Special Event: Fairy Gala

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I own nothing and the delay for this chapter was me wanting to design the outfit. Pretty boy dorm up next folks.

(Y/N) knew immediately that it was going to be one of those days when she woke to find Ramshackle scorching hot. Originally, she assumed that fire types had gotten into a scuffle, but upon being swarmed by her other Pokémon who couldn't explain the temperature shifts, she immediately headed to the school to get answers out of the crow. On the way, she noticed the various temperature fluctuations throughout the school.
"Gah!" Grim gasped. "It's happening here too!"
"Methinks the school's climate control systems are on the fritz." The girl noted, picking up the pace.
While passing the Mirror Chamber, Jamil and Kalim stumbled out of the Scarabia mirror, heaving for breath and the snow on their clothes immediately melting.
"We made it!" Kalim was forced out.
"Guys!" (Y/N) ran to them, pulling them to their feet. "What happened to you!?"
"A blizzard in Scarabia." Jamil answered. "Needless to say, we came to find answers."
"You're not alone." Grim informed the two. "It's happening everywhere!"
"Come on, let's go find that crow and get some answers."
It didn't take long for them to find the headmaster, who was stumbling about.
"Headmaster!" Kalim yelled. "We've been looking for you! Something's wrong with the school. It suddenly started snowing in Scarabia!"
Jamil nodded. "We barely managed to shovel our way out of our dormitory, only for the Mirror Chamber to be as hot as an oven."
"And Ramshackle is basically a desert! I'm not letting my Pokémon overheat!"
Crowley gave them a pondering look. "So it's the same in both dorms then? The temperature in the Headmaster's office is also strange. It's so cold my feathers are freezing!"
"Why is the temperature going crazy?" (Y/N) asked. "Are the machines busted or something?"
"All temperature adjustments on campus are handled by fairies. We keep a precious magic stone to provide magic power to those fairies."
"Eh? Then is something wrong with the stone then?" Grim asked.
"It's possible. Someone may have also tampered with it."
"Then let's go and see!" Kalim insisted.
"Right." The headmaster agreed. "Follow me."
Crowley led the group to the Mirror Chamber, which was still very warm. Both he and Grim began to pant while the other three were perfectly adjusted to warm temperatures.
Jamil glanced around. "So the precious stone was being kept in the Mirror Chamber?"
"Isn't that a little risky?" (Y/N) pointed out.
Crowley shook his head. "Normally, yes, but without my permission, outsiders are not allowed...huh?"
The headmaster scrambled in a small hidden corner and began to panic.
"It...it's not here! The magic stone that provides the fairies with magic power is gone! (Y/N), please go gather all the other dorm leaders in my office! I'm calling an emergency Dorm Leader Meeting!"
She nodded. "Right!"
Fortunately, it was easy getting the message around with the aid of flying Pokémon, though (Y/N) had to be careful of the temperatures in the various dorms. Eventually, they managed to round up everyone into Crowley's office and everyone was complaining about the weather. (Y/N) couldn't really concentrate given that she was freezing. Crowley wasn't kidding when he said it was cold. The girl was pretty much latching on to the warmest person in the room to not freeze to death, which happened to be Leona.
"Oi, Herbivore." He growled. "Do you mind?"
"Shut up, Kitty!" She shivered. "I'm not used to the cold!"
He growled, but didn't protest any further. "Why is it so cold in here!?"
Azul, in contrast, seemed quite relieved. "Ah, that's much better. Octavinelle has been in the summer heat since this morning and we're just about to dry out."
"Ignihyde feels like a sauna!" Idia yelled through his phone (as usual). "What if my computer breaks down because of this? I demand improvement!"
"Everyone, please be quiet!" Crowley ordered. "Now, as everyone has noticed, the temperature adjustments inside the school have suddenly failed. The reason for this is the magic stone which provides the fairies power has suddenly vanished. All of the seasonal temperatures inside the academy are thanks to the elemental fairies. If the stone is missing, the fairies will not have the necessary power needed to control the temperature, hence why it was guarded in the Mirror Chamber. Someone must have stolen it! We must seek them out and punish them!"
