Chapter 5: Idiot Training

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Chapter 5: Working Together
The group was in the Mirror Chamber as Gardevoir returned with reinforcements. As (Y/N) thanked and returned the Embrace Pokémon, Ace contemplated out loud how he ended up in this situation.
"Ah, why did this happen? I had so much bad luck today."
(Y/N) smacked him hard on the head. "It's called karma. Remember it next time you think it's a good idea to mock people!"
"We do not have time to just stand here and complain!" Deuce urged. "Let's go! Mirror mirror on the wall, send us to the Dwarf's Mine!"
The reflection in the mirror rippled and the four walked into it. In the next second, they were outside an ominous looking cottage by an equally creepy forest.
"This is the Dwarf's Mine." Deuce commented. "Long ago, this was a popular place to mine for magic stones."
Grim grabbed (Y/N)'s leg. "Uhhh...this place is kind of spooky."
"Ah! There's a house over there." Ace pointed out. "Let's go see if anyone's there that can help us."
"Yes, let's go into the obviously ominous house." The Pokémon trainer said sarcastically. "I'm sure it will end well."
With Ace in the lead, they entered the cottage. From the dust and cobwebs, it was clear the place was abandoned a long time ago. Still, Deuce felt it only fair to be polite.
"Good evening!...Is anyone there? Doesn't look like someone's taking care of the place."
Grim coughed. "There's spiderwebs in my face! Peh! Peh!"
"Don't the chairs and table look kinda small?" Ace asked. "Are these for children?"
"Even I know that dwarves are supposed to be small." (Y/N) shot back as Ace got a look of realization on his face.
"This house was probably more flourishing when the mine was up and running." Deuce figured.
"Well, there's no reason looking here." Ace added. "If there were magic stones, they'd be in the mines. Let's go."
The group walked back out and headed towards the entrance. Unsurprisingly, it was an ominous hole which screamed danger.
"We-we're going into that pitch dark cave?" Grim whimpered.
"You scared, coward?" Ace taunted, only to get an elbow to the gut curtesy of the only girl in the group.
Grim was still mad. "Wha-I-I'm not scared! I'm the captain! You're all following me."
"Actually, we're going to follow the Pokémon who can easily navigate caves." (Y/N) corrected as she released Crobat, Noivern, and Swampert.
"Oh, that works too," Grim admitted as the bat like Pokémon led the way.
The mine was just as foreboding as the entrance had been and even (Y/N) walked a little closer to her starter Pokémon. Eventually, Noivern and Crobat landed and began to growl.
"Something's here." (Y/N) announced, getting on Swampert's back.
Grim squeaked as two hooded ghost appeared, cackling.
"Hehehe...our first customers in 10 years!"
"Why don't you settle down here. Forever!"
"No thank you! Swampert, Waterfall! Noivern, Air Slash! Crobat, Cross Poison!"
The three Pokémon fearlessly charged the specters and landed their attacks. The ghost, terrified by the monsters that had just effortlessly attacked them, scurried off in fear. The boys laughed.
"Yeah! You better run!" Grim cheered. "Unless you want my minions to beat you up!"
Swampert huffed at the cat, shutting him up, while Ace rubbed his head.
"I didn't think there would be ghosts here too."
"Well, I don't think they'll bother us after that." Deuce then smiled at (Y/N), who stretched out her arm for Crobat to take a breather on. "They're really strong. You must take good care of them."
"Of course." (Y/N) answered back, petting Noivern's head. "They're my trusted companions, so we have to look out for each other." She then noticed Deuce glancing at the bat wyvern. "Do you want to pet them?"
He looked bashful. "Uh, well, if they don't mind I guess."
She took his hand and guided it to a spot just between the ears Noivern absolutely adored being scratched on. He crooned happily and nuzzled into Deuce's hand, and Deuce seem equally as happy.
"What's this one called?"
"Noivern. The one on my arm is Crobat, and you already know my boy Swampert."
"Uh, we're on a time limit." Ace reminded, though it was obvious he was just jealous.
Swampert rolled his eyes and brushed up against his hand. Ace shrunk back at the action, but eventually began stroking the between his head fin, which Swampert appreciated.
