Purple Fear

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|Lucy's POV|

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|Lucy's POV|

There was something going around the guild, an illness of sorts. Well, that's what we decided to call it. No one was really ill, but there were side effects of something. It started a little more over a year ago, my team and I had just got back from a really stressful mission and were just resting up. We were just wasting the day away, fighting and drinking, the usual. Then some random citizen came running into the guild hall, he was shouting about some purple mist or something. We all thought that someone was going to attack, the purple mist wasn't just something that you saw on the daily. The mist was quick, it had already started to seep into the guild hall, but it didn't seem to do anything. Nothing formed from it, it didn't target anyone, it just sort of floated around for a bit before it disappeared.

When we looked to the door again, the civilian had gone, it was like he had just vanished, like the purple mist. As confused as well were, it didn't seem that important and although it managed to put people on edge, no one was particularly worried about what could happen. We didn't know what was going on, no one did.

The 'illness' as it was called, had caused people to forget things, it made others feel like something or someone was missing, but the most common side effect was that people would just stare at an empty space, or a prolonged silence would follow a conversation, as if we were just waiting for something to happen, waiting for someone to say something. It never made any sense to anyone, and most people just accepted that it was something that was going to happen.

Aside from this, Natsu was still an idiot and Grey was still a stripper. Erza was still a cake lover, and we had even had some new people join the guild, but that was to be expected, it was Fairy Tail after all. I had gone on so many wonderful missions with my team, and I had managed to grow a lot stronger, and even had the chance to gain more celestial keys. Grey had some struggles to overcome and Natsu would always be there to punch some sense into anyone.

At the moment, my team was walking back to a town, someplace called Jewel Forest or something, it was famed for the precious gems found in the forest. Apparently, they were extremely difficult to find, hidden in all sorts of places, small mines, ponds, lakes, and even some in flowers! The jewels all had different magical properties, so that's why they were so rare. We had come here on a quest, about some magic bandits, the mayor thought that they were harming the wildlife, and that was a big deal around here. We came and managed to defeat them all with no hassle, but as we were originally going back to the town something happened.

At first, it just seemed like some people were practising magic in the woods, but as we got further to the town, it seemed strange. Everyone felt it like we had a connection to the person using their magic. We debated upon whether or not to check it out, just to see if it was a friend or something. After finally persuading Erza to come to look with us, we left the town and started our journey back to the forest. As we got closer to the area, the colours got brighter, but no one could sense any magic, as if the person who was using magic, wasn't using any at all, or in small quantities. Nothing made any sense.

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