"The item that was stolen was the magic stone which provides the fairies their favorite magic." Azul noted. "That's the idea, right? Shouldn't a fairy be our main suspect then?" He then adjusted his glasses and smirked. "I mean, we do have a fairy here, though an extra large one."
Malleus was not amused by Azul's jab. "That's a very suggestive tone, Ashengrotto. Do you think I, the soon-to-be King of the Valley of Thorns, would do such a thing?"
"Of course not." He answered with an insincere smile. "My apologies if I've offended you."
"Azul, play nice!" (Y/N) snapped, still clinging to Leona for warmth and wishing she had brought Typhlosion with her.
"The magic stone provides weak magic compared to Malleus's." Idia pointed out. "It wouldn't buff him at all. He's already like a cheat character who can auto restore MP."
"That's right." Kalim agreed. "No one here suspects Malleus for being the thief."
"That being said, Tsunotaru, do you know anything that can help us?"
He looked to his human friend and began to ponder. "In regards to this...last night, after we had our usual nightly discussion, I met very rare fairies in the neighborhood. Fairies as big as the palm of my hand and completely covered in leaves. There were two, and I noticed both were carrying a heavy looking rainbow stone."
"What was that about nightly meetings?" Leona asked, only for (Y/N) to wave him off.
"Hush, Kitty. Crowley, was that the magic stone?"
"Yes." He then turned to the fae. "Draconia, where did those fairies go?!"
"The Botanical Gardens, if I remember correctly."
"Then let's hurry to the Botanical Gardens!"
They all raced to Leona's usual napping spot and peeked through the glass walls. Inside were  fairies like how Malleus described all surrounding a rainbow stone.
"That's it, Headmaster?" (Y/N) asked.
"Indeed, Stone. That is the missing magic stone!"
"Just what are those fairies?"
"They are called Fairies of Creation." Malleus answered the girl. "They are essential for the changing of seasons."
"So did they steal the stone because they needed it?" Kalim asked.
"Oh!" Crowley said. "There's another fairy coming. He's holding something!"
A leaf clad fairy with a mushroom hat approached the guards, something silver and shiny was in their arms.
Grim squinted to get a better look. "Is that...a crown?"
The fairies all grabbed the stone and placed it into the empty slot at the head of the crown.
"Did they just steal the stone for decoration!?" The cat hissed.
Suddenly, a much larger golden fairy appeared, flanked by a fire and a water fairy.
Kalim gasped. "Ah! This time a bigger fairy came out! There are a lot of guards surrounding her, so she must be important!"
(Y/N)'s eyes moved to her tall friend. "Tsunotaru?"
Malleus hummed. "Well...if I remember correctly, she is..."
In a flash, the crown, now adorn with the stone, appeared on the golden fairy's head.
"I see." Grim said. "They made that crown for the big fairy!"
Vil nodded. "Indeed. The color of the dress matches the color of the stones."
"Is this the time for you to do a fashion check!?" Leona hissed.
"I've seen that golden fairy before." Malleus finally managed to say."
"Eh?" They all turned their eyes to the black haired male.
"The bright golden body, the far more elegant wings, and the way the fairies act around her...no doubt, she is the Queen of the Land of Fairies."
"Ehhh!?" Crowley shrieked. "Queen of the Fairies!?"
Malleus nodded. "She is out of her lands at this time, which means...Night Raven College's Botanical Garden was chosen as the venue for the Fairy Gala."
"Fairy Gala?" (Y/N) repeated.
The headmaster seemed equally as confused. "What...what are you talking about!? Ahh, why did this happen..."
"Sounds interesting." Kalim said, trying to lighten the mood.
"The Fairy Gala is a festival where fairies hail the arrival of spring." Malleus explained. Fairies who live in the Land of Fairies choose a place and hold a festival when spring comes. They celebrate with gorgeous outfits for their fashion show."