Eventually, everyone got moving again. While the interaction with the Pokémon had somewhat calmed everyone's nerves, eventually, the stress of their time limit came back.
"We need to move faster!" Deuce insisted. "We'll never make it back in time at this rate!"
"How about you stop acting all high and mighty and ordering me around!" Ace snapped back. "We wouldn't be in this mess in the first place if you weren't acting liking an idiot."
"None of this would've happened if you hadn't tried to get out of your punishment!"
"First off, the fur ball set the Queen of Heart's statue on fire!"
"Huh!?" Grim stated before glaring. "But you were the one who started making fun of me!"
"YOU GUYS!" Deuce yelled. "Do you see the current situation we are in right now? If we don't bring this magic stone by morning, we are going to be expelled!"
"And that's why I wanted to split up from the start! I'm sick of this!" Ace argued.
"Ice punch." (Y/N) said, restraining her anger.
Swampert immediately slammed an ice covered fist between the three, making them all leap back in fear. The trainer than glared at them.
"Can you three just keep your mouths shut for 10 minutes so we can get this done! After that you can tear each other apart as much as you want! Honestly, I have met dark and ghost types who behave better!"
Before (Y/N) could continue to tearing into the guys, Noivern screeched before taking off down the shaft.
"Guess he's not as well behaved as you thought." Ace sneered.
"He must've found something. We should follow-,"
"" A distorted voice rumbled from another tunnel entrance.
Crobat and Swampert were immediately ready to fight as the humans and Grim were startled back.
"It sound's coming closer." Deuce whispered.
From the darkness, a large creature appeared. It wore a red cloak with distorted into inky claws at each hand, and it carried a pickaxe. Weirdly enough, its head was a cracked bottle that leaked ink.
"The....stone...IS MIIINNNEEE!"
"THERE IT IS!!" Everyone screamed.
"What's wrong with it!?" Deuce asked
"Okay, that's not normal in this world?" (Y/N) questioned.
"WUUAHHH!" Grim cried, clinging to his dorm mate. "No one said that would be here! Let's run!"
"This is bad!" Ace yelled. "But, didn't it just say something about a stone?"
The monster approached.
"Will not...give...stone...."
"So there are still magic stones here after all." Deuce realized.
"I-i-impossible!" Grim yelled. "No matter how much of a genius I am, we can't win against that!"
"Just leave that to me!" (Y/N) called out before commanding her Pokémon. "Crobat, use Confuse Ray and keep its attention. Swampert, hit it hard!"
The two nodded before going in. The purple bat flew around the monster's head before firing off two circling orbs. The monster immediately seemed dazed by the attack and began swiping the air, sometimes striking itself, but never coming close to hitting Crobat. While it was distracted, Swampert charged in with Waterfall, causing it to stumble back and flinch.
"Great work guys! Keep it up!"
"We need to help!" Deuce said, jumping in with magic.
"Are you serious!?" Ace yelled at him.
Deuce landed a few magical attacks, but the monster didn't seem to be effected much by them. What was worse was Confuse Ray had worn off and the monster had much better aim no.
The monster swiped at the air, blowing Crobat away, before swinging its pickaxe down at Deuce.
"Get out of the way!" Ace called out while the blue headed boy froze.
Swampert raced in to help, and (Y/N) made sure he had back up.
"Tyranitar! Metagross! Go!"
Deuce closed his eyes, waiting for the blow, but it never came. Opening his eyes, he saw not only Swampert holding back the attack, but an intimidating, green, dinosaur monster and an equally intimidating blue creature, seemingly made of metal, with four large legs, two of which were holding back the pickaxe, and a silver x on its face. The monster tried to push forward, but the Pokémon were strong enough to keep it back. As (Y/N) gathered up Crobat, she called out to them.
"Metagross, use Psychic to blow it back, then Tyranitar, follow it up with a Rock Slide to keep it down! Swampert, get Deuce out of there!"
The Pokémon nodded and executed the commands. Metagross's eyes turn light blue and the same color outlined the monster. At that moment, Swampert released his grip and grabbed Deuce, darting to his trainer. An invisible force threw back the monster as Tyranitar struck the ground, causing several large rocks to hit it while it was down. It roared and began flailing, sending the rocks scattering. As Tyranitar roared back at it defiantly, the boys panicked. Ace tried to hit it with wind magic and Grim with fire magic, but nothing seemed to work.
