Flaming Pink Sparks Pt.2

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|Writer's POV|

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|Writer's POV|

Although Tsukiko had been long awaiting her next fight, she couldn't bring herself to fight this beast, even calling this being a beast hurt her. This being was one of the only people who still cared and believed for her, and Tsukiko bet that she didn't know what she was doing on Earthland. 

She hid within the trees and looked out onto the lake, staring at it was widened eyes. Her tails had lowered to the ground and she tried to hide as much as possible. Although she was sure she was hidden from all sight, she still didn't want to risk much, so she crept deeper into the treeline. Her eyes skill kept to the lake in the middle of the clearing, searching for any sign of life. She looked left to right and back again, searching every possible hiding place before training her eyes onto the centre part. If you looked close enough you would see slight ripples coming from the northeast. Tsukiko watched as the ripples became larger and larger, until a person, a woman managed to surface. She looked around in confusion, her eyes trying to figure out what she was doing here of all places. She had been here once before, a long time ago, with someone she held very dear to her. 

She had long pale hair and sky blue eyes. Her skin looked deathly pale, but the girl wasn't ill, she was already dead. Her long hair floated out around her partly submerged body. She wore a tattered white knee-length dress, decorated with red splotches which were made to look like flowers.

The beings name passed Tsukiko's lips before she could stop it, thankfully she had managed to just mumble it. The being had known Tsukiko pretty much all her life, they had been really close friends and she never believed the accusations pointed at the kitsune. She knew for a fact that the young fox wasn't anything like that, that she wouldn't ever do what was stated in the carefully woven lies. No matter how much anyone tried to persuade her, she was one of the only small group of people that believed the kitsune. 

The being in the water seemed only a young woman, and she was. Only looking about twenty-one. She had long white hair that was wavy. It fell to her mid-back but was currently floating in the water. Her pale blue eyes were looking around in confusion and slight worry. She never needed a reason to come down to Earthland, so she was either forced her or she had been banished and in all honesty, she would prefer to be banished her. At least then she would have a chance to see her friend. 

Tsukiko didn't like how quiet it was, or how tense her old friend looked. She sat there making no movements, even the water wasn't moving. The only thing that did move were her eyes, she didn't need to breathe, she was already dead after all. Tsukiko crouched impossibly lower to the floor, she needed to find a way out of this mess, or she had to make it look like she had defeated her friend, as there was no way she was actually going to fight her. The kitsune did nothing but look at her old friend, she didn't want to move in case she was spotted, but she knew that sooner or later her old friend would get up and have a look around, so even if she didn't like the idea of moving, it would have to be done. 

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