Shenanigans 8

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Not gonna lie, this one took a while because I didn't know what to do for the second story.
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Worthy of Respect
"Easy, Gyarados!" (Y/N) called out as her newest Pokémon began to lash out again.
It had been a few days since the accident at the Octavinelle Dorm in which she caught a new teammate to protect the dorm. Gyarados, once he had been healed of his status affliction and wounds, was predictably unhappy at being captured by a trainer. (Y/N) had given him an isolated lake away from the biomes to get accustomed to his new life and slowly start to socialize with the rest of her Pokémon, but the water/flying type was being difficult. He was highly aggressive to everyone, save for Milotic who he seemed to be interested in (Milotic wanted nothing to do with that), and would lash out if the electric types were out of sight. For now, he was too dangerous to be around the others, so (Y/N) would work with him, one on one, accompanied by Swampert and one of the electric types. The Atrocious Pokémon lived up to his species' name and roared at her, only for Swampert and Galvantula to hiss back at him warning. Understanding he was outmatched, Gyarados dove underwater to pout like a child. (Y/N) sighed, slumping beside the pile of food she had brought for the newcomer.
"He's really unhappy with the situation."
"Pert." Swampert grunted in agreement as Galvantula chirped in a rather suspicious manner.
"I can't get rid of him, Galvantula. A, he would probably attack any town or village he came across on the coast, and B, he's not even native to this world! Who knows what kind of damage he could do to an ecosystem!"
"No Swampert, I can't just keep him in his Pokeball until we get back home. We don't know how long that will be and it would be cruel to keep him trapped there." She sighed. "No, I just have to get through to him somehow. Wouldn't be the first time I'd have to connect to stubborn Pokémon."
Both creatures rolled their eyes as a familiar voice called out.
(Y/N) turned in time to get hugged by Floyd, who was accompanied by his brother and Azul. Swampert growled as his trainer calmed down the eccentric younger twin.
"Oh, hi guys. What brings you here?"
"We were hoping to borrow one of the water types for the lounge today." Azul explained.
The trainer had started to allow the Octavinelle trio to show off her water types in the lounge so they could get a real swim around the dorm. It was good for them as while the lake was big, Octavinelle strictly reminded them of home and the sea.
Jade peeked over at the lake. "I don't recall this lake being here before."
(Y/N) sighed, pushing Floyd off her. "It's new. It's for Gyarados. He's way too aggressive right now to be trusted in the biome lake."
Hearing that, Floyd immediately ran towards the shore. "Oh! So the big sea serpent is in here?"
"I wouldn't, Floyd. He'd attacked all of us if Swampert and Galvantula weren't here."
"So it's still angry?" Azul asked, noting the dark circles under her eyes.
"Yup. I was hoping giving him his own space and giving him time to process would help, but he is furious at being caught."
"I'm not surprised." Jade said, pulling his brother back. "Any wild animal would take time to adjust to being enclosed."
"You're not wrong." The trainer admitted. "This is why I prefer convincing potential teammates to join me before catching them."
"Convincing?" Azul repeated.
"Most of the time, just catching a Pokémon is enough to prove to them you're worthy of training and commanding them, that you can make them stronger, but I also want them to agree to be my friends."
Floyd gave her a lopsided grin. "You're too nice, Shrimpy. You could easily teach that sea serpent who's boss."
She glared at him, crossing her arms. "I don't use that kind of force, Floyd. I have Pokémon that were abused by their trainers. Every time I see something like that happen..."
Azul saw her dig her fingers into her covered arms, and he and Jade took it upon themselves to elbow him hard in the gut. Floyd winced and then remembered the things he'd heard about (Y/N)'s past.
He rubbed the back of his head. "Oh, sorry Shrimpy."
Swampert and Galvantula nudged her side, and she gave them pats on the heads. "It's fine. Anyways, Gyarados has been relatively wild for a while. If I had caught him as a Magikarp and then he evolved, it wouldn't be an issue, but him being caught is an even bigger adjustment than for most."
"Are you sure you can handle this?" Jade asked, a bit worried.
She smiled. "I've dealt with disobedient Pokémon before. It's all about gaining their respect, I just have to be patient!"
"Oh, so you have experience with this." Azul said.
"Yup. The least I can say about Gyarados is most of the time, he stays under water, sulking."
"So, which Pokémon was the hardest-,"
"Typholosion." She said with zero hesitation. "Typholosion was definitely the worst."
"That would be the badger with the fire collar, correct?" Jade asked.
She nodded, rubbing her head. "Yes. Arceus, did he give me a run for my money."
"He does seem like the grumpy type." Azul pointed out. "But was he truly that bad?"
