Purple Resolutions

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| Writer's POV |

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| Writer's POV |

Tsukiko and Rusalka had decided to visit the nearby town today instead of train, it allowed them to both rest and take time to try and become better friends with the only grain of civilization left near them. Some people just couldn't stand us for some reason, we always thought it was because we looked different, but we tried not to believe that people were that shallow. Of course, we also couldn't disprove this theory, so it was the one that we stuck with as it seemed to make the most sense, seeing as the townsfolk knew nothing about us apart from the fact that we were not from around here and had magic, but that much was an obvious fact. 

On the journey towards the small town, Rusalka asked Zeref to join the pair, Rusalka and he had met before so it wasn't awkward. They just spoke about useless things, Rusalka told him stories from when the kitsune was younger back home and he told her stories about her life there on Earthland. It was somewhat comical to see the feared black wizard get along with a childish water spirit, but she supposed he got along with her just well so why couldn't he get along with her friends? Tsukiko was just happy that her friends from both worlds were getting along, she didn't need any havoc caused by the possibility that they couldn't stand each other. He told Tsukiko how her brother was doing in their realm, and that he was missing her dearly. He also mentioned that Fairy Tail was doing good, he said Mavis had told him to tell her as she had been pretty busy recently with whatever she had to do. 

Rusalka had yet to meet Tsukiko's brother, she could always summon her when she went to the realm again, but she hadn't been since her last time going. She thought about the idea of going again soon, planning on catching up and spend time together like a somewhat functional family. Tsukiko laughed at the idea and Zeref asked her what she was laughing at. She told her idea to her two friends and they laughed along with her.

The closer they got to the treeline surrounding the forest, the quicker conversations ceased, they didn't want Zeref to be spotted and quickly said goodbyes and that they should all meet up properly soon. 

When the two girls exited the treeline and were in sight of the townsfolk, the children of the town came running towards them. All the children in the village adored them, probably because they were mages and there were not many of them around here if any at all. Tsukiko and Rusalka welcomed them with warm smiles and a lot of hugs. Even some of the teenagers of the town thought they were cool to hang around with. As they got closer to the entrance of the town, some of the older folk waved them hello or greeted them with smiles, only the ones that liked them though. Most of the townsfolk just ignored them, some just pretended that they didn't even exist. The girls tried to not look affected by the display of dislike that the townsfolk were showing and instead they just interested themselves with the children of the town. 

"Tsukiko, show us your magic again!" one little girl with brown hair tied into a plait shouted at the marked women before her. She smiled at the child and outstretched her hand. 

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