fruit around its neck to children."
"Hey, what did it give you?" Ace asked, noticing the package.
"Don't know." (Y/N) opened it up and was shocked to find a NRC uniform inside. The vest was the same color as Swampert, along with having a pin with the letter R on it, seemingly in the mouth of a monster. It was also modified for a girl, skirt and all. "A uniform?" She pulled out a note that came with it. "Dear Ms. Stone, I hope your flying dinosaur is able to deliver this to you. I would have myself, but I was embarrassingly distracted by your wonderful canines. I hope this uniform fits you well. If you have issues with it, please see me after class to discuss it. Professor Divus Crewel."
(Y/N) turned off the stove and walked away for a bit, returning in her new clothes. Ace, noticing her get up changed, whistled and smirked.
"Looking good, Dorm Leader."
Deuce blushed. "Um, it is quite nice."
"You look like an actual student now." Grim added.
She smiled. "Thanks guys. Now sit down if you want pancakes."
That one sentence had Raichu flying in, cheering for the fluffy treat, but luckily (Y/N) had enough forethought to make extra for him.
After breakfast, the four walked down Main Street, accompanied by Glaceon today. Grim was happily showing off.
"Oh ho! Step aside! Starting today, we are students of Night Raven College! I have this collar, given to me by headmaster Crowley, unlike the rest of you!" He then turned to Ace. "Anyway, you still can't use magic right now, right?"
"Hey!" He shot back. "Remember when I could still use magic?"
"You were just told yesterday by headmaster to not make a fuss." Deuce pointed out. "Besides, classes aren't going to be easy with that magic seal on you. How about you just apologize to Roseheart and he'll take the collar off."
"That's what I told him." (Y/N) pointed out as Ace growled.
"Damn it, I can't believe I have to do this."
"We still have time before class starts." Grim said. "I wanna go see some more dorms. While Ace apologizes, let's go look around."
"This isn't a show! DAMN IT!"
They all headed for the Hall of Mirrors, traveling through the one decorated in hearts, cards, and red to the Heartslabyul Dorm. It was basically a giant red castle surrounded by roses and hedge mazes. It even had a fountain. (Y/N) whistled.
"My grass and bug types would love this place."
Glaceon began sniffing the roses, only to pullback and stand next to her trainer.
"Wow!" Grim admired. "This place is gorgeous! This is way nicer than our dormitory!"
"Ours is still a fixer upper."
Glaceon ears twitched and she ran into maze. The others followed after her, and found her happily receiving scritches from an orange haired boy with a red diamond under his right eye.
"Hello there, cutie. Any chance you want to help me paint these roses red?"
"Glaceon!" (Y/N) called out, hoping her ice type hadn't caused any trouble.
She turned at the sound of her name and ran back to her trainer, rubbing against her leg. The boy smiled.
"Woah, careful. If there are any roses left unpainted, it's off with your head."
"I feel like I've seen this somewhere." (Y/N) muttered, picking up Glaceon. "I'm sorry if she interrupted you."
He shook his head. "No, not at all! She's a real cutie. Like her owner. Can I help you guys with anything?"
"What are you doing?" Ace asked while (Y/N)'s cheeks burned.
"This? As you can see, I'm painting the roses red."
"Eh?" Deuce gasped. "Why would you do that?"
"Hm, your reactions are so cute and fresh. Now that I have a closer look, you guys are the freshmen who nearly destroyed the 10 million madol chandelier yesterday."
Both boys deflated. "I feel like we're going to hear about the chandelier until we graduate." Ace groaned.
"And you're also the one who stole the Dorm Leader's tart and is paying for your sins! How lucky, I got to meet the new freshmen so early in morning. Hey, hey, hey, let's take a picture together! Yay!" There was a flash from the camera. "Ah, can I post this? I want to tag you, so tell me your names."
"I'm Deuce Spade."
"I'm Grim."
"(Y/N) Stone and this is Glaceon."