(Y/N) felt a horrible shiver go down her spine at the words, having war flashbacks to the many nerve racking events she had to participate in due to being Champion (thank Arceus for Wallace and Diantha.). Leona seemed just as horrified.
"Fashion show? Stop joking. Just send the fairies back and get the stone!"
"No! Do not do that!" Crowley shot down. "The Fairy Gala is not just a simple fashion show, it is a celebration of the arrival of spring. The fairies would be angry if it fails, and Twisted Wonderland would end up in a perpetual state of winter! We have no choice if this place was chosen as the venue."
Riddle sighed. "That's why the Fairy Gala is such trouble. We'll be the ones regretting it if we offend them. What a bunch of outrageous creatures."
Malleus took that and crossed his arms. "Fairies sometimes can be stubborn too. There are a lot of them who get mad because of little things. Good-natured fairies like me are rare."
(Y/N) didn't even need to look at Leona to know he was gonna say something.
"Not a word, Kitty."
Idia beat him to it anyways.
"Wow, it would be dangerous to have a second one."
Crowley, of course, ignored the jab. "We can't send the fairies back, so we must wait until the Fairy Gala is over...even if the after event lasts three months. Without the stone, the temperatures will be a mess!"
"Forget that." (Y/N) chimed in. "If we let this go one for three months, half of the student body will die of hypothermia while the other half will die of heat stroke!"
Crowley growled. "Right, we must get the stone back!"
The dorm leaders all looked at the headmaster with an annoyed face.
"What? Why do all of you have that face?"
"Oh here we go again!" Idia complained. "The selfishness of adults pushes problems onto the students to solve!"
"It would be very annoying being unable to attend class, but is this really a problem that students should be solving?" Riddle queried.
Vil rolled his eyes. "If anything happens to the school, it is the responsibility of the headmaster. It is none of my business as a student."
"How can you be so cold-blooded!?" Crowley cried.
(Y/N) crossed her arms. "Excuse me, how many times have I had to fix your problems!?"
Crowley then stopped. "Just kidding, I knew you'd say that. I see, it's a pity, but until the Fairy Gala is over and the temperature is restored to normal, the school is closed!"
Kalim beamed. "Oh, a holiday? That's great!"
"However, consecutive months without class is unacceptable, so all students will have to repeat the year!"
Riddle looked ready to kill him. "Stop joking! You expect me to repeat a year?!"
"I'm in trouble too." Vil insisted. "Failing a year will ruin my image."
"Too true." The headmaster hummed. "I don't have a problem with taking a break from school, but all of you would be bothered by it, wouldn't you? Of course it's impossible to ignore, because I'm so kind!"
"You're a rotten rat with feathers who's playing with fire, ya know that?" (Y/N) insulted harshly.
Riddle growled. "Although I don't want to accept it, I still have to do it."
Azul sighed. "This is ridiculous. Using retention as a shield. There's no way we can refuse."
"Then the decision is made!" Crowley cheered as they all plotted his death. "Let's pull together and get through it all!"
They all returned to the office to come up with a plan.
"So let's sort this out." Crowley announced. "Operation 'Let the Fairy Gala Proceed Perfectly and Fetch the Stone Back'!"
"We need to get better plan names." (Y/N) joked (once again clinging to Leona for warmth).
"We must accomplish both of these tasks at the same time. So, what will we do?"
"Malleus and the Queen are both fairies, right?" Kalim suggested. "'That is my most precious stone, can you please return it?' Can't you try something like that?"
"There are various types of fairies." Malleus corrected. "Plant fairies, light fairies, animal fairies, fairies come from everywhere, from thistle fairies to dragon fairies like myself. We have different sizes and different languages, and not all of us have close relationships, just like humans. Those little fairies would be terrified if I step one foot into their venue and flee from me."
Leona clicked his tongue. "Tsk, how useless..."
(Y/N) flicked his cheek. "Don't worry Tsunotaru, I know you're a sweet dragon inside."
"Oi, Herbivore, don't you have fairy monsters that are less scary than Draconia?"
"I have fairy types, Kitty, but I doubt the fairies will understand them better."
