Pretty Pink Raindrops

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| Writer's P.O.V |

Soon the group had reached the end of the forest, and in its place stood the city below the Sabertooth guildhall. Tsukiko looked at it with slight disdain, she knew how this guild differed from Fairy Tail, and she couldn't even begin to remember when she last step foot into a guild that was run the same way that Sabertooth was. The guildhall being placed above the rest of the city did nothing to help the steadily growing dislike to the place that she was about she about to spend the next couple years of her life. 

Tsukiko walked down the small hill and into the city, her cloak fully covering her body, her hood drawn over her head and hiding her features. By now Natchkrapp had awoken and was following behind Tsukiko with Rusalka. Sting was awake again and was walking next to Rogue, not willing to show weakness to the master of his guild when they arrived there. Tsukiko looked around as the sun started to rise higher into the sky, at least there were very few people awake at this hour so they wouldn't be questioned.

The closer the group got to the guildhall the more Sting and Rogue grew tense, however, the other three did not seem bothered by the atmosphere that was being created from the building they were nearing. 

"You guys don't need to say anything when you enter, just follow Sting and I's lead." Rogue started to say, but when he looked behind him he was surprised to that there was no one there. Both of the dragon slayers heads flicked to before them, where they watched in utter shock as Tsukiko just strolled into their feared guildhall, her friends following her. 

The already quiet guildhall seemed to become, somehow, even quieter. However, through pure stupidity or just bravery, the boys couldn't decide, Tsukiko and her friends just kept walking forward. They walked past many people who just glared at them before someone finally said something. 

"Who do you think you are, just walking into our guildhall like that?" Although it was a question, it came out as more of a demand than anything else. Tsukiko just simply looked at the lady who had spoken and laughed to herself slightly.

"Oh, so he did have a child. How unfortunate." Her sickeningly sick voice was enough to anger the women before Tsukiko. Rusalka just smirked under her hood and casually leant on the table next to her, completely ignoring the disgusted stares of the people sitting around it. 

"What a pity really, I thought someone would never fall for that absolute oaf. I almost feel sorry for her you know. Now, honey where if your master, we have private matters to discuss. A sweet child like you has no need to worry about adult matters." Rogue detected the sly smile in her words, and he watched as Rusalkas shoulders rose slightly as she chucked to herself. 

"Watch what you say there, talking about both my father and the master of this guildhall like that will get you to nowhere." Tsukiko just again laughed at the girl before her and stalked off to the stairs to the second floor. 

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