"Okay! Upload complete. Ah, I am your senior. I'm a third year. I'm Cater Diamond. You can call me Cater-kun, okay. Cate is fine too." He winked at (Y/N) specifically, and she was really glad Swampert wanted to sleep some more in his Pokeball. "Nice to meet'cha!"
"Nice to meet you." (Y/N) greeted back.
"Gla!" Glaceon happily added.
"Oh, you're our first female student and the beast tamer living in the Ramshackle Dorm! I'm surprised you can live like that!"
"This guy is kinda rude." Grim said while crossing his arms.
(Y/N) sweatdropped. "Well, Glaceon likes him."
Cater eyes suddenly widened. "Oh. I shouldn't be talking right now! There's going to be a party the day after tomorrow. If you're later it's off with your head! Hey, you guys wanna help me paint?"
"Why are you doing something so weird?" Ace asked.
"Wouldn't it be more photogenic if the roses were red for the party? I also have to color the flamingos for the croquet match."
"That can't be good for the birds." (Y/N) thought out loud.
"Coloring flamingos?" Grim repeated. "Your chores are so weird."
"So in other words, the tart Ace stole was for the Dorm Leader's birthday party?" Deuce asked. "So that's why he was so angry."
"No, that's not it." Caster corrected.
"It's not?!" Ace shouted. "Then who's birthday is it for?"
"It's no one's birthday. The day after tomorrow is our Dorm's traditional Unbirthday Party. It's a tea party that the Dorm Leader chooses on a random day that is no one's birthday."
"What the heck is that!?" Ace yelped.
"Anyway, the reason can wait! Now you can help me paint the roses red! Deuce and Grim can use magic right? You and (Y/N) can't use magic, so here are paintbrushes."
(Y/N) gazed down at Glaceon. "You got this girl?"
She yipped happily and used Psychic on one of the brushes.
"Hey! Unfair!" Ace yelled.
"C-change the colors with magic?" Deuce asked.
"You know, I've never done anything like this before." Grim stated.
"Okay, it's all right! Relax! We'll manage somehow. We better hurry or else it's off with our heads!"
As Ace and Glaceon handled it the old fashion way, Cater demonstrated to other two how to use the spell.
"Red, red...." Deuce tried to focus. "That's! Ah! It turned blue!"
"Color change!" Grim yelled. "TAKE THAT! Kya! The roses are burning!"
"Water Pulse!"
Glaceon quickly put out the fire, and once again inflicted confusion on Grim.
"You all are worse than I imagined you'd be." Cater stated.
"I mean, why can't you keep the roses white?" Ace asked. "They're pretty, aren't they?"
"This is a part of tradition, okay? For the Unbirthday party, the roses must be red. And we use flamingo in seven different colors for croquet with hedgehogs as the balls. But, for the spring flower concert the roses must be white. It's important we remember this."
"What is with this dorms and animals!"
"Those are all strange rules." Grim said.
"The rules were made by one of the Great Seven, the Queen of Hearts." Carter explained. Riddle is particularly passionate about following the rules, even compared to other strict Dorm Leaders. I won't deny he goes too far sometimes though." Carter admitted.
"So that's it." Ace realized. "I don't have much time but, I need to talk to the Dorm Leader. Is he still inside?"
"Hm?" Carter hummed. "I think he's still in there. Speaking of which, since you stole the Dorm Leader's tart, did you bring him another tart to make up for it?"
"Eh? I just came straight here. I didn't bring anything."
The senior scratched behind his ear. "Ah, I see. Well then Queen of Hearts Rule 53: you must replace what you stole. I can't disobey, so I can't let you back into the dorm."
"Okay, that rule I can get behind." (Y/N) stated while Ace looked shocked.
"Ha!? What the heck!?"
"You must follow the rules if your want to stay in the dorm. If I let this slide, it's off with my head! Sorry, but you have to go before Riddle notices." Carter got out his magic pen and was seemingly ready to fight
"Wai- He's actually serious!" Ace yelled. "Ah! Guys! Do something!"
