Golden Petals

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|Tsukiko's POV| 

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|Tsukiko's POV| 

After I showed a little of my power, I made an excuse and left the guild hall, silence following me afterward. As I walked down the street I made no sound, my paces were quiet yet fast. I needed to escape quickly so I could go and train for a little bit. 

I looked behind me before I left Mangolia. I left into the forest, leaving no path behind me. I briskly made my way through the foliage till I felt that I was far enough from my friends. Far enough away from the town I loved and far away enough from the people I would later have to protect. I turned my head one more time to see if someone had followed me, before disappearing. 

|Lucy's POV|

It had been a while since Tsukiko showed the guild her power, I was still astonished by what she did. It was so pretty and calming and I just couldn't see her use her power to fight, but I knew it was possible, so I didn't doubt her once. 

She said she had to leave to meet up with an old friend, and that she would be back in about three weeks. The guild sadly said goodbye to the dearly cherished member, and I wished her luck with her friend, she mentioned that she had to find them and that was why she was going to be gone for so long. She smiled at me one more time before she disappeared. 

I wandered to the bar to ask for a drink before sitting back down at the table we were at before she left, I had given up on finding a job so I left it to Natsu and Happy. I sipped away at my drink and looked around the guild, I saw Guildarts with a proud look on his face and I could only imagine what Tsukiko had told him. I found it so sweet that even the lone wolf of the guild has someone to make him happy. 

When I had finished my drink I walked over to the bar again and left it on the side before turning around to leave for my house. I wanted to write more anyway.

As I was leaving the guild something caught my eye and I went to go investigate. As I drew closer I saw that two golden roses sat on the ground, they were hidden in the corner away from everyone else. It was so weird, seeing gold roses just sitting in the corner, obviously, someone had put them there, they couldn't get there otherwise. Who put them there though?

I picked them up, being careful of the thorns and just now noticed the note stuck to one of the stems. I grabbed the folded piece of paper and ripped it off. I opened up the note and was about to read it when it dawned on me that I might want to read it in a more private place. I folded the note again and let the guild hall.

I made my way to my house as quickly as possible and locked the door behind me, I also locked the window so Natsu couldn't get in. I placed the roses down on my table and sat down. I picked up the note again and is neat, cursive writing was the following words. 

To any that find this note, I left these roses behind so that I knew when I had to get back. I planted the roses in the guild a while ago I triggered them to lose petals continuously till I come back. One rose will lose a petal a day, the other will start when all the petals have fallen from the first. If I'm not back before all the petals have fallen, then it means I'm dead or haven't completed what I needed to. When the last petal falls do not just assume that I am dead, I might just need a little time to finish what I need to. If that is the case then give me another week to complete what I have two. After this assume that I am no longer alive.

I will not sign this because you probably already know who wrote this. You can't tell anyone else about this, I put a spell on this so that whoever touches it I can watch. I can hear what you are saying, so I know if you say anything. I will allow you to talk about this note when I am not back, or presumed dead. 

I read the note twice, even three times. What was she doing, why would Tsukiko do something that could kill her?

I decided that I would listen to what Tsukiko had written in the note, I put the flowers in a glass vase with water and sat them in the middle of my table. I put them there so that I could see them every day. 

I was worried about my new friend, why would she do something life endangering? I watched the roses and totally forgot about my writing. I watched them for hours, and nothing happened, and I thought it was just some hoax at first. Then as the night turned into morning, I started to see a petal loosen, at first it was just slightly, but then it started to fall to one side and I watched as it fell to the table. It landed and stayed for a while before a light appeared, it would have woken me up if I had slept. I watched the light as it formed two words, ' Day one'. 

The horror sprouted in the pit of my stomach and I wanted to throw up, this was real. I was the only one who knew about this and I had to watch and wait to see if Tsukiko had died. It was like her possible deathbed was in my room, sitting on my table. Except in the form of golden rose petals. It was bittersweet really, something so nice that could lead to something so horrible. I watched as the golden light disappeared from my room and my surrounding grew dark again. 

I preyed for Tsukiko to be fine, but I didn't know if it would work. 

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