"This isn't working!" Grim cried, scared.
(Y/N) gritted her teeth as Tyranitar and Metagross locked grips with the monster. Suddenly, something caught her eyes.
"Did something just sparkle?"
The was a screech as Noivern burst out from the tunnel and landed a Boomburst, knocking the monster off balance for the two pseudo legendaries to throw it.
"Look! It's got something!" Ace pointed to a shinning stone clutched in the dragon type's grip.
"That light." Deuce saw. "Is that a magic stone!?"
"GIVE IT BACK!!!" The monster yelled again, getting to its feet and striking Noivern.
The Sound Wave Pokémon was sent skidding as the stone was knocked from it claws.
"Noivern!" (Y/N) as she ran at her fallen companion while Swampert protected Crobat.
Noivern stumbled to its feet with (Y/N)'s help, but could not retrieve the stone as the monster charged them. Tyranitar tackled the creature while Metagross pulled them to safety.
"Hey! Let's get out of here!" Grim insisted. "At this rate, we'll be done for!"
(Y/N) gritted her teeth, but knew that they needed to retreat to come up with a better plan. She returned Noivern and picked up Crobat as she whistled.
The remaining Pokémon nodded and fired off attacks to keep the monster at bay as they scooped up the students and ran, Metagross taking Ace, Tyranitar getting Deuce, and Swampert picking up their trainer, Crobat, and Grim. As they ran, the monster roared again.
The Pokémon ran nonstop until they exited the mine and found themselves back at the cottage. Everyone was exhausted by that point, the three riding Pokémon especially. (Y/N) got off her partner and hugged his neck.
"You guys were amazing in there."
Grim refused to let go of Swampert.
"Is this far enough?"
Ace flinched as Metagross helped his off. "Ouuuchhh...what the heck was that!? No one mentioned anything about this!"
"That thing didn't seem like just some ghost." Deuce commented as he got off Tyranitar.
"You don't say." (Y/N) shot back as she steadied Crobat. Poor guy was huffing. "You okay, big guy?"
The bat Pokémon weakly smiled as it struggled to get its breathing under control. The other Pokémon worriedly gathered around as Deuce became more concerned.
"Is it okay?"
(Y/N) nodded. "Yeah, just tired. Crobat's much older than my other Pokémon, so I don't really have him battle anymore." She hugged the Pokémon tightly. "I'm sorry, buddy. I should've called you back as soon as that thing showed up!" He weakly crowed, to show he was fine as (Y/N) called him back to his ball. "Take a good long rest. You've earned it."
Ace grumbled. "Come on, we should give up and go home. I'd rather be expelled than fight that thing!"
"What!?" Deuce yelled. "Don't mess with me! I'd rather die than be expelled! There's a magic stone right here and you just wanna go home!?"
"Ha!" Ace laughed with that smirk on his face. "Big talk for someone who's worse at magic than me. Go by yourself then, I'm done."
"Ah! SO THAT'S HOW IT'S GONNA BE! Then fine! Stay back like a worthless coward!"
"Ha? A coward? Are you talking about me or yourself?"
"Umm...Deuce?" Grim raised his hand. "Did you just switch character?"
"Ah!" He coughed awkwardly. "Sorry! I just lost my composure a little bit."
Ace decided to start the fight again. "You couldn't even land a single hit before and you're saying you're gonna beat it? No matter what, it's going to end the same."
"What did you say? You think..."
"WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP!?" The girl finally yelled at them, scaring all three males. "This is your problem! You can't seem to work together to save yourselves because of your egos! You know why you didn't get hurt down there? It's because my Pokémon were able to protect you by working together! If we want to get through this, you'll have to do the same."
"You seriously want us to rush back there?" Ace asked angrily. "No, absolutely not."
"Just rush in?" Deuce added. "I'm sorry, I can't."
(Y/N) hopped back on Swampert. "No. I'm telling you to follow my lead. I'm used to giving rowdy creatures commands, all you have to do is listen."
"So we all have to work together?" Ace teased. "Ha, how bold. I don't even have the guts to say that kind of serious stuff."