"Why me!?" Deuce yelled back.
"I'm begging you! I can't use magic right now! Ah! He's coming!"
(Y/N) sighed, allowing Glaceon to jump from her arms. The ice type readied herself. Now Carter wasn't exactly intimidating by her, but he'd learn.
"Glaceon, Water Pulse above you!"
The boys were confused at the tactic as Glaceon fired into the air. The orb burst, wetting her fur, and then Deuce remembered what the Dex had said about Glaceon.
"Wait, is she-?"
Sure enough, the tips of Glaceon froze into long, needle sharp point. Carter gulped as he realized too late what was happening. The Fresh Snow Pokémon launched the needles at the senior. Cater tried to counter with a fire attack, but it could handle all of the needles and he was grazed. When the fire died down, he realized he'd lost track of the little Pokémon.
"Blizzard!" (Y/N) called out.
From behind the orange head, the Pokémon launched a powerful blast of ice and snow, knocking Catet off his feet and his pen from his hand. Glaceon mewed, happy to have won, while her trainer picked the magic pen and dangled over the senior.
"Wanna try that again?"
He smiled nervously. "No, I've learned my lesson, but I still can't let him in unless he comes back with a tart. Sorry."
"Fair enough." (Y/N) dropped the pen on his face. "Ace, you'll need to get the tart."
"Yes, you stole, it's only right you replace. Come on, Glaceon, we have class."
The ice type brushed up again Cater as they left (Cater was a good sport and gave her more scritches) and he waved, still on the ground.
"Bye bye."
"What's up with that guy?" Ace growled as the walked to the front of the dorm.
"He took Glaceon's ice attack fairly well. Perhaps it's hallucination magic?" Deuce suggested.
"On the other hand, I can't go back without a tart, right? We were empty handed from the start, and making us leave after we helped him paint."
Grim crossed his arms. "I'm disappointed. Glaceon should've froze him."
"You're just gonna have to suck it up and bring a tart later." (Y/N) chastised the boy. "Right now, we have class."
"Gah! That was the first bell!" Deuce yelled. "We're gonna be late!"
"Fnya! This will ruin my first day of my brilliant school life!" Grim agreed. "We all gotta hurry to class!"
"Speaking of that, what class are you in?" Ace asked as they ran. "You're a first year, right?"
"Crowley told us we're in Class 1-A." She answered back.
"What? We're in the same class." Deuce informed them. "First period is Magical Alchemy."
"Wohoo! This should be fun!" Grim cheered.
Somehow, the group made it to class in the nick of time. The laboratory looked pretty much how one would expect a magical lab to look like. The teacher walked in. He was young looking with dark gray eyes and short white and black hair. He was wearing a fine suit and a faux fur coat over it. He walked over (Y/N).
"You must be Ms Stone. I'm your Alchemy Teacher, Professor Divus Crewel. Feel free to call me Master Crewel. I'm glad the uniform fits you well."
"Oh, you're Professor Crewel. Yes, thank you, I appreciate the uniform. And I am so sorry about my Pokémon, with the new environment, they're a bit territorial right now."
He smiled. "Not at all. Your puppies were a joy and treated quite well. I'm embarrassed to say I got a bit too distracted by them."
(Y/N) thought of her canine like Pokémon, especially Houndoom, acting friendly with a stranger. They usually weren't like that. Continuing the trend of people with the ability to inexplicably charm her usually skeptical partners, Glaceon rubbed up against the Professor's leg like a cat. His eyes lit up as he happily pet Glaceon.
"My, I don't think I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful specimen this morning."
(Y/N) nervously laughed. "Sorry Professor, she's being exceptionally affectionate today."
He chuckled. "Not at all dear, just make sure she's careful around the potions."
"Of course. Thank you again for the uniform."
He waved it off. "Please, finally have a girl to make clothes for instead of these wild puppies is enough thanks for me. If any of them get out hand, don't hesitate to tell me."
"I will. Thank you, Professor."