The big cat groaned. "If we can't convince them, then we should just get the stone back by force."
"That would only make things worse!" Azul scolded. "Shouldn't we find a way to get the stone back without being noticed."
"Without being noticed..." Vil repeated thoughtfully before smirking. "What about creating a fake crown and swapping it with the real one? Plenty of time replicas are used for movies and very few people can spot the imitations at one glance."
"Indeed." Malleus agreed. "The fairies likely just thought the stone was beautiful. They wouldn't realize it was an imitation if it had the same beauty."
"And how are you going to swap them?" Idia asked. "We just saw that the Queen is surrounded by strict security. It's impossible for a mortal to approach that crown!"
"The Fairy Gala is a grand festival, isn't it?" Vil pointed out. "Then it should be impossible to keep track of all the participants' information. It wouldn't be unnatural for anyone to want to get close to the Queen that day."
Crowley seemed to like the idea. "Sneaking into the Fairy Gala and replacing the real crown with a fake one...brilliant! However, we don't have magic potions that can turn people into fairies or something. There's no such convenient thing..."
"In Stock Now!" A familiar voice yelled.
(Y/N) laughed as Sam appeared. "You challenged him."
The storekeeper appeared, jovial as usual, and accompanied by Marshadow. "Headmaster and little guys, my spooky little friend here tells me you're in trouble."
Azul laughed. "As expected from Sam, very sensitive when people are having problems...or should I say sensitive to business chances."
(Y/N) side eyed the mermaid. "Azul, you are the last person who should be talking. Regardless, good work bringing Sam here, Marshadow."
He saluted. "Mar!"
Sam smirked. "What you need now...is it this?"  He pulled out a bottle with a fairy emblem containing something golden.
Grim tilted his head "Gold powder in a bottle?"
"Is that fairy powder?" Malleus asked, recognizing it.
"Yes! That's right, handsome guy with horns! Fairy powder is the source of strength for fairies who live in the Land of Fairies. They can't fly without the stuff. Put this stuff on, and it's like you're one of them. You could become one of the fairies and sneak into their venue."
Malleus looked rather impressed. "I heard somewhere that the fairy powder is so important to those who live in the Land of Fairies that they even have gatekeepers to secure it. I'm amazed that you could obtain this. How did you get it, Sam?"
"That's a secret, he he he."
Crowley mourned. "Even though the price is high, I have no other choice...I'll buy it...with my own expenses..."
"That's what you get for blackmail." (Y/N) taunted.
Sam smiled. "Thank you for the purchase!"
He handed Crowley the bottle as Marshadow jumped into his trainer's shadow,
"All right, now we have found a way to turn people fairies. This amount will not be enough for all the dorm leader, so who should we choose to sneak into the Fairy Gala?"
"The Fairy Gala is an event where fairies of high status gather. Of course, it's expected to wear luxurious clothes and demonstrate high class manners."
The headmaster hummed. "Hmm, which means to sneak into this event, we require someone used to high class parties with members of the elite and knowledge of how to act around them..."
"From what my hell ear has heard, the theme of this year's Fairy Gala is 'Exotic'!" Sam added.
"Exotic...that means...one who could pass for exotic..."
Slowly, but surely, all eyes turned to Leona, Kalim, and (Y/N).
"Huh? What's wrong?" Kalim asked. "Is there something on my face?"
(Y/N) gripped Leona tighter. "Kitty, run for our lives!"
"Oi, don't look at me." Leona growled.
Malleus smiled. "Those who would be exotic to the fairies...it would be you three."
"Yes." Vil agreed. "Since beastmen and desert cultures are rare and the Sweet Potato is literally otherworldly."
"No matter how unsightly he is, Leona still belongs to a royal family." Azul jabbed. "Kalim belongs to one of the few famous tycoon families in the Land of Hot Sands. And (Y/N) is in a position of high power in her world and has attended many elite functions...and quite frankly she's the only person who can handle both of them."
"You each should be used to attending parties like this, correct?" Riddle asked.
"So the party is Leona, Kalim, and (Y/N)." Idia declared.
