Chapter 20: Mission Accomplished?

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Chapter 20: Scamming the Scammer

When Leona finally surrendered, (Y/N) was also able to get sleep, which of course meant another strange dream. This time she was in a lagoon with willow trees hanging over the water. A man and the girl from the previous dream were in a small row boat talking.
"A romantic evening?"
"At least tell me your name." The man asked.
A crab began leaping from the reeds.
"Her name is Ariel!"
"What a cute name. Ariel."
The boat was suddenly knocked over by two familiar eels and the view went underwater.
"This girl is better than I thought." The octopus mermaid said. "I'll show you what my magic can do."
An older merman with a crown and carrying a triton appeared as the eels held the younger mermaid hostage.
"Ursula, enough! Let my daughter go!"
"Let her go? But she belongs to me now. You know what? I will gladly trade her to give her back in exchange for someone more valuable. King Triton, take the deal and sign the contract!"
The dream faded as (Y/N) sighed.
"So that was her game. She wanted to take everything from the very beginning. Sounds familiar." She blinked her eyes open and yawned loudly. "Are the dreams I'm having linked to my reality?"
Leona seemed to have heard her and cat yawned loudly.
"Good morning." She greeted.
He blinked wearily at her. "Huh?'re already awake? Well you look like you slept well. Thanks to you guys, I didn't get any sleep."
She threw a pillow at him. "Hey, you forced my hand! If you had played nice, I would've done so as well."
He clicked his tongue in annoyance. " is the promised third day. I don't care what happens, as soon as the sun sets, I'm throwing you out. Be prepared!"
"Just do your part, and we'll be out of your hair. Then you can go back to your beauty sleep."
"I hate you."
"Love you too, kitty."
The first year squad met up in the courtyard and the boys were...shocked by the orders of the Ramshackle Dorm Leader.
Jack was the first to speak up. "'re serious?"
"Completely." (Y/N) said. "We're going back to the museum today."
"No, no, no, no!" Ace responded, scared. "Didn't we say how it's impossible to get the photo because of the Leech Brothers!?"
"Even I think this is a little ridiculous." Deuce added.
Grim smirked knowingly. "Tsk, tsk, tsk...listen up. Our plan is-," He was cut off by a nasty cough.
"What's up with you?" Ace asked. "Got a cold?"
"No, I was just shouting a lot yesterday, so..." he cleared his throat. "Hm, well that doesn't matter right now. Allow me to explain our plan first, so listen up!"
Grim relayed the plan to the boys, who were all shocked.
"Are you serious!?" Ace yelped. "That's a pretty bold plan of yours!"
Deuce was quite impressed and smirked. "Amazing, you've got a lot of guts, Dorm Leader."
She huffed. "I've been bitten by Tyrannitar and Tyrantrum, I can take getting bit by Leona."
"Do you really think this is going to work?" Jack asked.
"We've already come this far." Deuce pointed out. "So we don't have any other option than to try your idea. We don't have much time left."
The red head scratched his head. "True, it's better to get going before the sun starts to set."
"Understood." Jack agreed. "We better get a move on. Nothing will happen if we just stand around here." He then smirked at the girl. "(Y/N), you really are determined once you set your mind to something."
Ace smiled. "There are times you are a bit too bold. All right, let's get going."
"Let's move out, gentlemen!" (Y/N) ordered.
The group was back underwater, this time with the accompaniment of Swampert, Golisopod, and Milotic. However, there was an unexpected problem.
Jack scratched his head. "Woah...we picked a bad time."
Deuce nodded, looking around. "Well, the Leech brothers haven't come after us. Do you think they knew about this?"
His dorm mate shrugged. "Well...who knows?"
"We came all this way." Jack said while putting his hands on his waist. "Are we really going to run back home with our tail between our legs?"
(Y/N) glanced at the guards in front of the building as Ace perked up.
"Wait, I have an idea. (Y/N), I need to borrow Milotic."
