Pink Skies

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|Lucy's POV|

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|Lucy's POV|

Tsukiko didn't return last night, I sat there, in the same park bench for the whole night. Waiting patiently, it had now been two weeks. Now was when my worry finally set in, she could have died by now, but I still had to wait for a week to pass before I said anything. Her connection dropped in and out more frequently and went away for longer periods of time, but it did eventually come back. Sometimes I would wait for hours, sometimes simple minutes, but every time it seemed to be strong for a bit before weakening and then strengthening again. I had already figured out that by now that she wasn't finding a friend. That maybe instead she was just training or going on a mission but she couldn't tell us about it, and that maybe it was because of how dangerous it was. 

I sat on my bed, looking at the pale pink skies, it reminded me of Tsukikos flowers and magic, I smiled at the memory of her showing us her power. The colours that flashed before our eyes, the colours that danced around the room like little fairies. She truly was a magical being, someone so advanced in their magic that it was simply beautiful. It danced and pranced around every inch of the space around her, and shimmered and shined with the glitter of every star in the night skies. 

I wanted to know more about her, of course, I did she was the epitome of mystery to everyone. With only small splotches of colours to paint her painting. She was like a blank puzzle, the more she revealed about herself, the more the puzzle pieces got coloured in, the more pieces you could start putting together. At the moment we only had the corners and few pieces that dotted around as the border. She was so clear yet complex, like a crystal clear ornament, one with an intricate design that would have taken hours to complete. Of course, there was always a few clear spaces here and there, a few spaces that let us easily see through to the other side, but apart from that, she was delicately detailed, covering every inch of herself that she didn't want people knowing about. 

I smiled at the thought of her, her golden hair fanning around her back. Her identical coloured tails, swishing around behind her as she stared excitedly at the people before her, she truly was a heavenly fox. One so happy in making other people happy, that she sometimes forgot to make herself happy, and yet she never seemed to be the sad one. I had never seen her cry, or her smile falter, even as she fought for her life, she smiled as she fell from the sky, like a graceful falling angel. Her smile was pure and shined with happiness, I remember it all so vividly. 

The next day, when I had finally pulled myself out of my bed, I picked up the petalless flowers and decided that I should get rid of them. I got changed quickly and then walked out the front door, locking it behind me. My keys clicked as I walked the steps to the ground floor. Opening the door, I breathed in the fresh air and shut my eyes for a second. I walked to the same place that I had sat at not to long ago and placed the stems into the stream. I watched them float downstream and I felt something in mine and Tsukiko's connection change. It was only for a split second like she had just sighed or something. 

"Hey, Lucy. It's Tsukiko, no need to worry about me. I did kind of lie to you when I gave you my reasons for leaving, I was looking for a friend, and I found them, but there was also something else. I have to keep this part a secret for now, but I will eventually get around to telling you. For now, just know that I am safe and that I shall be back by the end of this week." I felt my head nod slightly, and then I got a warm sensation like someone had just smiled at me. It was a bit confusing, but I just assumed that it was Tsukiko. 

With that message replaying in my head for the rest of the day, I felt something flow off of me like a stream was taking away my worries. I was calm for the rest of the day, and no problem smiling and laughing with the guild. 

|Tsukiko's POV|

"I told Lucy what you wanted me to tell her Mavis. She knows that I'll be back by the end of her week." my salle friend smiled at me and threw her arms around my torso. Zeref stood there next to me. I smiled at the person before me, he just smiled back in return. No words needed to be said, we knew what the other person wanted and how they felt. We had a very special connection, one that no one could break, no matter how much they tried. We had known each other for the longest of times.

His smile was warm and inviting, one so inviting that no one could help but smile back. He was tall, around the same height as Gildarts, and his dirty blonde hair suited him perfectly. He had forest green eyes that were peppered with kindness and wonder. He was younger than me, only by a couple decades and you could easily see that. 

He wore robes, much the same design as Zerefs clothes, except they were lighter in colour, white and gold. He nodded at the two people behind me, before doing something that I had long awaited for; he pulled me into a hug. 

I had missed this, the warmth that his hugs gave me, the way that I knew nothing could go wrong when I was in his arms, the way that I know he would always care for me. The feelings I got when I was with him would never vanish, he kept me together when I needed him to. He was my brother, my human brother; Haruto.

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