"I agree." Deuce said while glaring at his classmates. "I cannot work with this guy."
"But, I'd feel so pathetic if we got kicked out of school on the first day." Grim admitted.
That seemed to hit a nerve with both boys and (Y/N) smirked.
"Yeah, that would be lame."
Ace sighed. "Fine, what's the plan then?"
"Just get on the Pokémon and I'll explain on the way."
They ran back to the entrance of the mine as she explained the plan. Grim tapped her shoulder. "Hey, do you really think this is a good idea? I'm scar-no, just nervous."
"We don't really have a choice. Just follow my lead, and pray everything works out."
"Ah..let's go!" Deuce said while they began making noise.
"Hey ugly! Come get us!"
It emerged from the mine, just as they had planned. Grim screeched.
"It's coming!"
"Scatter!" (Y/N) ordered as the three Pokémon darted in different directions. "Over here monster!"
"GRRRR!? There are...thieves.....WILL....NOT...GIVE....MINE....MINE!!!"
It lashed out, but Swampert dodged the attack.
"That looked like it could've hurt." Grim whimpered.
"Get it as far from the tunnel as possible."
The monster followed them and when it was far enough away, (Y/N) gave the signal.
Metagross and Tyranitar, ridden by Ace and Deuce respectively, cut off the monster from the mine entrance as Noivern swooped in to go after the crystal.
"Let's go!" Ace yelled. "BIG TEMPEST!"
"And now for Grim's Fire Special! Gah!"
The two fired off their combination attack as Metagross amplified both with Psychic. The attack hit hard and the monster stumbled.
"How's that?" Ace jeered. "Even I'm blown away by Grim's armature flames."
"They're not amateur! I swear everything you say just makes me angry."
"Deuce! Tyranitar! You're up!" (Y/N) called out.
"Just relax...Aim," Deuce psyched himself up. "Use the biggest and heaviest...thing...I summon...cauldron!"
As the cauldron fell on the creature, Tyranitar stomped the earth, causing a Stone Edge to erupt from beneath the monster, trapping it with help of the caldron. Grim cheered.
"We did it! Hey look, the monster is now squashed like a pancake, just like Ace."
The red head glared. "You really don't need to bring it up again. Man, today isn't my day."
A screech came from the mine and Noivern flew out and tossed the magic stone to (Y/N).
"Great work, team! We got what we need!"
Everyone began to retreat as the monster flailed desperately.
"Oh no! It's almost free!" Ace yelled.
"Hey Deuce!" Grim called. "Why don't you try and launch more stuff at it!"
"Um...something heavy? I summon....CAULDRON! UH...CAULDRON! ANOTHER CAULDRON!"
"Can you do nothing except throw cauldrons?" Ace asked annoyed.
"Shut up!"
"It's coming!" Ace screamed as he hugged Metagross for protection as they reached the cabin.
(Y/N) gritted her teeth as turned Swampert around, facing the charging monster. "ENOUGH!"
"GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Deuce yelled.
"Swampert! Hydro Cannon!"
With a roar, Swampert sucked in a large breath as a blue aura surrounded him. Grim clutched his friend as the monster approached. Just as it reached them, Swampert fired off a powerful beam of pressurized water. Hydro Cannon was a fitting name as it hit just as hard as one. The monster was sent flying through the tree and in the distance, they could hear crash into the mine wall. Swampert huffed like a bull, smirking.
"Woah." The boy's said in awe.
"We...did it?" Ace asked.
"We-we actually did it!" Grim cheered.
"ALRIGHT!" Deuce yelled, as Tyranitar let out a roar.
Grim and (Y/N) both got off Swampert who was recharging after the attack. Grim ran to the other males and (Y/N) scratched her partner.
"Impressive as always, buddy." She smiled as she saw the boys dancing and high fiving in victory. "You all are getting along now?"
They immediately stopped.
"Ah...N-no!" Deuce lied. "It's not like that at all!"
"Y-yeah." Ace agreed. "Stop saying such weird stuff."
"I mean...we only won, because of my genius!" Grim tried to argue, only to be silenced by a growl from Swampert.
Tyranitar nudged Deuce and he began to pet them with a smile.
"We should thank these guys, they did a lot of the work. You were amazing, boy."
