Chapter 35: Invasion

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I have come to the conclusion that I prefer having a fever to a cold. At least with fevers, I'm not fully cognitive of all of their annoyances. On a more business note, this section might get a little weird since the channel I get the translations from is going on hiatus, so if you know any good channels with translations, feel free to tell me. I own nothing.
Chapter 35: Invaders

The forceful way (Y/N) lost consciousness did not spare her from her prophetic dreams. As the dark clouds seemed to part and blur into something actually visible, she felt the weightlessness of her body.
"Am I...floating?"
Just as her eyes began to adjust, a brilliant flash blinded once more. Still reeling, she managed to make out shining golden gates decorated by thunderbolts. When the gates opened, she found herself pulled into what looked like a magnificent kingdom in the clouds. Her body drifted to a pavilion atop the tallest of the cloud mountains. There seemed to be a party as people who towered over her bustled about happily. At the back were two individuals who glowed with ethereal light, cooing over a baby who was also glowing, along with a white, winged equine.
"Well look at this little cutie!" The man, who likely rivaled AZ in the height department, declared before greeting the rest of the company. "I would like to thank you all for these gifts!"
Suddenly, a figure with familiar looking fiery blue hair emerged from the shadows, clearly not wanting to be there.
"Oh how beautiful. I am so moved. I haven't felt this choked up since I got a piece of moussaka stuck in my throat."
No one laughed at his joke as the other male handed what (Y/N) assumed to be their child over to his, again assumed, wife.
"Aw, don't be so glum, Hades. Come on, join the celebration!"
Hades rolled his eyes. "The job you ever so kindly gave me has no breaks or holidays, so sorry. No can do."
"If you keep doing this, you'll work yourself to death! Ha! Work yourself to death! I slay me!"
The hall erupted into laughter as Hades slipped out, sneering. "Oh if only."
The dream faded away as (Y/N) felt someone shoving her.
"Hey, hey!" Ace's voice called. "(Y/N)! Come on! Wake up!"
Slowly her eyes opened and she saw she was back in her room. Ace and Deuce were crowding around, worriedly, as Swampert kept her propped up. Her other Pokémon were also concerned, save for Crobat, who wasn't with them. She groaned, clutching her head.
"Ugh, what happened?"
"You tell us!" Ace scolded. "We woke up in the middle of night to see Swampert dragging you unconscious ass in here!"
Deuce was a little more concerned for their friends. "(Y/N), what happened to you, and where's Grim?"
She sighed, pushing herself up. "That's right, I need to find Grim."
"Woah!" Ace yelled as their eyes widened and her Pokémon yipped fearfully. "What happened to your arm!? Those scratches look really bad!"
The trainer glanced down, seeing the damage Grim had done. Her arm now sported a crisscross of scratch marks. Still, she waved it off.
"It's fine, it looks a lot worse than it actually is."
Roserade was having none of it, and had Swampert pull the girl back down so she could use Life Dew on it. As her wounds sealed up, Deuce sat down at her eye level.
"(Y/N), what happened?"
She sighed. "Grim, that's what happened."
"Eh!?" Ace shrieked. "What did you say!"
Deuce was equally shocked. "No way! Did Grim really do that to you?"
She nodded. "I don't know what happened to him. It was like he was possessed or something. All I know is that I was right to take those black rocks from him."
Ace helped her back to her feet as Roserade finished her healing. "Well, for now, let's go to the lounge. Even with Roserade, you should still get those scratches checked."
Deuce nodded. "We should also get the headmaster."
(Y/N) made no protest as she dragged herself downstairs. By the time Crowley arrived, she was bundled in blankets with hot tea and cuddled on all sides by her Pokémon. She then went through the arduous tasks of explaining everything that had transpired, including her dreams and the mirror in her room.
The crow nodded. "So, the mirror in your room is connected to another world...and there's this big eared creature named Mickey in there? After conversing with him, you noticed Grim was gone, so you went looking for him. Then when you found him, Grim became feral and attacked you?"
"Essential." She responded. "He was trying to eat the black stones again."
"A black stone?" Crowley repeated.
Ace rubbed his head. "Like the one Grim ate at the dwarf mine?"
(Y/N) nodded as Deuce rubbed his chin.
