Purple Lies

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|Writer's POV|

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|Writer's POV|

When Lucy went back to her house for the night, and everyone else had left for their houses, Tsukiko sat outside, on an old wooden bench, her eyes closed in deep thought. She opened her eyes and looked up at Lucy's apartment. It was across the street, she could still see that Lucy was up, and she knew that it would be better to tell Lucy what was just about to happen. She smiled to herself slightly and walked up to the door.

Tsukiko heard the knock echo around the house before the landlady opened the door, she looked at the kitsune before looking at her in confusion. Tsukiko smile at the older lady before speaking in a gentle tone.

"Is Lucy home?" the older lady nodded her head in reply and showed Tsukiko where her room was before knocking on the door and walking away. Lucy opened the door surprised to the kitsune standing there, she thought that it would have been Nastu.

"What brings you to my house so late?" Lucy questioned, leaning against the door frame with crossed arms. Tsukiko smiled before replying.

"There is just something I have to tell you." Lucy nodded and let her friend in, they both took a seat on her couch and looked at each other. 

"You remember them roses that you picked up, the ones with the not. Well, I still have to carry out that procedure, I just need you to know that I have taken some of the medicine that I used to heal me. I wanted to tell you in person so that you knew I was being sincere." Lucy looked at her friend then, before shaking her head angrily.

"You can't leave again, you've just come back from a massive fight. You're still healing from the other one, what do you think that you are going to be able to do?" Tsukiko knew that this was coming so she looked unfazed at these points and kept the same smile on her face.

" I know what you are thinking, but that medicine I had. It heals my entire being, I no longer to rest because of it. I hope you understand that I am unable to finish this here, it has to be done. I will not take a no as an answer, the consciences could be fatal." Lucy looked at her friend, realising how serious she was at that point. Tsukiko looked at her, her smile becoming fainter and fainter with each passing moment, before standing up and walking out of the apartment. 

"Don't tell anyone, no matter the costs." and with them lasting words, Tsukiko was gone. Lucy ran after her friend, only to realise that she was no longer in the building, she went out onto the street but she wasn't there either.

|Tsukiko's POV|

I smiled at Lucy's door once more before vanishing from her house, and Mangolia. I looked at my new surroundings before sighing quietly. This place, it was bittersweet, so many good memories and yet nothing good ever seemed to happen.

I walked through the barren wasteland, quickly making my way up to a certain person. His black hair blew in the wind, black eyes staring at my approaching figure. He showed no emotion, but a very faint smile grew as I came face to face with him. 

"Tsukiko" he calm voice called to me while his head nodded at me. He gently touched my hand, tracing a pattern on it, before bringing my hand up to his face and staring at me. 

"Zeref, I need your help. They're early, way too early. I'm not ready, can you and Mavis please train me. I know it's a lot to ask, but if I don't do this, then neither of us would exist for much longer." he nodded his head in reply, knowing instantly what I meant. 

Mavis appeared next to him, and she smiled gently at me. 

"I need both of you to break me with your training, make me understand my powers and have no fear for who I am about to fight, please." they both looked at me then, before nodded to me. I smiled gratefully in return. 

Mavis grabbed my other hand before we all disappeared from Earthland. 

Appearing at this new dimension, I smiled at the familiar surroundings. It was simple, the contrast of black and white, with little specks of gold in between. This was the dimension we created, we created it ages ago. Before Zeref was a feared wizard and Mavis became the founder of Fairy Tail, and before I was hunted down for my powers, and long before we couldn't talk freely. 

I've know Zeref for the longest time, we both grew up in the same place, so we've been friends for decades. We meat Mavis in a clearing not long before she created Fairy Tail. For a while, we spoke to each other, got to know about each other's power. I was at a slight disadvantage to the pair fo them though, and I still am, they are both easily stronger than me, in magical power anyway, in all other aspects I was the strongest. I begged for the pair of them to teach my magic, considering my element is a mix of both of theirs, light and dark are both needed for my power. 

Along with their individual help, I had help from other beings, sprites, as I mentioned before my magic is confusing, but a lot like Lucy's is. Celestial Sprites is just a branch on the tree of my magic, they both stem from the same thing. 

The golden stars around me twinkled in the darker places and in the lighter, butterflies of purple, pink, blue, gold and silver roamed free. I loved the calming feeling I got from this place, and the small islands dotted around in the galaxy sea, I felt Mavis walk forward, dragging my hand behind her. I smiled down at the smaller girl and then looked around, searching for someone else. Someone who I couldn't live without, someone so close to me, that I struggled with not seeing him every day. Then I finally spotted him, standing not too far in front of me, he stood next to a taller tree, hair and clothes blowing gently in the breeze.

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