"Oh yeah. Even before I met him, he was a disobedient pain. Originally, he belonged to Professor Elm from the Johto region. He was supposed to be a starter Pokémon for new trainers, but he'd either end up running away or they'd return him because he was too unmanageable. Eventually, he evolved into a Quilava just so the professor couldn't give him to the new trainers."
Jade checked out the Dex.
"Quilava, the Volcano Pokémon. The evolved form of the Johto fire starter, Cyndaquil. Quilava keeps its foes at bay with the intensity of its flames and gusts of superheated air. This Pokémon applies its outstanding nimbleness to dodge attacks even while scorching the foe with flames. Be careful if it turns its back during battle. It means that it will attack with the fire on its back."
"So how did you get him, Shrimpy?"
"I was doing an errand in New Bark Town for my mentor before starting the Johto gym circuit, and the professor basically begged me to take him, thinking that a more experienced trainer could handle him."
"Judging by your tone, I'm guessing that wasn't true." Jade said with a smile.
"He definitely didn't make it easy. He learned pretty quickly that Swampert wasn't going to let him get away with anything, but he still refused to obey me, so that made battles harder. Luckily, I had just receive Tyrantrum, who was a Tyrunt at the time, as a gift from another champion before heading to Johto, and I met Ampharos and Heracross, so I had Pokémon to pick up the slack. But, things got ugly. Since Quilava refused to listen to me, he lost a lot of battles. Eventually, I tried to have him fight a trainer with bug type, since I thought it would be easy for him, but he refused to obey orders. He refused to use his fire moves, almost like he wanted to prove that he didn't need me, but he lost, and I ended up winning the fight with Tyrunt."
"I would've given him a squeeze if it were me." Floyd mumbled.
Azul ignored him. "So how did you finally get him to listen."
"Well, after that battle is when the accident occurred." She pulled back her sleeve to reveal the scar of a bite mark."
"He did that to you!?"
"No, this was Tyrunt's doing. You see..."
As the opponent bid a polite farewell to (Y/N), Swampert, Flaaffy and Heracross all cheered for Tyrunt, impressed by his victory. Quilava was fuming a little bit away, still pretty injured from the beating the Ledian had given him. None of the other Pokémon checked up on him since frankly they were sick of his attitude. (Y/N) began walking over to him to get him patched up, when the Volcano Pokémon growled loudly and ignited his back, his eyes trained on Tyrunt.
(Y/N) held out her hand. "Quilava! No!"
He of course ignored her and blasted a Flamethrower at the group. The others jumped away, but Tyrunt took it easily. When the fire died down, Tyrunt's gaze was fixed on Quilava and his claws dug into the earth. He then charged full speed and leapt at the fire type with opened jaws. Quilava was frozen in fear, realizing how badly he screwed up. Before Tyrunt could bite down on his head, (Y/N) flung her body over Quilava's, holding up her arm. (Y/N) cried out as the Royal Heir Pokémon bit down, and Tyrunt spat out his trainer the second he realized it was her arm. The Pokémon all ran to her as she clutched her arm and Quilava backed away in fear. She grimaced at the gnarly wound and Tyrunt nudged her good arm, his face guilty and remorseful.
"I know you didn't mean to do that, but we don't attack each other, no matter what." She got up and motioned her head. "Let's head to town and get patched up."
They followed her, and she noticed Quilava lagging in back.
(Flashback End)
Jade flinched. "That bite had to have hurt."
"Oh it did, but I got lucky. Tyrunts are notorious for accidentally ripping off their trainers' limbs. Anyways, after I got my arm stitched up, the other immediately began to be more aggressive to Quilava: growling at him, forcing him to sit away from the group, excluding him during training, etc. Eventually, he ran off during a rainstorm and I had to take him to a Pokémon Center because he got sick. Then I let the others have it, saying that we don't do that, we're a team. I guess he heard me. After that, he began listening to me. I found berries next to my tent whenever we were camping and eventually, we reconciled."
"Now I understand how you handle Grim." Azul said, rather impressed.
"It's all about patience. After what I went through with Quilava, I'm confident I can get through to Gyarados."
Floyd hugged her again. "Aw, Shrimpy! That's so cool!"
Azul nodded. "I commend your skill, (Y/N). If you need help with Gyarados, you may ask. After all, we are the reason you have him now."
She chuckled. "I'll keep that in mind."

A Friendly Merman
"Come on, Swampert! You can go faster than that!"
Today was a rare day off for (Y/N) and the gang. No idiots reeking havoc, no Crowley asking her for favors, just her, her team, and the beach. Right now, she and Swampert were skimming across the waves as her other Pokémon enjoyed the sun on the shore. Swampert grunted at her challenge and sped up.