"Speak of, didn't he eat the black stone after Dorm Leader Rosehearts' Overblot too? He really likes eating them..."
Ace side eyed him. "Yeah, but he's never gone feral over them."
"Maybe, but he always seems to get more desperate for them." (Y/N) pointed out. "What even are they?"
"I can't really say because I wasn't at the scene...but those black stones that has been eating may be crystallized blot." The headmaster explained.
"Crystallized...blot?" Deuce repeated.
"As I have explained before, Overblotting is a phenomenon that occurs when an individual accumulates a large amount of magic that it begins to overflow. Blot is waste generated by the usage of magic. It is full of strong toxins and stagnant magic. It then forms a huge incarnation as if it's fully embodying the negative emotions of the person."
"So, that's what those monsters we've been fighting are? The embodiment of everyone's negativity?" (Y/N) asked.
"And to save someone from Overblot, you have to remove the incarnation?" Ace added as Deuce also jumped in.
"Yeah. From everything we've encountered before, I believe we were able to bring our seniors back to their true selves by defeating the incarnations."
"Not just that." (Y/N) interceded. "I also had to go into their memories with the ghost camera and convince them to come back."
Crowley nodded. "Yes. The only way to eliminate the Overblot is to break the magical connection between the incarnation and the individual. And it seems that once that incarnation has disappeared, the blot is condensed into a crystallized form."
"So Grim has been eating crystallized negativity!?" (Y/N) yelled, blotting up. "No wonder he went crazy. I need to find him!"
The crow stopped her. "Ms Stone, please. You need to rest. Regardless of your feelings, and though this is pure speculation, even if Grim is able to communicate and cohabitate with us, he is still a monster. Him attacking you could very well be his true nature. It's very likely he will attack you again."
"Don't tell me that nonsense!" She yelled, jerking her arm away. "That isn't who Grim really is, it's just the poison he's been eating! So what if he's a monster, I make it a living to train and fight alongside monsters! Besides, Crobat is still out there looking!"
Crowley shook his head. "The cultural festival will continue to take place tomorrow. I cannot allow this dangerous monster to roam free around the school and cause harm to others."
Deuce and Ace both became furious.
"What dangerous monster!?" The blue haired male demanded. "That's Grim!"
"I do not want to doubt Grim. Even knowing he is a monster, I chose to believe in him and welcomed him into the school, but depending upon his condition, he will not be allowed to stay at this school any longer."
"He's my responsibility." (Y/N) snarled. "I'm gonna find him and prove he isn't what you think he is."
Crowley stood his ground, being uncharacteristically stern even as Swampert growled at him to back his trainer. "Ms Stone, you are to remain her. I will gather the teachers and the dorm leaders to catch Grim. Now excuse me. Lock the doors and do not leave." As he left, he murmured something. "They might mobilize soon."
The three watched him leave as Ace sighed.
"Depending on what happens, Grim can't stay at the school anymore?"
(Y/N) growled. "Like I'm gonna listen to him now. Beautifly!" The Butterfly Pokemon swooped in immediately. "Round up the flying type and go look for Grim and Crobat. We have to find him before Crowley and the others do!"
"Fly!" The Pokémon saluted before heading out.
(Y/N) sighed as all the babies crowded her, murmuring sadly at the prospect of losing Grim.
Deuce punched the wall in frustration. "Grim, he may be selfish and doesn't know how to control himself sometimes, but he would never hurt (Y/N) or another student for no reason. At least...I think he wouldn't."
Ace smacked his head. "Oi, just come out and say it! Grim's no different from (Y/N)'s Pokémon. Are you saying you don't trust them either? Still, if this happened anywhere else, it'd be all over the news. I see where the headmaster is coming from. Still, if (Y/N) has shown us anything, it's that even monsters have the capacity for friendship, even to jerks like us."
(Y/N) smiled softly as Deuce nodded.
"Yeah! He even got along well with all our other classmates."
"So, we gonna wait around or are we gonna find him? (Y/N)?"
She smirked. "We've never followed the rules before, why start now?"
Though Rotom wasn't a flying type, he could still fly and wanted to help. By now, the Pokémon had all spread out in search of Grim. Rotom followed the trail towards the apple tree near the garden. There, he found Grim, still in his manic state, being cornered by a robot child flaming blue hair. Ortho had his weapons trained on Grim.