"Do what you need to."
Ace got on to the serpentine Pokémon.
"We'll distract the guards. You guys sneak in from the back and take the photo."
"Will you be all right on your own?" Jack asked.
"Milotic will watch him." (Y/N) assured as the Pokémon nodded.
The red head grinned as Milotic swam towards the guard, flashily showing off her beauty.
"Oh my gosh! Seriously!?" Ace said loudly to keep their attention.
"Ah!" One the guards noticed. "What a beautiful creature! Young man, is something wrong?"
The red head shook his head, feigning sadness. "Is the museum closed today? I can't believe this! Milotic and I were looking forward to coming here!"
"Oh my! Is that what this creature is called?" Milotic danced around a bit to keep their attention. "I've never seen a sea serpent that was so elegant and beautiful! And that is a strange tail you have there. Are you a human from the surface?"
"Yes! I've always admired the world of mermaids ever since I was a child! I even befriended Milotic because I mistook her tail for a mermaid's! I've been saving up my allowance and bought a magic potion so she could bring me down here. Oh my gosh! You're a real mermaid! So cool! Do you mind if I get a closer look?"
The older merman was flattered. "Oh really! Would you like to see my dorsal fin?"
In the distance, everyone was a bit hesitant when they saw how well Ace was able to lie.
Grim shook his head. "This guy, I'm surprised he's able to just lie on the spot like that."
Golisopod and Swampert were both in total agreement.
Deuce just focused on the bigger picture. "The guard is completely distracted! Now's our chance!"
As the snuck into the building, Milotic made sure her tail was glowing to ensure they wouldn't be noticed and Ace waved from behind his back to move in. Once inside, (Y/N) took a moment to admire the coral based architecture and notice a familiar looking statue in the center of the room holding a triton.
Jack also glanced around. ", this is the place Azul was talking about."
Swampert swam up to a nearby wall and motioned to it. It was covered in photos.
"Good work, buddy." (Y/N) complimented as Jack skimmed them over.
"Commemoration photo from the visit of the Musician Horatio the 12th...the Fourth Queen's visit...there's a lot of them. At least no one will notice if one's gone."
Deuce pointed to a photo of a group of children. "This one! It's the photo of Prince Rielle's visit from 10 years ago. 'Prince Rielle, visiting with friends from school'. This photo looks like it was taken during an elementary school trip."
"There's so many tiny mermaids!" Grim said. "Look!"
"Aw, how cute!" (Y/N) squealed as Jack crossed his arms.
"Why would he want us to get a photo like this?"
"I don't know." The bluenette admitted. "But anyway, let's hurry and get this photo to Azul so we can get these anemones off! Let's grab it and go!"
Golisopod snatched the photo (might as well have the scariest looking one of the group hold it) and nothing happened.
The wolf sighed in relief. "There isn't an alarm system. It's just some plain photo. I'm relieved."
Suddenly, a guard appeared. "Hm? What are you all doing over there!?"
"Crap! A guard!" Grim yelled.
"Golisopod! First Impression!"
The bug type swiftly smacked into the guard, knocking him out in one blow, before giving a thumbs up.
"Nice hustle, Golisopod." Deuce complimented.
Swampert huffed and (Y/N) patted his head.
"Don't worry, you get to punch the next one. Now let's get out of here."
Grabbing onto the water types, they all bolted outside. Ace and Milotic were still hamming it up for the guard.
"And I loved the story about the human prince and mermaid princess that my grandma used to read to me as a kid."
"They turned that story into a movie, right? I believe I saw it when I was younger. The movie was from 30 years ago. I still cry at the scene at the end where the King hugs his daughter."
"I understand your feelings! That was an incredibly famous scene!"
"You are very knowledgeable for a young boy."
"My brother is a huge movie lover. The songs in the movie are also amazing! Oh yeah, is it true mermaids are great singers?"