"Now that's more like it!"
(Y/N) stood up, and was easily able to balance herself even at Swampert's top speed. She let a whoop of joy, almost as if she was back home again. The girl took a deep breath and just took in the sea air. Unfortunately when she opened her eyes again, she saw a head of bright red hair pop out of the water.
"Look out!"
The stranger's head swiveled in her direction and he froze with wide, confused, blue eyes. She quickly sat back down and held tightly to her partner.
"Swampert, jump!"
The Mud Fish Pokémon at the last moment leapt over the newcomer, barely missing him. He landed with a splash and (Y/N) let out a sigh of relief before looking over at the male.
"Hey, you okay?"
He blinked, shook his head a little, then smile.
"Y-yes, I'm fine. Sorry for disturbing you."
"It's okay, we probably should've been more careful."
The boy got closer, marveling at Swampert.
"I've never met a sea creature like this before! What is it?"
(Y/N) chuckled. "He is Swampert. I'm (Y/N). I'm his tra- tamer."
The boy's eyes widened in delight. "Oh, a beast tamer! I've heard about them on the surface! Oh humans do such amazing things?"
"Humans?" She then noticed the bright tail that accompanied him. "Oh you're a mermaid! That makes more sense."
"Indeed! I'm Rielle. I'm always happy to meet new humans! Especially a really pretty one like you."
(Y/N) blushed and rubbed her neck. "Well, I wouldn't say I'm- wait, Rielle? As in, Prince Rielle?"
"You've heard of me?"
"I visited the Atlantica Memorial Museum not long ago. Your name...came up." She half lied.
"Oh, I see." He sounded almost disappointed.
"You all right?"
He quickly held up his hands. "Oh, it's not you! I just prefer people not know I'm a prince when I first meet them. It's easier to make friends that way."
"No, I get it. So, why are you up here?"
"I was actually on my way back to school when I noticed something strange in the water and I got curious."
(Y/N) patted Swampert's neck. "I guess we do stand. Do you attend the RSA?"
He smiled brightly. "Indeed I do. I'm actually a dorm leader there."
"What a coincidence, I'm also a dorm leader at NRC."
He looked shocked. "You attend Night Raven College? Um, no offense, but you don't exactly look like you attend that school. You seem too..."
"Not morally bankrupt?"
"I wouldn't put it so harshly..."
She laughed. "No, it's fine. Believe me, I've had plenty of issues with my classmates having questionable morals."
"Well, regardless, I'm sure it's a nice school."
"At times. Most of the teachers are cool. Actually, I actually know a couple of old classmates of yours."
Rielle's head tilted in curiosity. "Really? Who?"
"Um, Jade, Floyd, and Azul."
Rielle's eyes sparkled. "You're friends with Azul!?"
"Well, I think friends is a work in progress-."
"I haven't seen him in years! How's he doing?"
"Much better now. He actually runs a restaurant at school."
"In that case, I'll have to visit some time!" His smile softened. "I'm glad, he used to be so shy when we were younger. Whenever I tried to talk to him, he'd run off or tell me to go away."
"He was probably just scared you were trying to pick on him." (Y/N) mentioned offhandedly.
He looked at her confused. "Why would he think that?"
"Because your other classmates bullied him?"
"They did what!?"
(Y/N)'s eyes widened and she covered her mouth. "Oh, you didn't know, did you?"
"Of course not!" He looked down, sad. "But now that you mentioned it, I do remember some kids teasing him, but I thought it was normal teasing. Oh, I should've realized it sooner! I could've stopped it! Was it really that bad?"
(Y/N) looked away slightly. This didn't seem like something she should share, but maybe Azul reconciling with an old classmate could help.
"It's...not my place to say, but what I will say is that he's finally starting to work through it. Me and twins have been helping him now, and I think he's really starting to make amends with what happened."
"I feel awful though. I should've seen it."
She gave him an assuring smile. "It wasn't your fault. But, if you don't really feel bad, you could always go talk to him to mend fences."
Rielle looked more confident. "You're right! I'll go visit him one day. Thanks, (Y/N), you're a really nice person."
She chuckled. "No, my job just made me a bit more empathetic."
"No, I mean it. You're a good person. I hope I get to see you again."
"I'd like that."
He waved to her. "It was wonderful to meet you! You too, Swampert!"
They waved back. "Bye, Rielle! Hope to see you around!"

"(Y/N), why is Prince Rielle in my lounge asking to catch up and apologize for things he had nothing to do with?"
"Oh look at the time, gotta go feed Gyarados!"

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