"Biological life form detected within a 15m radius. Approximately 70cm long, magical energy detected. Confirming lock on target. Now commencing capture operation."
As Ortho charged an overpowered attack, Rotom flung himself at the robot boy, shocking him.
"OW!" Ortho yelped as the attack tore through the trees, causing Grim to flee. "That wasn't nice!"
Rotom got into the boy's face, beeping furiously as they lectured him on the excessive use of force.
"It wouldn't have been nearly as powerful, you just shocked me into using the full force!"
More beeps and squeals.
"Of course I can control it! Besides, this is the most time effective and efficient means of collecting an aggressive monster! You should be careful you don't become a threat as well."
Rotom, offended, immediately possessed a nearby lawnmower and charged the robot boy. Ortho, more so out of shock than fear, spent the next hour running for his life from a very angry piece of landscaping equipment before losing it and going back to the mission, Idia hearing everything and wondering what the hell was happening.
Several days passed as the festival finally came to an end. Grim had been caught, but the headmaster refused to allow (Y/N) to see, even under the threat of being pulverized by an angry Swampert. The trainer could now only wait for the crow to crack eventually. Till then, he could enjoy the various tormenting of her Pokémon, all of whom demanded Grim's return.
The day after the festival ended, the NRC Tribe gathered in the lounge of the Ramshackle Dorm.
"Well then, it seems our camp has come to an end." Jamil announced.
Rook shook his head. "Non, Vil chose to say we are 'pausing' the NRC Tribe instead of 'disbanding'."
Jamil shrugged. "It doesn't really matter how you say it. Anyway..."
"Why did you call for a meeting so suddenly?" Kalim asked. "Did something happen Vil?"
The blonde nodded. "Everyone, thank you for coming. Grim isn't here, but it can't be helped." The freshmen team all sighed sadly at the remark."I have something very important to tell you all. Firstly, I would like to address what occurred on the day of the Vocal & Dance Championship. Allow me to apologize for betraying your trust. I could not accept losing and I tried to curse my rival. I regret that I showed you all the ugliest performance I could ever display. I am incredibly sorry."
The senior bowed, to the amazement of everyone else.
Jamil crossed his arms. "But your curse attempt didn't happen in the end, right?"
Kalim nodded. "That's right! You didn't hurt Neige!"
"...that's because everyone here stopped me. And when I Overblotted, I ended up hurting all of you. All of you, including myself, could have died...because of me. Going on stage after fighting to the point of exhaustion of our magical energy, I don't think I was able to give 100% to the performance like we practiced, no matter how hard I tried."
"That's not true!" Epel argued. "That was the best performance we had ever done!"
Deuce agreed. "That's right. For Schoenheit-senpai and all of us...we did our very best up there."
"...but, that performance being our best is subjective." Ace pointed out.
"Hey!" Deuce yelled, only for (Y/N) to step in.
"He's right. I noticed the difference between your performances."
"We also got lucky that Malleus fixed the stage." Ace added. "We danced the best we could, but-,"
"The satisfaction of the performer is not the same as the satisfaction of the audience." Jamil finished.
Vil nodded. "Ace, (Y/N), and Jamil are correct. The more you look at the video recording, the more you see we weren't able to perform with half of the ability we did before. Misaligned positioning, our feet not rising completely, and our hands all over the place. It's natural for this kind of performance after such a strenuous battle. We gave it our all, but it wasn't perfect. I wasn't able to put you all on stage in your most perfect condition. We couldn't win the VDC because of me. I am not qualified to be your leader."
Jamil nodded. "I understand what Vil-senpai is trying to say. However, we did talk about it while preparing for the VDC. Neige and his group were already favored to win, even before the tournament. Even if our performance was perfect, we still might not have won. It's difficult to surpass popularity, no matter how much effort you put into it."
"Exactly what Jamil said!" Kalim declared. "That's why Vil shouldn't think it's his fault!"
"I understand." Vil said. 'But that doesn't mean Neige and his team didn't have their own hardships. The moment I saw their performance, I was so enraged I started to curse their name. The effort of winning with popularity and the effort to win with technique and skill are both still efforts. The only difference between us is the direction of our efforts. Firstly, you don't know how hard Neige has worked, now do you?"
