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| Writer's POV |

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| Writer's POV |

Tsukiko and Rusalka had yet to discover the next trial. It was safe to assume that the beast was already in Earthland, simply by the fact that the white-haired kitsune had found both the Nuckelavee and Rusalka on her ground already. She assumed the next beast would be a flying one, but with how they were now testing her morals as well as her strength, the beast could be anything from a small child to her mother or father. It seemed that there were no limits now on who was chosen, maybe the people in charge were struggling to find beasts and beings that Tsukiko had not fought. If that was the case, however, then her homeland had changed drastically since her departure. It was once full of beings and beasts from folklore and myths from all around Earthland, you could be in one small field and manage to find a large variety of different species of folklore. If they were struggling to find someone or something that the poor fox hadn't fought, then what had changed to eradicate all the varieties that she grew up around?

Had people from her homeland finally found the information that the people in power were corrupt? Had they managed to discover all the dirty little secrets that their heavenly rulers had hid from them? Rusalka nor Tsukiko could say for certain what had happened, or even if there had been a change, but they could say one thing was set in stone. They would come across the next beast in the very near future. People at the village had been saying that this monstrous blackbird was plaguing the nightmares of their children with images of nauseating violence and that shrill shrieks were heard before they woke up, panting and screaming in fear, crying for their mothers and fathers. Tsukiko had heard of a beast that could fit this description, but there were so many different variations of the said beast that trying to pinpoint the exact one would be much more tedious than just preparing for the different types and choosing the best option on the spot. She thought the beast was a Nachtkrapp. A raven-like beast that had three different variations, one good, two bad. 

The Nachtkrapp is a beast that is feared by children all across Earthland. One of the bad types of the Nachtkrapp is eyeless and has a multitude of holes in his wings. If you were to look into where his eyes should be then there is the possibility that you could die, looking at the holes in its wings does much the same thing, but they cause illness and disease. Both of these factors could result in that person's death. Another type of Nachtkrapp is the Wütender Nachtkrapp, meaning the 'angry night raven. However, this type of beast is much rarer and instead of the normal abduction of children, this one simply crows loudly and flutters its wings until the children are silenced by their terror. However, due to the little damage that this type could deal, Tsukiko strongly believed that it would not be this type of beast. There is another type of this beast that Tsukiko knew would not be the one that she has to fight. It was a harmless beast, it helped sleepless children by singing them to sleep. It was called 'Guter Nachtkrapp', however, this type of bird was even rarer than the last. 

Alongside these specifications for each type was the knowledge that the Nachtkrapp would leave its hiding at night to hunt, and that if a child were to see it then it would be abducted to its nest where it would be messily devoured. First, it would rip of theirs limbs, and then it would pick out their heart. This beast was something that many children and parents feared, simply due to the fact of how it put its victims through the most pain possible, and no parents want their child to suffer that much.

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