Pink Lips

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|Writer's POV|

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|Writer's POV|

No one saw Tsukiko for the rest of the day, this worried them. How could someone just disappear, as if, in thin air? They knew that magic was a thing, of course they did, but they didn't think Tsukiko had teleportation powers. 

It wasn't until the next morning that they saw her. It was when they all started getting back from jobs that they saw the kitsune sitting at the bar, talking to Cana. They all shouted greetings to the duo and they either waved or shouted back. 

Natsu and co hadn't got back yet, they seemed to be running late, again It was just when Tsukiko was inquiring about Ezra that the company walked through the doors. 

"Erzy! Oh, you're back!" the red-headed fairy was tackled to the ground by none other than the kitsune. Ezra looked up in surprise and happiness at the bundle of joy currently sitting on her. She loved Tsukiko like everyone else did, but they had a deeper bond.Being the strongest in her age range when she joined Tsukiko needed someone to rely on, power doesn't win everything. For her, Erza was that character. 

"I missed you too Kiko." Erza sat up and let her best friend hug her. 

"You like causing scenes don't you, cub?" this time it was a masculine voice. Tsukiko knew that voice anywhere, it echoed in her memory every time she accomplished any good feat, anytime she ever felt fear, anytime she had to push herself to fight for the greater cause. She grew up to that voice, it lulled her to sleep at a young age and still could to this day. She loved the man behind it, with all her heart. It was soothing yet strong at the same time. 

Erza smiled again, and the guild cheered in the background. 

"We found someone along the way, and we thought you like to see him again. He was coming home anyway, but as soon as he heard you were back he practically ran here. He also nearly missed something major, but I reminded him." 'Titania' looked at her teary-eyed friend with a sense of accomplishment, making her happy was always the best. 

Tsukiko jumped up so fast that you would have fought she was on fire, she seemed to teleport to the man's side and latch onto him within all one movement. Through her crying, she managed to mumble a couple things that caused the man to smile. He picked her up with ease and walked her over to a chair, where he sat and put her on his lap. She curled up to him and lowered all defenses that she had raised. 

Tsukiko seemed almost childlike then, her big golden eye glistened with tears and happiness, her small frame hidden within the bulk of the older man. He played with her hair and helped to calm her down. She told him all about her adventures, full to the brim with excitement and innocence. She was the daughter, and he was the father. Like it always way. 

Lucy yet again had some unanswered questions to add to her pile(that was seemingly endless now mind you). She did find it charming to watch the pair though, it kind of made her jealous as well, not having the best of childhoods. She was just happy that someone still had a father figure in their life.

Erza and Mirajane were both free now, so she could finally ask the questions she needed the answers to. Ezra was first up on her list, just because she was closer anyway. Lucy smiled as she approached the red-head, and took the seat next to her.

"Erza, I have a couple questions about Tsukiko. Would you mind answering them for me?" Erza nodded and turned her full attention to the Celestial wizard. 

"Okay first up, how long as she been in the guild for?" Erza replied to the first question without a second thought. 

"She joined the same day I did, we found each other walking along the path to get here." Lucy nodded and wished she had a pen and paper to write this down.

"Is she stronger than you, and her magic power, what is it?" Lucy saw that Erza paused for a bit, but tried to hide it.

"Her power is special, I've seen it in action a few times but I don't know her magic type. I've never seen anything like it before, maybe she created it, maybe it's a really ancient magic, no one knows. The only ones who do are Mavis and Master Makorav and that's because you have to tell the current Master, I don't really know why Mavis knows. I have reason to believe she is stronger than me, but having only seen her fight once, and it was really easy, I can't say for sure." Lucy nodded again and took a mental note to look into this mystery later. 

"Does anyone know where she came from, I've never seen a Kitsune before and last time I read about them they had all died. Whose her mum?" 

"Again no one knows. She is as much a mystery to us as she is to you. I think she keeps these things secret for one reason. If we found out, or the wrong people did, who knows what could happen to her. Like you said, she probably is the last of her kind, people might want to kill her." Lucy had thought about this before and with Erza adding her point it seemed to make even more sense as to why no one knew anything about this girl. 

"Is she related to anyone else within the guild?" this was Lucy's final question for now. 

"Tsukiko has no living relations according to her. She was adopted as soon as she stepped foot in the guild, no brothers or sisters. She said that she didn't even know her parents when she was born, so she just assumes that they're dead now. Even if they were not, they're dead to her. We don't even know about uncles of aunties." now Lucy was confused, you must have someone to go back home to. Anyone? Even an animal? Nothing? At all? 

Lucy stared the kitsune in wonder and curiosity, how did no one, at all, know anything about her? There has to be something, something that someone knows? Right? 

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