Purple Scars

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|Lucy's POV|

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|Lucy's POV|

The first day of the third week had already pasted, and now new news from Tsukiko. I, of course, remember that message, how could I forget it? She said that she would be back around the end of this week, which made me happier then I could put into words. She was finally coming back from wherever she was. 

We hadn't been able to go on a job for ages, but that was to be expected, some of us were still recovering from our injuries, especially me. I had been squeezed half to death by the beast. The cuts and cruises still littered my arms, and if that wasn't worse enough, my rent was coming through and I would have to pay it. 

I decided then I would get a part-time job so as to help with my money status. I decided that I could just work in a cafe or a shop to get a bit of spare money before going on major jobs again. It would let me heal, and get to know the citizens a bit more as I would severing for them.

I was in the guild, watching Natsu and Grey arguing, even in their state, it was typical for them. Erza, as per usual, sat eating strawberry cake talking to Mira, who just had her charming smile showing. I was sitting by the bar, avoiding the growing fight and reading a book, one about lost celestial magic, to see if I could find anything that would give me even the tiniest of insights into Tsukiko's powers. 

Erza came and sat down next to me, Mira trailing behind, and offering me a drink, I, of course, accepted. 

"What are you reading Lucy?" Erza's stern yet gentle voice shot through my silence, making me look up to her and smile gently, I looked back to the book before answering. 

"Just a book about lost celestial magic, to see if I can find out what Tsukiko is going on about." she nodded her head in reply as I thanked Mira for the drink. 

"That is a bit of a mystery. I mean, the only reasons we know that she is a celestial mage is because of you. The people who had seen her magic before all though that it was illusion magic or something similar, obviously a lot more powerful for it to actually hurt people." that would make sense, of course, it would, but I didn't know that I was the one who got her to open up(even the little that she did)about her powers, that shocked me, and got me thinking. 

Maybe she had made it so that I was the one who found the flowers, put a seel on it, that made it so that only celestial mages could see it? I knew that it was just an assumption, but it was one of the closest things to an explanation that I had.

As I got closer and closer to the end of the book, I realized that even the books knew nothing about Tsukiko, no one did. I slumped in my end as I read the last page before closing the cover. This book was old, older than most of the books we had in the Fairy Tail library, so I didn't understand how it had nothing on Tsukiko unless someone took that part out(if it did have it), or Tsukiko was a lot older then she seemed, a lot older. 

For the rest of the day, I sat in the library reading all the books I could find labelled with the words 'ancient' and 'lost', I took them all out in my name and asked Taurus if he could help me carry them back to my apartment, he obviously complied. 

I had books piled in corners of my room, on tables and chairs. They littered my cabinets and window-sills. My whole place was covered in books, but I had to do my research. So I would sit there and read page after page, word after word, letter after letter until I found even something. 

I read for ages that night, practically all night till I passed out, my head laying on the open book before me. 

|Writer's POV|

The gate of the Golden Bull was opened, Taurus stood there looking down on his master. She was surrounded by books, searching for answers she would not find, no one could know, so Tsukiko personally destroyed any page with her mentioned on it, her magic and anything about her race was as well. All that anyone knew about her race was folklore, nothing more and nothing less. 

He picked up his master's sleeping being and placed her on her bed, giving her a comfier place to spend the night. He drew the curtains and turned out the lights before sighing again.

"Sorry, Lucy. You won't find what you're looking for. I can't say you ever will, things are changing, and Tsukiko's at the front of it all." with those last words the Golden Bull spirit disappeared, leaving his blonde master to rest her tired being. 

Aquarius stood in the great hall, expecting Taurus back shortly. 

"How is she?" the blue-haired water spirit questioned, her tone still stern. Taurus looked at his fellow spirit before sighing. 

"Not good, she's practically dragged the whole library to her apartment looking for answers." the mermaid nodded before turning her head another way, looking at someone else.

"We might have to tell Tsukiko to let Lucy know, she's destroying herself looking for answers" the booming voice of the Spirit King concluded, his subjects nodding in understand before looking at the orb before them, showing both Tsukiko and Lucy. One peacefully asleep and blissfully unaware of what was to come, the other fighting with the intent to hurt, purple scares littering her body, unfortunately, doomed with the knowledge of what was soon to be striking her loving guild of Fairy Tail.

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