(Y/N) and Glaceon went to their seat and got their lab equipment on as Crewel addressed the class, unsettling with a teaching rod.
"There are 100s of kinds of medical herbs and poisonous herbs and you will learn to distinguish them with your tiny brains. I better not see any failing marks on any upcoming exams. I will be very strict with you."
Everyone got to work on the assignment. (Y/N) was paired with Deuce while Ace had Grim.
"Oh, I see." Deuce said as he examined a mushroom. "So what kind of mushroom is this?"
"Geh, I'm really bad at memorization." Ace groaned.
"All you need to know is if the grass is good or not." Grim stated.
(Y/N) didn't even look up from her note taking. "Please don't poison yourselves."
The next class was Magical History with Professor Trein. The older gentleman gave (Y/N) a curt, yet polite greeting upon entering, and he was quiet fine with Glaceon, actually very impressed she more well behaved than most of the students, given he had a cat with him.
"I am the professor of Magical History, Professor Trein, and this is my familiar, Lucious." The black and white feline meowed. "I will be teaching you about the history of the magic you are currently using.
Ace yawned, loudly as Deuce tried to be interested. "Oh! The Dwarf Mines! Oh! Magical Energy, huh..." as he drifted, Glaceon pawed at his cheek, waking him up. "Thank you."
"Ugh." Grim groaned. "I want an explosive and shinier magic class!"
"You need to learn the basics first, Grim." (Y/N) scolded as she kept writing notes.
The most exciting part of that class was everyone starring at the girl is disbelief when Lucious decided to hop into her lap and purred contently as she pet him and continued to pay attention.
PE was out in the field and was taught by Coach Vargas, who was a very muscular man.
"I am Vargas and I will be your physical education instructor. Great magic first starts with a great body! LOOK! I train my muscles every single day!"
"Note to self, see if Coach Vargas is willing to train with my fighting types."
"Magicians must have great stamina! First, let's do 20 laps around the field and then 100 sit-ups!"
"Eh." Ace complained as they ran. "I don't hate exercising, but I can't stand this type of teacher."
"I have confidence in my physical abilities." Deuce bragged.
"What's so fun about running around?" Grim asked. "I am not a hamster, you know! Right (Y/N)?"
The females passed them. "I'm done."
They all double take.
"Already!?" Ace yelled.
She rolled her eyes. "I have walked the length of entire counties since I was 11. This is nothing."
Needless to say, (Y/N) became one of Coaches favorite students, partly because of her physical abilities, and partly because she inspired the others to not get their butts kicked by a girl.
The group was now walking through the halls between classes, discussing their next class (Glaceon was perched on her trainer's shoulder).
"For a magic school, it doesn't feel much different from any regular school." Ace admitted. "It's way more ordinary than I thought. I guess I don't have to worry too much about not having magic."
(Y/N) shrugged. "I guess, but what do I know, I haven't been to school since I was 10."
"Wait, what!?" Deuce interceded.
"Oh right, I guess my world does function on different rules. Back home, kids go to school until they become eligible for trainer's license at 11. Then they usual go on Pokémon journeys, fighting in their region's gym circuits, and then when they're done, they go back for a few more years of school for jobs, unless you're like me and you make a career in Pokémon battles."
"Lucky." Ace grumbled. "Hey, can I go back with you to your world? I wouldn't mind traveling around the world with a bunch of powerful monsters, battle with other people for a living."
She gave him a side glance. "It's a lot harder and takes a lot more skill than you think."
"Still, it sounds incredible." Deuce said with admiration. "Don't you think so Grim? Grim?"
The cat was nowhere in sight. Glaceon hissed, nudging her trainer towards the window. She then saw a gray form running away in the courtyard.
"Gah! Grim! Skipping the first day!?"
"He just doesn't learn, huh?" Deuce said, shaking his head.
Ace smirked at the girl. "Being negligent in the first day, Dorm Leader? Do you want us to help you catch Grim?"
"I will feed you both to Tyranitar."

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