Epel tilted his head. "Eh? What do you mean by that...?"
"The first time Neige and I co-starred together, before we left our lessons, he would always tell me he would have to go home and clean his house. I couldn't help but be annoyed at him. I thought he was a talented person that didn't take his craft seriously, but the I realized Neige actually lives with the dwarves he performed with during the VDC. Even before we met as child actors, they leaned on each other's shoulders and supported one another."
"Wait, he lived with them since he became a child actor?" Deuce asked.
"Yes, however I don't know all the details. He did chores, went to lessons then went back home to do more chores and still made time to practice, yet he never complained. Everyday he came in whistling and greeted everyone with a bright 'Good morning,'. I never knew how hard he had it, because I've never experienced that."
(Y/N) looked down, a wave of empathy crashing into her.
"Neige never told any of this to the media or the public. But, Rook knew...didn't you?"
All eyes turned to the Pomefiore Vice Dorm Leader, who nodded solemnly.
"Yes. The most attractive part about Roi Du Neige was his lovely smile. But it was his overcoming of hardships that made that smile so captivating. I have found," His eyes were on (Y/N) now. "Those who have suffered hardships, tend to smile the brightest. Neige donates most of his earnings to non-profit and volunteer organizations."
Vil sighed. "I'm surprised you know that much. As far as I know, that information hasn't been given to the public."
"This information is very well known to his core fans."
"Yes...I also heard he donated all of the prize money in full to the children of the world."
Kalim frowned. "I had no idea he was going through all that..."
(Y/N) cleared her throat. "Guys, would this have changed anything if you knew beforehand?"
"I don't know about the others, but I know Kalim wouldn't be able to." Jamil immediately ratted out.
"No, that's not tru-...uh, uh...I don't know." Kalim admitted.
"I could vote for our team, no problem." Ace declared. "The VDC is a competition."
"Exactly." (Y/N) said, pointing to Ace. "No matter what it is, performance, battling, etc, everyone's got a story. Letting background dictate the result is an insult."
Vil nodded. "The NRC tribe lost to Royal Sword Academy's performance. That's it. I believe my sin influenced the outcome immeasurably, so allow me to make up for it."
(Y/N) gave him a look. "Make up for it?"
"Do you remember what was written on the posters promoting the VDC?"
Ace rubbed his head, trying to recall. "Uhh...I think it said something about a professional debut?"
"And splitting the 5 million madol prize with your teammates." Deuce added.
"Yes, that was the incentive to get you to join. And that is why the prize of 5 million madol that was lost because of me, I will pay it to you."
"EHHHHHH!?" Everyone screamed.
"We don't need it!" Epel insisted.
"Take it as a training and appearance fee for the month you've worked. (Y/N), yours is rent and utilities. However, I don't believe this is enough to make amends."
"B-but-," Deuce stuttered.
"Don't try to buy my feelings with money, my manager told me that. It's almost laughable that's the only thing I can think of to make up for this. As of right now, I cannot move forward, so please accept it for me as well."
"Vil, please-," (Y/N) tried to make reconsider before Kalim interrupted.
"All right, I understand! I'll gladly accept it!"
"Kalim!?" Jamil yelped.
"Let me explain. I don't think Vil is responsible for us losing, but if this is the only way for him to move forward then I'll take it! Then, I'm gonna donate the money to the Ramshackle Dorm!"
"Huh!?" (Y/N) said.
"Really?" Jamil asked, rolling his eyes. "Were you inspired by Neige's story or something?"
"That's not it! When we first started training camp here, I was really surprised. This place is a huuuugggggeeeee dump!"
The girl sweatdropped. "Tell me how you really feel."
"There were times when there was no hot water, leaks everywhere, and holes that let the wind in...this was my first time being in a place like this! The name Ramshackle Dorm is no joke! Hahaha!"
Jamil shrugged. "All right, I won't argue with that."
"(Y/N), the ghosts, and her Pokémon took care of us during the training camp. Above all, I actually enjoyed staying here for the training camp! So, with my utmost gratitude, I want to fix up the Ramshackle Dorm!"