"Oh no, not at all. That's just an urban legend. I have several acquaintances that are tone deaf."
"What about you, Milotic?"
As the water type hummed pleasantly, the others looked on.
"Ace is still talking, huh?" Grim said, unimpressed.
Deuce nodded. "He's good at talking to someone he just met for this long."
"Well, we got what we came for." Jack stated. "Let's get going."
(Y/N) nodded and whistled for Milotic, who nudged Ace. The red head took the hint.
"Ah, well we better get going."
"Is that so? Well, if you're interested in mermaids so much, I can give you a quick peek in the museum."
Ace shrugged him off. "It's okay, it wouldn't be fair. I'll make sure to com3 next time when the museum is opened. See you!"
Milotic quickly got Ace on her back and swam away as the merman waved them goodbye.
"Come back soon!"
Ace joined the group with a satisfied smile.
"Someone made a friend." (Y/N) teased as she gave Milotic her pets.
"Haha. So how did it go?"
Grim perched on Golisopod, who showed off their prize.
"We got the photo. It was almost too easy."
"Well then, let's hurry and get back to school."
Deuce nodded. "Yeah, let's shove this photo right in Azul's face."
"Ah! Wait!" Jack said as the Pokémon became defensive.
Familiar shadows swam over them and (Y/N) immediately got on Swampert as Golisopod held the photo to his body.
"Figures." (Y/N) growled as the Leech brothers appeared.
"Ah! They're here! Shrimpy!" Floyd greeted.
"I hope you all are having a good day. I see you have traveled to the sea once again." Jade said with a boy.
Jack joined the growling Pokémon. "The eel brothers are here!"
"Back off, you two!" (Y/N) ordered. "We got the photo, fair and square! You lost!"
Floyd smirked. "Incredible, good shrimpy. But...we can't let you take that photo back, so why don't we just play tag until sunset, okay?"
Ace frowned. "I knew you guys would show up. This was way too easy. Your plan was to come after we got the photo and chase us until we ran out of time. That way, you don't have to take the anemones off of us and you'd still get the photo."
The elder twin laughed. "Fufufu...obtaining maximum profit with minimum effort, it's just business."
"Jokes on you." (Y/N) huffed. "This time, my Pokémon outnumber you! So unless you want them to prove who the superior aquatic creatures are, I suggest you back down!"
"Hey, you sure about that?" Deuce whispered. "With Floyd's unique magic, it'll be hard to attack him."
"Trust me, I know what I'm doing. Just protect the photo!"
The bluenette nodded with a smirk. "I see. Good, keep it simple. But I don't know how far we will go without our special magic, but..."
"We're already here, so let's go!" Jack yelled.
"Golisopod! Protect the photo!"
The samurai bug nodded, sharpening his remaining claws as the trio of Pokémon dove at the twins, as (Y/N) held tightly onto Swampert. Milotic was just as agile as the twin, but her longer length made it easier for her to land Aqua Tails, even if they were only grazes. Still, the annoyance of Floyd's Unique Magic made it difficult to attack, even if the twins struggled to counter. They tried ganging up on Golisopod, aiming for the photo, only to get blindsided by Aqua Jets and Ice Beams, and then followed up by Razor Shells from Golisopod. The boys supported as much as they could, but the battle was getting nowhere, and Floyd was becoming frustrated.
"Ah...I'm getting really annoyed with this game of tag."
"You don't like it, then get out of our way!" (Y/N) shot back as Swampert swam back to the crew.
Jade shook his head. "Just a little while longer. Try to enjoy yourself."
"Hey (Y/N), the sun is going to set soon if we keep this up." Jack warned.
Grim climbed onto her shoulder. "Are you sure this plan is really going to work?"
"We have to believe it will." (Y/N) whispered back. "Leona, Ruggie, ball's in your court now."
Back at Azul's VIP room, the octopus was chuckling to himself, proud of his dastardly plan.
