Golden Blessings Pt.2

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| Writer's POV |

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| Writer's POV |

The silence in the cave seemed to last an eternity. Nothing but the water dripping from the stalactites daring to breach the tranquillity that had fallen about the cave. Rusalka sat patiently in the cold water depths, her white-aqua hair almost turning invisible in its blurriness, the pond as still as her chest, no need to breathe present for her or the water she soaked in. Her ghostly spirits are hidden along with her. Tsukiko, although the whitest sight in the cave, is hidden within the darkness. Her pure white fur doing nothing to draw attention to her as her piercing, apple red eyes searched the area for any signs of movement. It seems as if time was standing still whilst waiting for the beast. 

A gentle breeze glided through the air before the sounds of wings fighting the wind echoed as the nightmare bird started to fly closer to the cave. The girls made sure they were as hidden as they could be, and that any evidence of them being there was non-existent.

Within another few moments, the nightmare bird had landed in the cave with the girls. Its large black wings coming to rest beside its body as it lowered its head to look around the cave. The bird knew that the girls had seen it and that there was a very high chance that they were in now its home. Although its beady black eyes could not see anything that could hint at either of the two beings in the cave. However, one thing that did seem off was the magical concentration in the cave. However, no matter how hard the bird looked into the dark, it could see no sign of either being. 

Tsukiko looked out in the cave, she was focusing on the raven. She knew that it would be abe to sense them, but it could not seem to find them directly, it could not even find their general direction. With this thought in mind, she moved slowly, creating no sound and changed into her human form, hiding her ears and tails. Now that she was not a glowing white beacon she could study the beast better. The kitsune prowled around the outside of the cave, hugging the cold, damp walls, her reds eye glued to the black mass in front of her. 

In the small pond, Rusalka floated patiently, her ghostly male spirits fading in and out of reality. She looked around the depths of the water for any sign from Tsukiko. At the very bottom of the pond, a small silvery fish appeared and swum around slightly before disappearing again. 

"So you're the third then? Pity, Nachtkrapp, I remember we were friends back home." Tsukikos' voice echoed around the large cave. The giant bird turned to face her and cocked its head to the right as he studied the girl.

"You sure have changed from what I remember, though I suppose that was a couple of millennia ago. " Tsukiko walked more into the dim light of the cave entrance so that she could be seen better.

"You probably wouldn't have even recognised me if I hadn't called to you, old bird." The bird stretched its wings out before settling again.

"You are correct with that assumption youngling, but unfortunately I have orders to follow." Tsukiko nodded but smiled a sad smile at her old friend. Rusalka walked out of the water behind the bird and her ghostly men followed after her. 

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