Rook held a hand to his chest. "Roi Du Or, you really have a heart deserving of your golden title."
"The kindness of my master could never be denied." Jamil admitted. "I will also accept the money and donate it to the Ramshackle Dorm. The money is like a bonus to me anyways."
Epel shook his head. "I promised Vil, but I wasn't able to beat Neige because my beauty wasn't enough. I couldn't fulfill my promise, so I can't accept the prize money. But I understand the pain Vil is feeling, so I will also donate my share to Ramshackle. I want this place to look nice and special, to surprise Grim when he gets back."
(Y/N) began tearing up. "You guys..."
Ace sighed. "Eh? Everyone's making it like that then, huh?"
Deuce groaned. "Uh...uh...the prize money would really help my family...but..."
"I'll take my prize money!" Ace declared. "If you're offering, I will accept! I've been working hard, you see? And I really want some new clothes and shoes."
"Ah! Me too!" Deuce said. "No, but I, I mean..."
(Y/N) smiled at them. "It's all right guys. This is more than enough since the crow also owes me renovations."
Vil sighed. "This is all I can do now. You guys saved my life, please be proud of yourselves and accept it."
"...I...understand." Deuce forced himself to say. "Thank you very much!"
"I will also donate my portion to the Ramshackle Dorm." Rook stated. "Having a beautiful time sweating and training together is more than enough for me."
"Ooh!" Kalim cheered. "With this much money we'll be able to fix this place up in no time, right? Repairing the leaks, replacing the wallpaper, changing the curtains, everything in here is so plain! Let's change the color of the sofa!"
"No, we should fix the essentials." Jamil shot down. "We should decide what to prioritize to fix, along with staying within the budget."
"Fufu." Rook laughed. "Some remodeling will be nice."
Ace rubbed his head. "I'm not gonna donate, but when Grim gets back, we'll treat you guys to a special lunch."
"That's right!" Deuce agreed. "I'll add lattes and desserts!"
"Aw, come here, you softies!" (Y/N) latched on to her friends, hugging them as tight as she could.
Swampert's head suddenly shot up as everyone Pokémon in the room (the babies, Ampharos, Appletun, and Flapple) began growling. Their trainer was immediately alert.
"What's wrong, guys?"
A loud thud was heard outside, rattling the room.
"An earthquake!?" Epel yelped.
The room shook again as the sound of cracking wood filled the air.
Rook grimaced. "No, it's not! Look out the window!"
Outside, figures atop hoverboards could be seen duking it out with the Pokémon from the Biomes. Despite an ornery Gyarados ripping into them along with the other Pokémon, they were brutally efficient.
"What's going on!?" (Y/N) yelled, worried for her Pokémon.
Vil seethed. "Unless there's some special event, there should be a magical barrier around campus preventing outsiders from getting into the school!"
Jamil's eyes widened. "No way, then was that sound the barrier breaking!?"
"What on earth..."
Rook pulled (Y/N) away from the window. "They're coming this way. Everyone, get down!"
In an instant, the invaders crashed through the wall, kicking up dust. Epel screamed as Ampharos shoved the young Pokémon out of the room and got ready to fight as the other Pokémon in the dorm swarmed in. The armored strangers emerged from the dust as Jamil shoved Kalim behind him.
"Kalim, stay behind me! What are they!? I've never seen anything like this before!"
"This is the Hepta Troop." One drone said. "Subjects D and E are in sight. Beginning detainment operation."
Vil smirked. "I don't know who you think you are, but it's impolite to crash through people's windows. I warrant this as an emergency situation. Under my authority as Pomefiore's dorm leader, I grant you permission to use magic against these intruders!"
"Oui!' Rook agreed.
Kalim also joined in. "Scarabia and Pomefiore! Get ready!"
(Y/N) stepped forward. "Considering this is my dorm, I have every right to beat down creeps who come barging in here!" Her Pokémon roared in agreement. "You lot better run or you'll be sent back to wherever you came from in pieces!"
Vil glanced over his shoulder. "The rest of you first years stay back! Contact the Heartslabyul dorm leader!"
"Y-yes!" The boys agreed.
"Subjects D and E are resisting detainment, as well as hostile, unknown fauna. Permission to engage...authorized. Execute Plan C, detainment operation."