"Fufu...I'm sure Jade and Floyd are doing well. The Ramshackle Dorm and the photo will be mine."
He then began laughing, only for an Octavinelle student to come barging in.
"Pardon me, Manager!"
"What's all of the commotion?"
"My apologies, but there's a problem in the Monstro Lounge!"
The dorm leader adjusted his glasses. "What did you say?"
"There's a bunch of students causing a scene in the lounge and Jade and Floyd aren't here!"
Azul sighed. "Honestly, don't they know not to cause a ruckus in a restaurant? I understand, I'll be right there. Jade and Floyd should be able to take care of things on their own. My goodness..."
The lounge was overrun with loud, rowdy, Savanaclaw students, all barking and roaring orders.
Azul was stunned. "What the? We just opened! How is it already so crowded?"
"Hey! Hurry up with those drinks!"
"Meat! Meat! HAHAHA!"
"Hey you bastard! That's the meat I ordered!"
Trying to avoid an oncoming headache, Azul marched up to the troublesome customers. "Please step aside. I'm coming through."
As he moved through the crowd, he bumped into a familiar hyena, who had a friend with him.
"Pardon me."
"No, don't worry about it. Shishishishi!" Ruggie cackled as he and his strange looking shadow disappeared into the crowd.
"My glass is empty over here!" Another Savanaclaw brute yelled.
The poor Octavinelle students were terrified. "Yes! Right away!"
Two of the students approached Azul with scared expressions. "Dorm Leader, we are getting a lot of orders and now we're completely out of food for the day!"
"We are running out of drinks too!"
"Already?" Azul asked in surprise. "I guess it can't be helped. I'll go to the safe and take some money out so we can run to the store and get" He stopped as he felt around in his pocket as his expression turned into panic. "Ah! It's not here! The key to the safe is gone! How...this can't be!"
Azul raced back to the VIP room to find Leona waiting for him with a smug expression, and familiar shadowy creature on his shoulder.
"Hey there octopus."
"Leona Kingscholar..." Azul growled. "And one of Stone's monsters from yesterday."
"What's wrong?" Leona taunted. "Usually you're so composed, but now you are all shaken up."
"That's none of your business. More importantly, why are you here?"
"Why, you ask?" The lion then took a familiar object from Marshadow. "This key is yours, isn't it? The little creature here found it outside and wanted to return it to you. Wouldn't stop bugging me till we did."
Azul's eyes widened. "Th-that's!"
"So this is yours?"
"Give it back!" The silver haired male demanded. "Theft is a very serious crime."
"You're calling us thieves even though we were so nice to go out of our way to give it back to you? Fine then, I'll give it back to you. Here." Leona handed over the key and walked out. "That's all we came for. See ya."
After the two left, Azul raced to the safe.
"My contracts! Are my contract-!?" He opened to the safe and his heart plummeted as he realized the gilded parchments were nowhere in sight. "They're gone. They're gone! Gone! Gone! My contracts are gone!! Did those bastards-?"
Leona reconvened with Ruggie at the entrance and the hyena was happily cackling.
"Shishishi! It was too easy to get ahold of these!"
"Hmph." Leona huffed with a smile. "Those fast hands of yours are pretty scary, you know that?"
"Should have locked it in your pocket if you don't want something stolen so easily.  There's a bunch of contracts here, probably a good 500 to 600."
"Hmm, well he has been making deals ever since he came to this school. We got all the contracts out of the VIP room. All that's left is..." Leona took hold of the contracts and began to gather his magic. "I am hunger, I am thirst. I am the one who will steal your fate."
"Stop right there!" Azul yelled as he came racing out.
Leona smirked. "Oh, he's here already. Don't come any closer if you care about what happens to these contracts."
"Give them back...please!" Azul pleaded desperately. "Give them back!"
"Hey hey, pull yourself together." The prince teased. "What happened to Mr Calm, Cool, and Collected? Seems the herbivore did figure you out."