"Tyranitar's a girl, Deuce."
"Gah! Sorry ma'am."
Ace scratched his head and patted Metagross's. "I guess I shouldn't be making excuses. I hate to admit it, but we did win thanks to you plan."
"Yes." Deuce agreed. "We were able to get the magic stone because of you strategy and Pokémon."
"Well I'm a trainer." She said while giving some love to Noivern too. "It's my job to be the strategist. We won because we all worked together. Come on, let's go make sure we don't get expelled.
"Gah...I'm so hungry." Grim moaned. "Hmm? What's this?"
Grim picked up a black crystal.
"The monster must have dropped it." Deuce noted. "A magic crystal? But I've never seen one that was pure black like coal."
Grim sniffed it.
"It smells really good. This monster must have been hiding some candy! Oooohhh, I can't control myself! Thanks for the meal!"
Grim swallowed the stone and (Y/N) immediately grabbed him.
"Spit it out! Spit it out!"
"Hey! Are you okay?" Deuce asked.
"See, that's why you don't eat things off the ground." Ace scolded.
"It's so rich and full of flavor. The aroma is so sweet and savory in my mouth. It's like a whole array of flowers in your mouth!"
Ace blanched. "Monsters do have different taste than us."
(Y/N) sweatdropped. "Let's just go."
The group finally made it back to the Mirror Chamber. Crowley was there waiting for them, but he looked rather surprised when they emerged with the crystal.
"Eh!? You really went to the Dwarf's Mine to look for the magic stone?"
"Ah, see I really didn't think...not only did you go, but you brought back the stone. I actually discretely went ahead and completed the expulsion paperwork."
(Y/N)'s eye twitched, but rather than strangling the headmaster, she clicked her tongue and Swampert rose to his hind legs to growl in his face, scarring him pretty good. Grim growled as well.
"Nya!? The nerve of this guy! We risked our lives fighting a monster!"
"A monster?"
"Yeah, there was a monster over there!" Ace informed him. "It was really scary and very strong. It was horrible."
"Can you explain to me in further detail?"
By the time they had finished recounting what had happened, there were in Crowley's office. He put his fingers to his chin.
"Oh ho, so a mysterious monster was living in the mine? And the four of you worked together to defeat it and bring back the magic stone?"
"Uh, I wouldn't say we worked together." Ace argued.
"More like we all had the same goal." Deuce added.
(Y/N) sighed, shaking her head. "To macho to admit to it huh?"
Crowley suddenly began to sob uncontrollably.
"What's with him?" Grim whispered. "Why is a grown man bursting into tears?"
"In all my years of being headmaster, never have I seen Night Raven College students work together, hand in hand, to face and defeat their enemy."
"How low is the morality bar in this place?" (Y/N) asked genuinely as Deuce gasped.
"Wha!? I didn't hold this guy's hand!"
"I would never do something so disgusting!" Ace agreed. "Headmaster, how old are you?"
"I'm just overwhelmed with emotion! And this event confirms everything!" Crowley turned to (Y/N). "You have a great talent as a monster tamer.
"Um, duh?" She said, motioning to Swampert.
"Students at Night Raven College are teaming up with wizards that come through the Mirror. However, there is an advanced course that raises all their prides and egos. They do not have an interest in working with others, which leads them to be very selfish and self-absorbed people."
"That doesn't speak highly of this school." (Y/N) murmured.
"You are not able to use magic, but you have several creatures who follow your orders and you seem to know how to make others work together. You could teach the wizards here how to do that. Surely, this mediocrity is just what this school needs."
"One back handed comment, and Swampert will punch you."
"I truly believe that your existence is needed for the future of this academy. My teacher senses are tingling! Trapola. Spade. I will revoke you academy expulsion. As for you, Stone, I will grant you enrollment here at Night Raven Academy as a student."
"Eh!?" The boys yelped.
"Even though I can't use magic?" (Y/N) asked.
"Because I am so kind and generous, I have one condition. Since you can't use magic, you are unable to become a wizard and you most likely will be unable to do most of the lessons, even with your Pokémon. And that is why, Grim, who has proven his talent to become a great wizard, will enroll with you. Both of you will act as one student."