Magic began flying everywhere as (Y/N) issued orders. Swampert grappled two drones at once as Ampharos and the dragons pelted another with their attacks and the remaining took on the fourth. Whatever they were wearing was tough, even for (Y/N)'s Pokémon. Magic seemed to bounce right off it. Along with that, their spells flew at rapid speed, forcing everyone to start dodging. One pulled out what looked like a dart gun, shooting Appletun with a bright blue dart. She was out cold in seconds.
"Appletun!" (Y/N) screamed.
"Unknown organism tranquilized, beginning extraction."
He reached for the dragon, only for her to be called back to her Pokeball.
"Oh no you don't, you thieves! Flapple! Ampharos! Get out of here!" (Y/N) then whistled. "Gengar! Dragapult! Marshadow! Corviknight!"
As the Pokémon retreated, the Pokémon summoned took their place. The drone tried to tranquilized them as well, but Swampert's thick skin, Corviknight's metal body, and the ghost's ethereal bodies made that impossible."
The first year boys hated being sidelined as they watched their friends fight for their lives. Eventually, Vil was struck badly by lightning, dropping him.
"Vil!" Rook yelled as a drone grabbed him.
"Subject E has been secured."
Another drone tried to do the same to Jamil, only for Swampert to protect him, punching the guy in the face for good measure.
"Unknown organism unaffected by electricity. Switching offenses now."
Swampert and Jamil were suddenly blasted away by nature magic. As the Mud Fish Pokémon struggled to his feet, the unconscious Jamil was also taken captive.
"Subject D has been secured. The Terra troop will secure subject F and return to home base."
"Where are you taking Jamil and Vil!?" Kalim demanded. "Stop!"
The drones ignored them as Epel caught sight of another one approaching. "What's that?"
This one had a cage and within was Grim, trying to escape. "LET ME OUT!"
"GRIM!" (Y/N) shrieked.
He looked ready to cry. "Ah! (Y/N)! Ace! Deuce!"
"Mission complete. Return to home base."
(Y/N) roared furiously. "ENOUGH!" She held up her Mega bracelet. "Swampert! Beyond Evolution! Mega evolve!"
The light enveloped the water who roared in defiance. Pouncing, and backed by the other Pokémon, he slammed into the drone, sending them flying in different directions. The one who had shot him before tried again, only for the Mega to tear the oar like wand from his grasp and snap it in half.
"Yeah! Get 'em Swampert!" Ace cheered.
The drones, doing a good job of keeping their captives, regrouped. "Unknown organism's power level has leapt considerably! Analyzing source of power...analysis complete. Dispatching boogie now!"
Before anyone could move, the drones took aim at the Pokémon trainer as they fired. Gengar, Marshadow, and Corviknight leapt in front of her to block the blast, but the force sent the girl  slamming into the wall. As her consciousness faded, she Swampert reverted back to normal, now severely weakened. She faintly heard her first year friends also jump into the battle, blacking out as she heard a crash. With the last of her strength, she yelled out.
Riddle found himself outside of Rapidash's stall in the barn. The fire type, who he had borrowed for the day, was restless, banging against the door.
"What's wrong, girl?" He opened the stall, only for her to burst out.
He followed her out as she neighed angrily at the sky. Silver, seeing the whole thing, tried to help calm her.
"Maybe there's a storm coming? Animals are known for sensing those kind of things."
A crash rang out.
"What the-!?" Riddle yelped as the rest of the club began muttering.
Sebek then came running. "Silver! Riddle! Are you okay!?"
"We're okay." His dormmate insisted. "How are the other students?"
"The students and horses are safe. What was that shaking sound just now?"
"I don't know." Riddle immediately, seeing Rapidash ready herself. "Could it be the magical barrier is under attack?...Ah!"
The drones appeared, locked on Riddle.
"This is Hexa Troop. Subject A is in sight. Beginning detainment operation."
"What are they!?" Sebek yelled. "I've never seen that armor before!?"
Silver narrowed his eyes. "I have a feeling they're not on our side."
"Let me just confirm one thing." Riddle demanded. "Are you currently permitted to be on our campus?" The droned said nothing. "Unauthorized entry to the school campus is strictly prohibited. This is a violation of the rules! Under my authority as Heartslabyul's dorm leader, I grant you permission to use magic against these intruders! Everyone, get ready!"