"The sneaking party should focus on preparations for the time being." The Octavinelle Dorm Leader insisted. "We should retreat for now."
Malleus smirked. "I was never invited in the first place, so I shall also retreat."
"Tsunotaru, you traitor!"
They all bolted out of the room before the forcibly volunteered could argue.
Crowley shook his head. "The only thing quick about them is their escape. Kingscholar, Asim, Stone, you are responsible for bringing peace back to the college!"
"Why am I always on cleanup?!" (Y/N) barked in protest.
Kalim seemed more than happy. "Yes, please leave it to me! Since everyone is in troubled, I want to save them!"
Leona crossed his arms, angrily. "I definitely don't want to do this! Sneaking into a boring party? I can't. First of all, I hate lively parties and festivals."
"Yeah, but Kitty, you really think Kalim can pull this off on his own?" (Y/N) asked.
The two looked over at the eager wide eyed boy and Leona looked back to her.
"Good point."
"Kingscholar, if Asim and Stone fail and spring doesn't come..." Crowley then whispered something into the male's ear. "Aren't you, as a feline beastman, most troubled? If it's always winter, you can't summon your full strength. A large portion of Savanaclaw are beastmen. I bet many of them would be less active when the temperature's low. The physical strength of the entire dorm will drop rapidly. Is that really okay with you?"
Leona narrowed his eyes, clicking his tongue. "I guess there's no other way."
(Y/N) patted him on the back. "There there, Kitty. We'll suffer through this together."
Kalim beamed. "A festival for fairies. I'm looking forward to it! Ah, since it's a rare opportunity, can I bring Jamil along with me?"
"Yes, please do!" Crowley agreed. "Please bring him, it will be a relief! Kingscholar, I have a feeling that you are going to slack off the moment we take our eyes off you. Stone, you watch him."
"Why am I being babysat by an Herbivore two years younger than me?"
"An Herbivore that can kick your butt, Kitty!" (Y/N) corrected. "Still, I think we'll need another pair of hands and I think you and I both know the perfect pair for this particular mission."
He half nodded. "I suppose having Ruggie would help."
"Regardless, Stone, needless to say you're in charge."
"Got it." She groaned to the crow.
"Make sure neither of them causes trouble and keep your eyes on them. This is the time to test your ability as a prefect! I leave them to you!"
Grim sighed. "It's going to be a long day..."
The party (now with Jamila and Ruggie) reconvened back at Ramshackle since it was the only dorm with somewhat controlled temperature (the ice and water types were doing their best to counteract the heat). Needless to say, there was unhappiness all around.
"Kalim!" Jamil snapped. "Why did you accept this troublesome mission without even thinking it through!?"
(Y/N) was leaned up against Swampert with Vulpix in her lap to stave off the heat. "Go easy on him, Jamil, it was more like everyone else volunteered us and the crow agreed."
"(Y/N), please, you don't know how many times I've told him to discuss these things with me first!"
"And what about me!?" Ruggie added. "You involved me! Leona-san, I bet you're thinking of leaving me to solve everything!"
Leona snarled. "Blame the Herbivore, not me."
Kalim tried to play mediator. "Everyone is in trouble. I'm sure there will be no problem if we all work together.
Leona rubbed his head. "So noisy...I don't want to do this either."
"But it's the Fairy Gala!" Kalim argued. "Wouldn't you like to see it once?"
Jamil rubbed his temples. "Kalim, don't you understand how important this is? We're not going to have fun."
"If you want me to participate, the minimum is 1,000 madol for my pay, then we can start discussing!" Ruggie demanded.
"I'll make you whatever malasada you want for a week." (Y/N) offered.
The female sighed, shaking her head. "Now gentlemen, unless you all happily want to repeat the year together, I suggest we all play nice!"
Jamil seemed a bit more receptive after that, side eyeing Leona. "That would be trouble. It would ruin the name of the Asim family if Kalim had to repeat a grade again. Unlike royalty, the Asim family is based in business. It would be troublesome if the title of lazy was tacked on to the name of the next generation."
