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I close the grimoire carefully and sigh in frustration, "We've been at this for hours."

"Well, Georgina and I have been at this for days, so imagine what we're feeling," Adalynn states.

Georgina rubs her eyes tiredly, "And we're not gonna find anything. I have been through these, and every spell book in existence multiple times before the first spell. It's impossible to transfer or create the immortality that you have, Claramay."

"Someone must have done it," I insist. "I'm obviously alive even after dying multiple times."

"Must we bring that up so often?" Klaus groans, coming into the parlor.

Much to my surprise, Stefan trails behind him. He looks annoyed and uncomfortable in his environment, but I've learned that that's kind of Stefan's signature persona.

I question their presence immediately, "What do you want?"

"Your assistance, love," Klaus says, as if it's so obvious. "Stefan here would like to know more about The Five. I know it was before our time, but you know my dear sister better than anyone."

"The Five?" I ask, "I've never heard of them."

"And I don't care. Call me when you're ready to get back to work," Georgina complains, leaving the room.

Stefan takes the seat across from Adalynn. She squirms uncomfortably in her chair but doesn't say anything. Klaus plants himself on the arm of my chair. His casual manner makes me shift to the opposite side in annoyance.

"The brotherhood of the Five was a group of highly skilled vampire hunters. We crossed paths with them in the 12th century Italy. My siblings and I had followed the Normans as they conquered the South. Feeding, turning people as we went," he begins.

"That's how you two met, right?" Adalynn asks, "Clara was trying to get you under control."

Her look is wicked, as is the smirk that crosses her face.

"My family, but yes," he eyes her suspiciously. "Anyway, these hunters liked to put on a show. They would stake vampires and out them on display in town square as a warning. Elijah, the noble brother, was concerned that they might learn about us, but I wasn't worried. My sister, however, actually fancied one of them. Alexander."

Stefan's eyes widen in realization, "So these hunters have been around for nine hundred years?"

"Apparently," Klaus shrugs. "Though our friend in the other room is the first I've seen since then. Kind of makes you wonder what they've been up to all these years."

"I'm sorry, what?" I question. "You brought the hunter here? What the hell were you thinking?"

"It is my house—"

I leave the room before he can finish his sentence. Fighting with him is exhausting, especially when he uses whatever hurtful thing he can think of to spark some kind of anger in me. History has taught me to just ignore it.

Because Adalynn and I had spent most of our time in the parlor the last few days, Klaus has been able to sneak in whatever he'd like. In the opposite wing, I immediately notice an obvious extra presence of hybrids.

Harry nods to me as a greeting, "Clara."

"Hello, Harry," I smile genuinely. "Care to show me the hunter?"

His eyes shift over my shoulder to where Klaus must be standing. I turn slightly, raising my eyebrow.

"Fine," he gives in. "Let her see him."

"As if I needed permission," I grumble as he leads the way.

The hunter is strung up on some kind of torture device. He's conscious and in obvious pain.

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