Shenanigans 13

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It would be sacrilege not to have contests or showcases in the Pomefiore chapters. Keep up your suggestions and we still need to choose an event.
Battler in a Coordinator's Dress

It was a blunder to the ultimate degree. Not once did (Y/N) consider the consequences to leaving her album and Pokegear out, and now she would pay the ultimate price for it:
Having to explain to Vil what a Pokémon Contest is.
The boys were all on the couch watching something when (Y/N) came in from the kitchen.
"(Y/N)!" Kalim greeted happily. "You look so pretty in this!"
Ace smirked. "I didn't expect this kind of thing from you."
She gave them a look before realizing Vil was holding her Pokegear, which was currently playing a recording of a performance she did with Wallace years ago.
"Gah!" She yelled, trying to snatch it. "Where did you get that!?"
Vil handed it to Rook, who kept it out of her reach. "One of your monsters gave it to me and turned on the video. He correctly assumed I'd find it interesting."
"Which monster?"
Just then, Rotom popped out of the gear, cackling madly as he zoomed off.
"Rotom, you traitor!"
"Stone, you look absolutely magnific in this video! You and this man dancing with water as if you were water fairies!" Rook complimented.
Jamil also nodded. "Yeah, your movements are perfect and you compliment each other so well."
"I didn't think you'd like dancing like this, (Y/N)." Epel admitted.
She sighed. "I don't do it very often. I'm a battler, not a Coordinator."
"Coordinator?" Vil repeated, very intrigued.
Realizing there was no escape, (Y/N) sat down. "Okay, so there are various types of Pokémon trainers. Battlers are the most common, but there are a variety of jobs and sports people and Pokémon participate in together. Coordinators are the second most common. They compete in Pokémon Contests. Rather than showing off the strength and tactical ability of your Pokémon, contests are focused on bringing out the best of your Pokémon's physical appearance and putting on a spectacle."
"And you kept this from me?" Vil asked, completely insulted.
"Look, I'm not a Coordinator, nor am I that skilled in it. The only reason I got anywhere is that I entered the categories that my Pokémon excelled in, or I had Wallace backing me up."
"I'm guessing Wallace is the man in the video?" Jamil pondered.
She nodded. "Yeah, he's the eighth gym leader of my region, a close friend, a skilled battler, and he was a Top Coordinator. And no offense to the Pomefiore boys, but Wallace could run circles around you guys in the fabulous department."
"Are you trying to start a war!?" Epel yelled, eyeing Vil nervously.
"Exactly what are these categories?" Vil asked, electing to ignore her comment.
Gardevoir then appeared from nowhere, wielding a chart.
"There are 5 categories in which a Pokémon can compete: Cool, Cute, Clever, Tough, and Beauty. Obviously, you want to match a Pokémon up to a category it can excel in. Gardevoir here for example is proficient in the Beauty and Clever category, while Swampert is all Tough."
"Okay, I get it." Ace said, starting to understand.
"Seems a little complicated." Deuce admitted.
"It's not as difficult as it seems. Or maybe it is and I'm just used to it. Pokémon Contest actually started in Hoenn and they're huge there, so a lot of us just pick up on it pretty early on."
Vil stood up. "Stone, I hope you realize that this revelation merits a demonstration of all categories."
She sighed. "I figured as much. Hence why I didn't say anything."
"Come on, (Y/N), it'll be great!" Kalim cheered. "Please?"
"Oh all right. Go wait by the biomes and I'll choose the Pokémon I'm gonna use for this."
The boys set up a small picnic area to watch the show.
"Nya, can we get this over with?" Grim complained. "I'm so hungry!"
"You're always hungry." Ace hissed.
(Y/N) then appeared, flanked by Gardevoir, Swampert, Cufant, and Lucario. She was also garbed in her ceremonial robes for some reason.
"All right, I'm gonna give you a quick demonstration of each of the categories. Just remember I haven't done these in a while, so we may be out of practice."
"And you changed into your robes, why?" Jamil asked.
"Because I don't have my performance dress with me. If I'm gonna do this, I'll make it as authentic as I can."
"Well said." Rook agreed with a smile.
"Hey, you only have four Pokémon with you." Grim pointed out. "Where's the other one?"
She smiled. "Patience, my dears, you'll get a full show. Now, let's begin!"
Cufant started off the show, curling up into a ball with Defense Curl and balancing on her trunk. When (Y/N) whistled, she bounced off and began a Rollout. She circled her trainer a few times, who made a hoop with her arms for her to jump through, before slamming into the ground and creating a little perch for her to cutely pose from.
"Yeah! Go Cufant!" Kalim cheered happily as the little Pokémon sounded her horn.
Lucario then jumped in, he and (Y/N) performing something of a martial arts demonstration. He used Force Palms against the earth to jut up stones that he would smash with Brick Break. He and (Y/N) eventually jumped on two of the boulders, balancing themselves on the tips with one leg.
"Excellent form." Jamil noted. "Neither of them are swaying."
Swampert then picked up the two boulders and raised them up. (Y/N) and Lucario jumped from their perches as Swampert demolished them with Hammer Arm, causing a curtain of dirt to obscure them for a moment. Gardevoir's eyes pierced the veil as she used Psychic to manipulate the dust into the form of a serpent like dragon (Rayquaza). After sending it after the boys for a bit, she had her creation charge her before blasting it with a Shadow Ball.
"Bravo!" Rook cheered.
"That was amazing, (Y/N)!" Deuce added.
She curtsied. "Oh, we're not finished yet." She let out a low whistle as Milotic leapt from the lake, glowing with sparkling light as she curled around her trainer. (Y/N) then began to dance with the serpentine Pokémon, her fluid moves mimicking that of a snake charmer. She jumped over Aqua Tails and spun to the rhythm of Dragon Dances. Eventually, she stopped, pointing upward. With a cry, Milotic shot a condensed Hydro Pump into the air and froze it with Ice Beam. As it fell back down, she struck it with an Aqua Tail, shattering it and ending the performance with shimmering dust. The boys clapped as the performers took a bow.
"Hope you guys enjoyed that, because I will not be doing it again."
"Oh come on (Y/N), it was great!" Ace assured her.
"Stone, truly your dance brought tears to my eyes!" Rook insisted.
She rubbed her head. "Sorry guys, but like I said, I'm no Coordinator."
"Not with that attitude!" Vil stated, walking up to her. "Firstly, those robes are not appropriate for this type of performance. I will overlook that considering it was such short notice. Secondly, you are clearly more confident with some of the categories than others. You were hesitating in that opening and you didn't even bother to participate with Gardevoir. Thirdly, you're all locked up! The only time you were fluid was with Milotic!"
"Geez Vil, it's not like I'll be performing anytime soon. And I'm rusty, give me a break!"
He gave her a hard look. "That is why you must practice!"
"Well I think you were spectacular!" Kalim cheered as Jamil nodded.
"I agree. I didn't expect your best performance to be with Milotic though."
(Y/N) petted the water type's head. "Oh yeah. Milotics are pretty much built for contest. Their natural beauty and grace make them super popular for contests. Heck, to even evolve one, a trainer has to be skilled enough to bring out its true beauty. It's a lot of work, and Wallace made sure I went through it all to appreciate the skill in contests."
"He sounds like a truly wise mentor." Rook said as (Y/N) smiled.
"Yeah, he is. I think you guys would really like him."

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