"Oi." The lion growled as Luxray and Shinx also bared their teeth. "I heard that, asshole."
"Well, I suppose it is just a waste of time if we keep arguing like this. I suppose we can't refuse. We'll come up with a plan."
"A plan?" Kalim asked. "Isn't it just replacing the real crown with the fake one?"
"That's not a plan, it's a goal. Isn't the crown on the Queen's head? We need to discuss a way to swap the crown."
"How about we use magic, make the crown float, and take it?" The white haired boy suggested.
Jamil shook his head. "Fairies are more sensitive to magic than humans. You would know that by just looking at Malleus. Not to mention she's the Queen of the Land of Fairies. If we use magic, we'll be expose."
"Indeed." Leona agreed as Ruggie put his arms over his head.
"As a magician not able to use magic, this is going to be tricky."
"Welcome to my world, gentlemen." (Y/N) snarked. "The swap will have to be the good old fashion way. Ruggie, no offense, but clearly you are the most qualified for this mission."
Leona smirked. "Herbivore even asked for you specifically, you should be honored."
"Eh!? Me!?" Ruggie screamed.
"Isn't that more exposed than magic?" Grim pointed out, only for Leona to wave him off.
"Ruggie is deft, he's a master of stealth. The crown isn't inside a coat pocket, but on top of her head. It should easy for you."
"That's even more difficult!" The hyena argued.
"Please, you're the only one who can pull this off!" (Y/N) begged.
Kalim was laughing. "Indeed! There's no one more suited for the task than Ruggie. I also approve of (Y/N) and Leona's plan."
The boy's ears pulled back. "Ehhh, are you guys serious?"
"Hmm. Oi, Ruggie." His dorm leader barked. "How many seconds does it take to replace a crown?"
"Well...taking into account the size of the crown and the environment...about 15 seconds?"
"10 seconds." Leona challenged.
"That's 5 seconds gone!"
The lion smirked smugly. "It's you, after all. I bet you're gonna take your sweet ass time while doing it."
"Tsk, you know me well. But it will be hard if there's no one distracting the Queen in the meantime."
"That's what the rest of us will be doing." (Y/N) assured him. "I'll even have some of my Pokémon there in case things go south."
"10 seconds..." Jamil calculated. "Being the center of attention would be the most optimal way..."
"Hey, the Fairy Gala is a celebration of spring, right?" Kalim asked. "When it comes to celebrations, it's all about parades! How about we make a parade that will make the Queen want to engage? We'll wear fancy clothes, I'll bring along rare animals, and (Y/N) can bring along her Pokémon!"
Ruggie sighed. "Here we go again, Kalim's wealthy remark. Only the four of us can win, plus Grim and (Y/N)'s selected Pokémon!"
"Wait." Jamil interrupted. "It might actually have some merit. The fashion show is the main event of the Gala, correct?"
Kalim nodded. "And I heard that there is singing and dancing on the runway and all kinds of performances that can make their spring festival lively! Sam told me it's gonna be a fancy show. It sounds like a lot of fun!"
"That's it then." Jamil said with a smile. "Me, (Y/N), Kalim, and Leona will divert their attention to the runway. Ruggie, Grim, and the Pokémon will then swap the crown away when Queen is distracted."
"Huh?" Leona asked. "Are you saying that you want me to show up at those fairies' recitals?"
"10 seconds isn't quite long. If we want to buy Ruggie more time, we have to work together. (Y/N), can your Pokémon and Grim support Ruggie?"
"I've got a good team for it!" She assured.
Jamil nodded. "So it's up to us to hold the fashion show. Leona, reject it all you want, but if the plan fails, you're the most affected."
The older male growled, rubbing his head. "Tsk, that headmaster, always saying unnecessary things."
"Can we rely on the four of you?" Ruggie challenged. "The road to success is all on you."
(Y/N) nodded, though a little unsure. "I have been in a few fashion shows, so I know a couple of things to expect. I'm not claiming to be an expert though, so this might be tricky."