Azul's eyes widened. "What...did you say?"
The night previous, (Y/N) explained her theory about Azul to Grim, Leona, and Ruggie. Leona nodded, understanding her view point.
"So, you're saying you don't think his contracts are invincible because he keep them in a safe?"
Grim didn't understand. "Hmm? What do you mean?"
"Ah." Ruggie said. "Now that you mention it, I always thought that was a bit weird. He wouldn't need it if they were invincible."
"It also explains why he blew up at Floyd when he damaged the safe." (Y/N) pointed out.
Ruggie smiled. "I get it now. It's common sense to put important things in a safe, so we didn't question it. Even a spoiled prince who's never been poor in his entire life can be helpful at times."
Leona clicked his tongue with annoyance. "I will ask Luxray to maul you."
The hyena ignored him. "Which means that the electrocution was a trick."
(Y/N) nodded. "Azul knew we were in there. He could've just cast the spell as soon as someone touched the contract."
Leona crossed his arms. "Don't fall for such an obvious trap."
Grim was furious. "That Azul! All he's been doing is tricking us and chasing us!"
"It's faster to just get the contracts out of the safe and see what happens." Leona pointed out.
(Flashback End)
Azul was dumbfounded.
"(Y/N) planned all this?! Why? Why does she keep getting in my way?! Removing the anemones doesn't benefit them at all!"
Leona chuckle. "I agree with you, but you don't seem to get how the herbivore works. She's a pack animal, and you messed with her pack, so now she's coming after you with her teeth bared. Well then, Azul. Let's make a deal."
"What do I get in return if I give these contracts back to you?"
"I'll-I'll do anything. I'll give you test notes, I'll even do your graduation thesis. I'll alter attendance records...I'll do whatever you want!"
"I see, those are pretty tempting offers."
Azul had a split second of relief. "Then-."
"However..." Leona smirked. "No can do, I can't give these back to you."
The prince scowled "I'm currently being threatened right now." Marshadow then appeared from his hiding spot in Leona's shadow. "If I don't get rid of these contracts, this little beast will squeal on me and that girl and her monsters will continue going crazy outside my room every single night."
"You getting the Ramshackle Dorm will ruin my sleep. Destroying these contracts will get them out of Savanclaw for good."
Azul looked absolutely panicked. "It can't be!...You're doing all of this because..."
"You were one step behind her as a so-called villain, Azul."
"This can't be happening!...please stop!"
"Now then, Bow Down to Me! King's Roar!"
The contracts were turned to sand as Azul looked completely broken.
"Ah...aahhh...AAAAHHHHH!!! golden contracts are...turned to dust..."
"Azul's Unique Magic is 'Its a Deal'." Ruggie said. "You say that anyone who signs the contract can't touch it."
Leona continued. "So you tried so hard to convince everyone that these contracts were invincible, but every type of magic has a weakness. So people thought whether the contracts were in the VIP room or in your hands that these contracts couldn't be destroyed. And I was right and able to destroy them with my magic. These contracts are nothing more than pieces of paper."
"This is..."
"Shishishi!" Ruggie cackled. "You could have just sent (Y/N) and the others flying if you wanted to. You really do have a soft spot for her."
Leona growled. "Shut up. I only did it to destroy my contract. It was a good opportunity."
"Sure, Leona-san. Keep telling yourself that."
Before the two could banter further, Marshadow turned their attention back to Azul, who looked like he was on the brink of a breakdown.
"Ah...aaaahhhhh...ah...aaaahhhh! AAAHHH!" He began crying. "I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!"
All three flinched back, the boys' ears flattened.
"It's entire magic omnipotent magic is all..."
"What's going on?" Leona whispered.
"His character completely changed." Ruggie said with a sweatdrop, holding up Marshadow in self defense.
