Pale Pink Smiles

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|Writer's POV|

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|Writer's POV|

The guild was silent as they watched Tsukiko stumble around and collapse. Silent gasps escaped a few members. Master took her to a seat, Gildarts right next to her, not moving away from her for a single second, Cana and Mystogen the same. They watched her closely.

"Mater. Don't take me to the infirmary, or bring anyone in. These injuries are only minor." she struggled out, her voice quiet and breaths slow. Master looked at her then, his mind contemplating what he should do.

Gildarts started at his daughter then, his panic thrown across his face, every inch of his body was tense. 

"Mira," said barmaid shot her head up to look at the struggling kitsune, "bring me what I gave you please." everyone heard the shuffling of feet as Mira grabbed whatever she was told to and ran over to Tsukiko, handing her the bottle of tinted liquid. 

Tsukiko nodded her head in thanks before removing the lid, she rested the bottle on the table in front of her. She shut her eyes and whispered something, the liquid in the bottle lifting from its holding place. It floated around the girl, looping around her body and diving into her cuts and wounds. The kitsune flinched every time one drop of the liquid came into contact with her exposed blood. The look of pain on her pain was evident, from the number of cuts on her body or from the special liquid. 

Tsukiko hissed every now and again, shaking her head as if dismissing something. She looked at her friends around her, wondering if it was too risky. She then nodded her head slightly, definitely too risky. 

Lucy felt a drain on her magic power, and then she heard the bells chime. Taurus stood before her, he looked to Tsukiko in horror before rushing to her side. 

"Tsukiko, who did this to you? I'll happily chase them down for you." Tsukiko smiled at the sprite before shaking her head. 

"It's fine Taurus, I eliminated the enemy. Although it was tiring, I couldn't let it escape." the sprite looked at her then, before shaking his head. He mumbled something before looking to the ground then back up to Tsukiko, knowing exactly what she meant.

The guild stood on watching in confusion, no one was getting what she meant, no one knew how dangerous this monster really was. Tsukiko or Taurus could blame them, they didn't know who had sent them of what they were made of.

Mavis stood on the top floor, watching as the precious being healed herself. She realised that Tsukiko was not ready for this, she knew that it could go wrong in so many ways, but if Tsukiko was able to slay the first of the beasts then that would mean that she was more prepared then she had originally thought. Mavis also knew that if they had seen her slay the first one, that it was only going to get harder, she knew that Tsukiko could possibly die doing this if something didn't change, and quick.

Tsukiko knew what Mavis was thinking, she knew how Mavis was watching her, wherever she went, to try and help out if things got too tough. Thankfully, Tsukiko had never required the founder of the guild's help. The kitsune knew that she would require it at some point though, allowing herself to smile gently at that though, Tsukiko let her eyes wander to where the founder stood. 

Lucy started at the kitsune before her, thinking less than a couple of minutes ago that she had died in combat. Tear sat in her eyes, and she breathed in multiple sighs of relief. The aforementioned girl turned her head to Lucy and looked at her then. She tilted her head to the side before beckoning Lucy forward. The sprite wizard could feel everyone's eyes on her as she slowly stepped forward towards the table. Tsukiko smiled at her approach.

"Lucy. There is something you should know about me, and the way that my magic works." she struggled out, even though her wounds had started sealing, "my magic, is similar to yours, in so many wonderful ways. My magic is a more evolved, forgotten type of your magic. It's so old, that I'm the only being that can wield it without being torn to shreds. That's why I can summon your sprites and send them back just as easily. I can also lock them in the Sprite World if I ever have the need to. That's why I can boost your magic power because I have a similar magic to you." Lucy stared wide-eyed at the girl before her. She had a similar magic to her.

Tsukiko smiled at the girl, she knew that everyone around her was shocked, she had finally managed to tell them something about her power. Something about her, something that she knew no one knew, and something that only the people within this room would know. 

"Now, Lucy. I need you to promise me something. My power it wanted, by many despicable people, they want to use me for my connection to the Sprite World, and how my influence can easily change things. So I need you to promise me that whatever I tell you about myself, you never tell anyone, even if your life depends on it. If news gets out that that the members of Fairy Tail know who I am, the whole guild will be in danger, and not just from the people after me, but the people who sent down that beast." the guild looked on in wide eyes as Tsukiko smiled gently through her pain. Lucy could do nothing but nod her head in agreement, still registering the fact that Tsukiko was like her, a Celestial Mage. She knew that Tsukiko was on a whole different level to her, and she knew that anyone would want the power that she held in her body. Now Lucy also knew how she felt so strongly towards the girl, it was because she had that instant connection. The connection of a child to a guardian. Tsukiko, because of her power over her element, Tsukiko was superior to Lucy, meaning Lucy was nothing but a child to her, someone she had to look after. 

After that event, Tsukiko looked after Lucy like an older sister, watching her closely, keeping her healthy and happy, keeping her safe from harms way.

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