Jamil smiled. "It's all right, I have an idea. I know just the people to call."
"Kitty...I'm scared."
"I'm scared too, Herbivore."
It didn't take long for Jamil to round up their secret weapons and it was exactly who Leona and (Y/N) (feared) expected.
Vulpix happily ran to Vil to greet him as he looked on.
"Are you saying they are appearing in a fashion show? Are you certain it isn't a vegetable competition?"
Professor Crewel snapped his teaching rod in his palm. "Puppies, it's time for training!"
"Vil! And Professor Crewel!" Kalim greeted.
"With our support, you guys should definitely become the center of the fashion show." Vil assured them. "Right, Professor Crewel."
"Of course, Schoenheit."
They laughed and (Y/N) hung her head.
"This isn't how I pictured my death."
"The two most troublesome people on campus." Ruggie groaned.
Leona glared at Jamil. "Viper, you asshole...do you even know what you've done?"
"Believe me, it was a tough decision. But Vil is a top model and Professor Crewel is a fashionista. They're the best equipped to help us beat this challenge. They're the only ones we could ask for help!"
"I wish Wallace or Diantha were here." (Y/N) mumbled. "At least they're merciful."
"As expected from a Scarabia student." Ruggie noted. "They will do literally anything to achieve their goal. How amazing..."
"Distract the Queen...no distract the whole audience, then snatch the crown away in the meantime..." Vil pondered. "Operation 'Monopolize both the Crown and their Attention'! I will make this a success!"
"...I want out." Leona said.
(Y/N) grabbed his arm. "You go down with the rest of us."
"All right!" Professor Crewel called. "First, you should all have matching costumes!"
"Matching costumes?" The hyena repeated. "Even those of us who aren't running the distraction should?"
"In order to sneak into the Fairy Gala, you still need to wear proper clothes. Entering a formal venue with dirty fur like that is unbecoming of my puppies. Be grateful, I'll make the most beautiful and exotic and the most beautiful costume of all time. I'll be the one to make you all stand out!"
"Crowley, you owe us big for this!" (Y/N) hissed under her breath.
The group relocated to Pomefiore's ballroom for preparations, accompanied by Gardevoir, Vulpix, Alcremie, and Shaymin (Sky Form), the Pokémon selected for the mission (Swampert would be left behind for the safety of the boys, Crewel's orders). Professor Crewel was quite pleased with the glittering effects the fairy types could have on his clothing, along with the flowers Shaymin provided. The boys were all magiced into their dazzling white and gold outfits, flower crowns, and the elegant makeup Vil had provided. (Y/N) was allowed to change in the other room on the orders of the Professor. He and Vil looked quite pleased.
"Ah, I know I see a bunch of puppies with gorgeous fur!"
"As expected from Professor Crewel." Vil complimented. "Especially the chosen colors. Not too outstanding in order to draw out their own beauty, very stoic and mysterious. The longing, endless of the unknown is truly exotic, wouldn't you agree, Vulpix?"
Crewel nodded, holding the icy fox. "It's much easier to get along with those who appreciate fashion."
Jamil groaned, petting Alcremie, who was offering emotional support. "We have been put through countless clothes, trying them on again and again and again..."
"We haven't even started training and I'm already exhausted." Ruggie complained.
"Designing clothes is always like this." Kalim informed them. "Right, Leona?"
"Eh, kind of...?"
"We're still missing one." Jamil pointed out.
"We are aware." Vil shot back. "Sweet Potato, are you ready?"
"Um, I guess?" She answered from behind a door. "I'm not sure how I look."
"I'm sure you look wonderful, puppy." Professor Crewel assured her. "You have a natural elegance a few other puppies lack."
The boys, minus Kalim, glared at the teacher for the backhanded comment as (Y/N) sighed.
"All right, but if you guys make fun of me, Gardevoir will send you flying."
With that threat, she walked out and the boys all fell silent. Needless to say, the trainer looked stunning in the outfit and makeup. She had always been attractive, but putting effort into it...well it was a feast for the eyes for students who attended an all male school.

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