Pink Touch

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|Lucy's POV|

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|Lucy's POV|

It had been a couple days since my last message with Tsukiko. I had no reason to worry though, I just knew that she was alright, I don't quite know how though, I just knew she was. Tsukiko was due home soon and I had managed to keep her secret all this time. I had been so close to revealing it so many times that it was uncountable. I was just happy that she would be home soon, I had missed her, and I could tell everyone else had as well. 

I sat, waiting for the day to come, it was tomorrow and there were only a couple hours left till the guilds precious kitsune was back. I knew Guildarts would be happy to see his little girl again, I knew Cana would be happy again to see her dearest friend. I knew that Erza's face would melt into a one of a kind smile at the golden-haired wizard, I could predict the way that's Grey face would light up at the girl he loved. Mystogen had gone on a trip again as soon as he knew Tsiukiko was alright, unaware of her going away again, and she him, but I could easily imagine how happy they would be to see each other again. 

As I exited the guild for the night, I looked around at my surroundings, they were as pretty as always. The sky was the mix of purple, orange and pink as it always was, the sun already settling for the night to take over. The pale omni-fluorescent moon shown down on the universe, coating every human and animal alike in the pale glow it owned. The sun was now a pale orange and was disappearing, the light getting weaker and weaker, like a flame being blown out by the wind. The stars started to shimmer in the dark of the sky, their pure radiance danced across the sky in spectres of light and warmth. The darkness of the night sky was deep tonight, showing no shines of life, in complete contrast to the shining stars and moon in it, whereas the hues of the suns setting paled slowly to the coming nighttime. 

The lights decorating the path started to show, their little white bulbs working like fireflies. The bushes and flowers that were now hidden in the darkness gifted me with their wonderful scents, almost as if apologising for not being in my sight. The air started to grow colder as I followed the path of lights, the gentle breeze made the trees shake in an almost enticing manner, and yet the rustling of the leaves was unsettling, like that of a predator. 

I was drawing closer and closer to my house as the gentle sound of the river soothed me, it was pale blue in the speckles of light that danced across the running water. There were no fish in the water, but you could clearly see the plantation beneath it, different hues of green brought the otherwise dull riverbed to life. Some were short and gently pulled in the direction of the stream, others were long and reached for the top, some made it, but most were also pulled towards the stream. Some piece of the plantation had been uprooted from the ground and floated gently upstream, sometimes caressing the leaves of the still rooted plants.

I walked into my apartment and was instantly greeted with the warmth I had been waiting for. As I walked to the bathroom I glanced out at the river, the night sky reflected it in now that I was higher above it. I could see the twinkling of the stars and the pale, yet calming light of the moon as it sat there.

Once I was done with my nightly routine and had changed, I drew the curtains to the night sky and laid in bed, waiting excitedly for tomorrow and the arrival of the golden-haired kitsune that was to come. 

|Writer's POV|

As Lucy Heartfilia slept that night, Tsukiko looked into the celestial mages memories, having not being able to watch her as she trained, she had to look through and see if she had mentioned anything. The kitsune was happy to find that the girl was no longer worried about her and that she was finally starting to smile for real again.

Tsukiko could not guarantee that anything would be the same when she got back, she knew that change was coming, and she knew that everyone would be affected in one way or another. A bittersweet smile flew to her face, it was just her luck that everything would happen all at once.

She rubbed her brother's hand one more time before turning to look at the other sleeping two. The three of them were huddled up close to keep warm. She didn't want to leave, but she knew that she had to, millions of lives could be at stake if she stayed behind here and hid like a coward, she just couldn't live with that, and with one kiss to his forehead, the kitsune left him alone, again.

As she took her last step through the portal and into Earthland, she suddenly felt the loss of her dear brother's caring smile, knowing that it could be the last time she saw it, she wanted to turn back around and stay with him, but her selflessness kept her walking forward. 

Not even wasting a second she teleported away from the barren wasteland that she had entered, already standing outside of Lucy's apartment. She smiled up at the closed curtain before teleporting into her friends' residence. She walked towards the sleeping girl and hovered her hand just above her sleeping form, hesitating, she let the soft pink glow emit from her hand, the warming feeling spreading throughout her hand and into her fingertips. She sighed sadly as she lowered her hand to touch her friends bare arm, the pink magic swarming around her sleeping body before the sleeping girl hummed softly. Tsukikos used some of her power to give a pink touch to all of her friends that night, doing something she knew they would be thankful for, now rather than later. 

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