"I...I get to go to the academy too?" Grim asked, nearly in tears. "And not as handyman, but as a student?"
"Yes, but only if you don't let anything like what happened yesterday happen again. Do we understand each other?"
"Yes sir!" They both said.
Grim began to cry happily.
"I did it!"
"Well then, I shall give you a symbol of your enrollment into Night Raven College. A magic crystal for Grim."
A collar with a purple gem suddenly appeared on Grim.
"Wah! A magic crystal?!"
"Usually, we give students magic gems in the form of a pen, however he wouldn't be able to hold it with his paws, correct?"
"Smart." (Y/N) agreed.
Crowley looked quite please. "It's a special custom. Ah, I paid so much attention to detail. I am so kind, aren't I?"
Grim danced happily.
"I did it! I am sooo cool! Now, I have a cool custom magic crystal collar!"
"He didn't hear anything." Crowley muttered. "Everything will be fine, right? I know Grim isn't used to living in a human society."
"I'll keep him out of trouble." (Y/N) assured.
Ace grinned at her.
"Ah, well aren't you amazing! We just started school, and you're already a supervisor."
"I see, there are only two of you in the dorm, not counting the Pokémon, so that makes you the Dorm Prefect." Deuce said with a smile.
Ace laughed. "Isn't it crazy! A Prefect who can't use magic. Nice, it's cool."
She smiled. "I'll do my best."
He smiled back. "Do your best, Prefect!"
"I see, a Prefect." Crowley mumbled. "I have a job request that comes with that title. Oh, this is so wonderful!" From his desk, he pulled out a camera. "Prefect, I will trust you with this. This is called 'the ghost camera'."
"Ghost camera?" (Y/N) asked.
"Ah." Ace said. "I think my grandmother told me about this before. This is an ancient magical artifact, right?"
"It isn't that old...ahem. Indeed. This was invented during your great grandmother's time, or even your great great grandmother's time. This camera has a special spell cast on it. It not only captures a person's image, but a part of their soul as well. Let's call this the Memory Fragment of Remembrance. The souls of the photographer and the person being photographed become connected with this camera. And then the memory in the photo pops out!"
"Pops out?" (Y/N) questioned.
"Depending on certain matters, it could be more like a video. You can make the photo come to life. It is very interesting, isn't it?"
"Brining a photo to life?" Deuce though aloud. "It's like a ghost photo, isn't it?"
"Yes, precisely why I call it a ghost camera."
"Sounds like something Rotom would do," (Y/N) thought to herself.
"Spade was correct though. When the memory popped out, people would scream, calling it a ghost! People feared getting their picture taken with this camera. Prefect! Please take photos of Grim and all the other students to make as many memories as possible at this school."
"Make sure to take lots of cool pics of me!" Grim asked.
(Y/N) sighed, but with a smile. "Well, I am used to taking plenty of pictures, so why not?"
After everyone was excused, the four first years dragged their feet, tired.
"Haaa...revoked expulsion....I'm exhausted." Deuce admitted.
"Good grief, huh?" Ace asked.
(Y/N) yawned. "Me and Swampert might not even make it to our bedroom."
Grim was only one cheery.
"Tomorrow, I start my first day at Night Raven College as a student! I'm gonna leave you all in the dust and take first place!"
"Big talk for someone who is only half a student," Ace expression softened. "But it's all good."
"Tomorrow, we are all classmates. Prefect, Grim."
The trainer smiled. "Nice to meet you two, again."
Both boys blushed and Ace rubbed his head. "Can you knock that mushy stuff off?"
Deuce chuckled. "That is true. Even if we don't want to, we're probably going to see each other almost everyday. And I'm stuck with this jerk in Heartslabyul."
"Knowing I have to see your face everyday, no thanks."
(Y/N) giggled, making them blush harder.
"Well I'm glad you two are friends now. Good night, boys."
"See you tomorrow, (Y/N)."
They all went their separate ways and (Y/N) smiled.
"They might make a good combo."
"They seem like the type to fight because their are so close." Grim teased.
(Y/N) patted Swampert's head. "Remind you of someone, boy?"
The Mud Fish Pokémon huffed, annoyed, amusing his partner.
"Come on. We've got a big day tomorrow."

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