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"What do you mean... dead?" I whisper into the phone.

I can see Amir and Tia's faces in the back of my mind haunting me. We had saved their loved ones even after they were killed by Finn, but nothing went wrong otherwise. Even my Adalynn, who had been wandering the other side for centuries, was resurrected after so much time had passed since her death.

And all of the sacrifices we made... only to have them die again within a week.

"No warning, nothing. Their hearts just stopped beating," Georgina's voice quivers as she speaks, "I'm on my way to Tia's mother's house right now in Minneapolis and then Mystic Falls by tomorrow night."

Klaus's eyes meet mine from yards away as he's still outside with Bonnie. I know he's not listening to her though—the concern on his face proves it.

I think of Tia's aunt, Jewel, and Amir's brother, Ivan. Both of their lives have been cut short twice now, and I might be the cause.

"Alright, I will see you soon," I hang up.

I lean against the wall wearily before looking towards my daughter. She's speaking to Stefan about something, which is good because she can't read my emotions if she's not looking at me. I don't want her to know what could be coming for her, not before I have a solution.

There must be a problem with the spell, something that we hadn't expected. We rushed so quickly into it, there must have been something that we messed up. Maybe with Georgina here, we can figure out a way to prevent whatever caused their deaths.

"Klaus, what are you doing?"

My head snaps up to look out the front door again where Damon is blocking the entrance. Klaus stands directly in front of him threateningly, but he calms when Adalynn places a hand on his bicep.

"You can't go to her," she reminds him softly.

"I- I know," he sighs, "It's just..."

Our gazes meet and his words linger off into nothing. There's something in the way he's looking at me right now that makes my heart melt, which seems impossible what with the news that already just shattered it.

"Niklaus," I say calmly, "I'm okay."

It has to be a lie because I know that I am anything but okay right now. I want answers to so many questions that are impossible to get, I want Alaric to be okay, Adalynn to stay and Klaus... I just want Klaus to hold me and promise me forever over and over again. And this time, I want to mean it in return.

With the barrier preventing Klaus from entering, Damon steps inside to talk to me. Klaus hovers at the door.

"Are you going to explain to me why you two can't go near each other?" The eldest Salvatore whispers lowly.

"No," I reply simply, "I would rather you stay out of it."

Damon looks between us skeptically. He knows there is more to the story, but he also understands that I would tell him if it's really something he needs to know.

"Listen to her, mate," Klaus advises from the door.

"Go to hell, jackass," Damon retorts, his eyes never leaving mine.

"I called Abby," Bonnie interrupts us. "She'll meet us at your house."

Klaus gives a winning smirk, "Let's go."


Jeremy, Bonnie, Damon, Adalynn and I all stand together near a picnic table outside of the high school while we wait for Stefan and Klaus to show up. Bonnie's mom, Abby, gave us everything we need to complete a desiccation spell on Alaric to put him down until we know how to either save him or kill him. Preferably the former.

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