Pink Cotten Candy Clouds

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| Writer's POV |

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| Writer's POV |

Tsukiko sat for hours just watching the two boys, at some point in the night Nachtkrapp had woken up and had flown off to get some food, but also to scout the area for Tsukiko. She wanted her old friend to look for any animals in the vicinity to get food for the boys. When the old bird returned, it informed Tsukiko of the animals around them. It also told the white fox of where Rusalka had disappeared to, the female water spirit living in water came with its disadvantages. 

"Hey, old friend?" Tsukiko hummed to her friend, said bird cocked its head to glance at her. 

"How are things back home? Rusalka has mentioned some things to me, but I know she doesn't like to talk about it." The bird settled before squeaking a reply. 

"Astrophel is still in power if that is what you are asking. Even though the council tried to remove him, you know how important the birthright way of passage is. Considering he is one of only a few who rule with that behind him, they can do nothing to remove him. Apart from that, everything that was once good has become tainted.  Even the children of our friends are learning and living by the new rulings. Once you left, many friends were banished also, it is not the place it was before you left. Are you planning on going back?" Tsukiko side-eyed the Nachtkrapp before smiling slyly. Nachtkrapp's eyes widened slightly, grabbing at the hints that the kitsune was dropping. 

"Maybe, maybe not. I haven't decided yet," A small giggle followed her words before she moved to lay on the grass. Her white hair falling around her and her face being illuminated by the moonlight. "after all, it is still my home, banished or not, and you know who I am, soon I'll have to start ruling." The old bird slightly nodded its small head before settling down again.

Tsukiko watched the stars before her, matching and naming all the constellations, remembering her life before being exiled, how she would play around with her brother and her mother. She smiled slightly at the memory of her and Haruto messing around in the garden under the strong shine of the lights, how they would sit down and name all the constellations. How they would stay up till the early morning and watch the sky change from the dark black and blue to the peach and cotton candy pink as night turned to morning. That was just after she had turned Haruto from a mortal to an immortal, he no longer needed to refill the limits of the mortal human body, his need for food, drink and sleep disappearing with his chance of dying. 

Tsukiko could never grow too close to anyone on Earthland, they would eventually pass away and she would be left alone again. It was her beautiful yet lonely life. Of which, she was left alone to create her own path in the human world till she could return home.

Hours passed, and Tsukiko did not move, she just continued to stare at the ever-changing, yet never different sky. It was the same sky that greeted her every day and every night, yet she was always amazed by how it looked. Almost like it was perfectly crafted intricately every day just for the human people to experience, a piece of everyday magic that everyone could bear witness to. 

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