"Confirmed Subject A us resisting. Permission to engage...authorized."
"You are trespassing on school property without permission. There's no turning back now."
Rapidash reared up and charged, flames enveloping her as she slammed into a drone, sending them flying. Another tried to grab the bridle still attached to her, but she bathed them in a Flamethrower.
"Unknown organism using fire based magic, switching to water based magic."
As two drones held off the students, three of them encircled Rapidash, pelting her with water based magic.
"Rapidash!" Riddle yelled, trying to get her.
She whinnied in pain, kicking one sky high, but to no avail. As one drone kept a constant stream of water on her, the other raised his wand, sending the equine tumbling. Rapidash staggered, trying to rise to her hooves, only to collapse in exhaustion.
Riddle's face went red. "You'll pay for that!"
"Captive Magic Beam, charging complete. Activate!"
"GAAHHHH!" Riddle screamed.
"Riddle!" The Diasomnia boys cried out.
" numb!"
"Subject A has stopped resisting. Detain him."
Riddle wasn't done. Fueled by his anger, he fought back despite the numbness, engulfing the field in flames and forcing the drones back.
"You've got a lot of nerve...making me bow down to you! OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!"
The drone simply charged the beam again. "Captive Magic Beam, charging complete. Activate!"
Riddle shrieked, this time dropping as the drones collected him and took off, leaving the remaining students baffled.
Leona was enjoying a nap with Luxray and Shinx in the botanical garden as an annoyed Ruggie walked in.
"Leona, I know you're in here. There was a history of magic report due today and you didn't turn it in! Professor Trein was bugging me to come get you. For me can you just-,"
He was cut off by the sound of a crash. The beastmen reeled back as Luxray and Shinx barred their teeth.
"W-what was that!?" Ruggie yelped as drones crashed through the ceiling.
Luxray went to protect Ruggie and Shinx from the shards, only for them to be blocked.
Leona rolled his eyes. "Hey, you're already a second year, Ruggie. You need to learn to use a magic barrier."
The drones then stepped forward.
"This is Petra troop. Subject B is in sight."
Ruggie growled. "Who are these guys! Just by smell them, I don't trust 'em."
Luxray agreed, her mane sparking.
Leona's eyes widened as he noticed something. "The marks on their suits..."
A drone stepped forward, only for Luxray to ram into them, roaring aggressively.
"Two unknown hostile organisms with magical capabilities. Requesting permission to dispatch the larger one and collect the smaller one for further study."
"I wouldn't." Ruggie warned. "Luxray here doesn't take kindly to challengers. Leona, leave this to us. We'll-,"
The lion stepped in front of Luxray, holding up his hands. "I'll come quietly, but you leave the furballs outta it."
"!?" Ruggie shrieked.
"...we request that you hand over all your magical devices."
"Here." He tossed over his magic pen.
"What are you doing!?" Ruggie hissed. "It's only 3 of them. We could take them!"
"Shh...under their vests aren't thick wallets...those are magic deflecting plates. Don't try anything funny, okay? That goes double for you, Luxray."
"Magic deflecting plate? You mean material magic regulation officers use to not get hit by magic!?"
"Exactly. Have you experienced these back in the slums?"
"Well, maybe a little...hey! This isn't the time for jokes! This is a dangerous situation."
"I've seen those marks on their suits countless times at the royal palace. They're probably Ferry Guards."
"Ferry Guards?"
"...Just listen to me, all of you. Keep your tails between your legs and stay quiet."
"Night Raven College magical equipment has been confiscated." A drone announced. "Subject B confirmed to be non-resistant. We will escort you."
"Fine. Do be nice to me, I might not look it, but I'm a delicate charming prince. But touch the fleabags and I give you hell."
"Hey! Leona!" Ruggie called as Luxray and Shinx cried out.
"Ruggie, you're in charge of Savanaclaw until I come back. I'm leaving everything to you...well if I come back."
"What!?" Nothing else was said as the prince was taken away. "H-hey wait! LEONA!"

No Pokemon with Azul at the moment so I'll skip him. Sorry bout the wait guys.

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