Golden Return

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|Writer's POV|

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|Writer's POV|

Lucy Heartfilia stood staring at the doors of her new family; Fairy Tail. A bright smile lighting her features as she giggled to herself at the noise coming from the guild and her friends inside, more than likely fighting again. She could imagine it then, Nastu and Grey throwing insults at each other whilst butting heads. She was then positive that Erza would step in and forcefully make them headbutt each other, in the most painful way that she could. Elfman screaming something about 'being a man' yadda yadda yadda.

She walked into the guild without hesitation and took her seat at the bar, smiling at the white-haired beauty of a barmaid.

"The usual, please Mira." she asked politely as ever, the aforementioned barmaid smiled and nodded her head before walking off to get the blondes drink. Lucy watched as Natsu seemed to be in own little world talking to Happy, more than likely about food or complaining about how he couldn't go on jobs till he was healed. Grey sat at the same table as him, talking happily to Erza who nodded her head every once in a while, before saying something back making his laugh and Erza to look confused for a second before finding whatever it was funny herself.

Mira came back with Lucy's drink as the girl turned back to the counter, she thanked Mira before joining her team members at their table. She sat opposite Natsu and next to Grey. Lucy offered a smile to everyone there and Erza smiled back, Natsu said something and Grey just nodded his head, a small smile playing at his lips.

Happy landed on the celestial wizards lap and tapped her head, making Lucy hum in response.

"Lushy, when do you think we'll be able to gon jobs again? Natsu's whining is starting to annoy me." the blue talking cat stated, causing a slight laugh from Grey, a hurt expression from Natsu and an amused smile from Erza.

"Um, I guess maybe about next week. It still hurts to breath a bit, but I seem to be healing quite quickly. I don't know about anyone else though, sorry Happy." Happy nodded before sighing and mumbling something under his breath, but he didn't move from the girls head, to which she sighed too.

"Hey, Lucy. I have something to tell you when I get back, promise you won't tell anyone. The Sprite King told me what you were doing. Stop, you won't find anything, I ripped out all the pages that had my name on it or anything that might lead to me. I did this for my own personal reason, so don't even try to carry on looking. Sorry I sound so rushed, I have things to do, but I'll be back soon, I promise."

The blonde looked shocked at the sudden message for a second before smiling to herself, in relief yet again. Just knowing that Tsukiko would be home soon was enough to make anyone happy. Lucy seemed to glow for a while, the happiness radiating off of her, but no questioned it as she was also so happy. It was weird if she wasn't happy or just seemed a little down.

Natsu laughed at his beaming friend and Grey smirked, wondering what the blonde beauty was thinking about to make her suddenly so happy. Erza looked on in happiness, knowing that Lucy was happy was good enough for her.

With Tsukiko

The girl sat there, huddled up to the trunk of an old tree, trying to keep warm. She was alone, locked in a dark world, she had to escape. Zeref's doing, she had asked to lock her away in the deepest, darkest place he could muster up, he unwillingly accepted. She thanked him profusely before being shunned into silence by the sudden darkness around her. She had used her magic to make something to rest against. A tree made of blue stardust materialized before her. She smiled at her handiwork before taking her seat.

She used her multitude of tails for warmth as her hands fuddled around, playing with magic trying to figure out how to escape. There were many things that could go wrong, and she knew every single one of them. The main two were food and her magic. Being in the dark stopped her from seeing the light, from absorbing the light, from letting her use the glow of the stars and moon to add to her power.

Celestial magic was something strange, it needed both light and dark to function properly. The light because of the stars, and dark because of the night sky and space around the stars. If one of these elements was missing, then the mage was weakened considerably. Tsukiko was deprived of the stars, the lights that let her use her full magic potential. She had been saving most of her magic, instead of training on how to use as little as possible so she could last longer in battle; magic stamina as she called it.

The kitsune let the magic disappear from her hands, and instead, she sat in the almost pitch black, the only thing lighting up slightly was the blue tree behind her. She sat there for what seemed like hours, trying to think of a way of escape.

The glow of the tree started to die down as Tsukiko started to fall asleep, her magic falling back into the female as her eyelids glided down softly. Then she shot up and opened her eyes wide, it all made sense now!

She smiled to herself in victory before laughing slightly at how oblivious she was being. The answer was right in front of her all this time and yet she just sat there. She could create the light using her own magic! She lifted her hands as little sprinkles of gold and silver dispersed from them, lighting up the area around her. As the lights started to fill up the space around her, she felt her power grow ever so slightly. Of course, this would work, it was still light in the dark. She smiled before letting the light grow more, pushing against the walls of her black box and expanding the small cage. The light pushed harder and harder and suddenly the walls of the box burst open, allowing in the summer sun that glittered gold.

She smiled as she thought about her long-awaited return to Fairy Tail, how the sun would fill the space around her, casting its golden rays into the guild door, giving her a golden return.

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