"AAAHHHH!! EVERYTHING IS RUINED NOW! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS!? Without them, I'm...I'M BACK TO BEING JUST A STUPID, WORTHLESS OCTOPUS! I don't want to...No, no, no!!! I don't want to go back to who I used to be!"
Black liquid began to seep through the water as Marshadow leapt onto Leona's shoulder. The prince blinked in shock.
"What's happening! This black aura..."
"It's because you got his hopes up and crushed them!" Ruggie snapped before trying to talk down the bawling Azul. "Azul-kun, come on. Let's try to calm down a bit, okay?"
"SHUT UP!!!! You will never understand how I feel! Always being made fun of for being a 'stupid, worthless octopus'...YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND!" He breathed heavily, becoming eerily calm for a moment. "...Fufu...Ah, that's right...if they're gone, I just have to take them back...Give it to me. What do you say? GIVE ME YOUR MOST PRECIOUS ABILITY!"
Marshadow wasted no time grabbing the boys by their collars and bolting off as fast as his tiny legs would carry him as the sound of dripping ink filled his ears.
(With the First Year Squad)
As they continued to battle the Leech twins, there was a flash.
"What was that light just now?" Jack asked as his ears flattened.
Ace blinked and gasped as he saw Deuce. "Hm? Ah! Deuce! The anemone on your head is gone!"
"Ha! You're right!" Deuce realized.
"Mine and Ace's are gone too!" Grim cheered.
"Looks like Leona and Ruggie pulled through!" (Y/N) said triumphantly.
Jade's eyes widened. "What did you say?"
Floyd was angry. "What is the meaning of this?"
Grim smirked. "We made a deal with Leona so he would help us with our plan."
"I knew you'd both come after us, leaving Azul by himself for Leona and Ruggie to steal the contracts for. We were the bait, and you fell for it!"
"What?" Floyd snapped. "There's no way that lazy lion would help you."
"As a fellow dorm leader, he shouldn't have gotten involved." Jade noted. "How did you convince him to help you?"
"What else? We threatened him!" (Y/N) answered.
Grim grinned mischievously. "(Y/N) told him that if he helped us get the Ramshackle Dorm back that we would leave Savanclaw quietly. But if he refused...we would make so much noise in front of his room every single day. And we made a huge racket last night to prove it, and thanks to that, my voice got messed up."
"Ah..." the twins said, almost disappointed.
"Isn't that more of a threat than a deal?" Floyd pointed out.
"A cheat for a cheat, evil for evil." Jack responded.
Ace was too happy to notice. "We can do this now that I have my wind magic back!"
"I summon cauldron!" Deuce yelled as the black pot appeared. "It's back!"
"Fngya!" Grim cried. "I can't check my fire magic because we're still underwater!"
"Don't worry, we'll be fine without your fire magic." Ace assured him.
"Let's retreat, Floyd." Jade ordered. "Their anemones disappearing can only mean one thing."
The younger twin nodded. "Yeah, I have a bad feeling about this..."
"You hold on." Deuce challenged. "We are finally getting serious."
Ace smirked. "Don't say you're going to leave yet. Play with us a little."
"Annoying little fishes." Floyd growled. "I'll get rid of you in one second."
Swampert and Golisopod growled at him, but Jade tried to pull his brother back.
"Floyd, just leave the, be!...ugh, enough..."
The twins attacked, but the combined might of the Pokémon and the boys' returned magic was took much for them. Floyd growled as he was sent skidding by a punch from Swampert and a cauldron from Deuce.
"Ahh!! Enough! They're so annoying!"
"Let's retreat, Floyd." Jade repeated. "This isn't the time to play around."
"Tch...I know, let's go."
The two swam off and Grim celebrated.
"We did it! They're running away!"
"Let's head back to school too." Jack said with a smile. "Let's shove this photo in Azul's face and claim our victory."
"Yeah..." (Y/N) said unenthusiastically.
Jack noticed. "Something wrong?"
"...I got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach."

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