Shenanigans 11

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Better than a Parrot
Jamil was again helping out (Y/N) with maintenance on the biomes. This time, (Y/N) had the prior knowledge necessary to ask the bug types to hang out in the botanical gardens. Without the fear of running into one of (Y/N) massive insects, he found the work far more pleasant. Still, something felt off to him. He could feel eyes staring at him back, but when he turned, he'd just see some of the Pokémon playing.
"(Y/N), something's staring at me."
The girl rolled her eyes and put down the mulch for Shaymin's flower bed.
"Jamil, you're surrounded by highly intelligent monsters which have been socialized, so odds are at least one of them is bound to stare at you."
He huffed at her, but conceded to her logic. Still, he felt the eyes watching at him as he went about the work. Eventually, he got fed up and walked towards the lake's edge alone, trying to bait out his stalker. He squatted near the water, pretending to focus on something. He heard the creaking of a branch as something scooted closer.
"Aha!" Jamil yelled, swinging around.
Before him was an avian creature, it's weight bending a branch of a low hanging tree. It had bright plumage, but it's head, talons, and tail were reptilian. It tilted its bright red head to the side, confused. Jamil blinked, not really thinking what he would do after this. Luckily, a low whistle caught both of their attentions.
(Y/N) trotted to them smiling and the dinosaur creature cooed and hopped in excitement.
"So you were the little spy, Archeops. Well that's a surprise. Sorry about him, Jamil. He's a curious fellow, but a bit shy."
The boy blushed. "Oh, well...he does look interesting."
(Y/N) smiled and scratched under the Pokémon's chin. "Yeah. He's actually a prehistoric Pokémon. I had to revive him from a fossil when I was touring the Unova."
"Can you repeat that? I thought I heard you say you revived him from a fossil."
"No, you heard right. My word has technology to revive ancient and extinct Pokémon."
The Vice Dorm Leader blinked at her. "And our world is somehow the magical one."
(Y/N) then pulled out her Dex so Jamil could learn more about her feathery/scaly friend.
"Archeops, the First Bird Pokémon. The evolved form of Archen. Said to be an ancestor of bird Pokémon, the muscles it uses to flap its wings are still weak, so it needs a long runway in order to take off. They are intelligent and will cooperate to catch prey. From the ground, they use a running start to take flight."
Archeops looked back at him and slid closer, nudging the boy's shoulder.
"He wants you to pet him." (Y/N) pointed out obviously.
Hesitantly, Jamil stroked the reptile's (bird's?) head. Archeops pushed against his hand, humming happily. Jamil then relaxed. This was actually really pleasant.
"Aw, he really likes you, Jamil!"
The boy smiled softly. "I'm glad then. You know, the Sorcerer of the Sand had a loyal parrot by his side. Though I think he's a little too big to be called that."
(Y/N) chuckled. "Well, Archeops is the ancestor of bird Pokémon, and he is pretty colorful, so I'd say there's parrot somewhere in there."
Jamil was going about his normal duties in Scarabia when he heard loud screaming from the common room.
"Run away!"
"It's a dinosaur!"
"It's gonna eat us!"
He walked in to see most of the students cowering in the corner as Kalim was sitting at the table, gawking at Archeops, who had berries in his mouth.
"What's going on?"
"Jamil, look! Isn't this monster incredible!?"
He sighed. "Yes. That's Archeops, one of (Y/N)'s Pokémon. What's he doing here?"
Kalim beamed. "Oh, he just hopped through the mirror and walked in here."
Archeops squawked through the berries and waddled up to Jamil. He placed the berries down and pushed them towards the boy, who blinked.
"He brought you a gift!" Kalim cheered.
Jamil sighed again, but smiled, patting the bird's head. "Thanks, Archeops."
Later that night, Jamil was studying in his room when there was a knock on his door. He yawned and made his way to the door, opening it to find Archeops there. The prehistoric bird walked past him and jumped on his bed.
"You're a persistent monster, you know that?" Jamil asked rhetorically.
Archeops set something down on the bed and nudged it towards the male. Curiously, Jamil picked up the small plant and examined it. It was a desert wildflower, bright and colorful. The stem had three flowers and appeared to be in good shape despite being in a dinosaur's mouth moments before. He chuckled and placed the flowers into a vase before turning back to scratch under Archeops' chin.
"You're way better than a parrot."

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