Golden Fingertips

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AN: Everything that is said about kitsunes may not be completely true in this chapter, I've done research but I had to change things up a bit with what I planned for the story, the majority is true though.

AN: Everything that is said about kitsunes may not be completely true in this chapter, I've done research but I had to change things up a bit with what I planned for the story, the majority is true though

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|Writer's POV|

As the members of Fairy Tail started to wake up the next morning, they all felt something strange yet gentle and smooth. After finding comfort in the weird feeling, they all ignored it and started getting ready for their time at the guild. 

As the members started appearing at the guild doors, they found them to be unlocked already. Had someone broken in overnight? Master Makorav stood outside his beloved guild with his children not too far behind him.

Natsu was, of course, ready to fight anything that moved in the wrong direction. Erza stood before most, sword in hand, Lucy had Cancer the Crab at hand, Grey had already lost his shirt and a fierce coolness was flowing from his connected hands. Mira stood to the side, ready to help out if anyone got hurt, her elegant face showing an unusual frown. Everyone was already in a fighting stance, although the majority had just woken up.

"Warren, can you sense anyone inside with your magic. Get into their mind or something?" his Master questioned, said mage nodded his head and tried to find any source of a connection with someone in there. Everyone took turns to look at the concentrating mage before he suddenly shot up and ran inside, scaring everybody whilst also making them question what he was doing. 

Lucy was the first to react, she had put her key away, finally figuring it out, and she soon also ran into the guild hall doors, before laughing at something that had happened. This made Grey curious and he too soon had disappeared into the now nosy guild hall, Erza followed soon after him and soon everyone else was going in. 

Guildarts had walked in just after Erza but hadn't seen what made Lucy laugh and Warren charge in here, no one had. Not until everyone had entered and Lucy had managed to get Grey, Erza, Guildarts and Cana into the middle. Just as they were about to question the spirit wizard someone tackled the group to the floor 

She was a giggling mess as she laid on top of Grey(who was unfortunately in the middle of the group), her gold hair hanging loosely around her shoulders, touching the ice-mages(still) bare chest, she sat up, her hand on his body for support before smiling to her father figure who just laughed back and then smiling at her two sister figures who also started laughing with her. Grey looked flustered for a second before he grabbed the kitsunes hands and laughed along with everyone before hugging his best friend close, and the girl he loved. She hugged him back, enjoying his nice temperature. He was always cold, but from where she had known him pretty much all her time here at Fairy Tail, it held a familiar warmth for her. 

Natsu and everybody else cheered at the fact that the lovely kitsune was back, completely forgetting about the feeling that they all had early that morning. Everybody had missed her dearly and she them, so she had no problem telling them about her 'old friend', they all knew about this person, they knew him by name. It was Hotaru she was telling them about, they always asked when they would finally meet them, but she always told them that it was up to him and although she had wanted him to meet all her human friends for the longest of times, he always refused, stating that he was content with living his life in their dimension for now. After a while, she stopped asking him and just decided to wait until he was ready. 

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